Dad’s Sad Dilemma Ch. 05

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Part five

Submission Promised

I stared for a second or two at her gorgeous looking pussy then I took hold of her feet and opened her up scissor style. Her cunt was looking directly at me, she was more open than I had ever seen her, and she looked more beautifully sexy than ever. The bloated and open outer lips looked so sexy with the inner lips lying open like butterfly wings I placed my knees onto the edge of the sofa and just laid my cock onto her cunt lips she was very hot and wet and I was so tempted to push into her.

But I wanted her to need it, and to have her ask me to fuck her. It was such a wonderful feeling my cock nestling there I felt her twitch and heard her gasp, the smell of her beautiful musk wafted up to me as I felt her make fresh juice, it turned me on even more.

She was surprised at how easily he had opened her legs and displayed her cunt she shivered as he once more showed his imperious attitude towards her, she gasped and shudder when she felt his hard cock nestling along the length of her slit, and she nearly passed out with happiness. Susie wiggled her hips in an attempt to get it inside of her, but with no success, she winced and shivered as she felt his hips move and she felt that glorious tool slid up and down between her very wet lips.

“Put it in me Jon, please, please,” she whined.

He just smiled at her and kept up the slow torturous momentum. His cock felt larger, harder and thicker than any cock she had ever had, and it scared her a slightly, she was a little wary about the size and was a little worried that he might hurt her with it, at the same time though she was desperate to have it. She pushed up and Jon just put the head a half inch or so into her.

“Oh please Jon don’t tease me like this.” She whispered.

“You want this cock don’t you, tell me that you want to feel it sliding into your wet cunt?” I whispered as I run the tip over her clit.

“Fuck yes Sir I do, but please be careful, you are so big,” she mumbled, “I’ve not taken anything that size before, not had a cock in there for a long, long time.”

I rubbed it up and down between her lips some more and heard her deep guttural moaning. I took hold of her wet panties and rubbed them across her face under her nose.

“Here feel how wet these are, smell the juices that you made, you slut,”

She winced in pleasure as a shot of adrenalin shot through her as for the first time he called her a slut, she could not help but juice again and her nipples stiffened some more. “Oh yes they are soaked sir, “she answered.”

“Tell me what you are then, admit it to me,” I urged her as I wiped the soaked garment around her face.

She stuttered a little in her enthusiasm, but then said quietly, “I am a slut sir, and I am your personal slut.”

“Will you surrender your will to me completely and pledge yourself forever to me then slut,” I asked.

She was now desperately turned on in a whole new way, her whole body tingling and shaking, her mind was a whirlpool of emotions and anticipation and getting her to commit to him sexually as well as in all other ways added to her feelings of desire.

“Oh yes sir I do pledge my commitment and loyalty to you, I am yours to have and to use, I promise to serve you as you want me to.”

Her voice was shaking with passion as she realised that she was living out her long held fantasy at last; only it was much better than fantasy, because she really loved and trusted this man.

“Do you promise to fuck, suck or do as I command with anyone that I tell you to, and to always obey me with out question or hesitation?”

Although she had no desire for any other man she shuddered at the wonderful implications of this vow and thought it could be fun.

“Yes master I will use my body as you direct and with anybody you decide, I submit to your will and promise to obey you with out question.”

Smiling down at her, he stuffed her wet knickers into her mouth.

“Then I claim you as mine, my lover and my slut and whore, you will from now on be submissive to me in all things.”

She was taken by surprise when he stuffed the wet pants in her mouth and she involuntarily sucked on them tasting her own juice. Although she had her mouthful, she grunted her joy and shivered, she thought she was going to climax again. His domination of her had started in earnest and she was very, very happy, it was a wonderfully liberating feeling.

It showed her that he had started his physical and emotional dominance of her and all the while he had been talking to her he had been driving her wild by rubbing his cock over her sensitive lips; she was going insane with desire and the need to be fucked.

I did feel very odd at first speaking to Mum like that, but as I went on I could see the excitement on her face saw the sparkle in her deep blue eyes and heard her voice quiver with emotion, it was then that I started to enjoy the feeling of having her in my power under my control and having her doing exactly casino şirketleri what I wanted her too. I did not see any hesitation in her answers I was convinced that she was sincere in her desire to be submissive to me.

