Jamaican Vacation

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This trip was to be our honeymoon since we were still in school when we were married two years ago. Probably the getting away for just a week was a honeymoon enough.

When people asks us about our honey room we smile and say, we had it two years before we were married living together.

Flying out of Miami over the beautiful blue waters on Air Jamaica I began to relax.

I was so looking forward to spa treatments, sunning and swimming the warm waters of the Caribbean. My husband was looking forward to golfing and not the spa.

We were soon in our room, mid-afternoon looking at the sea, and listening to the waves crashing on the beautiful white sandy beach.

My husband was standing behind me. His hands drifted to my boobs that were encased in a flowered bikini top. The nipples soon hardened as well as his cock.

We ended up in bed enjoying our first away from home love making. He was on top of me and I said, “Roll us over, I want to look you in the eyes and enjoy being stuffed with a cock with no schedule calling us to do something else.”

We just soft lip kissed and talked about how much we needed the vacation from the hectic pace we were living.

Jack was 24 and I was 22. We met in college at a frat party and never did date anyone after that. The answer is ‘No” for those of you wondering if he was my first. Between high school and first year of college, I had one every time I needed one.

When we had disconnected after his cock softened, I mentioned I was going to the pool, lounge a little, and get started on my sunning.

When I arrived at poolside there was an open lounge in the sun area and two ladies were sunning topless in the adjacent lounges. They had perfect breasts, those kind that guys would kill for to get their hands and mouth on.

They appeared asleep so I tried to be quite as I made myself comfortable and into one of the zines, I had brought along.

About thirty minutes into the sunning, the lady on my right woke up, saw me there and said, “Hi I’m Heather. I did not hear you place yourself. No need to be so quite. Are you here for vacation or a honeymoon?”

I replied, “Delayed honeymoon combination vacation and honeymoon.”

“I see. Well it is a lovely spot. My sister Jill next to you there and I come here three to four times a year. By the way what is your name?”

“I’m sorry it is Tanya.”

“Well Tanya, we have been coming here for eight years. If you have any questions we can probably answer them better than the staff with their turn over.”

“Thanks Heather, I will keep that in mind.”

“Be sure to use the spa and massage services. It will rejuvenate you so that you think you are 18 again after a session.”

Looking at Heather and figuring she was late twenties, I was wondering what she did to be so exhausted to be rejuvenated so often.

We talked in generalities.

In the meantime, her sister woke up, I was introduced and heard, “Well hon, time for our rejuvenation session at the spa. I hope we can chat more during your stay.”

“May I walk with you to the spa to become oriented with what it offers?”

“Oh by all means come along, you are most welcome. Your husband must love to show you off to people as gorgeous looking as you are.”

“To be honest we have not had the free time. By the way are you and Jill married, Heather?”

“Yes we are Tanya, we married brothers. They have a construction company and are always busy either building or bidding jobs.”

“Here we are at the spa which in our opinion is the best on the planet. Let me introduce you to Sharon and we will be on our way and hope we can chat again.”

“Thanks and see you later.”

I heard, “Sharon be sure to show her the special package offer also.”

Sharon showed me all the different packages available.

Then she showed me pictures of the masseuses that were available. There most have been 75 or more, both male and female, both black and white. She then reached under the counter and brought out another book.

She handed me a piece of paper with typing on it and asked me to read it and then make a decision.

I took it and it read, “What is available for viewing is for mature adults that are not offended by nudity. By signing this document, you agree that you are not offended by such adult material and will not take action that might embarrass the staff or management. You are acknowledging that you are doing this feely with no pressure from any employee of this organization.”

My eyes were wide open reading it. Sharon had a pen in her hand, smiling as she handed it to me.

I took the pen, signed the document, and handed both to her. She handed me the book and said, “Tanya over there is a private room for you to view this. Lock the door. It will say occupied on the outside like the one there now. In the room are tissues and panty liners. Please take your time today. There is no rush to go through the entire book in one visit. Stop by and look often. The pictures you will be looking at will be masseuses that are willing to give you casino şirketleri a massage with them being naked at that time.”

