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It had been five years since Jake had left his hometown at age 21. He was happy to be back to the scene of his youth. He had been part of an extended family of cousins, uncles and aunts whom had settled in this small town after leaving life on a farm.

His parents came out to embrace him as he pulled into the driveway of his old home. They were in their late fifties now, his father still working and his mother still the consummate head of the household, both appearing more relaxed than before he had left. They and one or two other family members were all that remained in town from the large family that had once lived and raised their children in the immediate area.

That evening after dinner Jake announced that he would like to spend a few days at the cottage located on a big lake about ten miles out of town. It had been more of a family compound than a cottage with all members of his Dad’s extended family of brothers and sisters having contributed to its development over a 25-year period.

Now, only Jake’s father remained in charge of the upkeep of the grounds and buildings. He said, “Great, there is a lot to do out there, I’ll give you a copy of my ‘to do’ list.”

“Hey Dad,” Jake protested, “I was hoping to get some fishing in and just mope around doing nothing.”

His Dad said, “Too bad. You go ahead tomorrow and we’ll join you on the weekend. You’ll have to take some repair supplies with you.”

His mother chipped in, “Shelley will probably be out there, she’s loves to cook so you won’t have any worries about food.”

Jake replied petulantly, “Oh damn, I was hoping to have a few days on my own. I was just going to live on hotdogs and hamburgers!”

His mother raised her eyebrows and said, “What’s wrong with Shelley? She’s always been nice to you. And she has had a rough road in her life and especially since Bill died. I’m disappointed in you Jake.”

Jake immediately apologized saying, “Of course she has always been nice and I like her very much. It was just that I had thoughts of enjoying the quiet on the lake by myself. But not to worry Mom, I’ll be nice and we’ll be fine.”

And then to his father he said, “Will the boat still be at the landing or does Shelley take it when she goes down the lake?”

“Oh no,” he replied, “she goes down by water taxi, but I’ll call Leo at the landing to make sure the boat is there and fuelled.”

Jake’s negative reaction to the news of Shelley being at the lake had largely been for his mother’s sake. The truth of it was that he had very much looked forward to seeing Shelley on his return. Actually he hoped to do more than just see her and wondered whether she still affected him in the way she had when he left. His Uncle Bill, Shelley’s fiancé’ was still alive at that time but Jake had become infatuated with her during his last year at home and had often fantasized about sex with her.

Shelley had been quite different from his Aunts and Uncles, being ten to twenty years younger than they. Bill’s first wife had died tragically at about the same time that Shelley’s passionate affair with a man to whom she was engaged had ended. She had been devastated and had sunk into a deep depression. She and Bill had been introduced and hit it off well in a May/December sort of way. All were happy that Bill had found someone and they had accepted her into the family.

She was standing at the cottage dock as Jake eased the boat in and tied up. “Hi Jake, what a nice surprise,” said Shelley as he leaped out of the boat. She gave him a brief hug and a peck on the cheek.

Jake replied, “Nice to see you too, I’ve been wondering how you’ve been doing.” He startled her with a quick kiss on the lips.

Five years had done nothing to dampen Jake’s erotic interest. She was of medium height, wide shoulders, wide set breasts, narrow waist, round hips and delicious butt accentuated by a thigh gap set up nicely by shapely legs. She was perfection in Jake’s eyes not even accounting for her quiet serene face and dark haunted eyes. She was wearing a pale yellow halter-top and shorts combination and looking absolutely delicious.

Shelley was not really surprised by Jake’s arrival. She had known for weeks about his return and also knew that he would be out to the cottage very soon after his arrival.

Jake’s interest in her had been reciprocated in Shelley’s thoughts and fantasies during the last few months before he had left. It had become more than just affection for a nice young boy-man about to become her nephew. He now appeared more mentally and physically mature and very desirable.

He was tall and lean, his muscles tweaking with every move. His eyes were a steely blue, giving the impression that he could read her every thought. She shuddered a bit, nervous that her tightened nipples would be obvious poking through the soft cloth of her halter-top.

She helped him carry the supplies up to the cottage. “I hope that you haven’t brought more food, I have enough for a month I think,” she said as she climbed the steps to the cottage. She could casino şirketleri feel his eyes burning into her butt.

