Just Friends…with Benefits

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Can a man be friends with a hot woman? What do you think? You tell me. Does it depend on how hot the woman is? I’m of the opinion that a man, unless he is gay and immune to her sexual charms, can’t be friends with a woman, any woman young or old, beautiful or ugly, and fat or thin. Men, especially when horny and/or aroused, don’t think with their brains. They just give in to their hormones and emotions and react with their penises.

Conversely, I think that a woman can be friends with a man without having sexual desires. Whereas a woman may wonder if the man will make for a good husband and father, guys always wonder what she looks like naked. Whereas a woman may think about having a romantic man in her life who will give her a financially secure future, a man will always imagine her on her knees and sucking his cock. This is my story about five best friends, four men and one woman.

Bill, Jim, Tom, and Doug were best friends with Anne. They grew up together, played together as kids, attended the same high school, and they all asked her to the Prom. Rather than disappoint three friends by choosing one, she accepted their invitations and attended the Prom with all four of them.

A bit awkward to see her accompanied by four dates, the other girls at the Prom whispered their shock, shame, and jealousy of her and the other guys teased her four friends that they couldn’t get a woman of their own. It didn’t matter. Anne was hot. Besides, the five of them were friends, best friends forever, and even at their young ages of 18-years-old, they were already beyond the sexuality that complicates and ruins friendships or were they?

A tall, skinny tomboy who had suddenly grown into a hot, shapely woman, Anne went from sneakers, dirty jeans, and a t-shirt to short skirts, low cut tops, and high heels. No longer was she one of the guys. Now, wrapping her friends around her manicured finger, she enjoyed her new role as a sexy, sensual siren. Once at the Prom, as were her susceptible and horny friends enamored with her, she was graciously attentive to her testosterone filled, four friends.

Making sure her four dates had a good time, she slow danced with each one. Throwing her arms around their necks and pressing her breasts against their chest, she unmercifully teased them. She allowed them to rest their horny hands atop her round buttocks and rub their growing erections against her soft belly while moving and grooving to the dance steps. Then, whenever she found an opportunity to be alone in a darkened corner of the hall or out on the terrace, she made out with each one. Yet, long, wet kisses, quick, nervous gropes of her ample breasts, and furtive feels of her round, firm ass were not the only memories they had to sustain their physical, emotional, and sexual attraction to her over the years.

During their stolen moments with her alone, a memory that none of them would soon forget and that all of them would masturbate to in the privacy of their rooms at night for years to come, no doubt, they all took their turn in taking her hand and having her feel their throbbing erection through their pants while kissing her. Experimenting with the sexuality she needed to become a woman, Anne used her four friends to gain the experience she needed to mature into a voluptuous vixen. She enjoyed playing her game of virtuous virgin by taking advantage of the opportunity they presented to her by forcing her to feel their erections. Once she got them horny enough, she’d pull her hot hand away in feigned shock and embarrassment. Her ability to instantly switch from platonic friend to cockteaser and back again is what not only maintained the interest of her four friends to want to continue their erotic friendship but also is what drove them wild with lustful desire for her.

To save face and save their friendships, she rejected their further advances with a kiss, a hug, and a whispered warning and a special request that they promise that they not kiss and tell. She didn’t want her other three friends to know that she was playing one against the other. Lastly, before leaving them breathlessly frustrated, while reaching down to feel the length of their now deflated cock and to cup their testicles one more, last time, she gave each one her much rehearsed speech on what they meant to her as a friend.

Since that one group Prom date more than five years ago that nearly turned into a porn date, all four men have harbored lustful desires of wanting to bed her, a desire that has grown stronger over the years, as Anne has grown more beautiful and voluptuous with age. Even though she has politely rejected all their advances over and again, she still unmercifully teased her friends by flirting with them and flashing them her perfect body. With all the sexual innuendos flying back and forth, she enjoyed the attention received from four, horny men. With her as the center of their focused circle of sexual attention, even her rejection of them never swayed their lust for her or deterred their determined desire casino şirketleri of wanting to be intimate with her, if her rejection of them did anything, it enflamed how they felt about her.