By then I was already wet in anticipation of what I might see. Sharon smiled as I took the book and headed for one of the five available rooms to view the book.

I locked the door. I opened the front hard cover of the book after sitting down in a comfortable leather chair and saw, “Dear guests. This book is divided for your convenience. The first group is white guys listed from oldest to youngest, the second part is white ladies listed from oldest to youngest, the third part is black ladies listed oldest to youngest and the fourth is black males listed from oldest to youngest. Just remember the older have more experience in providing you with the ultimate pleasure you are seeking. Enjoy your stay and hope you come often.”

My heart was palpitating and I was leaking. Next to the chair was a stack of folded towels with a sign, “For you convenience.”

I opened the book and my heart skipped several beats and then I was getting warm looking at a guy maybe 45 with an erection that looked like a miniature Eiffel Tower. I took my time flipping from him to the others. I felt myself soaking my bikini and the chair was getting wet. I then took my bikini bottom off, placed a towel down, took a tissue and patted myself then went flipping through the book fast. There were so many hot looking white guys as well as ladies both black and white. When I reached the black males, my heart was beating faster and my mouth was dry. I noticed bottled water with a sign, “Help Yourself.”

I was taking my time looking at the pictures. My nipples were so hard and my pussy was craving for what I was looking at. I began to masturbate as I was flipping pages. I would cool a little then heat up, depending on the guy and his equipment. Then I came to one that made me freeze. He was a black god in all aspects of his physique. My mind focused on him fucking me. I closed my eyes and continued picturing him as I brought myself to an orgasm.

I was panting hard and in shock at how hard I had cum with him in my brain. I never in my life up to that point thought much about a black guy doing me. I closed my eyes and tried to clear him out of it but it would not work. Oh god, was I going to have him in my brain the entire week knowing he was so close? All I needed to do was make an appointment for his hands to touch me.

As I flipped over the other pages to clear him from my brain, I saw others that had similar affects. Therefore, my mind was running in circles.

I decided I should leave, get calmed down, and then look more the next day. I put my bikini back on after patting myself dry. Placed things where the signs suggested and returned to the counter to return the book. Sharon smiled and asked, “Shall I arrange an appointment with your choice or do you need additional time?”

“I will need more time Sharon. I have only a week so need to study a little harder.”

“I understand. If you have questions about any one in the book I can give you comments I have heard but also some of my personal experience with some of the ladies and guys.”

I was blushing and said, “Thanks I might do that and see you later.”

I rushed off before my fresh leakage started to show.

When I returned to the room, Jack was dozing. While I showered, I fingered myself to another cum picturing all those hot looking black guys doing me in every position I had ever seen in porn.

When I came out of the shower, Jack was awake and I asked what where the plans for dinner.

“Well I do not know about dinner but I think I will have you for dessert.”

I managed to smile and said, “I suppose you will be my dessert then.”

We decided to go to the buffet and then walk the beach afterwards

I started to do something that shocked even me. I looked at the crotches of the male employees in their white, mid-thigh shorts and wondered if I saw them in the book.

It was dark by the time we walked the beach. It was beginning to feel like a honeymoon except for the flashes of black cock in my brain from time to time. Occasionally there was a well-endowed white guy from time to time that flashed also.

When we returned to the room, my hands were all over Jack and I said, “I’m ready for my dessert.”

He looked at me and said, “This sea air sure has you horny. Maybe we should relocate.”

“Do you like me this way?”

“Yes, but I would like it even better if you would let me cum in your mouth instead of wasting my jizz on your tits.”

“Maybe someday I will get comfortable to do it. Now it is revolting to me knowing that pee comes from the same place.”

“Come on let’s have dessert.”

I fell asleep ashamed because the cum was the best in a long time. The black cock in my brain was fucking me.

Jack decided to go golfing and I went to sun but stopped by the spa to look at the book. A girl by the name of Ginger was working the desk. She handed me the book after the preliminary paper work. After an hour, I decided I would casino firmaları try Jerome, the guy that has been in my brain a lot from the day before. When I returned the book and requested a massage from Jerome. She looked up the schedule and then gave me the options. She also said, “Tanya, he gives awesome massages.”

