Josie , Gina’s City Adventures

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Josie and Gina closed the door behind their parents. This was it! They were in the big city, they had their own apartment and they started their new jobs on Monday. Today had been spent transporting their furniture and the rest of their stuff here from home. They’d been going to yard sales all summer, picking up things to furnish this apartment. Their parents hadn’t been too pleased about the size of the place, but it was all the two girls could afford on their pay as office admin staff. They weren’t planning on spending too much time in the apartment anyway because they’d come to the big city to party and enjoy the nightlife they’d been denied in their small town 150 miles from here.

They’d been best friends through high school and neither girl had wanted to go to college. They were tired of studying and were desperate to earn some money and experience life. Now the sun was setting on their first evening in the city. They looked excitedly at each other as they listened to the city noises that came through the windows.

“What do you wanna do tonight?” Josie asked Gina.

“I’d love to go night clubbing,” Gina replied. “But I think we need to be careful with how we spend our money until we get paid.”

“I think you’re right. No night clubbing until we’ve got a bit more money in our pockets. But I think we need to celebrate our first night as official adults. How about we get a Chinese takeout from that restaurant down the road? They seemed to have reasonable prices.”

“Oh great! I love Chinese!”

The girls dressed in their “uniform” of jeans and cropped tops and walked down the street to the Chinese restaurant. All around them people were hurrying, getting ready for Saturday night. The girls held hands and giggled with excitement as they walked. They sat and ate on the floor in their living room and laughed when they thought about all the excitement ahead of them. When they were done eating Gina stretched her body out in front of Josie.

“So… should we start unpacking?”

“I don’t feel like it. Our beds have been set up. That’s enough for now, isn’t it?”

The girls laughed and hugged. There were no parents to nag them now.

“I’m so glad we decided to do this together,” Josie said.

“Me too,” Gina replied. “There’s nobody I’d rather be here with now than you.”

Gina kissed her friend on the lips. Josie returned the kiss. For a long time they stayed in their embrace, their lips caressing each other’s lips. Then Josie deepened the kiss by prying Gina’s lips open with her tongue. Their tongues played around with each other and their breathing got heavier. Gina’s hands moved down Josie’s back and up inside her shirt, unclasping her bra. Josie pulled off Gina’s top and caressed the stiff nipples that hadn’t sat inside a bra.

They stood up together and undressed each other, still kissing passionately. Soon they stood before each other without a thread on their young bodies. Josie was 5’6 with black hair and green eyes. Her body was tanned and the nipples on her 34D tits were quite dark. Her wet snatch was hairless and her thighs soft and rounded. Gina was blonde and 5’7. Her tits were small and firm, 32B, with pink nipples. She too was shaved and her legs were long and shapely. Gina took Josie’s hand and led her into her bedroom.

Josie lay down on the bed and parted her legs. Gina straddled across her face and licked along Josie’s wet slit. At the same time Josie’s tongue started licking Gina’s damp pussy. They’d done this millions of times before. They knew exactly how to please each other. They’d lost their virginities within days of each other and whenever they’d been without boyfriends they’d explored each other’s bodies and brought pleasure to each other.

There was no sound in the room except from the slurping of the two girls enthusiastically eating each other’s pussies. Josie knew that Gina loved it when she finger fucked her while sucking on her clit, so she closed her lips around the engorged clit and flicked her tongue across it. As Josie’s fingers entered her cunt Gina tongue fucked her friend with one finger on her nub and another finger teasing her asshole. Josie was the first to cum, with her pussy juices squirting all over Gina’s face and Gina wasn’t far behind. They kissed each other again, tasting their own pussy juices on each other’s lips.

Gina was still not satisfied. She loved to play with Josie’s giant tits and she started sucking on a nipple. Josie reached around casino şirketleri and played with Gina’s nipples, tweaking them hard between her fingers, just the way Gina liked it. Then they kissed again, with their nipples touching. Josie got out of bed and got a bag from the floor. She pulled out a variety of vibrators. She took a large black one in her hand and started sucking on it, making sure she was moistening every inch of it. She lay next to Gina who parted her legs and then she pushed it up her friend’s tight cunt. The vibrator was 10 inches long and as thick as her wrist, but Gina was so horny her cunt swallowed it whole. Then Josie switched it on and left it buzzing in her friend’s hole.

Josie then took a smaller vibrator and lubed it with her own cunt juices. Gina parted her legs wider and let Josie insert it up her ass. Josie then grabbed hold of the large vibrator, turned it up on high and started sliding it in and out of Gina’s cunt. She licked and sucked Gina’s tits as she fucked her with the giant vibrator and Gina’s breathing got more laboured. Soon Gina had to give in to the pleasure and she screamed out Josie’s name as she came. When Gina was done cumming Josie pulled out the big black vib and they licked it together.

Gina then took a wobbly blue vibrator. It was even bigger than the black one, but it had a soft and wobbly consistency which made it feel not so big inside their cunts. Like her friend had done before her she started fucking Josie with the vibrator. She shoved another one up Josie’s ass and started pumping her from behind, doggie style. Josie kept fingering her clit and Gina reached around and grabbed hold of Josie’s tits. With incredible willpower Josie hung on for another while, but then she couldn’t take it anymore and she gave in to the orgasm.

