Just Another Play Ch. 1

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The girl before Devin Furiso slid down to her knees with a strange grace, her light blue eyes staring up at his handsome face. Her lips curled upward in a wanting smile, and Devin couldn’t help but smile back.

He leaned back against the rest room stall as her delicate hand unzipped his fly. He could almost laugh at the situation, but he thought that might break the mood. One of the hottest girls in this college was about to go down on him, and all he had to do was write her a few corny letters and talk to her on the phone a couple of times.

“I love you,” she whispered in a voice that nearly sounded sincere to Devin, and almost caused him to feel a gauge of guilt. Almost, but not quite. His hand slowly caressed her cheek as her hand reached into his boxers and found his cock, a stiff, hot length of meat about six inches in size.

“I love you too,” he said breathlessly, and looked into her eyes. So many people think that if someone looks into their eyes, then they’re telling the truth. It’s incorrect, for only the weak of heart or the strong of conscience will turn away from someone when lying, and Devin was neither of those things.

Devin thought of this only for a moment, and then the girls hot mouth closed over his head, ruby red lips tightening as her tongue swirled around it, a small “mmmm” sounding in her mouth.

“Oh yeah, sweety,” Devin managed before he shut his eyes and let the girl pleasure him. Her hand crept into the slit of his boxers and found his balls, holding them gently as she sucked lightly on his cock-head. Slowly, her mouth moved down the thick shaft, sucking harder as her tongue flicked over the underbelly.

She continued moving down his cock and pleasure flooded Devin’s mind. Those lips were so tight around him, and her saliva swirled around his thick organ with every slurping swallow she made. That small hand rubbed his balls gently, fingers sinking softly into the skin, and Devin’s hand moved to the top of her head, fingers running through the silky blonde hair.

Her head began to bob slowly, and with each forward movement she took more of his engorged member into her mouth, moving forward until the tip of his cock pushed against the back of her throat.

Devin whispered “swallow it,” and her eyes fluttered shut as she followed his order, taking his crown into her throat with a gulping swallow. Her hand left his balls and moved to his back, squeezing his tight ass as she swallowed him again and again, his thick member moving further down her throat until his balls rested softly on her chin.

Her breath came from her nose, which was firmly embedded in his dark brown pubic hair, in short gasps and Devin could tell she was having trouble breathing, her throat stuffed with his thick shaft. In a moment she would start choking and her head slowly began to pull of his member, but Devin’s hand slid down to the back of her head and halted her movement.

Her eyes now opened with a bit of surprise, the bright blue pools flicking around his smiling face. Now she did begin to cough and choke, her violent gasps for air only pulling her throat more tightly around Devin’s organ and increasing his pleasure.

He allowed this to continue for another couple of seconds and then pulled her head back from his rod. She opened her mouth wide and gasped for air, and the first hot string of Devin’s cum landed squarely on her pink tongue. Her face gave a bitter, disgusted look and Devin knew that she had not tasted semen before, and that he was the first only heightened the power of his orgasm.

She shut her mouth and seemed to be preparing to spit out the cum that had landed in her mouth when Devin’s second rope of semen splattered her forehead, a few stray droplets catching her hair. She shut her eyes instantly and spat the sticky liquid in her mouth, but it didn’t make it to far out, and most of it just pushed out from between her lips and down her chin.

Devin’s hand had moved to his slick cock, pumping it furiously as he sprayed two more hot loads at Cara’s face. Another splattered the bridge of her nose and caught in her long eye-lashes. The last spurt was the weakest and failed to reach her face at all, instead landing on the top of her t-shirt clad breasts.

Devin’s shoulder’s slumped and his eyes looked down at her face and shirt, a smile playing over his face that was radically different from the one her first flashed her at the beginning of their encounter. She didn’t catch it as first as she wiped the sticky fluid away from her face, but when she opened her eyes and saw that smile, a look even more dismayed then when she caught his first blast of cum on her tongue grew over her face.

So much can be said in a look, and Devin said everything he needed to right there. With his perfect, pearly white teeth flashing in the well lighted bathroom, his smile was that of a devil. She knew that he didn’t care about her, and that she had just been used. The situation dawned on her quickly, and her shoulders shook some.

