Creative Juices Ch. 02

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This is a continuation on what began as an innocent neighborhood barbeque in chapter one. Introduction to the main characters can be found there. Before the story continues though I’d just like to thank all of you who’ve sent such lovely comments. It means a lot to hear that you like my writing, and I’m sorry if my updates aren’t all that regular. I also should add that English isn’t my native tongue, so any mistakes in phrasing is possibly due to that. I do try to keep mistakes to a minimum though. Feedback is most welcome.


As he didn’t know who had moaned George felt he should investigate who was making the sound, and not merely storm in and interrupt what sounded like someone having a really good time. Still, as he came closer he couldn’t shake the nagging thought that the sound came from Annas room. The moaning sounds were becoming more rhythmic, and George thought he definitely could hear a slurping sound. Even with his prude, sexually repressed wife, George was no rookie. “Now that sure sounds like a blow job,” he thought and snuck up to the crack in the door way.

The first thing that met his eyes was a sideways view of Steven who stood there proud with his eyes closed, his place betraying the great pleasure he felt. What George saw when he looked further down floored him. There Anna was, not only on her knees in front of Steven, but topless. Adding to that she had Stevens cock in her mouth and was bobbing her head up and down his shaft.

“That son of a bitch!” was Georges first reaction. “How dare he stick his cock in my daughters mouth?” George really wanted to kick in the door and kick Stevens ass, yet he found himself doing nothing. Instead he found himself looking at his daughters big breasts as they bounced slightly in rhythm with the movements of her head. That young, firm skin… So pretty… So innocent… So sexy… So sexy those breasts would look covered in cum… “No,” he silently reprimanded himself. “That’s your daughter. Your sweet innocent lovely daughter, Anna.”

Anna looked up at Stevens face and felt a certain pride. Steven looked just like her boyfriend did when Anna tried to get his creative juices flowing. And by the sounds of his moaning, Anna guessed from her experiences with her boyfriend, that the juices might come soon. She enjoyed the feeling of this massive thing filling her mouth, so she reluctantly pulled herself of it. Without meaning to she instead wrapped her hand around the shaft and started stroking. It felt like the natural thing to do, and Steven didn’t seem to mind, so she stroked him a little faster. “Mister Steven… sir…” Anna said, feeling a little unsure how to address him, now that she felt like she was employing his professional talent. “Where do you want me to take your juices?”

Steven almost came right away when he heard the question. Here he had the opportunity to do pretty much as he pleased, and she would agree with a smile. He realized he would need to compose himself for a moment though in order to sound credible, and so he cleared his throat. “For this to have the maximum effect, sweetie, I need you to put it back in your mouth, and press it as deep in your mouth as you possibly can. When I tell you the juices are coming, I need you to swallow them, ok?”

Annas smile widened. This was just the thing she had practiced with her boyfriend to maximize the effect on him as well, so Anna nodded and once again wrapped her lips around the glistening cock and started taking it deeper and deeper.

George stood dumb founded as he watched the exchange. How could his one and only daughter be such a natural cock sucker? How could she take so much of that pretty impressive cock she was now using casino şirketleri as a lolly pop? And why was she pinching her own nipples while she did it? Was that a moan from Anna i just heard? All these questions and a thousand more swirled through Georges head as the paternal part of his brain told him that was his daughter, and no man should get away with what Steven was doing just now.

The rest of Georges brain however told him to look down, and when he did, he realized he had unzipped his pants and was now stroking a hard-on. In fact, it was quite some time since he had been so hard. As he looked back at Anna he realized he was mesmerized by her breasts, and her cute little nipples, so at odds with the size of her breasts.

As if in spite the paternal part of Georges brain realized it was fighting a losing battle, it asked George “fine, but where are you gonna cum, you bastard?” The rest of his brain saw a bathroom nearby and he snuck in and locked the door behind him. With the mental picture of what he’d just seen, it didn’t take George long to cum in the sink.

