Karen’s a Real Smoothie Now

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64 year old Lloyd Carmody’s ears pricked up when he heard an old familiar sound coming from the neighbor’s backyard, proving that like most everything about the senior, his hearing still was keen, and for that he said a silent prayer. It had been a long time since he heard the gentle creaking of the tree limb that held the tire swing, but since the Sather’s were on a cruise and he was sort of keeping eye on their place he went to the rear window and checked it out.

“Son of a gun,” Lloyd mumbled to himself when he saw that there was a girl on the tire swing, the very same young lady who had used that swing countless times when growing up, and apparently Karen Sather had come home from college for the summer.

Lloyd wasted no time in hustling out the back door after checking to make sure he looked presentable, and as he watched the bubbly redhead lazily sway to and fro the Hobart College student looked much like she always had, with only a few minor alterations from when he saw her last about a year ago.

Karen still had the frizzy shoulder length flaming red hair and was still what you would call a strapping young gal, although today’s society might call her a bit heavy. She had always been a bit of an Amazon, at about 5’9″ and generously proportioned all around. She was wearing a green tank top that hid few of her countless freckles and even from a distance Lloyd could see that she wasn’t wearing a bra underneath it, probably a way of letting her freedom flag fly in her folks absence although Karen had always had a bit of a rebellious streak anyway.

Lloyd manage to sneak up on Karen without actually trying, and as he approached he kept reminding himself to be a gentlemen because they had gotten very chummy over the years. As Karen became an adult the conversations sometimes got salty, not in any small part triggered by the girl herself. She could be a tease and Lloyd a bit of a flirt, but that was as far as it went. After all Lloyd had been married for over 30 years and after that came the year or so residency of the now departed Elaine, so that along with Karen’s age had always kept Lloyd in line.

“Mr. Carmody!” Karen chirped as he reached the swing while it spun towards him, and when she tried to slow it down so she could get up the older man stopped her.

“The one and only – don’t get up,” Lloyd requested. “It’s nostalgic watching you on this thing.”

“My butt still fits in it believe it or not,” Karen giggled.

“I can raise that up for you if you’d like,” Lloyd suggested as he looked up at the limb. “Tough for you to keep your feet in the air as it is now with you grown up.”

“No, this is okay,” Karen announced as she stuck her legs straight out, showcasing her slightly chubby but very solid pale legs. “I just hopped on to check it out just for shits and giggles.”

“I’m sure you know that your folks just left on a cruise,” Lloyd said and the redhead nodded.

“That’s why I’m here,” Karen declared. “No, actually I’ll be here until mid August anyway.”

“You look just as beautiful as ever,” Lloyd appraised while trying not to look at her chest which was trying to explode through the tank-top, because his cock was beginning to stir from the sight.

“And you need glasses. I haven’t seen whats-her-name? Elaine?” Karen said.

“Alas, she departed, although luckily for her she didn’t leave like Marie did, rest her soul,” Lloyd explained in mentioning his late wife. “Elaine and I parted as friends, I suppose.”

“You’re too much man for one woman,” Karen chuckled and winked.

“I’ve been told something like that before although not with the laugh attached,” Lloyd admitted with a grin. “So now I’m a bachelor once more. Very available, should you know anybody in desperate need of companionship.”

“That sounds like me.”

“Oh? Tired from having college boys chase you around campus and looking for a sedentary soul to watch sunsets with?”

“You were never very sedentary as I recall,” Karen replied as she slowly rotated in the swing, aware and not caring that her neighbor was mentally undressing her.

Lloyd gave the swing a little spin, and as he did Karen reached upwards and grabbed the ropes for support. Karen’s arms, solid and a bit shapely, had always gotten the older fellow’s attention, but as the redhead’s arms went up the always observant Lloyd noticed that something had definitely changed since the previous summer.

The outsides of Karen’s arms were liberally covered with freckles from the wrists up and the insides were a ghostly pale hue as always, but unlike last year the spacious caverns of Karen’s armpits were smooth, the moist skin glistening with only the faintest hint of 5 o’clock shadow coating the hollows.

Last summer Lloyd had noticed that for whatever reason Karen had stopped shaving her underarms, and seeing the teen with wild sprays of burnt orange-hued hair filling her armpits made Lloyd fondly recall his youth when it was not unusual to see young ladies who fancied themselves hippies go natural in those areas.

“I know. I’m sweating like casino şirketleri a piglet,” Karen said when he saw where her neighbor’s eyes were fixed, breaking the elderly man out of the trance he had fallen into.