Devin thought casino şirketleri she looked like she was about to cry, and he chuckled slightly, one hand pushing his softening cock back into his pants, the other pulling off a long roll of toilet paper from the roll next to him and wadding it into a ball.

“Thanks Cara, you give a great blow. I know you’ve had some practice. Now wipe that shit off your face and get out of my way,” he said coldly, shoving the paper at her face.

She took it almost without thinking about it, the tears that had been brimming in her eyes a moment before now flowing. This wasn’t supposed to happen to her, she thought frantically. Devin grew impatient with her waiting and shoved her away from his crouch, pushing her head against the side of the stall.

He stepped out of the stall and with a side turn of his head said, “You better wash that off your shirt too, babe, you don’t want it to stain.” Devin turned to the side and looked at the mirror, smiling confidently to himself.

His hair was a very dark earthen color, nearly black and wavy, and it was fairly long, falling past his ears. His complexion was crystal clear, his skin a light tan color. The features of his face were sharp and well defined, the chiseled in stone look, and his smile opened up a row of shining white teeth.

The form-fitting black t-shirt he wore showed his body which was as hard as rock. He was lean and strong, his muscles not huge but tight and cut. He flicked his tongue out between his lips for a moment, and stared at his reflection for what seemed like a very long time.

It was probably only seconds, because his narcissism was interrupted by Cara’s bursting from the bathroom stall where she had so recently been splattered with Devin’s hot seed. A look of anger had replaced her sadness, Devin noticed from watching her in the mirror, and she ran passed him and out the bathroom door.

Devin laughed softly to himself and leaned down by the sink, splashing a bit of water over his face. He straightened back up and smiled at the mirror for the last time, and walked out the door. He was just in time to see Cara’s shapely jean-clad rear running to the parking lot, presumably to her car.

Devin was pleased. Though now as he watched her ass moving to her car, a sharp little red convertible, he thought perhaps he should have waited it out and fucked her also, but then dismissed it. Her humiliation had been pleasurable enough.

Devin was a bad guy. He lived for pleasure, and his came in a variety of different vices. Sex was the most important, and it would be had at any cost, which luckily for him, was rarely very high. His pleasure also came from more dubious sources, such as the episode of humiliation that had just occurred. Another pastime high up on his list was the corruption of innocence. He hadn’t had any of that with Cara, he imagined her innocence had been shattered years ago, but he would soon.

Cara was a special thing for Dev. He had known her in high-school, and she was just as much a bitch then as she was now. She had screwed over a lot of guys, and now he had screwed her over. He had just had to wait a few years to do it. He was twenty-two now, and revenge was sweet after a few years.

Of course, all of the hardly warranted thinking about. Devin had more important things to do, most important of all finding some more pleasure. He headed easily out the bathroom door, and out the same door crying Cara had passed just moments earlier.

He meandered slowly to the large tree where some of the lower ranked people of the school hung out before moving on to their cars, or if they could barely afford college let alone a car, then one of the public buses that came along this route. Some of these people thought of Devin as a regular great guy, for he graced them with their presence even though he was in high demand by the popular folk do to his money and beauty. Devin adored these weak willed people and appreciated their utter adoration for him, and all it afforded him.

Slowly the people began to trickle out from the school, and the area beneath the tree filled up, some of the kids around here giving him nods or shouting a slight greeting. He returned a few of them, but mostly kept his eyes locked onto the doors nearest him.

Although Cara had been a bit of an accomplishment, Devin also had good old standbys. And the current stand-bye he was waiting for was Jackie Ducant. Devin had gone out with her twice, and on both occasions the night ended with him riding her pussy and spraying his load across her tight belly and ample tits.

Unlike Cara, she was also a known slut, and that was one of the reasons Devin liked her. Sluts were necessary and fairly likeable, although usually a skank didn’t like to realize herself as a slut, and that was too bad. There was really no shame in it.

After awhile she came from the building, and Devin licked his lips. She was 20, about 5’5, and looked just as fine as could be, with a thin body but a plump casino firmaları ass and c-cup tits, and a full mouth that some, Devin included, referred to as “dick-sucking lips.” Today she was wearing a plaid school-girl type skirt that was a little higher then high-school regulation, and a too-tight baby doll t-shirt that strained against her chest.

