Giving Her What She Needs Pt. 02

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Prologue: This part picks up pretty much where the previous one left off. It would benefit you to read that piece first as the details and setting for this part of the story are all set up there. I also edited in some dialogue this time as previously suggested by a few different readers. Hope you enjoy.


Friday night

Thursday and Friday seemed to fly by faster than expected. As much as I couldn’t stop Kay from entering my thoughts, I still had a full plate of responsibilities to tend to which made the hours go by quicker than anticipated. In my moments of down time between classes, or at work when I took a moment to catch my breath, I would always check my phone for messages and like clockwork, a text or two from Kay would always be waiting for me.

She gave me updates on how she was enjoying the city and complimented me on my restaurant suggestions when she needed a place to grab lunch with potential clients. Then there were the bed time texts which usually included a teasing, sensual picture of her in minimal clothing with some type of tempting line like “Wish you were here”. On Friday night, as I was heading for the exit at work, a picture message in my inbox included a photo of a black plastic shopping bag and the accompanying message read “Found a naughty bookstore while I was venturing through the city after dinner. I picked up a few toys we might enjoy.”

Now, it was just after midnight as I read this, and I had been awake since 7am for class and then pulled a 10 hour shift at a busy midtown Manhattan restaurant on a Friday night. I should’ve been exhausted, but reading this message shot a surge of hormones through my body that made me completely unable to feel tired. I immediately texted Kay back to see if she was still awake. I didn’t care that I was drenched in sweat and smelling like the inside of an old shoe. I had the next two days off and I really wanted to find out what the hell was inside that plastic bag.

Before I had even hit the corner after leaving the back exit of the restaurant, my phone buzzed with another message. Kay was in bed and had dozed off for a few hours, but told me I was more than welcome to come by if I wanted. “If I wanted”. Like there was something else I wanted to do this evening besides fuck Kay’s brains out again. I quickly made my way to the subway station and gave Kay my ETA. I was even kind enough to warn her about my sad current state of personal hygiene to which she replied with a simple picture text of the shower stall in her hotel room.

Luckily it was an express train and only two stops at that time of the night which separated me from Kay’s hotel and in a matter of 20-25 minutes, I went from the back exit of the restaurant to standing in front of the door to Kay’s room. My excitement and adrenaline from work hadn’t waned one bit as I tapped on her door which stood in great contrast to the squinty-eyed, half-asleep woman who opened it. Deep down, it inflated my ego quite a bit that this woman would wake herself from bed at 12:30 am just so she could spend time with me.

After some quick pleasantries and a brief peck on the lips, I made a beeline to the bathroom and casino şirketleri immediately stripped off the sweat-covered, stinky chef clothing I had been wearing and jumped into the shower. I didn’t even bother getting dressed after toweling off. We both knew why I was here and clothes seemed like an unnecessary pretense at this point.

Kay was back in bed as I exited the bathroom into the pitch black room and stumbled my way towards her. As I quietly crawled onto the bed, she turned towards me and reached out to pull me closer. Her hands instantly began to roam all over my body and she quietly cooed her approval upon discovering my lack of clothing. My hands quickly made it apparent I wanted her to join me and made short work of her minimal bedtime attire.

“You smell much better,” Kay noted as we embraced and began passionately kissing.

“Well, it’d be impossible to smell any worse,” I joked before nibbling on her neck and running my hand over her breasts and down across her stomach.

“I thought about you all day,” she said as she softly dragged her fingernails across my back and shoulders.

“What did you think about?” I inquired as my fingers found her already soaking wet pussy. A quick dip inside her wetness lubricated my fingers so I could massage her clit.

A moan escaped her lips and her arms clenched around my back before breathlessly replying, “You, naked in this bed with me.”

Her hips slowly undulated up and down off the mattress as my fingers swirled around her engorged clit. I kissed the side of her face and attacked the sensitive skin below her ear with my lips knowing full well this would wake her body from her slumber. My mouth moved further down across her chest so I could kiss her lovely, perky breasts. As my tongue swirled across her nipples and my fingers continued to caress her clit, I heard her inhale sharply as her body went momentarily stiff before turning into leg-shaking quiver. Her fingers clenched a fist full of my hair as her body quaked for a few moments and her breathing became erratic

“Well, that didn’t take long,” I thought to myself as Kay lie writhing on the bed underneath me after her first quick climax of the night. I momentarily thought about licking up every drop from that delicious wet pussy, but her body was already primed and my dick wasn’t going to get any harder. I needed to fuck this sexy woman

I climbed to the edge of the bed and stood up before grabbing her ankles and pulling her body towards me. She let out a playful yelp at being tossed around with ease. Her ass rested right at the end of the bed and her pussy was elevated to the perfect height. I lined up my dick with her drenched slit and pushed the head inside. She gasped at the sudden penetration and clawed at the sheets. Her pussy was on absolute fire. I loved the feeling of her warmth as her wet folds enveloped my dick. After a few short, slow strokes, my cock had been completely covered by the juices pouring out of her and I bottomed out inside her. I had to pause for a moment to collect myself. The muscles in her pussy gripped me so tightly and the heat she was generating was so exquisite I needed to settle down.

I casino firmaları looked up to see her piercing green eyes staring right at me and she slowly rotated her hips as I held still, buried all the way inside her.