Her expectations for this day were simple including erotic exchanges and teases similar to those experienced during their last meetings. Would it be continued tease or total sexual combat? She was more than ready for one and not sure about the latter.

It was late afternoon and Shelley began preparations for an evening dinner while Jake stowed the supplies and checked out the entire complex. He fished off of the dock without success. Fishing, unlike sex, did not require a conquest to be fully satisfying.

They finished a pleasant dinner while chatting about the family and their lives over the last few years. Their eyes engaged easily as a soft warm feeling enveloped them both.

Jake pulled himself together and said, “I was so sorry to hear about Uncle Bill dying. I was out of contact so was not able to get back for his funeral.”

Shelley responded, “His death was not a surprise, as you know he had not had good health for some years. He saved me from despair when he asked me to live with him, and this cottage and the rest of your family have made my life livable. I’m good right now.”

That serious discussion removed the elephant from the room and they soon moved on to more pleasant and humorous thoughts and memories.

The evening was cooling down and Shelley changed into a sweater and slacks as Jake did the dishes. They went out onto the deck to sip their wine as the sun set below the hills across the lake. Jake looked right at her and said, “You know, I was getting a serious burn for you the last year before I left home.”

Shelley smiled at him and replied, “I realized that you were suddenly showing a different kind of interest in me.”

Jake acted surprised, “How did you know that? I was very careful about showing you too much attention. I checked you out only when I thought that the coast was clear.”

Their eyes locked as Shelley said, “I could sense two very hot burns on my butt!” They both laughed. She continued, “It was something like today when I walked ahead of you up the stairs from the dock. I could sense them on me again. Not so?”

Jake grinned and said, “Guilty as charged. I apologize for then but not for now.”

They moved closer, the warmth and attraction for each other confirmed by words.

Shelley continued, “I was as guilty as you of whatever it was we had going back then. I posed for you. And I used to become jealous when you had a girl friend with you and especially that little redhead you last had out here.”

Jake raised his eyebrows and said, “You must mean Sandy. She never turned the tease off until it was time to get real serious and then she converted to a ‘no fly’ zone.”

Shelley laughed, “You must be talking about sex now. I was sure that you and she did nothing except prepare to get it on! You couldn’t keep your hands off of each other. I was standing right here one day when the two of you were in the lake. She was on the other side of you and her head disappeared for minutes and I can imagine where it disappeared to.”

Jake laughed and said, “Well, your imagination was accurate. But that was Sandy, the biggest tease I’ve ever dealt with. ‘Come and get it, come and get it, can’t have it.’ But it was a ton of fun with her. One day she just said goodbye!”

They were touching now, upper arms and hips. Jake slid his hand behind Shelley’s back and pulled her closer.

Shelley looked directly into his eyes and said, “I’m not too sure about this. Please keep it slow and easy.”

Jake replied, “Of course, it doesn’t have to go anywhere,” he lied. “I enjoy being with you like this and anything more will depend totally on you.”

She leaned in and kissed him lightly murmuring, “Good, let’s leave it at that and just drift onward.”

Jake smiled teasingly and said, “A warning though, I think you know where I want to go.”

She gave him a shove and said, “Oh I know alright! But just know now that your objective may not be mine.” She remained close as his arm reached under her arm and behind her back to pull her towards him, the swell of her breast now rubbing on his ribs.

She turned towards him, flattening both breasts against his chest as they kissed passionately. She whispered, “You may have another tease to deal with.”

He parted her lips with his tongue, exploring the inside of her lips and gums. He said, “I love women that tease, but I have learned how to deal with them, so beware!”

“Goodness,” Shelley responded, “Can’t wait to see how how you deal because I am certainly going to tease.”

Jake’s hands dropped to her butt as she allowed him to press his erection against her belly and mound. He murmured, “Is this where the hotspots were?” He pressed his fingers on the middle of each cheek.

She smiled and pushed back from him, “Yes indeed, and I think that maybe we should go for a walk on the beach right now. The moon is bright so we’ll have all the light we need.” casino firmaları

They held hands as they walked barefoot along the edge of the water, deliberately bumping hips and thighs. He stopped and pulled her towards him, his eyes staring into hers while one hand moved to hold a breast. They kissed softly as waves lapped gently on the shore. “I’ve been dying to feel them,” he murmured, “I used to love looking at them although you never did wear a bikini. Were you hiding them?” He massaged the spot over her nipple with thumb and forefinger.