Just then Heather appeared and said, “Good morning Tanya. Here to make an appointment or just looking still?”

“Good morning Heather. I thought I’d make an appointment with Jerome.”

“Take the book again and let’s look at it together. I can point out better.”

As we entered the room and locked the door Heather said, “Jerome is hot to look at but his performance is not that good. Let’s sit down, go through them, and make a list if you have the time.”

“Sure Heather, I appreciate you guiding me.”

“Well I know where my favorites are so we will list them and then you go through and ask me about others if there are some that I missed.”

She started with the white guys, through the white and black girls and then the black guys.

I was surprised her interest and mine were similar. Since my interest was black, I looked through that part and found three more that I asked about. Heather said, “Tanya they will not disappoint you if you feel you and them have some chemistry. The chemistry of feeling free with them was not there when they massaged me.”

“So now develop a list from 1st choice to last. Since this your first time, and if you can find the time, take one from each of the four groups so you can go home experiencing them all and not be sitting at home wondering.”

“Heather why have you not selected any from the group that does not do massages in the nude?”

“Well hon, I feel if I am naked they can be also. Just that simple so I don’t bother.”

“Thanks, good point.”

“Oh by the way Tanya, both my sister and I give great massages and it will be free. We do it all the time at home. Having so many here we learned the technique. Drop by if interested. Here is my room number.”

I made the list, Heather agreed a nice selection from each group and before departing the room she embraced me and gave me a cheek kiss, then saying, “I hope you give me the pleasure of showing you my skills before you leave the island Tanya. Oh by the way take, a two hour session for ultimate relaxation, Tanya.”

We returned the book and I made an appointment with Charles for 10:30 AM. Jack would not be back until 2PM or later so it would be fine.

I returned at 10:20 AM for my appointment. Ginger took me to a room and said, “Place your personal things in the locker, and put on the robe that is in there. Then lock it and place the key on your wrist or ankles so it is not lost. It is best if you potty before the session then there are no interruptions and the session will flow so much smoother. When you are all set, push this button to let Charles know you are ready; have fun and enjoy.”

I did as Ginger suggested and was looking at all the different lotions, standing in a mid-thigh length, pink terry cloth robe when Charles knocked and entered. He was hot in his white muscle shirt, white shorts fitting tightly to his frame and making sure his cock was evident along with knee length white socks and sandals.

He smiled and those perfect white teeth made him look so appealing. Charles was more to the dark brown color than black, with short curly hair, standing at 6 foot, give or take a tad, and maybe 185 pounds at most, with not an ounce of fat; just pure muscle at looking 30 plus in age.

He asked my preference for what he should use, showing me powder, scented oils, and scented creams.

I suggested he make the choice since this would be my first ever massage. He suggested the scented oil mentioning it would shower off with less lingering scent, followed with cream then powder.

I heard, “Tanya for you comfort and to be at ease, place this virtual head mounted display on. You will be able to see everything I am doing if that is your desire.” I did as he suggested.

He then took a sheet and said, “Take your robe off while I hold this sheet up, lie stomach down with your face comfortable on the head rest. I will cover you then.” Again I did as he suggested and was shocked to see me doing as he suggested in the head set he provided. It had to be a camera mounted somewhere to capture the room and transmit it to the head mounted device. It was as if I was watching Charles going to massage someone other than myself. It was weird.

He covered me and then said, “I am going to cover you with wet hot packs. They will relax your muscles. I will the strip per your request.” He loaded me down with those wet hot packs. If someone would have shouted fire, I would not have been able to move. My body was wilting from the moisture and heat.

I watched him strip and my pussy twitched at seeing a soft cock twice as long as Jack’s when he is erect.

Charles removed a little section of the table so my feet were off the table now and my toes pointed to the floor.

He removed the hot pack off güvenilir casino my left leg, lifted the sheet, squeezed oil from my knee to my foot, spread it all over and my skin warmed again as if the pack was there.

He started at my toes, massaged every one of them, my foot, ankle, and back and front of my calf.

He repeated that for the right leg.