Devin could already feel his cock rising. As she approached the tree her eyes lit up when she noticed him, smiling brightly. She thought Devin was just a great guy. Sure, he had fucked her on the first date, but at least he had bought dinner first, besides, he was a great fuck. She hoped to saddle him down as a steady boyfriend, but it would not happen.

Devin moved slightly away from the tree, and they embraced in a tight hug. Devin relished the feeling of her tits against his chest, and slid his hands just up under her skirt, squeezing the rounded globes of her ass for a second or two. She squealed slightly and jumped away, giving his chest a playful push.

“Devin, behave!”

“Sure thing, doll,” he said, flashing a perfect playful smile. “Say, do you need a ride home?”

She nodded, “Sure, that would be great.”

“Hey, can I come too?” They both turned to regard the questioning voice, which belonged to Jackie’s younger sister, Vicki. Devin regarded her for a moment, and he approved. She was smaller than her sister in all aspects, about half a foot shorter, with only an a-cup chest that probably didn’t require a bra, and a tight little ass. He remembered Jackie telling him she was eighteen, which was great, since that put her into his radar of availability.

However, her presence was not completely welcomed by him. The only reason he wanted to give Jackie a ride home was so he could either get blown again the way there, or fuck her at her house. That would be slightly more difficult with her sister around.

He gave a slight shrug of shoulders, and nodded once. “Sure, I guess.” Jackie smirked towards her little sister, and Vicki gleamed at Devin. He gave the younger girl a lop-sided grin, and then turned, moving towards his car with the two girls behind him.

* * * * * *

Devin wheeled out of the parking lot, bright blues glancing into the review mirror. Vicki was staring idly out the window, and bobbing her head slightly to the radio. Devin gave a brief moment to imagine that little head bobbing over something else, and then reached forward, turning up the volume slowly, the music soon blaring from his speakers.

Not taking his eyes from the road, his hand moved to Jackie’s wrist. There was no resistance as he pulled it away from her lap and placed it in his, where her light fingers immediately brushed against his rapidly enlarging organ.

Wordlessly and without further request from Devin, her fingers closed around the top of his zipper, pulling it down slowly, though this was unnecessary since the sound of the radio drowned out all the noise.

Her fingers dipped into his jeans and into the slit in his boxers, and at first rubbed against the side of his cock. This light touching caused Devin’s hips to roll slightly, and brought his member to full attention.

Her fingers closed around his shaft, and deftly pulled it free from its denin confinement. Once upon in the air, that thick member shot upward, and she began to pump it slowly.

After a moment, her thumb flicked up and over his head, rubbing slow circles around it until he produced a bit of precum for her, which she promptly raised to her mouth and licked up. Giving a slight glance to her sister, who still seemed occupied with the window, she spat in her hand, and then returned it to Devin’s cock.

Devin couldn’t resist a low moan as her slick hand now pumped up and down on his dick at an increased pace, closing her pinky down tight around the head every time it arrived there, and giving it a slight twist.

It felt good, but Devin was still no where near an orgasm. As he pulled up to Jackie’s drive, she pulled her hand off him, and Devin stuffed his hard rod back into his jeans. He turned the music down and looked towards Jackie.

“Hey, want to come inside?” She asked with a grin on her face as she stepped from the vehicle. Devin nodded, and stepped out at the same time Vicki did. He caught her eyeing that bulge in his jean for a moment, and shot a grin her way. She blushed and turned around as they walked inside the house.

* * * * * *

A few minutes later in Jackie’s room, the music was turned up once again, but Devin and the girl weren’t listening. Sometimes you had to use finesse, but with a girl like Jackie, Devin had simply walked in, dropped his pants, and sat on the edge of the bed. Jackie was sitting next to him, her hand again pumping and squeezing his cock, while Devin’s lips pressed to hers and their tongues pushed in and out of their mouths.

Jackie’s shirt and bra had been pushed up around her collar bone, and both of Devin’s hands were busy mauling her chest, squeezing her round tits tightly güvenilir casino between his fingers. Her hard nipples, about the size of quarters, pressed against the palm of his hands. She moaned, pumping his dick harder, and then he squeezed tighter, nails digging into her soft flesh.

“Ouch!” She exclaimed, pulling her hand off his member and grabbing his wrists, pulling them from her chest. The small half-crescents of his nails left red imprints over her chest, but he hadn’t broken the skin. “Play nice?”

