Greek Tragedy

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Jean Rawlins was a very glamorous fifty two year old woman. She had a slim but busty figure with a 38DD chest and was five feet eight inches tall in her stocking feet. Her long black hair and green eyes with a dress style that was classic and alluring made sure that nearly every man took a second glance at her.

Jean though wasn’t interested in older men at all as she preferred younger lovers, usually eighteen to twenty year old boys and girls and also women that were younger than herself.

She thought them much softer than testosterone filled adult males. Plus she was a bit of a dominatrix and liked her own way.

Now she was on her own on her annual two week holiday in a boutique hotel on Rhodes, one of the Greek Islands, enjoying her palatial suite and the hotel’s amenities.

That is until a new family of four arrived at the hotel on the Wednesday and visited the pool on their first morning.

The husband was around forty Jean guessed. Good looking but he did nothing for her. The wife late thirties, she reckoned, was about five feet two, slim with shoulder length blonde hair.

There was a son who was probably eighteen or nineteen but looked younger and took after his mother in size and hair colouring. Then there was the daughter, her brother’s twin sister she found out later, blonde and just as cute, thought Jean.

Jean had spent the previous few days as she had done for the last few years of coming to this hotel on holiday by sunbathing at the pool, walks on the beach, nice food and a drink at the bar between reading stories on her kindle.

The newly arrived family grabbed some sun beds not too far from hers and she could feel the husband checking her out.

‘Well,’ she thought, ‘if that’s what you want then get a load of this!’

She stood up and stretched before easing herself into the clear water of the pool to cool down. She always swam breaststroke with her sunglasses on to shield her eyes from the glare of the sun that reflected off the water.

Also she knew that when she climbed out of the pool her black one piece costume would be wet look and clinging to her body so with her shades on she could see who was checking her out without being too obvious.

Of course the husband was looking and she was sure the wife was giving her the once over but it was the look on the son’s face that gave her the most satisfaction.

‘Hmmm,’ she thought, ‘I might be able to have some fun there.’

The next few days passed with the family saying ‘good morning,’ then the obligatory, ‘nice day again’ and eventually this led to a little chat about the weather and their respective holidays

It was on the following Saturday night that Jean had just eaten at a local restaurant and was having a brandy at the pool bar, enjoying the warm night air when the family came back from their meal. The husband, who must have had a few drinks, plucked up the courage to ask if they could join her.

‘Of course,’ replied Jean nonchalantly.

They settled down in the chairs around Jean’s table, the parents opposite and the boy and girl on either side. Every time Jean crossed and uncrossed her legs her dress rode higher up her thigh which had not gone unnoticed by the son Ben, who tried unsuccessfully to hide the lump in his shorts.

Jean mercilessly teased him before declaring that she was tired and said her good nights.

The next night the family came in and joined Jean for a night cap bahis firmaları once more. This time though the daughter wanted to go to bed so Susie her mother said she would go up too. Tom, the husband and Ben stayed down to chat to Jean.

‘I’m going to have another, would you like one Jean.’

Jean declined so Tom went over to the bar to get his own drink. This gave Jean the chance to talk to Ben on her own.

She found out the family were going home on Wednesday and that his sister and he had single rooms on the floor above their parents.

‘So, do you sneak out at night to meet girls when your parents are asleep Ben?’ she asked him.

Ben just blushed and shook his head.

‘Shame, you could have come to my room and kept me company.’ Jean teased

Ben didn’t know what to say.

‘Why don’t you come up at midnight. Room 318, top floor and I’ll give you a proper drink.’ she said.

Before Ben could reply his father came back.

‘Well,’ said Jean, ‘I’m off to bed too.’ Tom looked disappointed and Ben just looked at his feet.

‘Good night then,’ said Jean. ‘Night,’ murmured Ben. ‘Night,’ said Tom.

Jean was dressed in her long cream silk dressing gown with nothing on underneath. She knew her nipples could be seen and this made her even hornier and them even harder. At midnight there was a soft knock at the door. Jean smiled to herself.

She opened the door and ushered Ben in quickly so not to be seen. He was only wearing a t-shirt, a pair of shorts and had nothing on his feet.

