Influencer to Sex Slave Ch. 06

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Author’s note: This is erotic fantasy and completely fictional. The main character, Jack, is a fictional, generic social media star / influencer, and is not a real person. Apologizes I haven’t written in a while, but thanks for the comments and messages. They really give me ideas and encourage me to keep going!


Jack reflects on how he went from being a famous, wholesome social media influencer to a depraved online camwhore (and in-person-whore) in less than a week, as he finds himself alone in his master’s apartment and strapped to a bed. He has a VR headset strapped to his face and it’s cycling through all the porn he’s produced over the last few days, and each time he sees himself getting fucked and abused on the large, virtual movie screen, the butt plug in his ass activates, hitting his prostate.

His master set him up in this configuration to help “train” his mind to accept its fate as a sex slave, because last night after a really intense orgasm he had some flashes of doubt and regret.

And the conditioning seemed to be working. Jack had been laying there for an hour, and every time he saw himself naked on screen he got excited, because he knew that meant the butt plug would activate and send tingles of pleasure down his body. He’s been hard on and off the last hour and wished his hands were free so he could jack off, but at least his cock wasn’t locked up right now.

The drops of THC oil his master gave him are adding to the experience too. He feels really spacey and it’s hard to have any coherent thoughts – he is in the perfect headspace to watch himself being an eager, happy slave in hours of footage.

After what is maybe the second hour (or third? he’s lost track of time), he hears someone enter the room.

“Holy shit Jack,” the guy says. Jack knows the voice sounds familiar, but can’t really place it. The headset is still blocking his view, but he’s very aware of how he’s naked, hard, and helpless sprawled on the bed for whoever this guy is to see.

“Um… who is it?” he asks hesitantly. But the guy ignores his question and starts talking a mile a minute.

“When I texted you yesterday and your friend answered your phone that was weird, but I figured he was your new porn agent or whatever. But then he told me to come over today to check on you and I didn’t expect to see you like this.”

Jack’s heart sinks. He recognizes the voice now. Standing over him is Bryan, the social climber who was always desperate to hang out with Jack when he was famous so he could get famous too. It was Bryan who convinced Jack to go out last weekend when he got black-out drunk, met his master, and kicked off this whole mess.

Bryan continues, “I mean the new stuff you’ve been posting is pretty gross and I haven’t been watching it, but I just figured you were getting paid crazy amounts of money to do some porn. But you don’t even have a camera on you now so why do you have that thing up your ass? Are you really gay?”

Now Bryan was the one in control, while Jack was tied up naked to a bed, super casino şirketleri high, with a vibrating butt plug up his smooth ass.

“Hey Bryan…” Jack says. It’s hard for him to think straight, but he realizes he really needs to pee, and the only way to do that is with Bryan’s help. “Can you help me take a break?”

“Shit Jack I’m still processing all this. What are you seeing in VR? I hear loud moaning sounds coming from the speaker?”

“Please,” Jack whimpers.

“Sorry, you’re right, I’ll let you out here.”

He pulls off the headset and Jack sees the sun for the first time that day. Seeing his body again, he remembers he has his own dried cum all over it, and gets even more embarrassed. Bryan starts to fumble with his restraints, and finally his limbs are free. Out of habit, Jack grabs his phone off the bedside table.

“Hey slut,” his master has wrote to him, “I see Bryan made it. I figure seeing an old friend of yours will help you realize how much you’ve transformed now.”

The text goes on, “I think he’s straight, but your ass is basically a pussy, so do your slut magic and get him to fuck you. That’s an order. And make sure he ties you back up before he leaves.”

Jack glances up at Bryan, who is just staring at him, and finds himself getting aroused at the idea of submitting to him. He’s nervous about being able to pull it off though. All the other men who have fucked him were gay, as far as he knew. He decides to start slow.

“Thanks for coming over man, I could really use a break.”

“You’re welcome,” he says. He’s still processing seeing Jack like this. Just a week ago he was his idol, and he inspired to have as many followers as him. He heard all about his recent gay porn, but had figured Jack just went down the porn route and it was all an act. But the guy in front of him seemed changed.

“I’m going to go to the bathroom but then we can talk a bit,” Jack says, hoping he won’t leave.

“Okay, yeah let’s catch up. But could you please put on some clothes? It’s weirding me out seeing you naked with all that…” he motions to the dried cum on Jack’s chest, but he doesn’t finish his sentence.


When Jack steps out of the bathroom and into the bedroom, he remembers he’s never allowed to wear anything more than underwear without permission from his master. Since he has to seduce Bryan anyway and he’s straight, he digs through his drawer and finds a lacy pair of panties. He puts them on, with the butt plug still in, and heads into the living room.

Bryan is on the couch watching TV. His eyes scan down Jack’s body and lock onto his bulge in the panties and has a look of shock.

“Sorry Bryan, my master has given me strict orders to never wear clothes without his permission.”

“Your master is… the man who told me to come over today? What does that mean, ‘master’?”

Jack sits next to him on the couch, being careful to not touch Bryan yet and scare him off. He then takes a few minutes to tell his story over the last week. Bryan listens intently.

“So you casino firmaları really are a fag? And you like doing this… ‘slave’ stuff?”

It was a blunt question, but it was true. Jack nods, “Yes, it’s been the horniest week of my life. This is just kind of who I am now.” Videos of him being a total slut he was just watching flash in his mind as he says this.