The girls were shattered as they collapsed next to each other. Caressing each other’s tits they kissed lightly and fell asleep, naked in the same bed.


On the Monday morning they went to their respective new jobs. Gina had been hired as a filing clerk and typist at one company and Josie had been hired as a typist and assistant to the company director’s secretary. The secretary was off sick that day so Josie was thrown in at the deep end. Another secretary showed her how to work the computer and the phones and she then spent the rest of the day trying to not make too many big mistakes.

At the end of the day, just as Josie was about to leave, the company director came back from the meeting he’d been in all day. He looked at Josie with a frown on his face.

“You must be Janelle’s assistant?” he finally said.

“Yes,” Josie stood up and proffered her hand. “I’m Josie Miller.”

The director’s eyes slowly took in the young body with the magnificent tits. She’d dressed in a short black skirt, black stockings, black high heels and a white shirt that accentuated the size of her breasts.

“Come into my office Miss Miller,” he said. “Let’s get better acquainted.”

Josie followed him in and he put his papers down on his desk. He then walked up to Josie and cupped her elbow. “Can I offer you a drink?”

“No thanks,” Josie replied politely.

“How about you get me a drink?” he continued.

“Sure!” Josie walked up to the bar counter. “What would you like?”

“Pussy juice.”

Josie turned around in shock. “Pardon?”

“I said I’d like to drink some pussy juice, do you know where I can get some?”

A million thoughts rushed around in Josie’s head. This was not how she’d envisaged her work. This guy was at least twice her age and married. On the other hand, she hadn’t had a cock for months now and he was good looking. Not to mention what this could do for her career…

“I’m feeling a fresh supply dampening my panties right now,” she replied with a smile.

“We don’t want that to go to waste, do we?” her new boss asked.

Josie walked up to her boss and kissed him. He shoved his tongue inside her mouth and pulled her skirt up. He was pleased to feel the garters at the top of her stockings and soon reached the damp panties. He pulled them off and brought them up to his nose and sniffed them. He smiled and put them in his suit pocket.

They cleared his desk and Josie lay down on it, parting her legs for her boss. He looked at the shiny, naked cunt and didn’t waste any time. He dove straight in and licked the length of her slit, from her asshole to her clit, over and over. Then casino firmaları he entered her tight hole with his tongue. Josie moaned out loud with pleasure. He then started sucking on her clit and entered her wet cunt with his fingers. He sucked and finger fucked her fast and furious, slurping up all the juices he could get.

Gina had had a hard day. She’d been worked off her feet and now she’d been stood in the reception at Josie’s company for 15 minutes, waiting for her friend to come down. There was still no sign of Josie, so when the security guy looked away Gina slipped in to the elevator and rode up to the 10th floor. She walked around and all she could see were empty offices or people deeply concentrating on whatever was on their computer screens. She entered an office suite at the end of the corridor and was drawn to the muffled sounds coming from behind closed doors. She recognised Josie’s purse on the floor next to the desk outside the doors so she slowly opened the door to see what was going on.

She was met by the sight of her friend on a desk with her skirt around her waist and a greying head between her thighs. Gina felt herself getting wet immediately. She wished her new boss had been like this. The guy eating her friend moved his head from her cunt, while still pumping her with his fingers and he kissed her deeply. Neither of them took any notice of the girl at the door who by now had pulled her own skirt up and was massaging her clit through her panties. Josie’s boss started unbuttoning her shirt as he kissed her and finger fucked her. Then he reached around to undo the hook and he pushed the material over her tits so that he could start sucking on those delicious young and firm peaks.

Josie was panting out loud. This guy was so skilled in what he was doing. She felt herself about to cum and she panted this to him. He told her to go for it and with his hands cupping her tits he placed his mouth on her pussy again, ready to lap up her juices. He wasn’t disappointed. Josie came with a scream and he drank her dry. As he moved to kiss Josie he finally saw Gina.

“What can I do for you?” he asked.

“I came for Josie,” she replied.

“Come here and I’ll give you some of Josie,” he said and when she walked up to him he kissed her deeply, sharing Josie’s pussy juices with her.

“Josie tastes so sweet, doesn’t she?” Gina said.

“The sweetest cunt I’ve had in a long time,” he replied. “But I haven’t had yours yet…”

“Oh Gina is much sweeter than me,” Josie said and walked around Gina and cupped her small tits from behind.

“Is she now?” he was obviously interested.

“Why don’t you taste her?” Josie teased and pulled Gina’s skirt up around her waist and then she pulled her minimal panties off and gave them to her boss.

He smelled the panties and smiled. “I’m not sure,” he said and put the second pair of panties in his pocket. “I think I need a better taste.”

Josie was unbuttoning Gina’s shirt and released her pink peaks to the air conditioned office. The boss leaned forward and sucked on one. “Josie wins the tit contest, but I’m willing to do the cunt test as well.”