No, no my dear Karen,” Lloyd replied. “It’s just that I couldn’t help notice that’s you’ve – how can I put this? You’ve reverted to a more contemporary look under your arms?”

“My pit hair?” Karen responded with a glance. “You mean you noticed that before?”

“Kind of hard to miss,” Lloyd remarked, and the usually unflappable girl blushed a bit at that.”

“Guess so. I was a sight wasn’t I?”

“A very pleasant sight to this old burnt out hippie,” Lloyd quickly noted, assuring her that he was a fan of the natural look.

“Oh, well I’ve got a few weeks to let it grow out until I go back to school,” Karen answered.

“Hobart doesn’t permit women with unshorn underarms? What’s become of college campuses?” Lloyd wondered aloud.

“No, it’s my roommate,” Karen explained. “She’s not a fan of hair to put it mildly.”

Lloyd started to ask why a dorm-mate would care about something like that but something in the expression on the redhead face made him hold his tongue. Was Karen? Lloyd had seen many boys around his neighbor but there was that little blonde that the girl had always hung around with. He thought that was just the randy boy in him thinking of such things but still.

“Times change,” Lloyd conceded.

“Here’s more information than you probably want, The hair on my head is all the fur I have these days,” Karen informed him.


“Yup. We would shave each other, everywhere,” Karen said, enjoying the older man’s awkward reaction.


“Um. Good question,” Karen admitted. “Kind of itches growing back in.”

“I sure wasn’t born for these times. I’ve never seen a woman like that, not really,” Lloyd admitted. “Saw a glimpse of a picture of some singer getting out of a car.”

“It’s all you see in porn these days,” Karen told him.

“Guess I’ll stick to my old VHS tapes. No hair makes women look too much like girls.”

“I think most women look better than I do down there,” Karen said. “When I first saw myself after the shaving, I almost hurled. Without hair I’m pretty ugly down there, but Kyle says I look fine.”


“My – roommate,” Karen explained and then changed the subject. “If you ever want to see a pussy without hair let me know.”

“I don’t think your folks would appreciate that.”

“I’m 19,” Karen reminded her neighbor. “I can show it to anybody I want. Besides, we’re old friends. You still make your own beer?”

“I do. Made a lager with a hint of raspberry for the hot summer months.”

“Yummo. When will it be ready?”

“Bottled it last weekend. It’s chilling away as we speak.”

“So, when do you want to see it?”

“You’re serious?”

“Absolutely. Don’t wait too long because it’s growing back as we speak,” Karen giggled. “Your raspberry lager has my interest piqued.”

“And so does the rising tent in your shorts,” Karen concluded as she spun herself around on the swing while looking up at the blue sky while for once Lloyd was speechless.


“This is neat,” Karen said as she sat on the stool at Lloyd’s bar and watched him uncap one of his homemade brews. “Is this what they call a man cave?”

“I suppose so,” Lloyd mused as he poured the beer into a glass and slid it in front of his guest.

“Oh. I can smell the raspberry,” Karen remarked as she inhaled over the glass, and after taking a sip declared, “I could drink this all night.”

“I shouldn’t be corrupting you like this. After all you aren’t 21 yet.”

“I wasn’t 21 last summer when you brought over some of your brew to my graduation party and let me drink some,” he was reminded.

“That was different because your parents were there and approved,” Lloyd noted. “This is different.”

“It sure is – or will be soon,” Karen quipped. “I’m not sure they would give their blessing if I told them I was going to show Mr. Carmody my pussy.”

“Look, you don’t have to do that. I figured you were just kidding around anyway.”

“You don’t want to see it?”

“Hey, I’m a senior citizen but I’m not dead by a long shot. Of course I would, it’s just that I’m starting to feel like a creepy old pervert.”

“You are,” Karen giggled. “Just kidding but you seem to be a horny guy. You’ve always checked me out ever since I started to grow up.”

“Looking is all I ever did,” Lloyd recoiled while trying not to be fazed by her noticing his interest. “I’ve tried never to be gross about it but you’re a very attractive young woman and have been for years.”

“I like it when you look at me, like you did this afternoon and like you’ve been doing down here,” Karen replied. “I love it the way you make eye contact and then let your eyes go down to my tits.”

“I’m that obvious?” Lloyd chuckled.

“Yeah, but it’s cute.”

“I’m not used to seeing you without a bra.”

“The harness casino firmaları will come back on when Mom and Dad come back next week because they would have kittens if they saw me like this, although Mom might be so happy to see my pit hair gone that she might not notice,” Karen explained.