He then removed the hot pack from me right thigh, oiled it and massaged back and front. I had closed my eyes and was drifting somewhere so pleasant from the oil warmth, his hands, and fingers working and digging.

He then moved to the left side to do the same.

He then did my fingers, arms, shoulders, and back. All that remained covered with a hot pack was my butt. I was warm all over. I was so relaxed that drool was falling to the towel on the floor from my mouth. When he was at my shoulders and neck, I was in a state of constant moans.

He returned to the foot of the table, removed some sections, so he could stand between my legs but they remained supported. He removed the hot pack from my butt cheeks, spread oil and quickly spread it over the cheeks so they returned to that warm state.

I was now uncovered but yet toasty. I heard some soft music coming from somewhere. It sounded classical.

As he massaged my cheeks, one thumb worked closer to my butt crack and then into it. When he was near my anal opening, he avoided it. The state I was in I wanted him to massage it. Never before in my life would I have desired a finger to touch me. Here I was with a black stranger and I wanted to feel the sensation. As he moved lower to the inside my thighs, his thumbs where getting closer to my pussy opening. I wanted him to thrust them in. I was in need of something in me.

He then stopped and walked to the head and whispered, I am going to help you roll onto your back Tanya so I can do your front.

I was socked he covered my tits with a strip of cloth and covered my bare mound with a piece of cloth. He dribbled oil all over me and spread it quickly to keep me in the warm cocoon he had me in.

As he massaged my front, he started at the top of my mound. I looked into the viewer to see which direction his hands might move. I was hoping he would massage the mound and then maybe do more with his fingers.

His hands moved in the opposite direction. As he was massaging my abdomen, I glanced from his hands to his cock in the viewer.

I was in a stupor not being able to get myself more conscious but noticed his cock was slowly rising. I focused on it. As his hands moved upwards, I knew they were headed to the breast. He went under the strip of cloth, massaged them, and squeezed them but he never touched a nipple. By now, I wanted him to eat me and to fuck me.

He moved his body so that he was now at my head, massaging my breast from that position. I could see the black steel pole in the viewer, so hard and erect and I knew it was so close.

He slid his hands from under the cloth cover that was over my breast and removed the viewer. As he was doing that he asked, “Is there anything else I can do for Tanya? That completed the formal massage?”

“Charles I am so horny. Do you ever, you know…”

“Know what Tanya? There are many things. What specifically are you asking about?”

“Oh God Charles, I’m so horny but if you say no, I will be devastated besides frustrated.”

“Tanya do you desire for me to eat you to a cum?”

“Yes, God yes.”

“Tanya do you want me to fuck you to a cum?”

“Please Charles please.”

“Tanya do you want me to ravish your asshole with my fingers?”

“God yes, Charles; I want you to rape me.”

“Well for that we need to barter. I’m horny and desire to cum a couple of times myself.”

“May I fuck your lovely mouth after I eat you to a cum, Tanya?”

“God yes, Charles if you promise then to fuck me to another cum.”

“We have a deal Tanya. Play with your tits while I give you what you so desperately desire.”

I went under the strip of cloth and being so horny attacked my nipples, massaged my breast as I felt Charles wrap his arms around my legs, open my lips, and began flicking my clit as he knelt on the floor. He had me so strung out from the massage and horny I must have cum in less than two minutes. I arched and screamed, “I, I, I, Oh shit, Oh no, Oh, oh, oh, oh, my god,” as my hips humped his tongue.

He let me recover with easy licks. Then as I was still settling he was making some modifications to the table and I felt a belt tighten over my abdomen. He did something at the head and then he said, “Tanya, I am going to remove the head rest and lower your head gradually so you can enjoy my cock. I will place a support at the edge of the table and then tilt the table at a slight angle. It will be pleasurable for you.”

I found myself face to face with the first black cock of my life and wanted to have it fuck my mouth. I promised Charles he could do it after he ate me.

The position was neat. I could take it with no straining. He was tad larger in girth than Jack was. That made me hornier knowing I would feel him more when he was fucking me later. I wrapped a hand around his cock, opened my mouth, guided the meat that was pulsating with his heart beating and managed to get the head in.

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