My ring return

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It’s been MANY years since I wrestled for a wrestling video promotion. In fact until I started wrestling with Sam and Gemma about a year ago, I had been a long time inactive. But this week, out of the blue I got a message from someone claiming to be the daughter of my old video producer, who found me through social media.

‘Hi Becky,

I am hoping that this message finds you well. You won’t remember me, I’m Dani, Ben Marshall’s daughter.

I need to start my message with some sad news, my dad recently passed away and it’s related to his death that I contact you. As a tribute to my dad, I have decided to resurrect his old pantyhose wrestling video company, and I am hoping to start it off with some new faces but also with some of the original talent that worked for him. I know you were always my dad’s favourite wrestler, so I am coming to you to ask if you would participate.

Hope to hear from you soon


Out of respect for Ben, I reply and provide Dani with my telephone contact details and ask her to call me the following evening when Sam is out. I think she at least deserves the courtesy of me declining the offer in person.

* * *

The phone rings and I greet Dani and gave her my condolences, as we get acquainted. Then the conversation moves to her proposition.

“So, Becky, I’d really love it if you would shoot some matches for us. I know my dad loved you, and I’m sure you getting involved would make him smile down as he watches over us.” Dani begins.

Wow, nice emotional blackmail!

“Look, I’m really sorry Dani but I will have to say no. Firstly, I’m not in the physical condition I was when I worked with your dad. Secondly, I’m not sure that my employers would take too kindly to this if it came to their attention. So I’ll need to say no.” I say firmly.

“Ok, I understand. That’s a real shame, as I had a real box office match lined up for our launch.” She responds with obvious disappointed in her voice.

Then despite the fact that I had an opportunity to close the conversation there, curiosity gets the better of me, and I enquire further.

“So what were you thinking of for that match then?” I ask.

“Do you remember your handicap tag match with Japanese sisters called Aiko and Kiwa Ohno?” Dani asks.

“Do I remember?” I snap rhetorically. “Never has a family had a more apt name than the Ohnos. I mean I’ve barely gotten over the aching joints from that beating. So if you want me to repeat that, it’s a much more definite no.”

“It’s just that match was by far our most popular title. So we wanted to relaunch with a twist to that video.” Dani coaxes.

“What do you mean a twist?” I enquire. I mean why can’t I just shut up?

“We thought it would be a great idea to introduce the new company with a new generation of wrestlers, with you wrestling Aiko’s and Kiwa’s daughters, to cross the timespan.” Dani explains.

“Oh right, so instead of wrestling another veteran, you want me to get in the ring with a couple of vivacious youngsters, so I can really get my ass kicked?” I ask rhetorically.

“Five.” Dani says.

“Five what?” I ask, confused by the response.

“Between them they have 5 daughters. So we were thinking a squash match, with you in a ring with one opponent and team mate waiting to tag-in from each corner.” Dani adds, like it’s the most reasonable request ever.

“A squash match? You’re not fucking kidding, I’d be lucky to get out alive.” I reply, exasperated. “I mean do you think I’m totally fucking insane?”

“We’d pay you well, we have sponsor willing to pay you $5,000 for the match.” She continues.

“I wouldn’t do it for a million!” I bark. That’s probably a lie, but without wanting to boast, I’m not short of five grand, so that’s not a convincer.

“Ok, well thanks for listening Becky and if you change your mind you know how to contact me.” Dani closes.

With that we hang up.

* * *

Bizarrely, despite how ridiculously unattractive Dani’s offer had been, I can’t get it out of my head. My primary thought has been Sam. Christmas is coming up and shooting a new video would be a great gift. I know from the view data on her computer that my match with the Ohnos is her favourite, in fact she’s watched it more than all of the other videos combined (man that girl loves watching me suffer and disgraced).

But still, should I really do this?

Well predictably once my mind had got to that point, it was 90% made up and accordingly, I contact Dani and accept the match.

* * *

I have taken the day off work and told Sam I am going ‘Christmas shopping’, which is sort of true.

I turn up at the studio and am met by Dani. A gorgeous mid-20-something, probably nearly 6 feet tall, magnificent breast, legs to die for and most strikingly, long BLUE hair (that must take an age to dye). And who, if truth be told, I wouldn’t have minded hitting the mats with given the opportunity! Dani takes me to show me the facilities, the ring and the dressing rooms, which are much nicer than the ones I was accustomed to way back when. She then introduces casino şirketleri me to the camera women, Rose and Fae. Two pretty girls, around the same age as Dani, both slim and around my height but with a much less eye-catching look than Dani. Once the tour is over I return to my dressing room to shower and dress for my match. And in all this, I have still to meet my opponents.

