Karen Ch. 02

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….picking up from the last paragraph of “Karen—Part 1; Eileen’s chapter…” we begin

Karen—Part 2; Chloe’s chapter


On the ride home I thought about what happened. Realizing I did the right thing by clearing the air, my next realization was my error in selecting a public location as well as my direct ‘getting to the point’ approach. Knowing I still needed to clear the air with Chloe, the other woman I was dating, I decided to tell her in a more private environment; just in case. Wanting to get this over with as soon as possible, I called her on my cell while driving home.

Chloe was glad to hear from me.

Explaining my need to have a heart to heart talk changed her mood only slightly. She told me we did indeed need to talk about things. She invited me to her apartment as her kids were with their father.

A different approach was going to be used this time. I would start from the beginning and take her through my life starting after Mary. Chloe seemed a bit more logical and understanding, so perhaps she would understand my perspective.

Some background on Chloe: she was incredibly erotic, at least to me. Her skin was a natural olive tone and her hair a very luxurious black, both attributed to her Jamaican mother. Her accent came from her father, who was French. Although she was US born, she spent many years abroad as her family traveled. She was a classy woman.

Chloe stood about five feet ten and had a slender build with hazel eyes. She had absolutely no breasts; not even little fleshy mounds. Only two, dark, sensitive nipples bejeweled Chloe’s chest.

The first time we were naked, she set the tone about her nipples. “Even though I have no breasts, I have been blessed with all their nerves. They are located right here.” Chloe pulled her nipples hard, and as far away as possible from her chest. “I want you to suck and bite them.”

What an incredibly impassioned encounter it was to experience a woman’s orgasm solely through her nipples. Chloe is also a squirter. She definitely had the potential for serious kink.

The problem in our relationship was time. Chloe was still married, but separated. She traveled a great deal on business and thus had very little free time away from her children while at home. Still, she was hot when we did get together and knew what she wanted. It was only a matter of time before I would work my way to her ass.

Chloe was also hairless and enjoyed our similarity.

A quick stop at home to shower and change and I was off to Chloe’s place. I wasn’t sure how the evening would go, but I sensed a bit of horniness in her voice when we made arrangements. Just in case, I cleared my body of any stubble and decided to go without underwear; something Chloe really enjoyed. She loved to work my cock through my pants and left many a lipstick stain on them.

Chloe met me at the door wearing only a long, thick, white, terry-cloth bathrobe. I wouldn’t have thought twice about it since the time was well past nine; however, her make-up was impeccably applied, she was also wearing large hoped ear rings. Her hair was combed and flowing. She led me into the living room picking up a bottle of fine Merlot and two wine glasses along the way.

I was losing the nerve to tell her my story as my cock was fattening from watching her ass sway beneath the robe.

Chloe gave me a tender kiss on the cheek as she seductively whispered into my ears to open the wine. My loins were stirring. I poured our wine and after a sip or two and some idle chit-chat, Chloe broke the ice on the topic du jour. “Tim, you said we needed to talk. Why don’t you start?” Here voice was seductively sweet.

One more sip, a quick top-off and I began my story.

Chloe listened intently. She was taking it all in. I told her of Mary’s frigidity and my journey to the present. She really got into the Eileen/Liz story, especially since she followed the trial. I didn’t mention Kathy, but I did bring up Liz’s parole and how I felt the need to clear the air.

When I was done, I sort of slumped back on the sofa. I had a “What am I to do?–Do you understand?” look on my face. Chloe thought for a moment and then asked what made this woman so special I would wait for her while she was in prison?

It was a great question; one which caught me off-guard.

A zillion thoughts raced through my head. Images of sucking Liz’s clit; my tongue rimming her brown hole; Liz’s manicured fingers lubricating my ass; the tightness of her chute as it clamped around my cock; and a myriad of other acts swirled as I thought of what to say. The answer was obvious.

Taking a sip of wine, I looked at Chloe and said, “Kinky sex.”

The look in Chloe’s eyes startled me. It wasn’t anger but rather lust. With the smoothness of silk, Chloe stood and unfastened the belt of her robe. Letting it fall to the floor my eyes feasted on her nakedness. My cock became hard instantly as I gazed at her two plump and protruding nipples.

