Cousin Julie’s Summer Vacation

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I never understood the abnormal, lustful and incestuous attraction that some guys have for their blood relatives. Personally, I think it’s sick to lust over any blood related family member. It’s just wrong on so many levels to want to have sexual relations with people who share the same blood line and oftentimes the same household. Sorry, but I’m not twisted and depraved enough to have incestuous sex with any of my female relatives. As a normal, well adjusted guy, who loves and respects his family, especially his female relatives, I never wanted to have sex with my mother or aunt, and especially not with my cousin…it just happened.

Okay, maybe, over the years, during a weak moment and when having too much to drink, I did have one or two brief incestuous thoughts about my cousin, Julie. Now that I think about it, my lust for her started when she stayed with us that summer thirty years ago, but I was younger then. I remember back then, I was always so horny that it would have been enough just to see her naked.

Now, 30 years later, I still think about her when I’m alone and horny and when my hand is stroking my cock. She was exquisitely beautiful and so sensuously sexy. Okay, who am I kidding? Yeah, I’d do her if she was here with me now.

It’s always the same fantasy. I imagined bumping into my cousin and inviting her up to my place on the pretense of catching up with the family and having a drink. Only, as soon as we were inside my place, finally alone with my hot cousin, I’m all over her perfect body kissing her, touching her, and feeling her.

“Jimmy, what are you doing? I’m your blood related cousin. Stop! No! You can’t do this. This is wrong.”

“I know. That’s what makes it more exciting, we being cousins, kissing cousins.”

“Stop, let go of me. You’re hurting me. You’re going to tear my dress.”


“Oops, sorry. Nice bra. Pretty panties. Great body.”

“Let me go,” I imagine her saying while trying to make a break for my front door, only she opened the wrong door, my bedroom door.

I pushed her back on the bed and was on top of her kissing her and forcing my tongue down her throat, while feeling her big tits through her bra with one hand and fingering the slit of her pussy through her panty with my other hand.

“I’ll let you go if you fuck me.”

“I’m not going to have sex with my cousin. That’s sick.”

“Then, just give me a blowjob.”

“Eww, no, I’d vomit if you were to try and stick your cock in my mouth.”

“Okay, just jerk me off. Give me a hand job and I’ll let you go.”


“Then, just look at my cock. Allow me to flash you.”

“Okay, okay, I’ll look at it. Just get off me.”

So excited to show my cousin my cock, I got up off her and stripped off my pants and underwear. Already with an erection, with cock in hand, I walked over to her and presented my cock to her, as if offering it to her to suck.

“What are you doing,” she asked moving her head back away from it?

“Just touch it.”

“No, I won’t touch your penis. You said I only had to look at it and I did. Now let me go.”

“Touch it, first,” I said.

“Okay, okay, I’m touching it. There, you happy now, you sick fuck?”

“No, not just with your fingertips, wrap your fingers around it and stroke me.”

“I’m not going to give you a hand job, Jimmy. You’re my cousin.”

“Blow me then.”

“If I refuse to give you a hand job, I’m certainly not going to—”

I reached out and pulled her hair so hard that when she opened her mouth to scream, I filled her mouth with my cock

“Suck it Julie, suck it. Suck my cock. Lick my prick. Yeah, that’s right, blow your cousin.”

With one hand poised behind her head holding her head in place while she sucked my cock, I lifted her bra and played with her amazing tits, and then…my alarm clock went off.


A couple times a month for 30 years, I’ve had the same reoccurring dream. Only, it never fails. It stops right there with my cock in my Cousin Julie’s mouth and my hand feeling her tits and my fingers fingering her nipples. It ends before getting to the good part. It ends before I can cum in her mouth and continue my dream of finally fucking her.

* * * * *

In was 1979, the year that Saddam Hussein was elected president of Iraq, the year my idol, John Wayne died at 72, the NBA adopted the three point shot, the Pittsburgh Pirates won the World Series against the Baltimore Orioles, Pink Floyd released their album, The Wall, and Sigourney Weaver scared the shit out of me in the movie, Alien. All of that paled in comparison to seeing my cousin Julie naked, while staying at our cottage that summer. Deranged with desire for her, the world stopped and nothing else mattered, but to find a way to see her ass, tits, and pussy and I did, I finally did.

Even after all the years that have gone by, I’d still do her, if I could. Lustfully and insanely fixated on her, I still want her. I have to have her, only bahis firmaları I thought that it would never happen, but it did. It really did. I couldn’t believe it and this is the true story of what happened that summer.