Well I make my way, alone, into the room with the ring. There I am greeted by a sight which makes my stomach churn. Standing in the ring is the statuesque Dani, looking spectacular in a fitted, black and white striped ‘ref’s style’ dress, sheer black pantyhose and heels. Flanking her, and focussed on me are Rose and Fae, cameras in hand and bizarrely for an off camera role, also dressed up, wearing matching white playsuits, sheer white pantyhose and white knee length boots. But it’s what’s behind them that struck fear into my heart. Five exquisite, young Japanese ladies, all with a predictably strong familial resemblance both to each other and to the ladies I was beaten and humiliated by, so long ago. It’s that flashback that hits me. But nevertheless it’s too late to back out now, so I climb into the ring.

My five opponents really do look like clones, all around 5 foot 6 (slightly taller than me), with gun barrel straight, short black hair. They have dark eyes, full red lips and beautiful smooth skin. And all very beautiful. They are also all dressed in matching outfits tiny, metallic red bikinis, over sheer to the waist, seamless, black pantyhose. They range in age from 18 to 24, from what I am told, not that I could have told you which is which, to me they all just look very young!

I am dressed a little more modestly, also in sheer black hose but in black spandex shorts and sports bra. In fact, apart from a few more lines on my face and couple more pounds on my figure, I look much has I had for my previous encounter with this family.

“Firstly introducing a legend of the ring, with a record of 95 matches, 71 wins and 24 defeats, the Icon Belle Black.” Dani announces, as I climb into the ring.

“Hi Belle.” My opponents greet me, in a kind of harmony. Their Californian accents apparent, which is where their mom’s had relocated 20 years ago.

“Hi.” I respond simply. Trying to hide my terror. Unsuccessfully though I would wager.

Firstly to explain, Belle Black is my ring name, which I use to protect a certain amount of anonymity. And secondly, 95 matches, wow, I wouldn’t have put the number that high though I’m pretty sure I remember each defeat.

“Then Belle’s opponent in this handicap tag match, in this corner, well in all of them actually is Team Ohno mark 2.” Dani adds with a giggle.

As she introduces them, the girls close in and sort of encircle me, trying to intimidate me. It’s working, whilst before I walked out here is way just afraid, now I am utterly petrified, in fact not far from tears.

“Jaz is going to start, so the rest of you go to a corner and do not enter the ring, unless legally tagged.” Dani commands.

The ladies respond to the instruction, leaving me and Jaz (apparently is her name) standing face to face in the centre of the ring.

“Rules 60 minute time limit, unlimited tags and a 10 second handover period.” Dani explains. “Any questions?”

I think my question of ‘what the fuck am I doing here?’ is probably more for me than for Dani, so I just shake my head. I mean a whole hour of 5 on 1 wrestling, with fitter and younger opponents… Sam had better enjoy this, because I’ll wager I won’t!

The bell rings and I engage my adversary. Well things have started OK. We lock up and I am holding my own, so that’s a start. Then the first problem with my situation becomes obvious to me, each direction that we move, we get closer to one of my opponent’s team mates, all eager to tag in.

It doesn’t take too long for the inevitable to happen and we end up in a corner and the tag comes. Ten seconds isn’t long but it’s long enough for the incoming fighter to be able to land a knee to my guts, whilst I’m still occupied by her partner. It wasn’t hugely damaging, just enough to wind me, and to make me sink to my knees. Following up she grabs a handful of my hair and almost drags me to the next corner, where she immediately tags. She holds my head up as my next opponent enters and she quickly throws a knee into my face, ouch. Then each taking a hand, they stand me up and throw me across the ring into the far corner. Followed up by a body check, sandwiching me into the turnbuckle.

Another tag promptly follows and yet another fresh combatant enters. This time I’m held in the corner, kept upright by a strong grip in my hair as the new girl lands a few punches directly to my breasts. Jeez that hurts, as it brings a tear to my eye. But not dwelling on that she swiftly moves on, grabbing an arm she forces it up my back, and predictably shoves me to the final corner, to meet my last remaining un-encountered foe.