Dad had warned me about her fantasy and she had shown a few signs to me recently, but until tonight I had not realised how strong her desire to be submissive were. I was proud and honoured that she saw me as the man suitable to control her.

I could see her desire building and that she was really getting energized with my cock rubbing her pussy, her hips were thrusting and wiggling it was as if she was desperate for it, which according to dad she was.

“What is it that my little slave wants now then,” I asked in a teasing voice.

She had tears in her eyes, maybe of frustration. Pulling the panties from her mouth, “oh please I want you to make love to me,” she hissed.

“Are you sure about that,” I asked as I slipped the cock up and down her slit, nudging her vaginal entrance.

Her face showed that she was impatient for it her eyes were pleading, “Do me now I beg you” she cried, “you have wanted to fuck me all weekend, now please fuck your whore just take my body and use me.”

Susie was mad with passion Jon had been stroking her cunt with his magnificent cock for some time now and it was literally driving her mad, she was happy to beg him for it, but he was now her controller and he would service her in his own time, it was not her choice.

I was eager to slide my cock into Mums cunt she had been teasing me all weekend, but I wanted to remember the feel of my first time with her so I took it nice and slow. Her cunt was very wet and it felt hot and so wonderful. Jesus she was tight it obviously had not been used for a long time, I realised that I would need to take it easy with her,

She cried out loud as she felt the mushroom head of his hard cock push into her, at last she was going to be fucked. It had been well a over a year since her last fuck, and at last going to happen again and with a very special man, one who she loved greatly and that would add so much to her pleasure.

She felt his hardness slowly inching into her, she gasped and screamed silently at the size, but it was a pleasant sort of pain, it was the fattest and maybe the longest cock she had ever had inside her. It felt that he was splitting her pussy; he was certainly filling her up that was for sure.

He had paused to let her adjust to his size and she panted to help ease it in. She nearly passed out with joy as she felt the thick shaft of his hot cock pressing further into her filling her completely until his heavy sack rested against her arse and his cock head nudged her womb.

“God Mum you are so fucking tight, you have such a great cunt,” I panted at her.

She had her eyes closed and was savouring the feeling of this wonderful cock starting to open her up. “Oh Jon it is so big for me, don’t stop just fuck me, fuck your Mummy good baby, ooh” she whispered.

When I was all the way in her joy at once again having a cock in her really showed, with her frustration ebbing she wrapped her legs around me and started to fuck me back, my cock felt really at home in her tight, snug sheaf, it was like being wrapped in satin as my cock slid easily into her.

She screamed loudly as she felt him bottom out, although she was well lubricated, it was still a tight fit. He rested there for a while allowing her to become accustomed to his size, then he withdrew until just the large head was wedged between her thick labia.

He filled her so well that her inner muscles were stretched so tightly around his shaft that she swore she could feel the flow of blood through the veins of his cock. Jon pushed back into her slowly and then withdrew a little quicker he pushed back at the same pace. He started to build a good fucking rhythm, slow at first then building up speed gradually.

It felt as if my mothers tightening cunt muscles were somehow awaking every nerve in my cock. I started to fuck her properly pushing all the way in then pulling out slowly until only my cock head was in her, I then thrust it back in hard, I loved hearing her scream as my hard cock pushed deep into her. She was now thrashing about like a mad woman, pushing her hips up to meet my thrusts, hanging on to me and pulling me in, she was scratching my back and biting me anywhere her mouth landed.

She was by far and away the best fuck I have ever had. If I had known how good she was I would have agreed with Dads idea sooner. She was like a little firecracker; it was all I could do to hang on. I loved her so much and it looked like our life together would be fun and our lovemaking spectacular.

The fury that raged between her legs robbed her of any inhibitions she may have harboured at last she was getting the good fucking she so desperately needed, she braced her ankles across his back, opening herself fully for him and giving him plenty of room to fuck her and enabling her to casino firmaları pull him in even further, her arms were around his back holding on tightly to him and again she was scratching him.

