MsB’s Trip To Victoria’s Secret

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I always ask my subs to go to Victoria’s Secret to try on some sexy lingerie, and then finger themselves. So now I had to experience what they did as my first task. I took a long bath and decided to wear something cool, sexy but also very comfortable. I put on my while lace thong. Then decided on some nylons. I chose some black thigh highs and sat on the bed as I put them on. I love the feel of nylon against my skin. Next, I debated whether to wear a bra or go bra less. Since my nipples have always been a source of embarrassment to me at times, because of they get hard and are quite large when they do and show through whatever I am wearing I decided to wear a light nylon type bra I have. I slipped the white bra on and noticed it was not going to hide my nipples. I smiled and continued to dress.

Next I put on a short blue shirt that is about three inches above my knees. Next cam a light blue tank top with shoulder straps. Next came my favorite foot wear for this outing. I took the shoes out of the closet and place my feet in them. Closing the door of my bedroom, I saw myself in the full length mirror. The four inch high heels were just the thing for this outfit. Grabbing my purse, I went to the car and drove to the Mall. All kinds of thought raced though my mind as I drove and parked. Walking into the Mall the cool air hit me. My thong strap was biting in to my pussy in a very nice way and I suddenly realize I was soaking wet. Now my nipples were hard and showing. This might me a very good trip.

But as I entered the Victoria Secrets store, a sudden rush of casino şirketleri fear entered my body. What if I get caught. Dealing with the fear made my nipples hard and me wetter. I looked around at the various items. Having never been in a Victoria Secrets store, I was embarrassed and turned on at the same time. I had no idea what I was going to shop for much less buy. I was looking at the bra display when a sales clerk ask me if she could help me. I noticed she was very pretty. Blond hair and blue eyes, about 130 lbs. , in her late thirties.

What caught my attention the most was her bust size. She was quite will endowed to say the least. As she was showing me the bras, I peeked at her white blouse drawn taught over her breasts. I mentally estimated that she must me a 38 D or better. The bra she had on caused her breast to be lifted and pointed. A gap between the buttons of her blouse told me that she had a nice cleavage and the tops of her breasts were exposed thought the gap. As I selected three bras with her assistance, I was having a hard time dealing with all the moisture in my crotch. Hoping it did not drip on the carpet. The small strap of the thong had reached its limit and the moisture was now running to the top of my thigh highs.

I chose three bras and a style of thong to try on. The sales clerk showed me the dressing room. She was very helpful and to tell the truth I kept her these as long as I could to steal as many glances as possible. I suddenly felt the urge to get in the dressing room as soon as possible. The moisture was now on my nylons and I casino firmaları could feel it beginning to run down my leg. I excused myself and stepped in the dressing room and closed the door. I dropped down on the seating bench to catch my breath and hopefully gather myself for what was to come. Me. I quickly pull up my short skirt past my crotch and sat back down with my legs open and my crotch out over the edge of the bench, if any moisture was to gather it would simply drop on the floor. Seated across from the mirror, one glance told me I was in an excited state. My face was flushed, my nipples rock hard and showing and with my legs open I could see the moisture on my vagina on each side of the thong strap.

I pulled off my tank top and took off my bra. God what a relief to my sensitive and aching breasts. I pulled at my nipples to relieve the ache. That was a bad idea. My vagina flooded me with moisture now I was wet. God so wet. I put on the first bra. An uplift that fit me nicely. I am a 34c and need little assistance from a bra, but it did fit nice and felt real good on my breasts The next was a bra that had half cups. I snapped it and pulled it in place. It was tight on me and caused my breast to become rigid and confined. I removed it and slipped into the last one. As |I pulled it into place, I looked in the mirror and my breath was gone. The black lace bra fit me perfect. My nipples clearly showing thought the holes in the front of the bra.

God it looked good on me. I pulled my dress to my waist and seated myself as before. I slipped the black thong off güvenilir casino and move my white one next to me for easy access because I knew what was coming. I watched in the mirror as my right hand slide over my tummy to my pussy. My left raised to me breast. As my hand came into contact with my clit, a hot bolt went through my body. My pussy was tingling already and my pussy opened like a flower blooming. God it was a sight. My nylon encased legs spread apart. My shirt around my waist and my finger pulling my left nipple. I placed two fingers on my clit and rubbed it. Soon I was flooded. My fingers slipped down to my opening and to my surprise four fingers just fell in my pussy. The heat of the moment was unbelievable. My fingers when immediately to the top of my pussy just inside the opening. I knew the moment was not far away.

Grabbing my white thong I placed it in my mouth. Tasting my own pussy as mine exploded. My body jerked and shook. My orgasm lasted several minutes it seemed. At the end I had to gather myself because of a pain in my left nipple. I was about to pull my own nipple off. God. The thong in my mouth kept the whole store from hearing me. I was hoping no one was just outside because if they were, I am sure they would have heard me. I wished for it a second and them turned red with embarrassment at the thought. I reached for the Kleenex in my purse. I did wipe my thighs, but left my vagina untouched. Smiling as I walked out of the dressing room, the sales clerk accompanied me to the sales counter after putting back two of the bras and selected three more thongs of the same style I had just tried on.

I went to the counter and paid for the items. I could smell myself the whole time I was standing there. I wondered if the sales clerk or the cashier could. I hope she did.

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