Julie was very pretty and she had a sexy body that I lusted over. I masturbated multiple times a day to the thoughts of seeing her naked. Understandably, I was a horny, testosterone filled, 18-year-old virgin, who had never even seen a naked woman, other than those women who posed for the collection of magazines hidden around my room and that I continued to collect later in life, Playboy, Penthouse, and Hustler.

Still in a cardboard box in the basement, I cherish those magazines enough to never include any of them in yard sales. They were my hidden stash of buried treasure. Magazine layouts of naked women, especially celebrity women, have given me countless hours of satisfying sexual pleasure over the years. Anna Nicole Smith, Barbie Benton, Cindi Crawford, Pamela Anderson, The Swedish Bikini Team, Gena Lee Nolin, Jenny McCarthy, Bo Derek, Melanie Griffin, Shannon Tweed, Marilyn Monroe, Marilyn Chambers, Carmen Elektra, La Toya Jackson, Jessica Hahn, Farrah Fawcett, and Jayne Mansfield, blessed with having an active imagination, I still revisit with my old naked celebrity friends every once in a while when alone, lonely, and horny.

Some things never change. Driven by as much lust at 18-years-old, as I am now at 48-years-old, Admittedly, I was deranged with desire and intent on seeing a naked woman up close and in the flesh and the naked woman of choice was my cousin Julie. At the time, my options of which woman I could see naked was limited to relatives, incestuous certainly, but it worked for me.

Unfortunately, too young to attend a strip show and a few years before I’d get a girlfriend who’d be willing to undress and allow me a hands-on tour of her naked body, the only opportunity that I had to see a naked woman was a relative. Call it a rite of passage, call it an experimental erotic excursion in wanting to explore the anatomy of the naked female body, okay, call it incest if you must, I needed to see a woman naked, even if she was a relative. I didn’t care who or when, so long as she was naked. As it so happened, it was my mother who delivered me a golden opportunity to see my cousin naked when she invited her sister, my aunt Rose, and my cousin Julie, to stay with us for a summer of fun at our small, four-room cottage by the lake.

As if volunteering for a secret military mission, willing to do anything in my power to accomplish my task, I imagined all the possible scenarios that I’d try in my attempts to see my cousin in the buff. I had as much desire to see my cousin naked as a terrorist had to bomb a federal building. It’s amazing the extent a horny teenager will go through to satisfy his raging libido.

I thought of nothing else that whole summer than trying to think of a way that I could accomplish my mission in seeing my cousin without her clothes. Surrounded by the beauty of nature and the sights and sounds of birds and wildlife and oblivious to it all, if they could have recorded my daily thoughts, while I vacationed in our little cottage by the picturesque lake with my cousin, my internal monologue would read something like this.

“Julie’s tits, ass, and pussy, Julie’s tits, ass, and pussy, Julie’s tits, ass, and pussy…”

Wanting to see and fantasizing about seeing her tits, her ass, and her pussy consumed me. I thought of nothing else. Every time I thought of her, I imagined her tits, her ass, and her pussy. Every time I thought of my cousin, I masturbated. Every time I saw her, I undressed her with my eyes while leering to see what I could see before masturbating over what I saw or thought I saw.

If seeing her bra strap gave me an erection and seeing her panty waist band sent me to the bathroom to masturbate, then I couldn’t imagine how I’d feel seeing her naked. It would be my fantasy come true to see my Cousin Julie’s ass, tits, and pussy. Only, even at only 18-years-old, I feared of dying of a heart attack should I finally have the opportunity to see her naked.

The thought that I’d be spending the entire summer with my hot cousin was more exciting than wanting to go to the new Disney World they had just built a few years before in Florida. Zippity do da, even Jiminy Cricket would understand me wanting to see Cousin Julie’s body over wanting to see Mickey Mouse and the Magic Kingdom. I could always see Disney World later but I may never have another chance at seeing Julie naked, as I might now.

My Mom gave me a choice, but I knew what she wanted. Besides, it wasn’t much of a choice. I didn’t need a choice. Unbeknownst to my Mom, my decision was already made. We could have a one week vacation at Disneyworld or we could spend the entire summer at the cottage by the lake with my aunt and naked Julie. Ordinarily, it’d be no choice at all. I’d take going to Disney World over spending the summer at kaçak iddaa the lake, been there, done that.