One time, when they had all been up late drinking, she even raised the stakes by agreeing to play strip poker with them. They had been asking her to play for years, but this time she agreed. A time just after high school graduation and just before they were all off to different colleges, her parents were gone for the weekend.

Removing jewelry, hair clips, socks, shoes, belts, and whatever other accessories she had worn, especially for this planned evening, when it came time that her poker losses were growing greater than the number of items she wore, she slowly removed her blouse to reveal her sexy pink bra, the one that clearly showed the imprint of her big, succulent nipples. All eight eyes watched her slowly unbutton her blouse and she worked it to give them the best strip tease show she could to drive them all wild with lust. Then, when she lost, yet, another hand, she stood, unbuttoned and unzipped her skin tight jeans before slowly shimmying out of them to reveal her barely there pink thong. The tiny patch of material that barely covered her pussy gave evidence to all that she was completely shaved and the sight of her nearly naked ass was indeed a sight to behold.

She made sure when pulling down her pants that she pulled enough of her camel-toed thong down with them to reveal the flower tattoo that graced the area just above her pussy lips. It soon became painfully obvious to her four horny friends that she was not about to get naked in front of them. Besides with the minimal lingerie that she wore, they certainly could imagine the rest of her flawless body without having her remove it. With long, shapely legs and toned stomach, for an 18-year-old with dimensions of 36-23-36, she already had a wicked woman’s body.

Her reluctance to take it all off and to get totally naked not only frustrated her four amorous friends but also piqued their delirious desire to want to see her naked. If she wasn’t going to play their game, then the men would force her to play their game by suddenly pretending to lose hands. Soon all of her four friends were naked. By exposing themselves to her, by parading around her with their erect penises, they hoped that by losing at strip poker, they’d win more of her sexuality by enticing her into a sexual encounter. Only, instead of making them feel wanted, desired, and lucky, she made them feel embarrassed, uncomfortable, and perverted. She scolded them for getting naked in front of her before reciting her rehearsed speech on friends and friendship.

Horny, drunk, and tired, after seeing what she wanted and needed to see of them and wanted them to see of her, she evicted the men from her room before the game had gotten out of hand, but not before the men had taken some liberties with her by feeling her nearly naked body. Innocently hugging them goodnight, while still only wearing her sexy pink bra and her barely there pink thong, they felt her breast and fingered her nipple through the thin material of her bra with one hand and felt her nearly naked ass with the other. With all four men still naked, they took the liberty of rubbing their cocks against her stomach while hugging her. Still playing the dangerous back and forth game of plutonic friend and voluptuous vixen, she allowed them to freely feel her ass and breast, but stopped them when they all tried reaching down to finger her pussy.

Before leaving for the night, one at a time, they put her hand on their cocks and insisted she kiss their penises goodnight. Still playing the coy seductress, she reluctantly wrapped her hand around each one while gently stroking their cock while French kissing them. She complained that she was so drunk and so tired that she didn’t know what she was doing. She just wanted them to leave so that she could go to bed and if this is what she had to do to make them leave, then she would do it.

With a practiced reluctance, one by one, she leaned down and mouthed their cocks before giving it a kiss, a lick, and a stroke goodnight. This was the first time she was so openly immoral with her four friends, but she had the excuse that she was drunk should she need to defend the reputation of her honor later. When she mouthed their cocks, each one of her friends took the cue to put a hand to the back of her head and impale her mouth with their erection while fucking her mouth with their hips, but after allowing them their fun for a few futile humps, she resisted their intention to receive a mass blowjob by pulling away and standing tall.

