Harry, Kate , Jan Ch. 09

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Once again Harry was first at the post desk and was soon sorting out the mail for Samara and his section. She arrived at her desk and took her post.

“Good morning Harry! Thank you for sorting the post for me again. Did you have a nice evening last night?”

“It was not exactly nice,” said Harry with a smirk. “It was very hard work. It was also very stimulating and exciting!”

Samara looked Harry in the eye and grinned.

“It sounds to me,” she said very quietly, “that you had a fucking good time!” She smiled again. “I don’t suppose that you had a chance to mention my problem?”

“Your weekends will be charged at the lowest rate,” said Harry reassuringly. “You may find that you have to pay a little for it but I can assure you that Cindy has a tremendous body, really tremendous. You will also probably be introduced to a number of horny men; not locals though, I specified that.”

“It sounds as if I may have my hands full, in more ways than one,” said Samara with the hint of a giggle. Her voice dropped another octave. “I’m going to tell Jack he can come over to Crowton next Wednesday. Then he can come all over me!”

“Harry, telephone call!” called Amanda from across the room.

It didn’t take many guesses to identify Harry’s caller; it was Kate.

“Sorry darling but I just couldn’t wait,” she whispered. “If you can’t talk just answer my questions. Did you fuck her?”


“How many times?”

Harry thought. “Six or seven,” he said.

“My God; her arse too?”

“Including that!”

“Did you stay the night?”

“I had to; she got me half pissed on Remy!”

“You lucky bastard!”

There was a pause. “How did you get on?” asked Harry quietly.

“Oh I got off all right! When do I see you?”

“Pack your bag and come around tomorrow night. I’m cooking!”

“Sorry? Did you say fucking?”

“You heard!” said Harry as he hung up with a laugh.


The day passed almost uneventfully. Samara called him into the private interview room twice. Each time she had a genuine reason for wanting to talk to him plus a small agenda of her own.

The first time she ended the agenda with a kiss, pressing her firm bosom into Harry.

The second time she groped into his crotch. Harry’s cock rose to the occasion.

“God Harry, I’ve got to have you again soon!” she sighed as she began to squeeze and fondle him. “Can we do it again please?”

“If you can come around any time from tomorrow evening I’ll see what I can do,” grinned Harry as he hefted Sammy’s generous breasts. “Kate will be there like last week but I’m sure it will be all right!”

“I’ll be there if I can make it,” said Sammy as she concentrated on running her fingers up and down Harry’s shaft. “I’ve got to finish my packing, not just for Crowton next week but also all my other personal possessions. I’m taking them out and putting them into storage so that Sachin is not tempted to sell them while I’m not looking. I’m renting one of those mini storage units out on the industrial estate.”

“Good idea,” said Harry, trying to concentrate on not filling his pants with cum. “If you need a hand just call me and I’ll see what I can do.”

“No, it’s OK, my father is bringing one of the firm’s vans around and we will move everything in that, even if we have to make several trips. I’ll leave you now so that you can recover your, er, composure!”

Harry sat down as Sammy left the office. He tried to breath deeply and relax in order to reduce his erection to manageable proportions. Just as he thought that he was about to succeed Amanda slipped in through the door. She immediately looked down at his crotch, grinned and pushed out her magnificent chest.

“Hi Harry, I wondered where you had got to then I saw Samara come out of here. There’s been a phone call for you from Mrs. Sue Graham. She says that she must speak to you urgently. This is her number!”

Amanda handed Harry a piece of message paper on which was written a phone number. He took it.

“I’ll call her straight away from in here,” he said to Amanda as he pulled the interview room phone towards him. “Thanks Amanda, you can leave now!”

Amanda took one more look into Harry’s crotch, at the bulge that she had succeeded in growing again.

“Harry,” said Sue as soon as he had identified himself, “I need to see you about some more investments. An aunt of mine has died and the solicitors say that she has left me just over a quarter of a million.”

“Wow,” said Harry. “That sort of figure needs thinking about. When will you have it? Will probate be long?”

“No, that’s just it. She lived away from here and I hadn’t heard from her for years so it has taken the solicitors a while to find me. Probate will be through within a month. When can I see you?”

“How about Monday at eleven o’clock?”

“That’s fine. By the way, I’m not telling Graham about this money. Not yet anyway, I want to see how things go between us. All right?”

“If you say so,” said Harry. casino şirketleri “It’s your money. Monday at eleven then?”

“Yes please Harry. Thanks. Harry?”


“I’ll get my bottom ready!”