“So you literally let anyone fuck you and record it?”

“Yeah that’s the basics of it man, it feels good to me.”

“Wow that’s really gross, fag. I used to idolize you, fuck…”

Jack feels really embarrassed facing a friend from his “before” life and being called that, but his conditioning has been working, because he starts to get an erection. He zones out for a minute fantasizing about Bryan between his legs, calling him a fag as he pounds his hole. The THC oil is definitely going strong and he finds it hard to focus.

At this point Jack realizes they had been sitting in awkward silence for a minute. He needs to keep Bryan engaged so he doesn’t leave before he can make a move.

“Could I get you a drink, sir,” he asks.

Brian gives an eyebrow raise to being called “sir” but he answers, “Sure… yeah…”

Over the next fifteen minutes they hang out. Jack turns on ESPN to break up the silence and Bryan chugs the strong cocktail Jack made him. They’re sitting close on the couch, with Jack’s bare, hairless thigh pressing against Bryan’s sweatpants. Jack makes a move, putting his hand on Bryan’s thigh and giving it a squeeze.

“Could I do anything else for you, sir?” he asks, hoping for the best. And the best happens.

Bryan hesitates, takes another gulp of his drink, and then says, “Um… maybe… I’ve never had a blowjob.”

Jack can’t help but crack a smile. Bryan wasn’t bad looking, but he was an asshole who acted over-confident all the time, so he could believe he’s hasn’t gotten laid yet.

“But that’s why slaves like me exist,” Jack thinks to himself. He says, “I’ll do anything you ask, sir.”

Bryan looks a little panicked over everything, and he stammers out something about how he’s not gay but a mouth is a mouth, but Jack isn’t even listening. His brain has switched over, and he moves to be on his knees between Bryan’s spread legs, and starts to pull down his waist-band.

Bryan’s cock comes easily out of his sweatpants. It’s already hard, an average size, and covered in unshaven pubes (typical for a straight guy without a girlfriend). Jack licks up the initial drops of pre-cum oozing out, and then engulfs it with his mouth.

“Of fuckkkk,” Bryan says, his head rolling backwards.

Jack’s first straight cock tastes kind of musky, and his face is getting rubbed by all the pubes, but he proceeds to move it deeper down his throat. At this point, Jack’s buttplug starts vibrating again… just his master’s way of saying he’s watching and pleased with him.

Bryan has his eyes closed, Jack sees, so maybe he’s trying to fantasize about a chick, or maybe he’s just zoned out in ecstasy. Jack gives it a few minutes, güvenilir casino but he’s aware if Bryan comes he’s probably going to leave right after, and he’s been ordered to take him in his boy pussy, so he stops.

“Can you fuck me please, sir? I promise it will feel ten times better than my mouth,” Jack says, trying to sound feminine. Seducing a straight guy is new to him as he’s used to men jumping on him, but he’s doing a great job.

“I’m not sure…” Bryan says, trailing off.

Jack knows he can make Bryan come from the blow job, but it’s not what his master wants, so he says, “If you want to orgasm it will be way easier, sir, I don’t think you can come from this.”

What does he know? “Okay, but I don’t want to see your during it… fag,” Bryan says, throwing in the last word to rationalize to himself what he’s doing.

Success. Before he can change his mind, Jack quickly pulls the vibrating buttplug out of his hole, gives one extra spit of saliva on Bryan’s hard cock, and then climbs up on the couch. Squatting over Bryan with his back to him, he pulls his panties to the side to reveal his hole and slowly lowers himself on Bryan’s wet dick.

Bryan is moaning like crazy the entire time as Jack drives his cock in and out. Eventually instinct takes over, and Bryan – with his dick in his first virgin hole – begins to grab Jack’s hip bones and thrust his cock himself.

“Yes Bryan, fuck me please,” Jack says, yipping each time the cock hits his prostate.

“You really are a dirty fag,” Bryan says, and then he speeds up. Jack knows it won’t be long, and then he feels the cock pulse in his asshole and Bryan pumps him full of his seed.

Bryan collapses down, and Jack carefully sits his light body on top of him, the cock still hard inside his ass. He wants nothing more than to stroke off his hard cock and orgasm too, but he knows he’s not allowed to without permission.

Bryan gains his composure after a minute, and pushes Jack off him by the hips. “Dude that was really weird,” he says. He pulls his sweatpants up and gets out from under Jack, standing up.

“That felt okay I guess for me, but you really are pretty messed up.”

“Yes sir, I’m just a slutty, gay bitch,” Jack says back, knowing it’s true.

“I think I should go,” Bryan says, feeling shame now that he’s not horny anymore.

“Before you do, my master said could you please tie me up again like you found me?”

When they go back into the bedroom Jack checks his phone again and sees a message from his master, “Good job boy. A virgin too… ;)”

A few minutes later Jack is tied up again on the bed, sprawled out naked with the butt plug back up his raw asshole, holding in Bryan’s cum. On the headset, which is back over his eyes, a new video starts to play.

For the next few hours Jack watches on loop secret footage from his old friend calls him a “dirty fag” while fucking him. Each time Bryan’s orgasms (his eyes rolling backwards and all his body shaking) Jack’s buttplug vibrates too, sending tingles all over and causing precum to ooze into the panties he’s wearing.

Jack loses all sense of time that day, as he’s immersed in a virtual world of him naked, a slave, serving a straight man like he’s meant to. And he loves every second of it.

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