The lake is boring. There’s nothing to do, really for an 18-year-old. Yeah, it was fun when I was younger, before I was attracted to women and constantly walked around with an erection. Now, I just wanted a chance to broaden my sexual horizons by taking the opportunity to see Julie naked.

All of this happened so fast. A change of plan, I had already packed my bag for Florida when my Mom asked if we could go to the lake instead with Aunt Rose and Cousin Julie. Before the stakes were raised, Disney World or spending the summer in our cottage spying on Mom dressing and undressing, I would have taken Disney World. Now that the stakes were raised, Disney World or spending the summer in our small cottage spying on Mom, Aunt Rose, and on a mission to see Cousin Julie naked, there was no indecision on my part. I was going to the lake.

“Sure, Mom, we can go to the lake for the summer instead of Disney World. I don’t mind really. I know you’d like to spend some family time with me, your sister, and your niece. No problem.”

Playing the dutiful son, while she played the guilty mom, my Mom said she’d make it up to me. Make it up to me? I owe her a lifelong debt of gratitude that I cannot even begin to repay for all the masturbation material she inadvertently gave me by inviting her sister and niece to stay with us for the summer.

“Zippity do da! I’m going to see Julie naked to day and tomorrow and every day.”

Immediately, incestuous scenarios filled my horny brain and I thought about accidentally on purpose barging in Julie’s room, while she was getting into or taking off her bikini. A suicide mission that was just as dangerous as it was desperate, flinging open her bedroom door was my last resort plan to catch her without her clothes.


Albeit, sexually tempting, the thought of seeing her standing there naked, while trying to cover her curvaceous body, was one of my favorite fantasies. I imagined seeing her tits and her pussy. With malice of forethought, I had even placed the full length mirror behind her, so that when I barged in her room, I’d get a full view of her backside, as well as a good look at her front. The naked sight of her would photograph an indelible image in my mind to jerk off over and again months and years later. Albeit a last resort and desperate plan, it was still a perfect plan.

Now that I imagined seeing her naked, I needed to masturbate. I imagined her raising the stakes to my lustful sexual satisfaction. Tit for tat, since I saw her naked, I imagined her demanding to see me naked. Turnabout is only fair play, after all. How could I possibly deny my cousin the opportunity of seeing my cock? Showing my cousin my cock is the least I could do for her, after all, we’re family. I imagined Julie expecting me to strip off my bathing suit and show her my cock. A dream come true, I couldn’t believe it.

Acting reluctant to get naked in front of her, pretending I was embarrassed and modest, it was only fair that I allow her to see me naked when I saw her naked. I couldn’t wait to see her reaction to seeing tan lines before seeing my big boner. After all, it’s only fair that I satisfy her sexual curiosity in seeing me naked, as she satisfied mine in allowing, admittedly, accidentally on purpose, when I barged in her room, to see her naked.

I watched her eyes grow bigger with the sight of my erection. Since I was imagining this whole scenario anyway, it wasn’t much of a stretch of my imagination, now that we were both naked, that we’d have hot sex.

“Play with your cock,” I imagined her saying, while I slowly masturbated for her. “I want to watch you cum.”

A surreal dream and my frequent fantasy come true, if only in my vivid imagination, unfortunately, as I would discover later, the fantasy of the act, oftentimes, is better than the reality of it.

I imagined French kissing and French kissing her while feeling her big tits and fingering her hard nipples before reaching down her slim waist and around her back to cup her sweet, round, firm incestuous ass. I could almost feel her reaching her hand down and wrapping her fingers around my stiff cock.

“Touch me, Julie. Stroke my cock,” I imagined saying with horny anticipation. “Give me a hand job, while I suck your big tits and feel your perfect ass,” I imagined whispering in her ear before French kissing her.

“I’ll give you a hand job,” I imagined her breaking off the kiss and saying. “I’ll give you a blowjob even Jimmy,” she said looking at me seductively while licking her lips. “I’ll you’re your cock, if you play with my pussy and finger my clit and lick me first,” I imagined her whispering her desire in my ear before sticking her tongue in my ear. “I need to cum, too, cousin.”

“Okay, cousin,” I’d say in reply while finger fucking her pussy, playing with her clit, and sucking her nipples. Then, embracing her for a long wet kiss, I’d kaçak bahis fall to my knees and lick her pussy.