This time after the tag, my two opponents, outgoing and incoming take hold of me from each side and flips me, launching me into the air. casino firmaları I land on my back with a thud in the centre of the ring. About 2 minutes on the clock I have already faced 5 different opponents, been beaten senseless and am lying, defenceless, on my back in the middle of the ring. This could be the worst mistake of my life.

Taking a slightly different tack now my latest tormentor actually applies a hold. Rolling me into a seated body scissor. She doesn’t even bother to tighten the hold, the tactic more to demean me than to make me submit. Simply demonstrating that she can do what she wants with me at will is punishing enough.

“Mom says Hi. She says she misses you and that I should enjoy our time together.” She whispers in my ear. To add to my humiliation.

“Hey Becky. If you want to sit cuddling with my little sister you can do that for the whole hour if you want. But I think a real wrestler would rather go down fighting.” One of the other girls shouts.

“You know I’m only here because of you. You got my mom so horny that she went straight home to dad and well, nine months later I arrived.” My assailant breathes into my ear. I feel both honoured and old at the same time.

Confused and embarrassed I stay silent, taking personal safety over pride. We stay there for another 30 seconds or so. As I can hear my opponents laughing at me, as tears once again well in eyes.

“Ok Becky, time to do something.” Dani barks. “Each of the girls outside of the ring is going to tell you what hold they want to put you in and you have to choose who tags in.”

She then points at the corners in turn… Boston Crab, camel clutch, head scissor and dragon sleeper are my inauspicious options. But knowing I have to choose.

“Head scissor.” I offer reluctantly.

“Yes.” I hear someone say, but no idea from which of the opposing team.

I’m then released, and my ‘cuddle buddy’ ambles over to one of her team mates and tags. I start to move, to get myself into a position from which I can defend. Only for the ref…the ref FFS, to push me down flat and immobilise me by placing a stilettoed foot onto my hair trapping me to the mat.

“Fuck! It’s already 5 on 1 without your interference.” I scream.

A reaction which brings a roll of laughter from all of the other ladies in the room.

“You agreed to this hold, so take it.” Dani thunders back.

Well not being in a position to do much about it I presently find myself in a head scissor. Shit that hurts.

“Don’t bother submitting Becky, the previous hold has set the standard for how long you will have to remain in each hold.” My opponent tells me.

“What?” I squeal.

“OK, new rule in play. That’s two and half minutes for each hold. Good call Missy.” Dani laughs.

So I am forced to endure an age of agonising holds. Head scissor, tag, Boston crab, tag, camel clutch, tag, dragon sleeper, tag. Well that’s the full array of holds promised so I have no idea what’s coming next. I just lie crying, broken and after the dragon sleeper, virtually unresponsive on the mat.

I am vaguely aware of another wrestler approaching, having been through the others, I am just about able to make out we are back with the young lady that has till now barely more than embraced me but I have a horrible feeling that’s about to change. That said, she seems in little hurry, I get the feeling she gets more of a thrill from the mind games than the wrestling.

“So, we haven’t agreed what I’m going to do to you, what do you think?” she asks.

She’s standing in front of me, having allowed me time to get to my knees. So my self-preservation instinct takes over, so instead of giving a verbal response, I give my answer in actions. Pulling the strings on her bikini bottoms, I quickly whip them off and just as quickly, I begin to ‘make out’ with her pantyhosed crotch.

“Stop her.” I heard one of the inactive team members’ call.

“No fucking way. My mom told me if Becky consented to eat pussy, let her and enjoy it because you’ll never get better. So she’s fucking staying here, unless she wants to get on her back that is.” My controller responds, with a dirty laugh.

Taking the insinuation, without hesitation I lie back and I am very quickly followed by a wet pussy pursuing my mouth. So I now have a horny teenager fucking my face, as I work feverishly to satisfy her.

“Oh come on. Hurry up.” I hear a voice call.

She has a point, the girl with her pussy in my mouth is showing incredible restraint, as she’s been writhing ardently for what must have been several minutes now.

“Won’t be long now but I’m going to make the most of every second, this is fucking incredible.” My tormenter preaches.

True to her word, only seconds later she SCREAMS an orgasm. Gripping my hair tightly in both hands and aggressively yanking my head into her crotch as she cums. Shit that hurts, she’s going to take it all out at the roots at this rate. But finally she releases and rolls away.

“Hana, tag me in. Let’s get back to some wrestling.” One of my opponents calls out.

Ok, so her name is güvenilir casino Hana! That’s the first time in my life I’ve given an orgasm to someone without at least knowing their name first. hehe. Although I have a feeling it may not be the last.

