Marissa’s Lesson

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Marissa Jimenez was a quiet little girl. Even though she was 18, she did not look it. She just recently came over from Mexico where she played the perfect parent to her five other cousins. As the oldest she made sure everybody was to school on time, paid attention, and did well. Being in a new country was strange and hard for Marissa. Not only did she have trouble understanding the language, but did not feel comfortable with the whole culture. Most of her teachers and classmates overlooked her because of her plain Jane appearance. Coming from a poor family she didn’t have the newest or best of clothes but her upbringing did not let her go school looking like she was homeless neither.

Like any other school which is over crowded Marissa was assigned students in her class to help translate for her. This is where her problems began. Mr. Erickson was not use to foreign students and have no clue as to the problems Marissa would have adjusting in his class. The only two students who knew any Spanish were Juan and Pablo (underclassmen), but they barely understood Marissa who was put in school as a senior due to her age. When Mr. Erickson assigned the class to write about their favorite food, Marissa essay came as a shock to him. Because she did not know the names of things in English Marissa would ask her two in class tutors for help. She wanted to write how much she loved chicken and how delicious her dad prepared it for the family. Yet, this is a small excerpt of her poorly translated essay.

“I love cok. Mi dad has the best cok in town. He makes me have cok and I like it. When I eat his cok, it tastes good and juicy. My mouth gets so ful wit cok, but I wont mor. I wish I had cok every nite.”

Mr. Erickson did not know what to make of it. He just stared blankly at bahis firmaları the essay and at the quiet innocent student in the back of the class. Admittedly, he saw Marissa in a whole new light. He looked beyond the lack of make up and drabby clothes and what he saw amazed him. She had the biggest brownest eyes he ever saw. A cute little face that would melt you heart. Long raven hair and the most natural tan imaginable. After class when he called her up to his desk, he noticed for the first time ample cleavage (she might even be the most busty girl in school, but you would never know due to her dress) and nice round hips. She was petite but not fragile.

“Marissa what is this essay about,” he asked.

“Teacher, its about when mi dad cooks for us. He makes the best diner.” she replied.

Now Mr. Erickson understood that she meant to write chicken but in translation she understood cock. He grinned as the misunderstanding but now he could not keep from admiring this Latina beauty that had been overlooked by all including himself. Now that he was paying attention and had her up close and reading that essay he notice the huge tent in his pants.

“Well Marissa that is not what your wrote. You wrote something really bad and I have to tell the principal,” he announced.

Marissa was tormented. The last thing she wanted to do was cause problems and have her parents angry at her. She had no clue what he was talking about because all her life, she did exactly what her parents, teachers, and any adult asked of her.

Mr. Erickson saw how mortified she was and he came up with a plan. “This is your first school in the States right?” he asked.

“Yes,” she replied.

“How they punish you in Mexico?” he asked again.

“We got spanked or kaçak iddaa hit on my hand by rulers,” She replied.

All Mr. Erickson heard was spanked. “Well because you were bad, you need to be punish. I can talk to the principal and he could call your parents or we can take care of this in class.”

“No teacher. No principal. No tell mi parents.” she pleaded.

He smiled, “We have an understanding?”

“Si,” was all she could muster to say.

“Well Marissa. I’m going to give you a spanking,” He stated.

Again all she could say was “Si.”

Marissa was bend over Mr. Ericson’s desk. A position only the bad kids were in at her old school. Many times she witnessed the punishment being thankful she did not bring such shame on her family. Now here she was, but thankful nobody else saw her indignity.

“Marissa, here in our country, you have to get a spanking on your behind. So raise your dress,” he ordered.

Knowing that he teacher was always right, Marissa obliged.

You could hear Mr. Erickson intake of breath two counties down. There before him was the nicest ass her ever saw through white cotton panties. It was near perfection. Round. Firm. Tight little Latina bubble butt. Those gorgeous long tan legs made it near impossible for him to resist. All he could do was stare. After what seemed an eternity, he mustered the courage to stand behind her and swat it. He was in heaven every touch brought him shear delight. Her little groans filled his mind with the most erotic thought that made his bulging hardness even more unbearable.

“Marissa do you understand you were a bad girl and needed to be punished? Do you understand I have to make you a good girl? Do you understand this has to stay just between us?” he asked through labored kaçak bahis breathes.

Once again, his good little student replied “Si.”

Unable to control himself, Mr. Erickson took out his raging cock and grabbed Marissa’s hips and began to rub it up and down her very firm ass. He never felt such pleasure and the sight made him lose all his control. Marissa was beyond reason. She was never taught anything about men or sex. This whole experience was new to her and she was afraid to react. She did not know what was happening, but understood the teacher was always right. Marissa could hear and feel Mr. Erickson and felt he was giving her the proper punishment.

Mr. Erickson heard Marissa squeak when he pulled down her little panties exposing his prize. Grabbing his hardness he rubbed it between those nice cheek up n down feeling her soft smooth firm skin coming down to her tight little entrance. With one thrust he was inside. Her moaning n grunting and whimpers added to lustful state. How he not have noticed this little flower until today. He started slowly pumping in and out of her but the more he did it the faster n harder he had to go. Soon he was fucking like a mad man giving it all he had. His hand on her firm ass he plowed her with every ounce of strength in his body. All he heard was “ay ay ay teacher ay dios ay ay ay.” Soon (too soon) he felt the build up. He forced himself out of the most pleasurable place he’d ever been in and shot his load on the beautiful behind. Standing there sweating with his hand in his hand, painting that brown beauty, he could not help but admire his work. Slapping her ass with his cock he asked,

“Marissa, you know this is for your own good?” he asked.

Between whimpers and hard breaths all she could say was “Si.”

“Good I will see you tomorrow,” he said.

“Si,” she replied.

From the hall way Tyrone and Pedro saw the whole scene. Grinning to each other they knew they had to get some of that tight Mexican pussy.

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