Jasad Fetish Club

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You arrive at the club.

“Welcome to Club Jasad, Beirut’s ultimate hedonistic experience our philosophy is- if it feels good, do it- and we do. Located between Martyrs Square and Gemmayzeh, we have become the hottest and best known underground club in Lebanon. The Lebanese are a party people, a sexy people, a Mediterranean people and we love to have a good time. Jasad means the body in Arabic and we are Lebanon’s premier bondage, BDSM, orgy and fetish club. We are non-sectarian and leave politics at the door, men and women from Marionites, Shias, Armenians, Sunnis, Druze, Catholics, you name it they all come here.”

” My name is Hiam Jurdi, I’m Druze girl and I co-own this club with my boyfriend Marcus Haddad who is Christian. We founded this club because we felt fetishists need a guilt free place to practise their art. I’ve been a keen fetishist for eight-years and discovered it when I was 20.”

“We have a number of dance floors, and we often hold multiple events and themes in an evening. This is a four storey building and at the very top we have suites for people who want to have more private parties. All our bathrooms are equipped with glory holes and vending machines selling condoms and outside the bathroom we have little stores which sell lubricant, Viagra and a host of sex toys. We also have a store room with even more sex toys in it.”

“Next to the bathroom, you’ll see a door and above it a sign which says cloak room, we sell fetish outfits from here. It’s pretty empty now, but in a few hours the club will be packed and you’ll see wall to wall orgies taking place.”

“I remember the first time we opened and my first orgy in the club. I had a leather jacket on and latex pants with a huge hole at the back exposing my butt and no panties. Men and women would just stick their hand into my ass, whenever I would walk passed, it was really surreal but an awful lot of fun.”

“As I mentioned earlier we have a variety of theme evenings, last week, we had a chocolate eating evening. We set up inflatable swimming pools in the club and filled it up with hot melted chocolate and people wet for a swim. They danced in the pool, covered themselves in chocolate and ate chocolate off one another.”

“Of course many had intercourse in the pool of chocolate. casino siteleri Not everyone wanted a chocolate party and for hardcore-pain loving fetishes, we let them use the dungeon.”

“The dungeon is our sub-terrain world, which was converted from an ordinary basement, into a dark medieval torture chamber. You’ll find prison cages, a variety of medieval torture instruments, stocks and a wooden torture bed and an electric chair among other things. Getting back to the types of themes we have-a few days ago-we had tattoo fetish evening were people inked up in the club.”

“But among our most popular are our medical evenings. People dress up as doctors, nurses or patients. We have done blood donation evenings, were patients give up a pint of blood, which some people have a fetish for. There is a young Shia female doctor or medical student from the Beqaa Valley, called Mysa, and she helps us out with medical fetish evenings.”

“Beautiful girl with fair skin and blonde hair, she is a firm favourite at our club. She has this thing that any man who wants to have intercourse with her must be circumcised. So Christian men who want to fuck her, she’ll circumcise them in the club on stage in-front of everyone.”

“Interestingly, she also performs reverse circumcisions on stage for cut men, she’ll take out a needle and thread and sow what remains of their foreskin up. Crazy girl and this is actually popular.”

“Anyways, I better go and get ready for tonight, please excuse me and please get dressed up in whatever you feel like wearing.”

You return to the clubs a few hours later and the place is packed. As you enter you can smell sex and hear wild groans. Today’s theme is Jahannam, which means hell in Arabic, everyone is dressed up in fetish gear to do with the theme. Devils, demons, ghosts, zombies, evil personalities from history and other themed costumes.

Once you pass the entrance you look to your right and see a hot girl sucking a guy’s cock and another guy fucking her ass off. You walk over to them and you stare- they are making a lot of noise and you close your eyes and try and take in the smell. Sweat and cum animates your sense of smell and as you stand there, you can feel the friction and heat being given off by their humping bodies.

You slot oyna re-open your eyes and move your head forward to get a closer look at the girls butt and you see how red her cheeks have become.

“There you are” Hiam grabs you and forces you to face her. She is wearing devil horns on her head and a black outfit with high heel leather boots. “Thought you could get away from me? I know your type and you’re not getting away from me.”

Hiam takes your hand and leads you to the entrance of one of the dance floors- but you two do not enter. She gets on her knees and places her hand on your crotch area “You’re entitled to our welcome blow job.”

Before you can do anything, she unzips your pants and kisses the bulge in your underwear, she then pulls down your pants and underwear and begins rubbing and massaging your growing cock. Her soft hands jerking you off, she also has long red nails, which she uses to occasionally scratch you. You look around and all you can see and hear is orgies.

You see three girls on a couch, one is on her hands and knees and the other two are playing with her ass, both girls are taking it in-turns to rim her. But while you try to enjoy watching this, you suddenly close your eyes and move your head-upwards. Hiam is gently rubbing her finger under your balls and it feels really good.

Now she is using her nails and your muscles and hands tense up. A few moments pass and now you feel some relief coming, Hiam has started to lick under your balls and you move your head down and open your eyes and see Hiam’s head bobbing up and down. You look around you and see different orgies going on. You then notice a group of girls have surrounded you and are watching you and Hiam.

They pull out their cell phones and start taking pictures and videos and pointing and giggling at you. Suddenly, Hiam’s tongue leaves your balls area and she begins licking your throbbing cock, up and down. She spits on it and rubs the spit in.

She now rolls back the head and starts to insert your cock into her mouth. You feel her teeth scrapping your cock and she sucks hard and fast. Every time she eject and then goes back in, she takes more inches in. Her wet tongue makes your cock moister and helps to soften the hard-on. She ejects your canlı casino siteleri cock from her mouth from time to time and blows air onto it. She becomes more aggressive and you can hear her slurping away. The pressure from her mouth forces you to cum in her mouth, but once you start, you cannot stop.

Once you have finished cuming, she gets of her knees and has a devilish look on her face and moves her arm across her mouth to wipe away your jizz. “Tasty” she then turns away and leaves you. You decide to enter the dance floor, but with your cock still exposed.

You enter and different girls stare at your manhood, some point and laugh and others take pictures. Different girls either walks pass you and stroke your penis or girls who are sitting down reach over the have a feel.

One girl, who is seated at a table, stops you and pulls her glass of gin and tonic out and sticks your cock into the glass. Using her straw she drinks the tonic while your cock is in the glass, but this is not enough for her, she pulls your cock out and begins to jerk you off. You eventually cum into her drink and then she lets you cock go and start drinking her mixed gin and tonic with cum and wave you on.

While you’re walking through the dance floor you see a hot girl in latex pants with a massive hole in her backside and no panties. You grab her butt and lean down and stick your tongue in-between her cheeks. She has a drink in her hand and continues to drink and pretends to ignore you. You slide your tongue into her and try to reach her colon- you use your fingers to make openings before trying to insert your tongue. You love the taste and spend ten minutes on her butt.

She is with female company who stands next to you and you look up and see her in the same latex pant’s but with her pussy exposed. You move over and start to lick the girl’s pussy, you start, but then you’re interrupted by the girl’s boyfriend. He pulls you off her and demands something be done to you.

It’s then Dr Mysa appears and she slides on her latex gloves and grabs you. She takes you onto the stage and begins what looks like a medical examination of your genitals. You know this will finish your evening off.

She pulls out a needle and thread and pricks the end of your penis, she then starts making holes, all of which are painful and make you scream. She beings sowing your penis up and everyone is watching and laughing. It takes her five minutes and then she’s finished and she signs off by kissing your damaged penis.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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