Chloe casino şirketleri stepped towards me bringing her hands up to her nipples. She raked each with her long painted talons. Looking me in the eyes, she asked in a sultry and husky voice, “Interested?”

Without waiting for a response, Chloe straddled me. Her knees were on either side of my hips, her thighs rode mine, and her ass cheeks rested between my spread knees. Her pussy was slightly open and I could see the lips glistening with her wetness. Chloe then slid her arms across my shoulders bringing her mouth onto mine. Her tongue wet to work the instant our lips met.

She slid her tongue in and out of my mouth as if she was fucking it. When I returned her actions, her lips clamped my tongue and sucked it like a cock. We went back and forth seductively devouring each other’s mouth. As Chloe broke our kiss, her hands went to the back of my head and guided my mouth to her left nipple.

When I sucked it, her pussy released a stream of juice which drenched my pants, soaking through onto my loins and balls. With each suckle she released more along with deep moans. She brought her other nipple to my mouth causing another flood when my lips covered it.

After my sucking satisfied Chloe, she pushed me away from her breasts, still maintaining her position. Her hands moved to my trousers and undid the belt and top button. As she pulled down my zipper, my cock sprang into her hand. Leaning back slightly, Chloe slowly rubbed my cock in long jack off motions with one hand, while her other hand massaged her pussy in a similar manner.

Gazing into my eyes, Chloe said, “What type of kinky sex does your Liz enjoy.”

For some reason, all thought of Liz had vanished from my mind; her question bringing me back to reality.

Sensing my state of lost thought, Chloe pushed on. “Now Tim,” she said while plying my dick with knowing strokes, “You say this woman provides you with kinky sex. Tell me what is so kinky and maybe, just maybe, I might be interested.”

Good God, I thought to myself. If ever the time was right, this has got to be it. I looked into Chloe’s eyes and said, “Liz turned me into an ass freak.” I wanted to see where this would go.

“Hmmmmmm,” Chloe purred. Releasing my cock and grabbing the middle finger of my right hand, guiding it into her warm, moist cunt. She moved it around collecting as much juice as possible.

Pulling it out, Chloe guided it back a few inches. “Push your finger into my ass.” Before I could move, she was doing it herself. Chloe released a loud moan and as my finger entered her passage.

“That feels so good” she groaned, closing her eyes as to savor the penetration. “I’ve been into anal sex all my life. I was hoping you would be too.”

Chloe pulled my finger out and brought it to her mouth. “I simply adore this. I need it so much.” Her words floated out, intended for no one but herself. With her eyes still closed as if dreaming, Chloe started to lick my finger as if it was a candy cane. In and out of her mouth; sucking and working her tongue around it with an unleashed passion.

Opening her eyes as she released my hand, Chloe looked at me and begged, “I need you to lick my ass. I need you to stick your tongue as far as possible up my hole. Devour me.”

hrowing herself onto the floor, Chloe’s ass was high in the air exposing her brown, slightly gaped hole. I wasted no time responding. Tearing off my clothes and tossing them aside, I fell to my knees and immediately stuck my tongue into her waiting opening.

It had been a long time. I went after her ass with a lost fervor.

Chloe wiggled here ass onto my tongue. We were both in heat. I lapped her entire area, switching to and fro between her pussy and asshole. I was driving Chloe wild and she flooded my face with her juice.

“Lay down on the floor. I need your cock up there.” Chloe was pushing me down and climbing onto me.

Squatting over my groin, she placed one foot on either side of my hips. Shoving my cock into her cunt Chloe told me how good it felt and much better it was going to feel buried in her ass. Once I was thoroughly lubed, she took my shaft and positioned it at the opening of her ass. With one push Chloe took it all the way up her ass.

A cry erupted from her. “Jesus Christ, yesssss.”

Chloe’s body shuddered as her hands went to my chest for support. The feeling was incredible. The warmth and tightness around my cock sent me to another level. Chloe was literally crying; both of us swimming in bliss.

Slowly, Chloe started moving her ass up on down my cock. Each stroke brought moans from the two of us. The pleasure kept building and Chloe started moving faster. The speed, tightness and warmth of her ass started to bring my orgasm into the picture.

“If you keep up this pace, I’m going to cum in your ass.” I warned.