‘Hello darling,’ said Jean. Ben smiled. She poured them both a Metaxa brandy before sitting on the sofa and beckoning him to sit beside her.

‘Cheers,’ she said. Ben took a sip and promptly had a coughing fit. Jean took the glass from him and put both hers and his on the coffee table before rubbing his back.

Her other hand rested on his thigh.

‘Are you alright dear,’ she said rubbing his back and stroking his thigh. ‘Greek brandy can take a bit of getting used to.’

Even when he’d stopped coughing she continued to stroke his thigh only moving her hand higher and higher towards his crotch.

Ben didn’t know what to do. He looked at the older woman and saw that her dressing gown had come open showing a great deal of her breasts.

‘Er…maybe I should be going,’ he stated

‘Nonsense, young man. We’re just getting to know each other and by the tent in your shorts I don’t really think you want to go anywhere.’

Ben looked down horrified that his erection was in evidence.

Jean moved her hand over the bulge and gave his cock a squeeze.

‘Mmmm nice,’ was all she said.

‘Why don’t you stand up?’ she told him. Ben did so without question and she took hold of his shirt and peeled it over his head. Then she unbuttoned his shorts and peeled them down his thighs. His eight inch penis stuck out from his body.

‘That will do nicely,’ thought Jean.

She led him by his cock into her bedroom whereby she pushed him on the bed and undid her robe before slipping it off.

Ben just stared at her large breasts.

With Jean not having had children there was hardly any sag to her tits.

She bent down by the side of the bed and took his cock in her mouth. After about thirty seconds he completely lost it and came. He’d never experienced a sensation like that before.

Jean got up and lay beside him on the bed stroking his body whilst playing kaçak iddaa with his still hard cock. ‘Are you a virgin Ben?’ she asked. Ben nodded. ‘Well you won’t be after tonight,’ she said straddling his prone young body.

She rubbed the head of his hard and throbbing cock between her puffy pussy lips causing Ben to moan before sinking down on his cock causing Ben to gasp and moan as she rode him slowly and sensually at first. Then she bucked on top of him riding him hard as she neared her orgasm but all of a sudden he shuddered and squealed as he came.

‘Damn,’ cursed Jean as her near orgasm faded.

‘I..I’m sorry,’ said Ben. ‘I’m really sorry.’

‘You will be,’ Jean said taking a silk scarf and tying Ben’s wrists to the headboard.

‘What..what are you going to do?’ pleaded Ben.

‘I’m going to get what I deserve,’ she said.

She reached into her bedside drawer and pulled out a small vibrator which she lubed up and switched on. Ben could only stare as the fake cock buzzed and vibrated.

She slipped it between the cheeks of his arse and pushed. Ben was about to scream when Jean put her hand over his mouth to render it a quiet muffled shout as the fake cock slid deep inside him.

‘Oh fuck,’ gasped Ben as the vibrations coarsed through his nether regions, pre-cum dripping from his cock.

Jean crept up the bed and straddled Ben’s head as he writhed and begged her to take the vibrator out of his sore arse.

His begging turned her on even more as she fucked his face to an almighty orgasm, her juices running down his face onto his chest.

‘Get dressed and get out!’ she ordered. Ben slipped on his shirt and shorts and limped back to his room knowing he could never tell anyone what had just happened.

The next morning he was still sore but so incredibly turned on that he wanked himself silly just thinking about it.

Jean didn’t see the family by the pool during the day although she wasn’t surprised to see the father, mother and daughter sitting by the pool bar in the evening when she came back from the local Taverna.

She said hello and she was asked to join them. ‘No Ben?’ Jean inquired.

‘No, he’s having an early night. For some reason he was really tired this morning and he just wanted to go to bed after our busy day on the sailing trip.’ said his mother.

Jean looked at Susie and gasped at how much sun she must have caught out on the boat .

‘Oh my, you must be so sore?’ Jean exclaimed when she saw her red chest and shoulders. ‘I am a little,’ replied Susie, ‘I think that one of the sun creams must have been a bit out of date.’