She was as a woman possessed as she fucked him back for all she was worth, she was meowing, screaming and shouting obscenities as he ploughed his cock firmly and deeply into her, his hard thrusting cock was stretching her and nudging places that have never been touched before. She loved it, adored every centimetre of his cock as he thrust it so expertly and exquisitely into her steaming cunt; she could feel her fuck juice running down between the cheeks of her bottom and over the rosebud of her arse.

He increased the pace of his fucking, he was now pounding her cunt with his balls slapping against her arse, he was giving her a fucking she would remember forever. He varied the stroke and depth of his thrusts as he sought to give her satisfaction, one minute with long slow strokes and the next fast and furious knocking the wind out of her.

She was noisy now screaming and yelling her pleasure as her sons penis quickly transformed her into a writhing slave for his cock.”That’s it Jon fuck me, fill me with you hard gorgeous cock, oh Jesus it’s so fucking good, take me master, use you slut, your cock is pure pleasure, I will worship it from now onwards” she screamed at him.

Her pleasure was mounting as her cunt creamed, as it never had before. “Promise me you will never stop fucking me,” she gabbled between biting his shoulder and screaming.

She was going mad with the animalistic feelings he was creating in her; she had never been fucked like this before, she had never been taken so high up the pleasure scale, had never been fucked by someone with his energy, stamina, or of course such a big cock it was an incredible feeling she felt a deep love for him one that would bind her to him forever.

Ken looked on with mixed emotions, he had never got that sort of response from her, but there again he had never been her master, he had never seen her fuck back the way she was fucking Jon now, never heard her so vocal and enthusiastic, but perhaps he had never fucked her with the passion that Jon was showing now. However, he felt no jealousy or any such emotion; his condition had managed to erase those sorts of thoughts and feelings.

In fact, he was genuinely happy for her, it appeared that it was a good choice of his to bring them together, get them to accept each other sexually. Jon was young, strong and very virile with a good cock for her, she is honest, loyal, sexy and demanding and by the look of her now extremely happy.

Overall he was more than happy that his plan had worked and he was now witnessing them join as lovers, watching her being taken by him, giving herself and surrendering completely to him; he knew that she would not turn away from Jon now. Their lives were now as one, cemented together by the bonds of love, a love that is deeper and more honest than most lovers share.

He thought it time to give them some privacy, after all, she was not his to watch any more, she had made that plain, he slipped quietly out of the room and went to the spare bedroom.

Susie was rapidly approaching her orgasm as his cock end found every single nerve ending in her vagina and seemed to tickle, and caress them all; she had never felt so beautifully sensitive before. His huge cock was hitting all the right spots; it was driving her to heights of delirium, she was being taken higher and higher on a cloud of intense pleasure and happiness. Her body rocked in time with his every stroke. She felt herself arching her back and clenching her lips and muscles, she felt goose bumps over her naked flesh, as the floodgates were about to open.

When the storm did hit, she thrashed about as her whole body enjoyed what her cunt had been experiencing. It felt as if sparks were flying from her hungry pussy as severe and harsh bolts of almost electrical energy washed from her vagina and clit around her body on a tidal wave of ecstasy and journeyed to her brain and back again, it coursed through her nervous system making every square centimetre of her body feel alive and tingly.

Her mind was ablaze with flashing lights and bright stars. Jon was still thrusting into her adding to her pleasure; it was almost a deliciously painful feeling. It was the most intensely satisfying orgasm she had ever experienced.

Just as she was starting to float back to earth slowly on the wings of joy, she felt his cock swell inside her, they were so tightly joined she could feel as his cum started up his long shaft before she felt it burst liquidly inside her as he let go a torrent of spunk. She felt her body respond with more shivers and shocks; it was extending and adding to her climax. She felt it splash powerfully inside her, it was so hot it felt as if it would burn her, then another jet hit her not as powerful, but enough to cause her inner muscles to clamp on his cock and squeeze it tight, almost milking güvenilir casino it.