“Please,” she said pleadingly “please…fuck me” as she continued to grind her hips against my cock. God, this woman turned me on. I slowly pulled back, leaving just the head of my cock inside her before forcefully pushing back inside her. An appreciative moan escaped her lips as she ran one hand through her hair and held a death grip on the sheets with the other. I fucked her with long, deep strokes, burying every inch I had inside of her. I could feel her muscles gripping my cock on the way out as if not wanting me to leave and then the friction of her tiny pussy trying in vain to resist my invasion on the way back in. The sensations were almost overwhelming but there was no way I wanted this to end quickly.

I grabbed her thighs for leverage and continued with deep thrusts. From this angle, I could fuck her as hard as I wanted with minimal strain. Watching her face contort and her body squirm as I continued to fill every last bit of her pussy was such an erotic sight. Her upper arm was draped over part of her face and she bit the skin of bicep to try to muffle some of her screams as her eyes clenched shut and her hips bounced off the bed from my hips crashing into them.

“Harder…fuck me…harder…” she moaned in between gasps of air.

My hand came down on her thigh, just above her ass, in a glancing blow as I growled in response, “Fucking…say…please.” Each word punctuated with a deep thrust of my dick all the way inside her, using her thighs to pull her into me as I slammed my hips into her.

“P-please…please…” was all she could manage to force out of her lips, but I knew what she wanted. Before she had a chance to protest, I had pulled my cock out of her, grabbed her hips, and flipped her onto her stomach. I lifted her up high enough to put her knees on the edge of the bed and then roughly shoved my dick back inside her waiting pussy in one stroke. She cried out and gripped the bed with both hands while I grabbed her hips and started pounding into her pussy from behind. The sounds coming out of her mouth were only slightly muffled by the bed as she buried her face in the sheets. This is what she wanted, maybe even truly needed. She wanted to submit to me and be fucked senseless. She needed a savage, animalistic fucking to truly satisfy all of her pent up sexual frustrations and I was finally giving her the release she had been missing.

Her moans bordered on muffled screams as I pounded into her. Combined with the slapping sounds of my hips bouncing off her heart-shaped ass, it was like music to my ears. As I continued to plunge my dick into her warm depths, I noticed she had reached back with one of her hands and was now massaging her clit. She was truly letting go and allowing herself to get off on this rough treatment. The shy, nervous woman from two nights before was nowhere to be found and in her place was a wonderfully sexual being who knew what she wanted. She may have been submitting güvenilir casino to me with her face down against the bed and her ass lifted in the air for my personal use, but she was in complete control of the sensations her body was feeling. I couldn’t get enough.

I could feel her fingertips brush against my balls when I pushed inside her and the sensations of having her clit massaged while I fucked her caused her pussy to spasm in the most delightful way around my cock. She was babbling and moaning incoherently when I felt the rush of pussy juice flood my cock. Her body began convulsing and she tossed her head wildly back and forth as she had a massive orgasm. I gripped her hips firmly to hold her in place so I could ride out her climax but after just a few more strokes, her body collapsed and she lay prone on the bed. She was gasping wheezing as her entire body was limp. She lay there catching her breath for a few moments before I grabbed her hips again and slowly pushed part of my dick back into her pussy. She tensed up and resisted at first, but when she felt me stop and slowly stroke her body with my hands as just the head of my cock rested inside her, she relaxed and relented.

I used short, slow gentle strokes while she caught her breath and came back to her senses. When her breathing slowed, she finally opened her eyes, looked right at me and said “Oh my god, that was amazing.”

I smiled at her, flipped her onto her back, and climbed between her legs. “My turn,” was all I replied.

She wrapped her arms around the back of my neck and pulled me in for a kiss. “Cum for me,” she whispered to me as my cock slid back inside her.

I put my elbows on either side of her head for leverage as she wrapped her legs around my back. I was aching to explode at this point and began pounding her hips into the bed. She was moaning and scratching my back, but her eyes never left mine. Her legs were rhythmically pulling me into her with each stroke and her hips were coming off the mattress to meet me. “Cum for me. I want to feel you explode. Please, I want your cum,” she was gasping and begging as I continued to bury my dick deep inside her.

When the sensations became too overwhelming, I announced to Kay I was going to cum and planned on pulling out and covering her like last time. She had other ideas though. As I started to pull out, she tightened the grip her legs had around my waist and back and pulled me back inside her. “Cum inside me. I want to feel it,” was the last thing I heard before I exploded and temporarily lost contact with reality. I shoved my cock as deep inside her as it would go and let go a torrent of cum. It felt like it wouldn’t stop. Kay bounced her hips up and down off the bed, massaging my cock as it pulsed and unloaded inside her perfect pussy.

I must have been making some funny noises or faces because when I came back to earth and opened my eyes, Kay was smiling and giggling at me. I have no idea how she went from depraved sexual demon to absolutely adorable in the span of a few moments, but I certainly enjoyed it. We cleaned up and drifted off to sleep. I was beat and we had a big day ahead of us.


The next part up will be longer and include the details of our Saturday together. Hopefully, there won’t be any unforeseen interruptions which prevent me from finishing it for two months like what happened here. Thanks for reading.

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