Even though I really liked the plan of barging in her room and seeing her naked, along with the thought of her asking to see me naked, my favorite fantasy to masturbate to was to imagine having sex with her. The thought of having sex with my cousin always gave me an erection and made me cum. Just as I knew she’d never want to see me naked, I knew she’d never allow me to see her naked, never mind allowing me to touch her and have sex with her.

I knew she wasn’t sexually attracted to me. I knew she’d never have sex with me, her cousin. She wasn’t a horny pervert like me. It was after all, just a depraved fantasy. Only, what if it really happened? Hey, it could happen. Maybe, she’s just as horny as I am. We are family. Horniness could be a genetic predisposition that predates our existence. Therefore, if we were to have sex, we’d be blameless. It wouldn’t be our fault. It was in the genes.

If the above last resort scenario of barging in her room didn’t happen, I thought of her lying face down in a chaise lounge by the lake and offering to rub suntan lotion on her shapely legs and back. With nervous fingers, I imagined having to undo her bra. Then, once her bra was undone and the sides of her perfect breasts were exposed, I’d lightly run a bit of heather on her back and excitedly tell her it was a wasp. With the hopes that she’d jump up without taking the time to grab her bikini top, I imagined seeing her perfect C cup tits dancing in the sun, as she ran around screaming.

I liked that plan for its creative innocence and subtle elegance. Hey, any plan that would allow me to see Julie’s tits was a good plan, as far as I was concerned. A way to see her boobs without having all the guilt and suspicion that would surely accompany me with barging in her room to catch her naked, it was a good plan and one that I hoped would work without any blame coming back to me. It was the wasp’s fault, not mine. Depending how one was to look at it, the whole thing was just an unfortunate accident or a fortuitous sexual experience.

“Look out, Julie! A wasp!”

“Get it off of me, Jimmy! Get it off of me!”

With her arms raised and her hands flailing at her back, I imagined her jumping up and running around with her tits bouncing up and down and swaying side to side with her every movement in trying not to be bitten by my make believe wasp. I remembered, as a kid, that Julie hated bugs. She was deathly afraid of them. This is a plan that could work only, I feared, she may have the presence of mind to grab her bikini bra. Admittedly, a long shot, in hindsight, it was a lame and desperate plan to see my cousin’s tits.

Still the thought that it might work gave me something more to masturbate over. I imagined grabbing her and holding her to brush away the imagined wasp. Accidentally on purpose, of course, in grabbing her and in chasing away the make believe wasp, I inadvertent touched, okay, grabbed one, okay, groped both of her boobs. That was a fantasy that made my cock hard and me horny enough to masturbate to the wasp trick over and again.

Forgetting that she was still topless, I imagined her being so happy that I saved her and that she was not bitten by the wasp, that she hugged me. I imagined her pressing her big, naked boobs against my naked chest. As I reached around her to hold her nearly naked, topless body, I could feel her big boobs resting on my forearms. A dream come true, I could feel my cock growing, stiffening, and hardening, until I was poking her in the belly.

“Sorry, did I do that,” I imagined her looking down and saying.

“Yes, I’m so embarrassed.”

“Don’t be embarrassed. Allow your cousin to give you a bit of sexual release.” Still so grateful that I saved her from being bitten by the wasp, I imagined her falling to her knees, pulling down my swimsuit, and taking my cock in her mouth.

I even thought about having a camera at the ready, but a time before digital cameras, we only had our clunky 35mm. We didn’t own a Polaroid and I’m sure that Mr. George at the photo shop downtown wouldn’t develop an exposure of my cousin topless, anyway. Besides, Julie wouldn’t appreciate me photographing her boobs. Surely, that would tip her off that the entire thing wasn’t an accident, but was preplanned. Actually, knowing Mr. George and how he leers at all the young women, he’d probably develop the photo but keep it for himself.

I was desperate in trying to think of a way to see my cousin naked. I thought about waiting until my Mom and Aunt walked to the Wilson’s cottage a mile down the road to drink and play cards. Then, when alone with Julie, I’d ply her with beer stolen from the refrigerator hoping she’d get drunk enough to pass out unconscious and be oblivious to what I was doing with her sleeping body.

“Hey, there’s beer in here, Julie,” I imagined saying, while standing in front of the open fridge hoping the light would make my pajama bottoms transparent and give her a view of my cock. Good thing I wasn’t wearing underwear beneath my pajama bottoms. Oops, I must have forgotten to put a clean pair on after taking off my bathing suit. “Want one?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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