Without doubt, each of her friends would sacrifice his friendship for the other three to have her as their girlfriend, lover, and wife, if she were to pick him. Without doubt, as a culmination to their game of strip poker and to finally end this game of teasing, they would have gangbanged her to finally experience all of casino firmaları her sensuality and sexuality, if she allowed them the chance. Whenever she was lonely and horny and wicked with unsatisfied desire, she sometimes thought about having her four horny friends fuck her brains out, one at a time and/or all four at once. Except for Doug, what dissuaded her desire for them is that her friendship with the men had grown from that of a man with a woman to that of a brother with a sister, albeit and incestuous sister.

Anne has always had a secret attraction for Doug, the one less nerdy, less dorky, and more socially adept than the other three of her friends. Teasing was okay, but she’d never date a friend for fear of ruining their friendship and ending their relationship. She stated her rule on more than one occasion, whenever one of them invited her out on a date. Unlike the Prom date, now more matured, she feared that by choosing one and rejecting the other three would create a rift of jealousy too wide to span their bridge of continued friendship.

All four men have tried their best to get Anne alone and to get Anne in bed. Abusing her good nature, she’s been more patient and understanding of their sexual lust and frustration than they have of her loyal friendship. Whether it was trying to kiss her while groping her tits through her blouse or dress, lifting the back of her skirt to feel her panty clad ass, or lifting the front of her skirt to massage her clit through her panty at a drunken party, or directing and forcing her hand down the front of their bathing trunks and making her feel their cocks in the pool at a pool party, they were all mad with lust for the want of Anne.

That’s not to say that she wasn’t as guilty. Instinctively, she knew which of their buttons to push, when to push them, and how much pressure to apply to get their engines revving to overdrive. Yet, never crossing the line, but being human and having sexual desires too, she allowed them their fun by briefly having them feel her body and feeling their bodies before pushing them away and admonishing them with her speech of what their friendship meant to her again.

Because of all the teasing she did previously, when she found herself alone with one of her friends, she couldn’t bend over without him pressing his cock against her ass crack while reaching up to feel her tits and finger her nipples through her clothes. Allowing him his fun for a few seconds, grinding her hips into his and even reaching back behind her to feel his stiffening cock through his pants, she’d laugh and push him away and his horseplay always ended with a kiss and a hug. She couldn’t stand on a stool to get something from a higher cupboard without one of them pulling up her skirt to flash him her panty or while pretending to hold her steady, reach up her skirt to feel her thigh, her ass or to grope her between her legs, before scooping her in their arms and trying to kiss her. As much as she loved the attention of their hands all over her body, she couldn’t take that one extra step from friendship to lover. Besides, she had developed strong feelings for Doug.

Because of the sexual games she played with them, whenever they found themselves alone with her, they all felt that they had the green light to maul her. Anne in a bikini was fair game for their molestation. When she was sitting in a chair, always they went for her tits first by coming up behind her and sticking their hand down her bra and fondling her nipples or trying to untie her top while kissing her. They made it a joke by covering up their perverted attraction to her body with laughter. Yet, one always understood the sexual intention of the other.

She had great tits and just as much as they loved feeling her tits, she loved feeling their fingers on her nipples. While tanning in the backyard, pretending it was accidental, she allowed them to see her topless on several occasions before reaching for a towel or a top to cover her nakedness. With her ability to instantly go from virginal victim to voluptuous vixen and back again, she always made her game enticingly more interesting.

Once the alcohol freely flowed, whenever she was alone with one or the other, she allowed them to feel her tits and finger her nipples while kissing her. She even allowed them to briefly suck her tits. Loving how it felt to have her nipples sucked by such a close friend who was as close as a brother, she’d even allowed them to stick their hand down her bathing suit to feel her ass or briefly finger her pussy while she felt their cocks through their pants. She always stopped them short before it became more than groping.

As if she was almost one of the guys, but with tits and a pussy, brazen by the copious amounts of alcohol she consumed, usually two stiff drinks, she was as responsive to their groping as they were free with their hands. Whenever in the pool, using the water to cover up their nudity, her four friends always exposed themselves to her. Often, out of güvenilir casino an act of friendship than an act of sexual desire, more than once, she wrapped her hand around their cocks and stroked them a little beneath the surface of the water. She loved feeling their soft cocks growing and becoming rigidly stiff in her hand. She allowed them to explore and feel her body before giving them a French kiss and a hug, before swimming away from their horny hands and leaving them sexual frustrated. If they insisted on more, she’d give them her well rehearsed speech on friendship and their seemingly arbitrary boundaries.