‘Look, why don’t you come up with me to my room after we’ve finished our drinks and I can put some Aloe Vera on to take away the soreness? asked Jean

‘That would be great,’ said Susie, ‘You don’t mind do you?’, she said looking at her husband. ‘No, not at all,’ he replied, ‘just don’t make a noise when you come in.’

Jean and Susie went up to the suite. Susie was really impressed. ‘Wow,’ she said, ‘this is lovely.’

‘Not as lovely as you,’ thought Jean as she looked at Susie in her off the shoulder white summer dress. She guessed she wasn’t wearing a bra either because of the sun burn.

‘Let me get some stuff and I’ll be right back.’ said Jean.

In the bathroom she got the Aloe Vera and slipped off her own panties from under her summer dress.

‘Here we are, lets see what good this can do.’

She kaçak bahis walked up behind Susie and started to peel her dress down her body.

‘Wha…what are you doing,?’ asked Susie.

‘Well we don’t want to get your nice white dress dirty do we?’ and in a second the dress was on the floor and Susie was standing there in just a white silk thong.

‘Sit here and I’ll get behind you,’ said Jean as she guided Susie over to the sofa.

She started to apply the cream to Susie’s back and shoulders giving her a slow sensual massage. She could feel Susie relaxing in her hands as they worked their magic on her shoulders and neck and once she was sure she heard Susie moan.

Feeling braver Jean slipped her hand down over Susie’s chest and onto her breasts. This time Susie did moan. When Jean began to fondle her breasts and nipples Susie tried to protest.

‘Sshhh, you know you want this, don’t you?’ said Jean.

With one hand playing with Susie’s nipple her other hand pulled her head round and Jean kissed her full on the mouth, her tongue sneaking between Susie’s lips.

The way Susie responded by kissing back Jean knew then that she was hers for the taking. Grasping Susie’s hand she led her meekly into the bedroom.

She told Susie to lie on the bed then unzipped and discarded her own dress before taking off her bra and letting her full breasts fall free.

Kneeling on the bed Jean peeled off Susie’s panties. ‘Please Jean, don’t I must get back. I have to go.’ pleaded Susie.

Jean pressed Susie back down on the bed.

‘Not before I have my way with you,’ replied Jean.

Jean took out two silk scarves and tied her wrists to the bed. ‘Nooo, please, let me go,’ Susie begged.

‘Oh you can go after I’ve fucked you senseless, young lady.’ stated Jean as she knelt between the younger woman’s thighs and slowly lowered her face to the shiny, wet pussy before her.

‘Oh God no!’ begged Susie. ‘We can’t. Oh fuck!’

Jean licked and sucked Susie’s labia and clit until she was writhing on the bed near to orgasm. Susie was so turned on by being tied down.

‘Oh fuck, I’m cumming,’ she screamed as Jean literally sucked the juices out of her.

Susie lay panting as Jean got off the bed and went to one of her other drawers where she took out a ten inch black strap on cock.

‘Oh god, no…please Jean, let me go, it’s too big.’

Susie watched amazed as Jean wrapped the harness around her waist and buckled it up. Taking a bottle of lube she coated the cock and kneeling back on the bed she slipped it between Susie’s pussy lips.

‘It’s going to be too big,’ pleaded Susie. Jean ignored her and pressed forward driving home the dildo with one push. Susie moaned and surrendered to the older woman as she fucked her.

Soon Susie’s legs were wrapped round Jean’s waist. Her head was buried into Jeans neck as she was frantically fucked.

‘Oh god yes, fuck me. Fuck me!’

Soon Susie was coming on the huge cock, over and over but Jean continued to fuck her. ‘I’m finished, please stop,’ begged Susie.

‘Not until I’ve cum,’ replied Jean. ‘Oh God no, Oh I’m cumming again,’ panted Susie.

Jean finally succumbed and with a scream she too came, a long and pleasurable one.

They lay kissing with the cock still deep inside of Susie.

‘I really must go now,’ Susie said feeling totally satisfied.

Two days later Jean was sitting on her large balcony drinking a coffee before breakfast when she saw the family’s bags being loaded onto the hotel coach for their journey home.

She was sure that both mother and son gazed up at her room before climbing on board.

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