Her eyes were closed as she absorbed the pleasure of his hand on her breast. She said, “I’m not built for bikinis, my boobs are too far apart and not big enough to bulge out. But I used to go bra-less in tee shirts, or don’t you recall?”

He said, “You damn right I noticed and the mystery of them used to make my mouth water. Like it is right now.” They kissed again.

Shelley could feel her resistance evaporating and stiffened to push back from him. She said, “Maybe this walk was not the best idea, it was supposed to cool us both down.”

She moaned as she felt his burning hands sliding up under the back of her sweater to release her bra hooks. Then both hands worked back around her body, pushing the bra up as his hands found her breasts. She sighed, “God you are good.”

Jake bent down and nosed her sweater up as his lips worked between her breasts. His mouth moved back and forth, nipple-to-nipple, to her mouth and back. She used one hand to hold her sweater up as he feasted on her body.

Shelley’s knees weakened, the situation had evolved much faster than she had believed possible. She had been prepared to act seductively in the manner they had acted years before. But this man was very confident in his ability to seduce a woman and she realized that he would be in her bed this night. But not right now.

“Okay, okay Jake,” she groaned, “Too soon, too soon, let me catch my breath please.” She pulled clear of him, her limbs feeling disconnected and her breasts and pussy in turmoil.

Jake’s eyes stared into hers, very serious at first and then easing to humor as he smiled, “Now that was beautiful, my dreams fulfilled. Almost.” He looked down at her hips and groin with obvious intent.

“Oh Jake,” she said seriously, “this is going too fast for me. I want you but I feel like a 45-yer old virgin for God’s sake. Let me catch my breath.” She took his hand once more and led him back along the beach to the stairs and up to the cottage.

As they entered he reached ahead to grasp her by the hips pulling her butt back against his erection. She stopped, allowing him to rub it up and down between her cheeks, her eyes closed as she sensed the urgency in his body and especially in his hard cock. He whispered, “The tease is over Shelley, time to pay the piper. You want this as much as I. Not so?”

She whispered softly, “Of course I want you. But let me get in bed on my own. Give me a few minutes to prepare for you. Is that what you call him, the piper?” She turned and fell into his arms, allowing her own hands to find and fondle his hard butt as their tongues intertwined. He pulled her against him, his hard cock sliding suggestively up and down against her belly.

She broke from him reluctantly and walked quickly to her bedroom. She rested her back against the closed door to catch her breath. She had anticipated a two or three day seduction but now, after just a few hours with him her loins were weak and her nipples cramping. She was still nervous but did have a plan.

Jake went out to the deck. He was so damn hard that it hurt. He had never desired a woman as much as he wanted the fragile and uncertain Shelley. Slow and steady would win this day.

She lay on top of the covers clad in a diaphanous pink negligee’ overlying a pink garter belt and stockings, no panties or bra. She made no effort to cover her nipples or the dark trimmed bush covering her mound, so much for fragility and uncertainty. Her eyes followed him as he approached the bed.

“Oh God,” Jake muttered, “You are beautiful.” He sat down on the edge of the bed and hovered his hand over her nipples.

“I just bought it a few days ago. I had a premonition that I would soon be alone with you,” Shelley admitted. She continued, “All this fluffy pink and you only want to look at my body!”

Jake bent to kiss her, his hand now caressing her breasts through the cloth. “So you have had serious thoughts of sex with me. This just didn’t happen tonight?”

“What do you think?” Shelley said. She closed her eyes as she felt his hands diligently working to undo the ties of her negligee’.

“I think that we are going to have a great night,” Jake groaned. He opened the negligees like an expensive gift, lifting one part to expose one breast and then the other before moving down to bare her hips and her mound bulging up like half an apple and graced by a dark bush trimmed to a narrow strip and all of this framed by round hips, pink garter belt and stocking tops. güvenilir casino And that thigh gap naked to his eyes! The swelling lips of her pussy appeared to be wet or oiled.