He gave her a quick smile, and nodded, then stood up from the bed. “Alright, babe. Lets fuck, then. I know you like that hard and quick.” She didn’t respond immediately, and leaned forward instead, kissing and licking the side of his member. She pulled back after a moment.

“I’m just gonna suck you off. I’m not gonna sleep with anyone unless they’re my boyfriend,” she said as she looked up at him, big brown eyes giving a slightly pleading look.

Devin shook his head as he grinned down at her. “Come on, Jackie. You can go out with any guy you want, but I’m not gonna get tied down. Now get undressed. You want this just as bad as I do.”

She sighed, and decided he was right. She was awfully wet, and his dick was already out. He would probably get pissed if she didn’t do as he said, and although she didn’t think he was dangerous, she liked him, and didn’t want to anger him.

Devin stepped back from her, knowing she’d do as he asked, and pulled his shirt off, stepping from his jeans as well. Jackie stood up and pulled her shirt and bra up over her head, tossing them too the floor. Thumbs hooked into her skirt and pushed that down as well, revealing her shaved, glistening pussy. “How do you want me?”

Devin looked her over for a minute, smiling still, before responding. “Bent over.” She rolled her eyes slightly, and complied, turning around and bending, resting her elbows on the bed, pushing her ass up into the air.

“What is it with you guys and doggy style?”

Devin stepped forward, one hand moved to the base of his cock and slapped it down against her back as the other grabbed her hip, squeezing. “Well babe, technically this isn’t doggy style. I guess I like it because its fitting for a slut to be bent over,” as he spoke he drug his cock downward, the head nestling between her ass-cheeks as he brought it against her pussy lips.

“Hey! Watch what you call me, I may not be so nice to you next time,” she said, turning her head sideways to look at him.

“Right, slut.” Devin pushed the tip of his member between her soft lips, causing her to give a quick gasp and shutting her mouth. He reached forward now with both hands, grabbing sections of her hair and then yanking backwards on her head the same time he pushed forward with his hips. “Fuck,” he groaned as his cock was quickly engulfed by warm, wet pussy.

“Mmmm, loosen up a little, will ya?” Jackie whined slightly as the pleasure she felt from being filled with Devin’s cock was somewhat negated by the pain in her scalp. She couldn’t move her head, and her face was stuck staring at the blank wall over her head-board.

Devin didn’t respond, and instead pulled himself backwards until only the tip off his dick remained in her slick hole. Then his body slammed forward and brutally filled her with his cock, his hips and thighs smacking loudly against her full ass.

“Ah! God!” Jackie cried out as Devin assaulted her from behind, keeping a firm grim on her hair. His body leaned forward over her as his hips pulled back, and then he banged into her again. This time there was no pause, and he was just fucking the girl.

The wet sucking sounds of her pussy along his cock began to fill the room as he fucked her with increasing intensity. Her breasts swung back and forth with each thrust, and she soon could offer no more words to Devin, only loud moans to accompany his satisfied grunts.

It didn’t take long for her to reach her orgasm. Bolts of pleasure shot through her body, centered in her groin. Her full lips opened and she let loose a wail of ecstacy. “I’m cuuuuuuumming!”

And then, at the most inopportune moment of the entire event, Vicki opened the door. “Hey, sis, what’s -” her words trailed off as the scene hit her. She had a perfect side-view of Devin slightly bent over her sister, hips pumping into her from behind, her head yanked backwards, both covered in a thin sheen of sweat, the slick slapping noises of fucking invading her ears.

“Vicki, get out!” Jackie screamed, but she couldn’t turn to look at her intruding sibling; her head was still relentlessly pulled back.

Perfect fucking timing, Devin thought. Before Vicki could do anything but stand there with her jaw dropped, Dev pulled his cock from Jackie, one hand releasing her hair and grabbing his cock by the base. “Ahhh fuck,” he groaned as he came, releasing his load over her.

The little sister just watched in shock, Devin imagined she had never seen anything like this before, as that first hot string of cum flew forward and landing on the top of her sister’s head, soaking into her damp hair. Another wad splatted across her mid back, and then his range was reduced considerably, painting a good portion of her full ass white with his sticky seed.

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