“But Josie’s cunt will be lonely if you’re eating my pussy,” Gina said innocently, looking at the big bulge in his pants. “Or do you have anything that can fill her tight cunt while your tongue is busy with me?”

“I thought you’d never ask,” he said and pulled his pants and boxers off, sporting a 9 inch thick erection. Both girls gasped as they’d never seen such a big cock in real life. Their only experience of that kind of size was from toys. They both wanted some of that meat inside them.

The boss lay down on his desk and Josie straddled his hips, feeling his cock stretching her wet cunt to the limit. He reached up and kneaded her tits while Gina straddled his face, grinding her dripping cunt over his hungry mouth. As Josie started bouncing up and down that powerful shaft his tongue started lapping up Gina’s sweet juices. The sight of Josie riding that beautiful fuck meat, with her big tits bouncing freely, made Gina hot for her and she reached over and started kissing her friend. Soon Josie was sliding up and down, feeling his meat deeper and deeper inside her and kissing Gina deeply. The girls played with each other’s tits as they kissed and had their horny holes seen to by Josie’s boss.

Gina was the first to surrender. Having got a head start, rubbing her clit while watching Josie and güvenilir casino the boss, she was already well on her way to orgasm and she soon felt it rip through her like lightning and she screamed into Josie’s lips as her pussy squirted her cum on the bosses face. Josie wasn’t far behind, this huge cock filled her so deliciously and despite wanting to feel it for longer she wasn’t able to. Her body shivered and her pussy walls squeezed the cock hard as she came. The young cunt cumming around his shaft proved too much for the boss and he started shooting his load up her cunt.

“Oh you both taste so sweet,” the boss said as the girls stepped off him.

“And you’re a great pussy eater,” Gina said. “And your cock looked great. I’m so jealous of Josie. Do you think you could manage some for me?”

“Maybe if you two suck me hard again,” he replied and the girls immediately dropped on their knees in front of him, taking turns in sucking Josie’s juices off his shaft. True to his word he was soon hard again.

Gina lay on the desk with her ass on the edge and her legs tucked next to her. The boss shoved his cock up her hot cunt and started fucking her at a quick pace. Josie watched for a while, kneading her own tits and then she decided to get in on the action. She straddled across Gina, her tits falling heavily on Gina’s tits and she started kissing her friend. The boss was now faced with the sweet smooth cunt he’d just fucked and he could see his cum and her juices running out of that tight, delicious snatch. He lifted her ass higher and shoved his face in her pussy again, lapping up her cum mixed juices.

Both girls were moaning at the other end. Gina was loving being filled by the giant cock as much as Josie had and their kissing and tit playing was adding to the pleasure. Josie loved being eaten for the second time. Soon Gina came again, contracting hard around the pumping cock. The boss pulled out of her quickly.

“Josie, blow me!” he said and Josie got down on her knees and sucked him deep down her throat and cupped his balls. His cock tasted so good with Gina’s juices all over it.

Gina knew that Josie hadn’t cum again while she was being eaten so she placed her head between Josie’s soft thighs and let her tongue taste what was left of the cum and also the juices she knew so well. Josie felt a tingle in her entire body. She loved this cock. Her tongue caressed it all over as he slid in and out across her lips, fucking her mouth faster and faster. With Gina’s expert tongue and fingers in her cunt she couldn’t hold back and started cumming. Her body spasmed violently and she screamed her orgasm around the cock in her mouth. This was what the boss had needed. He shot his load down her throat and then he pulled out and shot again all over her face and then on her tits.

The boss sat back with a smile on his face. He looked at the two young girls he’d just been fucking. “Clean her up,” he said to Gina and she immediately started kissing and licking Josie’s tits and face. If he hadn’t already cum twice in a short space of time he would have been tempted to shaft them again, but he knew that he needed a break.

“You two are the most delicious sluts I’ve ever cum across,” he said with a grin. “I’ve gotta get more of you.”

He pulled a slip of paper from a drawer and scribbled over it. “Take this to personnel in the morning,” he said to Josie. “I’ve discovered hidden talents in you and I require you as my personal typist and stenographer.”

“I can’t do stenography,” said Josie hesitantly as she looked at the figure of her new pay, it was a hefty raise.

“I doubt you’ll need to learn it to suck my cock and fuck me,” he laughed.

“Are you looking for a job?” he asked Gina.

“I just started one today, but it was boring,” she replied. “Do you have anything in mind?”

“Well, Josie’s job is too demanding for one person to handle. I think you need to job share.”

“I think that sounds like something I could do,” Gina smiled.

He scribbled on a second piece of paper. “I gotta go home now. I’ll see one of you here bright and early tomorrow and the other one works late. I want you both here at midday. Work out the schedule between you.”

The girls giggled and started walking towards the door.

“You might want to pull your skirts down and button up your shirts,” he said with his eyes fixed on Josie’s bouncing tits.

Josie and Gina looked at each other. “That’s right,” Gina said. “We should really go home and continue there.”

Their boss smiled at this thought as they exited the office and he took their panties out of his pocket and smelled them. “One more thing,” he called out. “My stenographers don’t wear panties.”

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