Steven felt that familiar tingling feeling as Anna actually managed to bump her nose against his pelvis. This girl was amazing. Steven stretched his arms to the sides and felt like yelling “I’m the king of the world!” but settled for saying “Good girl, Anna. My juices are gonna come very soon,” which made Anna try that extra bit harder. Steven was unable to keep himself from groaning loudly as he started cumming, and he all but teared up as he looked down at this incredibly beautiful, and kind and also mind-numbingly naive young woman who really did her best to swallow all his cum.

As Anna felt that Stevens juices had stopped coming, she was reluctant to pull her mouth off his cock. It felt so good having one inside her, and something inside her said “this is mine. I wanna keep it.” There was also a strange feeling inside her, that came every time she did this. A strange feeling between her legs and it also made her touch her own breasts for some reason. All she knew was that it made her feel good, and something that good couldn’t be wrong, right?

After a moment she thought to herself that she was being unfair, and that she should let Steven have his thingy back and slowly extricated herself from his still hard cock. Again she couldn’t help herself but stroke it lovingly and look at it with a big smile. She eventually looked up at Steven. “You think it worked?” she asked.

Steven felt himself instantly dragged back to reality. Oh right, he had pretended to be an interior decorator, and tricked her into believing that she needed to blow him. Quickly composing himself Steven tried to look as if deep in thought, while he really was thinking he’d pushed his luck and needed an out. And fast before they got caught. “I’m not sure yet,” Steven said in a flash of inspiration. He saw Anna pouting but still having a hold on his cock. Again he had to tell himself not to push his luck and try to get any further, but instead said “I’m afraid sometimes these things can take some time.”

Steven could see the confused look on Annas face as she tried to process what he’d said. “No wonder” he thought. “Who’d understand that bullshit i just told her?” Steven cleared his throat and reluctantly made Anna let go of his cock. As he told her to put her top back on and likewise got dressed, he elaborated “You see sweetie, it’s different from person to person. Sometimes the inspiration will come immediately, but for some it takes up to a day for this to have effect.”

Anna seemed pleased with the answer, and Steven breathed a sigh of relief. Now for a final move. “Tell you what, Anna. As soon as I feel the effect, casino firmaları I will give you a call ok? For now, I think it’s best if I just go home, rest, and prepare myself for when the right time comes.” Anna pondered what Steven had just said. Her boyfriend had never said anything about this, but maybe he and Steven were just different in that way. She smiled as she felt a real affection for Steven. He explained everything in a way that made sense to her. Anna nodded. “I trust you mister Steven… sir..,” she said again feeling unsure what title to use.

Steven breathed a sigh of relief but he just had to be sure of something before he felt safe. “Remember now, Anna what we talked about earlier.. Trade secret..” he said. Anna beamed and nodded “Trade secret.”

When George had stopped cumming, he cleaned himself off somewhat and stood for a moment looking at himself in the mirror. “What the fuck did you just do?” he asked himself. “You’re some piece of work.. Jacking off while watching some guy have his way with your daughter? What the hell?”

George suddenly heard a noise from downstairs and took a deep breath and thought “well, i’ll just deal with the moral implications of this later. For now.. For now, what George?” He stood there pondering for a moment. “For now, go downstairs and be a good host.” With that he left the bathroom, only to notice that Annas bedroom was now also empty. As he walked downstairs he saw that Steven was nowhere to be seen, and Anna was chatting to a middle aged woman from down the street.


Finally the barbeque was over and George sat down on the couch with another beer in his hand. He had also had time to talk to his wife on the phone, and as usual she had ended the conversation saying “I’ll pray for you George” and as usual George had just sighed, not knowing what to say to that. He sipped his beer and tried to put what had happened out of his mind, and focus on how nice it had been for example talking to Mrs Adams from next door. It had been too long, George thought. But his minds eye kept coming back to Annas large breasts, her stiff nipples and not forgetting how her lips looked wrapped around that cock. Again George felt his anger rise for not being able to push it from his mind, but also for the effect it was having on his cock.

With mom not around, Anna felt it had been her duty to help daddy entertain the guests, and she felt pride in how she had handled herself. Getting compliments from a few of the guests saying “what a fine young lady she’d grown up to be,” had really made the whole evening for her. Still she couldn’t shake that thought out of her mind, and she also couldn’t think of a better time than tonight to talk to her dad about it. After all, her mother had told her at length about how if you didn’t get things done right away, you were sure never to get them done at all. Still this was a topic that she knew mom didn’t want her to talk about, but maybe dad did. Still she felt nervous when she walked in the living room and saw George sitting there, leaning back and enjoying his beer.

