Best Friend’s Sexy Older Sister Ch. 02

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Thank you to Frystar for editing this story.

We were sitting on the bed together when Amanda stood up, threw my pants at me, and grabbed a very short pink robe. She led me out onto the front porch where she handed me a cigarette. We stood there smoking, just enjoying the night and each other. When we were finished, we walked back inside.

Amanda pointed me straight back to the bedroom, but did not follow. She came in just a minute later, heading straight to the bathroom. I was a little confused as to what she was doing, but as soon as she came out a big smile came across my face. There she stood, my best friend’s older sister, who I had lusted after for years, naked as the day she was born holding only a joint and a lighter. She walked over to the bed and sat next to me, lit the joint and started to smoke. After a few hits she passed it to me. I started to smoke as she began to kiss my neck. My dick was already hard as a rock; this just got me even more excited. I passed the joint back along with the affection. I began to kiss her neck softly when I whispered to her, “Screw the joint! I can’t wait any longer! I want you now, Amanda.”

She took casino şirketleri one more deep hit and put the joint out. She leaned over my penis, and lowered her hot mouth over it. I slowly blew out the last bit of smoke as she began to suck me again. This wasn’t what I wanted though. I slowly brought her face up to mine, kissed her gently, and told her to get on all fours. She readily complied. I sat there looking at her two holes just begging me to do anything I wanted. I started by kissing her soft ass cheeks as I squeezed them. I worked closer and closer to her asshole, getting ready to lick it again. After spending some quality time on her ass cheeks, I leaned in close and ran my tongue across her little pink puckered ass; slowly at first, but I quickened my pace because I just couldn’t resist. I fucked her ass hard with my tongue, getting it ready for something much bigger.

I knelt down behind her on the bed and took another look at her sweet ass before I stuck my cock right between her hot pussy lips. I knew she was already about to cum, so I grabbed her shoulders and pushed my dick as deep inside her as I could. With that, she started to scream casino firmaları and I started to fuck. I pulled her on and off of my dick, enjoying every deep long stroke. After she calmed down some, I started to fuck her slower, going all the way in and pulling almost all the way out; just plunging back into her. As I did this, all I could do was stare at her little asshole just begging to be penetrated.

I gave her one of my fingers, and she sucked it till it was soaping wet. I rubbed her own spit all over her ass and started to fuck her, with my finger in one hole and my cock in the other. She started fucking faster almost immediately, and I knew she wanted it. I pulled out of her and ran my tongue across her ass one more time; making sure it was extra wet.

I held my dick at the entrance to her ass, pushing against it softly. At first, I could only get a little bit of the head in, but I knew that was all I would need. I grabbed her tight ass and pushed a little bit harder against the resistance. Before I knew it, the head of penis was being suffocated by Amanda’s asshole. It felt like she was squeezing me as hard as she could! I started to move güvenilir casino the head just barely in and out, trying not to cause her too much pain. She turned her back just enough to give me the hottest look I have ever seen and she said, “Go slow baby, but I can take it. Fuck me in the ass, Tim!”

Just her saying that almost made me cum, but I couldn’t yet! I had to get inside of her first. I heeded her words and slowly pushed inside her ass, going a little deeper with each thrust. It was almost unbearable at this point; her ass was squeezing my dick so tight it was turning purple. After I got a couple of inches in, I got a rhythm and started to fuck just the first 3 inches of her ass, but that was all I needed. After only a few thrusts, I shot more cum than I probably ever have right into her tight hole.

I fell back on the bed and just laid there for a minute. When I looked up, Amanda was already gone. I looked around when she came out of the bathroom and laid on top of me. She got close and whispered to me, “I know you only got about half of you in me. We will have to save the rest for next time.” I kissed her forehead and held her beautiful naked body close. After all those years of wanting Amanda, as I was sitting there holding her, I wondered if that’s what I had always really wanted. And all I could think about for weeks was her saying, “Next time.”

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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