She figured giving in to them, giving them a bit of what they wanted, would temporarily quell their desire and momentarily calm their horniness. Only, what she did in continually teasing them, instead, heated their desire and inflamed their horniness. As much as she enjoyed being their friend, she grew to enjoy playing the game of seductress and cockteaser. As soon as things got out of hand, she’d play the virginal victim before lecturing them on friendship.

It was her game to play, after all. She was in control and if they didn’t like her rules, then they could agree to not play the game and go without touching her, feeling her, and kissing her, while forsaking her kissing and feeling them. Fortunately, she possessed more self-control than they did. Yet, if only they knew that, sometimes, she wanted them as much as they wanted her.

She had a knack for making each one feel special, but it was a dangerous game she played. Because of the personal attention she gave each one of her friends, each one thought he had a shot with her. Each one thought she liked him over the other three. She had a way with men, especially these four men. They’d do whatever she asked, whenever she asked.

Each time she went just a little bit further, but she’d stop just before crossing the line of no return when lust takes over commonsense. If only to experience the few minutes of kissing her, feeling her body, and having her feel their cocks, every time they fell for her sexual teasing. They all thought, no doubt, that this time was the time that she’d give in to their wants, desires, and needs, but she never did. Then, every time, out of friendship, respecting her wishes not to go further and understanding that no meant no, they released her. Only, every time she pushed them away was another time that they wanted her more the next time they played her game.

The men had many lonely nights masturbating to the thoughts of her finally relinquishing herself to them, no doubt. To get a bit of sexual release from their frustration, they must have pulled their pricks in the privacy of the bedroom or bathroom, while imagining what it would feel like to have her fuck them and blow them. If only she knew what her sexual teasing did to her best friends or did she? If only she knew she was driving them crazy with lustful desire for her, she’d take pity on them and give them what they wanted or would she?

Certainly, she wasn’t oblivious to their sexual frustration because she sometimes felt it herself. She experienced many lonely nights masturbating to the thoughts of one or more of her four friends having their way with her. She even imagined a gangbang where they tied her to her bed before stripping her naked and forcing themselves upon her. It was an exciting thought to imagined the cum of her four dear friends dripping from each of her orifices.

She enjoyed imagining the fantasy of being ravished and taken. It was her private turn on to imagine her being their personal bitch and giving them what they wanted, any time they wanted it. Being forced would give her an excuse to relinquish herself to their sexual desire, while still maintaining her honor and reputation. If only they would, maybe she could.

She knew that if she was alone with one of them and if he so insisted strong enough, so long as there was alcohol involved, as her excuse and so long as he promised not to tell the others, she’d give him a hand job. Oh, yeah, she’d unzip them, pull out their pricks, wrap her hand around them, and stroke them faster and faster and harder and harder. She often imagined jerking off Bill, Jim, Tom, and Doug. It delighted her to imagine the look on their faces watching her hand around their cocks while stroking them. No big deal, it was just a hand job, after all. She wouldn’t mind removing their cocks from their pants while French kissing one or the other while one or the other felt her tits and fingered her nipples. Loving the control of it, she’d like to watch his face when he exploded his warm, gooey load of cum all over her hand.

She’d even blow him. Oh, yeah, she’d suck their cocks, if only they forced her to by grabbing her hair, paddling her ass, and slapping her face. That was no big deal either, it was just a blowjob. Friends with benefits, she enjoyed imagining what it’d be like to have her four friends stick their erect cocks in her mouth, one at a time, of course. She got wet imagining four slimy loads shot in her mouth with them watching her swallow. It aroused her to think of each one of them giving her a cum bath. She’d be their dirty girl, if only they knew which of her buttons to push, but they didn’t.

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