“She didn’t approve?”

“Omigod no,” the teen said and then imitated her mother while saying, “Karen, how do you expect to find yourself a guy when you look like that?”

“Maybe you weren’t looking for a guy,” Lloyd suggested.

“Oh, you mean my roommate? I’m not gay if that’s what you mean. I’m just…”

“Bi?” Lloyd asked, and after the girl shrugged and nodded he said, “that’s cool. If I was a girl I think I would probably be bisexual.”

“Are you bi Mr. Carmody?”

“Hell no,” he barked, drawing a laugh from the girl who came close to snorting out some lager.

“I always thought you had the hots for me,” Karen admitted. “One of my fantasies growing up was always that you would seduce me and break my cherry because I thought you looked like the guy in ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’.”

“Jimmy Stewart? Actually I probably do still resemble him, mainly because he’s been dead about 20 years.”

“You sure aren’t dead Mr. Carmody,” Karen declared and then gave up a secret. “Last summer me and Denise – you remember her?”

“The little blonde?”

“Yeah. Well, we had been drinking back in the woods, and when we came back through the yard your bedroom light was on and the curtains were open a little so – anyway you and your former girlfriend were naked. She was on the bed and you walked in from somewhere, and when I saw your cock swaying in front of you like an elephant’s trunk I whispered to Denise that Mr Carmody has a big dick – and you’re blushing right now.”

“I think you’re exaggerating somewhat,” Lloyd mumbled.

“I don’t think so, and then you climbed onto the bed and she gave you head. Then we left before we got caught,” she concluded. “We spent the rest of the night discussing whether we liked dicks better circumcised or uncircumcised.”

“Which was the winner?”

“Denise said she liked circumcised better so naturally I took the contrary position,” Karen explained. “To be honest yours was the first uncut one I ever saw in real life. Kind of scary looking.”

“The next time you turn into a Peeping Tom let me know and I’ll draw a smiley face on the foreskin.”

“No, I won’t be doing that again. That wasn’t nice of us, but it was hot.”

“A bare-assed old guy and a woman in her 40’s naked is hot?”

“We thought it was. Just thinking about it makes me tingle.”

“I gathered you liked telling the story,” Lloyd observed as he nodded down to Kelly’s tank-top where her nipples looked ready to tear through the top.

“Yeah, they do that. If the bar wasn’t blocking the view maybe I could tell whether you liked the story or not,” Karen suggested.

“It was interesting but also embarrassing. At least you didn’t say I was scratching something.”

“No, Elaine was doing as the work. All you did was lay there and get hard,” the teen related. “I assume that changed after a while but like I said we left. In any case, telling the tale got me relaxed enough to do this.”

Karen got up from the stool and as she polished off her beer Lloyd came around the bar and joined the girl, saying he was done playing bartender, but when she suggested that he was trying to get a better view he didn’t bother to deny it.

“Ground rules. Don’t laugh or make fun of me.”

“Why would I do that?”

“I told you that I’m ugly down there. If I knew what I would look like without the bush I would never have done it,” Karen told her neighbor as she put her hands on the button of her shorts. “I’ve got what Kyle calls mutant labia.”

“I’m sure you look wonderful.”

“Can you tell I’m delaying as much as I can?” Karen asked, and after Lloyd smiled and nodded the redhead added, “Maybe if I lose this it will divert your attention.”

With that Karen took the bottom of her tank-top in hand and smoothly pulled it up and over her head, leaving Lloyd speechless as he stared at the teen’s enormous bosom, the massive breasts bell shaped with fat pale rose nipples centered on areolas almost as large as drink coasters.

“Wow,” Lloyd said softly as he gawked and started sweating.

“Moo,” Karen cracked as she hefted the weighty globes.

“Stop that. Your breasts are amazing looking,” Lloyd commented as he noticed where her freckles stopped and where the pale skin started. “I always wondered how far down the freckles went.”

“Seriously, I admit to wondering what your breasts would look like, but you look way better than even I dreamed.”

“You’re sweet – well, here goes,” Karen announced. “I went commando so…”

With that the redhead took a deep breath and lowered her shorts, and as she bent down to get them off from around her ankles Lloyd watched her pendulous breasts swaying down in front of the girl. To Lloyd it seemed as if the weight of her incredibly full bosom güvenilir casino would have Karen falling on her face, but she managed to straighten up again none the worse for wear except for her being a bit flushed.