Jon felt her yielding body beneath him and heard the strangled cries of her orgasm; he looked down and saw her fanny being split and spread by his cock as she accepted it into her. He saw her pussy labia clinging wetly to his glistening shaft as if desperate not to lose contact with it only for them to be rewarded later as they were gratefully pushed back in on his inward thrust.

Her moans and the beautifully erotic sight and feel of her body responding to him was too much, he felt his spunk building in his balls. He felt its upward journey along his shaft, which he felt swell inside her, he pushed hard feeling their pelvic bones grind together as he let fly deep inside her.

He had the hardest and most exceptional orgasm of his life, his senses were heightened and he kept forcefully fucking his new woman, pumping his man cream into her, his buttocks clenched as he strived to push his cock deeper into the wet warmth of her cunt, her muscles grasping him and trying to keep him in there.

I whimpered as the powerful shocks of my ejaculation were still hitting me. “Oh God yes take my spunk you dirty slut,” I wheezed.

She loved him calling her that while in the throws of his passion. She was after all his bitch now, his fuck toy and plaything, at that moment she wanted him to treat her as his whore and fit only to fuck whenever and anywhere he wanted to.

“I’m cumming, take it take it all bitch.”

She was now almost overdosing on passion she was on a real high fuelled by her lust and love. “Come on master give it to me, mark me as your slut with you seed, plant your love deep into me.”

“God yes treat me as the fuck slut I am going to be for you, use me as you would a piece of meat, abuse me master nothing will be too much for me.” She whined desperately.

She was half out of her mind with desire as she clung to him, she had never ever used that sort of language before, it enhanced the new and wonderful feelings that were sweeping through her mind and body, she had reached a level in her lust she had only ever aspired to before, now that she had got there she loved it.

Deep down the dirty words was only a manifestation of the pent up lust and in her case the many, many long months of frustration. She knew they still deeply cared for each other, but it was wonderful to have the freedom to talk that way to your lover and to be spoken to like that. He had really set her free, her submission to Jon had liberated her in a way she never thought possible. She was the happiest she had ever been in the whole of her life.

I finished cumming inside her glorious body, I do not think I have ever cum so much or with such feeling and I felt my body starting to relax. I could feel her body quivering and twitching beneath me, she was quietly moaning and her breathing was short and laboured. She was clinging onto me as if her life depended on it; she had me in a clamp like hold. I looked lovingly at her body she looked gorgeous and I held her tight and kissed her gently.

“Love you so much Mum,” I whispered, “That was some fuck, the best ever,” I added honestly.

Susie smiled broadly she felt as if she had won the lottery she was so happy. “Dear God Jon that was awesome, wonderful,” she purred and started to kiss him back, “I have never cum like that before, it was the best fuck I have ever had, I really and truly mean that,” she added to allay his fears that she might just be saying it.

It was true, she had experienced orgasms before, but it was not a tenth of this experience she thought contentedly. Her tits, face and neck were tinged red with the radiance of post orgasmic aura and the afterglow of a good fucking.

“Where on earth did you learn to perform as well as that?” she mumbled. She was giving voice to her thoughts and had not really intended to ask the question.

I chuckled at her, as her eyes were clamped shut and her body giving a shudder. “I was only as good as the sexy partner I was with. Your enthusiasm and expertise rubbed off on me,” I replied.

She smiled and her body started to relax, even with his cock losing some of its hardness he was still filling her. Susie was amazed and delighted that she was able to cope as well as she had with her new mans impressive weapon, and even though she had been well fucked she was looking forward to taking it again and as often as she could, she sighed happily.

Jon eased himself onto the sofa and they remained joined as they cuddled each other, her legs still wrapped around him. Each seemed afraid to break the spell that their first fuck had seemed to cast over them, so they lay their in each others arms quietly, counting their blessings and realising that they had both found real love and that their lives were now interwoven as never before.

Susie awoke from a light doze with her legs going to sleep from the unusual position they were in, although uncomfortable she loved having Jon, her new wonderful master laying between her legs with his cock wedged beautifully inside her, but she just had to move. She shook him gently as he was also dozing; she was not surprised though as he had expended a lot of energy during the lovemaking.

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