“Hiya daddy,” she said putting on a big smile as she sat down next to George on the couch. George almost jumped as Annas appearance shook him back to reality. “Hello there sweetie,” George said and silently cursed himself as he noticed there was still a substantial bulge in his pants. By now it was too late to cover it up, that’d just look dumb. “Did you have a good time tonight?”

Anna leaned her head against Georges shoulder and he wrapped his arm around her as she snuggled in. “I sure did daddy. There is one thing i need to talk to you about tough. Well, two things really,” Anna replied and felt her nervousness güvenilir casino increase again.

George swallowed hard. Had she seen him? Was this whole thing about to explode in front of him?

“What’s that honey?” he asked.

“weeeeeell…” Anna said, not knowing how to make daddy understand her predicament. “You see daddy, there is this trade secret known only by interior decorators.”

“Go on, sweetie,” George said trying in vain not to think about what he had seen earlier.

“Tonight I leaned that mister Ericsen, you know Steven? Well, I learned that he does some interior decorating, and I think I might have let his secret out, daddy” Anna said, with a slight worry in her voice. George closed his eyes. Oh my god. She did see me, didn’t she? Had she already called Linda? Were the cops on their way? He took a deep breath, and waited for Anna to continue.

“You see daddy, I helped Steven with… Well, the trade secret..” Anna continued and blushed as she couldn’t help but get that tingling feeling again as she thought back to earlier in the evening. “And I think someone might have seen us, daddy.”

Once again George cursed himself for not being able to keep his cock from staying down. He realized Anna was going to look down any second and see her daddys cock clearly being rock hard in his pants. How was he going to explain that?

“I thought i saw someone in the doorway daddy. At first I thought it was you, but then I thought ‘if it’s daddy why wouldn’t he come in and join us?’. So it must have been someone else,” Anna said trying to recollect what she had seen in the corner of her eye. At first she thought nothing of it, but as the evening progressed, she had become increasingly worried that she had actually seen someone.

“It was surely nothing sweetie,” George said and patted Anna on the head. Ok, she hadn’t talked to Linda, and the cops weren’t on their way, George thought and calmed down somewhat. “I’m sure your secret is safe.”

Anna wasn’t totally convinced. Then again, she had been told her memory wasn’t always totally reliable. “Ok, daddy. If you say so. There is one other thing i wanted to ask you though, daddy. And it’s kinda related to… Well, the secret I was talking about,” she said.

“Well, technically you didn’t tell me the secret, but I guess I’ll just play along” George thought with a smile as he nodded and hummed in agreement.

“You see daddy… I realized tonight that… Well… I really enjoyed myself..” Anna said hesitantly. “Is it wrong, daddy? That I enjoy it when I take… You know…A…”

“Penis?” George asked before even realizing it.

“Yeah… In my mouth?” Anna asked and turned her head to look up at George and she pointed at her open mouth to emphasize the point. “It that sinful? I won’t burn in hell right?”

George almost wanted to laugh out loud. Not at the naive, sheltered way that Anna talked about sex, clearly too influenced by her mother, but at the absurdity of the whole situation. Mere hours earlier George had watched her give what looked to be a divine blow job, and now she was asking him about it. He cleared his throat to give himself a moment to think and to keep himself from laughing.

“No, sweetie. You are becoming a woman now, and part of becoming a woman is about learning what you enjoy. Your tastes may become different, and you may start to enjoy doing other things than what you’ve done before” George said and looked Anna deep in the eye. He swallowed deep as he saw clearly the love and trust in her eyes. The paternal part of his brain wished he really hadn’t seen her before. “For a woman to enjoy… well, having a mans penis in her mouth is perfectly natural.”

Anna seemed to consider what George had just told her for a moment and then leaned back against his shoulder. As he couldn’t see what she was looking at he hoped it wasn’t his crotch. Suddenly she turned her head again and looked at him wide-eyed…

End of Chapter 2.

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