“No,” she said, “no yet. I want your cum.” She stopped her movements and lowered her buttocks onto my groin; casino firmaları re-burying my cock within her. Chloe arched backward and moved an arm behind her to support herself. “First, I want to cum with your fat dick up my ass.”

With her free hand, Chloe started spanking her mound.

“Pull my nipples,” she commanded.

My hands went to her chubby nubs and starting pulling. Chloe spanked harder and faster. Her mound was becoming quite red.

“Pull harder! Use your thumbs on the flesh.” Chloe was orchestrating her orgasm.

My first two fingers were now pulling her buds from her chest while my thumbs moved quickly over her fleshy nubs at the end. Chloe was becoming frenzied.

“YES, YES, YES, YES, YES,” she screamed over and over as her hand reddened her swelling mound.


Arching her back while she threw her slapping arm behind her for more support, Chloe’s cunt erupted with juice and a torrid stream of piss. Guttural cries were all she could muster as her orgasm overtook her. My torso was covered with her wetness and my face was moist from the splashes off my chest.

Chloe collapsed on top of me, our chests sandwiched around her piss. My cock was still buried in her ass and I was dangerously close to explosion. Chloe must have sensed this, for she slowly lifted her buttocks; releasing my cock from her ass with a pop.

After a few minutes rest, she slid down my body, stroking my cock with her torso. When her face came in contact with my dick, Chloe engulfed it and started sucking and pumping my shaft. After a few deep sucks Chloe pulled my cock from her mouth and looked into my eyes. Stroking my cock she said, “Kinky sex. I adore kinky sex. Now, time for one of my favorites; snow balling.”

Without looking for a response Chloe went after my cock with a passion. She sensed my orgasm as my balls tightened. Her lips went to the head of my dick and her tongue bathed the crown. Stroking my shaft, it erupted; sending globs of warm thick sperm into her mouth.

My orgasm wasn’t done when Chloe’s mouth left my cock. Restraddling my loins, she took hold of my still oozing cock and positioned it at the opening to her ass. With a shove it was in and Chloe’s mouth was locked onto mine. She pushed my cum into my mouth. Our tongues swirled it back and forth between us. Chole’s ass was squeezing the remaining spunk from my shaft.

Our kissing lasted for quite awhile, becoming slower, sloppier and ending with a mutual swallow.

Chloe spoke first. “Stay there and I’ll get us something to wash this down with.”

I remained still as Chloe got up and went to retrieve her wine. Taking a sip as she returned, Chloe stood astride my head. Tilting her head and wine glass back to empty it, she released a stream of piss directly onto my face.

Stunned, but without hesitation, I opened my mouth to capture her nectar. Gulping and swallowing as fast as I could wasn’t enough. Chloe’s piss soaked me as well as the carpet. When she finished, Chloe stood over me smiling.

“How was that for some kinky sex?” she said seductively.

All I could do was smirk as I responded, “What’s a man to do?”

Extending her hand, Chloe helped me to my feet. “Let’s clean up.”

We didn’t sleep much that night. Chloe would wake up and attack me. I’d wake up and attack her. She really had a thing for sharing cum. I called in sick the next morning and we just continued kink.

Later in the morning, we both passed out. When I awoke it was early evening, I could hear Chloe in the kitchen. I threw on my shorts and went to say hi. After a nice kiss followed by Chloe dropping to her knees and sucking me to another erection; she told me to take a shower and she’ll have something ready to eat when I was done.

While we ate at her kitchen table, Chloe reminded me she too needed to talk about things. She told me she was returning to her husband. I was speechless.

Chloe said her need for a complete family was too strong. She said she really cared for me, but her children loved their father and in reality she loved him too. Over the last few months they were able to work out their differences. She was returning to their home the following week.

I wasn’t hurt but I was surprised. I cautiously asked her about their sex life and Chloe simply smiled. Let me put it this way, “You are welcome in our bed anytime. Jeff loves anal sex too and I can’t wait to see you two together. We’ve been into kinky sex since we met.”

My cock stirred. I truly was a slut.

Sensing my excitement, she continued. “Give me a couple of weeks and I’ll invite you over for dinner. Jeff already knows all about you and my plans for last night. Trust me, the two of you will get along just fine. Both of us, and I mean both of us will just love meeting Liz too. Now, since I do have the evening free, care for another round?”

Smiling, I said, “Indeed. Another round would be in order.”