Hana starts to move towards the corner that the voice had come from, seemingly intending to tag out. Now the last thing I want at this point is for the wrestling to start again. I can now see the timer and we have over 35 minutes remaining, which is an eternity in this situation, trust me.

“Hana, you don’t have to tag out.” I propose in desperation, thinking on my feet (well more on my back actually). “You could just choose to stay in the ring and see how much fun you can have with my submission.”

With that Hana stops and turns back towards me. Which brings protests from her team mates.

“Hey ref make her tag, she can’t just exclude us from the match we have so many more holds to try.” One of my frustrated opponents complains.

“I’m happy to go 2 on 1 if you want to join us, provided you promise to be nice.” I offer instantly, not giving Dani time to rule. At this point I’ll do anything to avoid a further beating.

“And what about us?” Comes a cry from the opposite corner.

“Look ladies, I have one mouth, two hands and two feet. So let’s see if we can make a 5 on 1 exploitation work. What do you say?” I pose anxiously.

“I’d recommend it.” Hana adds, supporting my case. “I don’t think any of us will regret it, even if just for the oral.”

Looking around the ring, Dani is sizing up the reaction from the other wrestlers.

“Ok, let the orgy commence. 5 on 1, no wrestling holds allowed but Becky will comply with all of your sexual demands.” Dani calls.

Hearing it like that makes me a little nervous, but being used as family fuck toy is better than the beat down option, so I say nothing. I stay still in the centre of the ring as women approach from all directions, removing skimpy bikinis as they near. Jaz the lady that started the wrestling takes the initiative, it appears she the senior member of the family and the others take their lead from her.

Jaz pushes me flat onto my back with her hose covered foot, and standing over me, legs astride my face she drops down, straddling me, presenting her pussy to my face. I open my mouth and invite her in, as she starts to grind, as I suck.

Once Jaz has her position, the other ladies take up theirs. Each taking hold of the nearest limb and locating their crotch, they all begin to hump and ride to their own desire. And here starts my absolute submission, as I have now have a nylon clad pussy in my mouth, one in each hand and one receiving a footjob from each of my feet.

Honestly it’s challenging to keep the different rhythms going, try tapping out a several distinct beats with your hands and feet sometime and you’ll see, but I am always made aware when I’m going off time by a beneficiary of my attention.

I’m not allowed to move from this position, I constantly have a woman on my face, it seems that is the prized position, so all the girls are quick to engage when it’s made available. The number of other ‘posts’ in use varies from time to time, sometimes 5, sometimes only 2 or 3 but a regular turnover of girls eager to compare how various parts of my anatomy compare for sexual pleasure, theirs not mine may I add?

“Times up.” Dani calls as the timer bell rings out of the blue.

At this point I am fully engaged, with all 5 woman writhing and grinding on my body. Reluctantly but compliantly they do as instructed and disengage.

“Wow, I bet you’re pleased to see the end of that match.” Dani says to me.

“Actually I feel like a bit of a fraud. These girls came here to wrestle and when I couldn’t do that I promised them sexual fulfilment and looking at their faces, I don’t think they are fulfilled. Content maybe but not erotically overwhelmed.” I explain honestly and humbly.

“We wouldn’t want you to go away regretful Becky. So if it makes you feel better I will happily continue either the wrestling or the carnal degradation if you wish.” Jaz offers.

“So kind of you!” I laugh “But I don’t think I could wrestle now.” Leaving the door open if they wished to take me up on my veiled offer.

Well I didn’t have to wait long to garner the response, as within a couple of seconds they are all back on me; as the fucking restarts. I mean it’s not really something that I wanted but I genuinely feel a sense of duty to give everyone, Dani and all of my opponents, their ‘money’s worth’, after all I’m getting well paid for what is supposed to be the set piece of the new promotion.

“I’m going to leave the cameras rolling and leave you girls to it. I don’t think you need a referee anymore.” Dani says, taking her leave. Though with due respect to Dani, I’m not sure any cares at this point.

The renewed debauchery is slower paced, hardly surprisingly. The girls even allow me to stop for much needed water breaks from time to time, but always resuming my subjugation. I have no idea how many orgasm each girl has had, lots in the simple answer, when finally they slow to a stop and tell me they are done. A quick look up at the match timer shows 101 minutes, which given the wrestling was around 15 minutes, means I been gang fucked for not far off one and half hours.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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