“Ta-da!” the girl chirped bravely, and when she saw her host was having trouble getting a good look she hopped up on the bar stool. “Don’t look at the belly Mr. Carmody.”

“What belly honey?” he mumbled in response, ignoring Karen’s pinching of the little swell on her thick waist because he was fascinated at the smooth mound below it and in particular at the large swollen lips of her sex which were like a gateway to heaven.

“Well, say something,” she finally said when all Lloyd did was stare.

“Amazing,” Lloyd finally said as he looked at the teen’s delta which she was presenting for him, even spreading her chubby thighs a bit so he could get a better look. “I have to admit that I wasn’t sure how I would react.”

“And you being a nice guy you wouldn’t say anything if it grossed you out,” Kelly finished.

“Probably not,” Lloyd agreed as he leaned forward a bit, and as he did the elderly man caught a whiff of the girl’s sex, a pungent and appealing scent that made his cock swell. “I’m far from grossed out though. It’s like an anatomy lesson because I’m not used to such an intimate view down here without hair hiding much of it.”

“I don’t think most women have labia like mine though,” Karen mused aloud, but not only did she do nothing to hide herself she actually leaned back and spread her legs, putting herself in a very awkward looking position with her back against the bar.

“They’re very nice honey. They’re almost sparkling, as if they were – are you wet Karen?” Lloyd asked, causing her to divert her eyes away from him. “Beautiful, and you’re right about the hair starting to grow back because I can see a bit of a 5 o’clock shadow all over. You must have had a really big bush on you before you got shaved.”

“Guilty,” Karen mumbled as her breasts heaved.

“It’s not stubble, it’s more like…” Lloyd responded as his hand went slowly forward. “May I?”

Karen gasped, her whole body shivering when the senior’s weathered hand reached her plump mound, and as his bony fingers stroked around her labia he sighed.

“Peach fuzz. Really soft to the touch. I was expecting a rough feel,” Lloyd noted.

“Will be pretty soon as it grows in,” Karen said as a trickle of sweat went down the side of her face, and when the old man’s fingers got bolder she found herself leaning upwards towards the softly stroking hand.

“If you want me to stop Karen, you had better…” Lloyd started to say and then stopped talking because the way the girl was looking at him as well as the juices drooling out of her made it clear.

Lloyd found himself easing down onto his knees in front of the teen and as those already parted thighs spread farther his face moved in to the humid valley. Those glistening pussy lips welcomed his nose and mouth and when his tongue began exploring Karen let out a cry, her hands grabbing whatever scalp the elderly man had left and pulling him forward.

The strong aroma and the bittersweet taste had the elderly man forgetting that his knees didn’t care for the linoleum, and it took Lloyd a moment to realize that the vulgar sounds that filled the air – the coarse snorting and feral growling – were coming from him. If Karen noticed she didn’t say anything, but Lloyd was surprised when he felt the teen trying to lift him to his feet. Had he lost his touch? Was her girlfriend so much better? No.

“Need it Mr. Carmody,” Karen was gasping when he stood up, her hands clawing at his shorts in an frantic effort to get them off while she kissed him hard enough to rattle his fillings. “Fuck me.”

The shorts dropped and there waving towards the girl’s smooth mound was his erection, thankfully long and throbbing and soon in the redhead’s fist. Karen rubbed his uncut tool up and down in the channel and as they both looked down Lloyd leaned forward, slowly sliding his weapon into the welcoming warmth until he was in to the roots.

“Holy shit!” Karen yelped, her face delirious as she clamped her sex around the intruder. “You like that Mr. Carmody?”

“Omigod yes,” he moaned, wanting to tell her to stop using his last name but not willing to change anything. “I love it.”

“You like your big cock ripping into my bald pussy?” she cackled, enjoying talking dirty and happy her host was liking hearing it. “Been dreaming about this moment for years.”

Lloyd had been too but was ashamed to admit it. Instead as he slowly pulled his cock out before plunging back in he tried to make sure that the redhead didn’t fall off the stool as he began thrusting in and out. For her part, as Karen assured him she was secure she was pushing herself into every thrust.

“Gonna cum aren’t you?” Karen almost screamed as the pace quickened, and while Lloyd tried to hold back she implored him to wait. “Just a little… a little…”

Lloyd managed to hold off as long as he could, but soon felt his cock start to spurt into the teen. By then though, Karen was cumming herself, holding onto Lloyd for dear life as her orgasm rocked through her, all the while the old man’s hot seed kept spurting into his neighbor’s womb until he was spent.

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