Getting güvenilir casino up from the table, Chloe extended her hand and said, “Come, I want to fuck your ass with my strap on.”

The excitement of her words was clearly visible through my shorts as I rose.

Chuckling, Chloe dropped her hand to my cock and led me back to the bedroom.

Returning to my house late that night, it felt as if I was gone for a week. I collected the mail and went inside to find the message light on my machine blinking. Glancing at the display, I saw there were 8 messages. I was a bit surprised as I usually don’t get more than one or two a day.

Playing them through I listened without interest as I won a carpet cleaning, the police benevolent society wanted money, and others just as benign. There was one of interest. I was to call the Federal Prison in West Virginia where Liz was being held. I jotted down the name and number and made a note to call them when I got to work the next day.

Around 10am I took a break to call the prison. I took a notebook to jot down the instructions for picking her up. I was connected to the warden’s office.

In a matter of a few seconds, my guts turned upside down. Liz was dead. The cause of the death was under investigation. I was listed as her contact. I asked about her ex and family. She was officially divorced and had no living family relatives.

In a fog I answered contact questions as well as setting up an appointment to sign papers for burial and belongings. It was all so surreal. Liz was gone.

The agent arrived on the appointed day and time. Within an hour, I signed the papers for Liz to be cremated. There wasn’t much to it all. The government sized and liquidated all her assets as part of the conviction. The agent gave me what was left: a watch, a locket, and a box containing the letters I sent to her.

When it was all done, I asked how she died. The agent did not answer. His silence told me he knew. I asked him if it was mob connected and he slowly said her cause of death is still under investigation.

He stood and thanked me for my time. Closing the door behind him, I went back to the kitchen and poured myself a stiff drink. I was lost. I felt numb. I didn’t know what I was feeling or thinking. As I drank my second glass it dawned on me; Liz was being cremated. There would be no investigation.

It took weeks before any emotion returned. I thought of Liz. I thought of Chloe. I even thought about Kathy. What a few months this had been. I went from one extreme to the other and back again. The bizarre thing was I wasn’t sad. It was more a feeling of finality for much had ended.

Chloe finally called and true to her word, invited me for dinner and to spend the night with Jeff and her. Their kids were at grandma’s. I was due for some sex and I thought this would help pull me out of my funk.

The evening was fine. I told them about Liz’s death and it was a bit of a bummer to the evening. I think it changed our relationship a bit for they were looking forward to the four of us and not just a threesome. Chloe broke the mood by saying she had a desert which would help all of us get in a better mood.

It took about a minute for Chloe to return from the kitchen; naked and a dollop of whipped cream resting on each nipple. Telling us to stand, Jeff and I positioned ourselves on either side of Chloe. Seductively, she placed a hand on the back of each of our heads and guided our mouths to their respective nipple. She purred and suggested we retreat to the bedroom.

Chloe was in heaven as Jeff and I worked her body. The feeling of three hairless bodies gliding over each other was incredible. Although I had experienced T-girl cock, this was my first time with a man. The feel of Jeff’s rod brushing against me was arousing. Neither of us made a move toward the other. We were focusing on Chloe.

She screamed and bucked as our mouths brought her to orgasm time after time. We weren’t allowed to cum. Chloe kept saying “not yet…wait….hold back.” By the time she soaked us for the fourth time, our cocks were harder than steel and ready to explode.

A bit spent, Chloe moved to the top of the bed and centered herself in the middle. She beckoned Jeff and I to each side and again offered us our own nipple. As we sucked, she commented it was time and pushed our faces together. Jeff offered me his mouth which I willingly accepted.

The feeling was different; it wasn’t as soft as a woman’s kiss, but it still was very arousing. As we worked each others mouth, the essence of Chloe was strong which increased our hunger. Jeff’s fingers went to my nipples and I moaned. Chloe slipped from between us and we continued fondling each other.

We were grinding our cocks on each other’s abdomen. Our kissing was becoming feverish. Jeff’s hands were pulling me into him and I followed suit. Chloe returned and climbed back onto the bed. She had a bottle of lube and was wearing a pair of tan, latex, dildo panties. The color nearly matched her skin. Being flat chested it did give the appearance of three guys; the exception being Chloe’s hair and make-up.

“Now there are three of us with cocks. Jeff, show Tim how good you are at sucking cock.”

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