Shelley’s eyes remained shut but she could feel the intensity of his eyes burning into her crotch. She slowly spread her legs and raised her knees to expose her entire vulva. She felt deliciously shameless while dying to feel his hands on it. His fingers toyed with her shiny black pubic hairs and brushed the top of her slit. She arched upwards and moaned, “Who’s teasing now, touch me for God’s sake.”

Despite her begging she was not prepared for his next move and arched her butt up sharply as he simultaneously slipped a finger along the full length of her slit while his mouth fastened on an erect nipple. She groaned and pulled him to her, sliding her hand down his back to fondle a rock hard cheek.

She said breathlessly, “You know that you will have to take those shorts off first don’t you?” He kissed her and lifted back from her to stand beside the bed.

He ripped his tee shirt off, released his belt buckle and dropped his shorts to the floor. He stood there in the pale light, his sinewy body taught with excitement and the knob of his cock peeking out above the waistband of his tight black mini shorts.

He leaned over to kiss her while still standing at the edge of the bed and whispered, “It appears that your mind is made up Shelley.” He kissed her passionately, teasing and pulling on a hard nipple while Shelley’s hands worked their way into his shorts to grasp his rigid cock in one hand while forcing the shorts down below his hips with the other. One of life’s most satisfying pleasures is the first touch of a woman’s hand on one’s cock. It is total acceptance of one as a person.

“Oh Jake,” Shelley moaned, “It’s so hot and hard.” She clenched one hand around the shaft and circled her thumb around his knob.

Jakes fingers were plundering her pussy even as he continued sucking her nipples. “Spread more baby,” he whispered, “I want to feel all of you. I’m going to bury it in you and stay there.”

Jake straightened and kicked his shorts to one side and said, “This could end too quickly. Let’s take a breath. Let’s just feel our way along, nice and slow, and make our first time memorable.”

Shelley removed her negligee’ and was preparing to remove the garter belt and stockings when Jake said, “Oh leave them on baby, I want to make love to you with them on, you look so damn hot.”

She settled on her back with her head on the pillow as Jake moved in beside her and leaned over her body. Her nipples were erect, her soft white belly rising and falling in expectation; her legs spread enough that, combined with her thigh gap, her entire vulva was exposed.

Jake leaned over her, lightly exploring her inner thigh, hip and breasts as they kissed softly. “You are even more beautiful than in my dreams,” he whispered. His hand cupped a breast, finger and thumb gently rolling the nipple while he rubbed his cock on her side and hip.

He raised his head and peered down her body to her partially spread legs. “That space between your legs used to drive me crazy,” he whispered, “I never dreamed that I would get this close to it.”

Shelley smiled despite the excitement of his hands on her, “You mean my thigh gap? That has always been an embarrassment to me. What makes it so hot looking?”

“Are you kidding?” Jake said as he sucked in a nipple. “It didn’t matter whether you were wearing a bathing suit, shorts or tight jeans, it was so obvious and I always dreamed of what it held.”

Shelley’s eyes were closed as she basked in the feel of his mouth and hands on her body. She whispered dreamily, “And what did you think it held?”

“That it held a warm moist garden, one that I wanted to work in before planting my bulb,” he mumbled with his mouth full of a nipple.

“Oh God Jake,” Shelley giggled, “your bulb? Some bulb! But please do some gardening now!” Shelley slowly parted her legs and raised her knees to provide all of the workspace that he might need.

Jake continued to suck her tits as he slipped his hand up her inner thigh from her knee to her pussy, settling with the heel of his hand clasped tight to her mound while his fingers explored the full length of her moist slit. She must have oiled it in anticipation as his fingers roamed without resistance, easily rubbing her pussy lips together, slipping back and forth along the full length of her slit and gently massaging her nub of a clit. One, then two fingers were sucked into her pussy as Shelley cried out in pleasure.

He lifted his head off of her tits to look into her eyes and at the pleasure framed on her face. They stared at each other as she began to clamp and release on his fingers in cadence to his fingering. He pulled them out and raised them to his lips to suck before teasing her lips. She sucked one finger into her mouth.

She groaned as he re-inserted the fingers into her pussy and then she whispered, “Let me feel you.” He raised a little to allow her hand to slip between them to find his cock and encircle it with her fist. “Oh God,” she exclaimed, “I worried about whether I could take you its been so long. I’m glad that I brought that jelly.” A pause and then, “It’s edible you know.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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