“Fuckin’ Hell!”

“No Harry, fucking heaven!”


Harry took his time going home tonight. He called at the ‘Black Bull’ for a pint and then decided to have a steak. They grilled a nice one at the ‘Bull’ so it was about seven o’clock before he collapsed into his favourite armchair at home.

The ringing of his doorbell awakened him. He glanced at the clock as he went to the door. Christ! It was eight o’clock already! It must be Jan at the door.

It was. Her cheeky little face took in his sleepy eyes and crumpled working suit. She laughed.

“Hey there, have I called on a man too tired to fuck? Harry darling you look shattered. Let me in so that I can look after you.”

Jan pushed her way in and Harry followed her into the lounge. Under her jacket she was wearing a tiny white top tied on with strings and a dark blue skirt, which only dropped to the top of her thighs. Harry’s cock rose in his trousers and she noticed, laughing as she clapped her little hands together.

“Oh Harry, I’m pleased to see that I can still get you going! Please undress for me first tonight. It will be so much fun for me to see you naked first!”

Harry grinned and started to unbutton his shirt. He had pulled his tie off when he had arrived home. His cock was throbbing in his pants so that would be revealed last of all. He pulled off his shirt and unclipped the waistband of his trousers. He pulled down his zip fastener and let them fall.

Jan couldn’t wait any longer. She fell to her knees in front of Harry and yanked his pants down his legs. His cock bounced up into the air. She grabbed it and thrust it up her little top so that it was nestled between her lovely breasts. The heat from her breasts made Harry thrust at her titty channel. He grabbed her shoulders and fucked at her tits.

“Ohhhhh yessss Harry! Fuck my titties! Come all over them. Make me all sticky!”

Harry felt completely uninhibited. He wanted to come but he also wanted to see Jan’s gorgeous tits. He reached out and tore off her top. He still couldn’t see her breasts; they were pressed tight to his cock and balls. Christ! He was going to shoot his load!

“Jan, I’m gonna come, right now!” he gasped.

Jan heard him and pulled back as his first ejaculation shot out of his cock all over her breasts. She pumped his shaft, milking his spunk from his cock time and time again. When there was no more she swallowed his shaft and sucked the remainder out of his tube. Then she stood.

“Wow, that’s a lot,” she smiled at him. She grasped her breasts and began to spread his cum all over her upper body. She did it vigorously so that Harry’s sticky cream made juicy wet noises as she worked. Harry groaned and his cock started to rise again.

“Ooooo, how lovely,” Jan sighed. “Just as I’m ready for a good fuck! Let me get into position for you Harry darling.”

Jan turned and rested herself face down on to the sofa cushions, her lovely buttocks in the air with her thighs spread. Harry groaned as he caressed her cheeks, crack and soft centres.

“Jan my darling, you are so beautiful. Your arse is so soft warm and round. I’m going to fuck you now! My cock has recovered already!”

“Good!” giggled Jan from her muffled position in the cushions. She raised her head a little. “Don’t hold back Harry. Smack my cheeks hard and fuck me hard too! I have been waiting for this all week and I want it all and I want it now! Fuck me hard now!”

Harry thrust his ramrod home, all the way up Jan’s fiery hot passage. God! He loved her cunt, so juicy and receptive. Come to think of it, he loved all the cunts he’d been in recently! This one was going to get some spunk as soon as he could make some.

Jan was really into fucking now! She was thrusting back hard on to the hard hot spike that was embedded inside her!

“Yes fuck,” she gasped with each thrust. “Yes fuck! Yes fuck! Yes, fuck me! Smack me hard! Smack me fuckin’ hard! Fucking Hell, smack me fuckin’ hard! Shoot your red-hot fuckin’ load! Fill me with your fuckin’ spunk!”

Harry obliged. He couldn’t hold back any longer. He thrust as deep as he could and stopped, his hands pulling Jan’s hips hard into his crotch. His balls clenched and delivered. His hot spunk jetted into Jan’s waiting cunt and he slapped her cheeks hard in time with his spurts.

“Take that,” he gasped as he smacked her. “Take fuckin’ that, you little sexy minx you!” He smacked her again as he fired more hot spunk into her.

“Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!” squealed Jan as she orgasmed all along Harry’s shaft. “Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh yes!”

The session took a little while to get over. Harry and Jan cuddled together on the sofa, kissing, feeling and fondling each other. Jan spent a lot of time playing with Harry’s cock after first of all sucking all of casino firmaları their combined juices from it.

“Oh Harry, that was wonderful!” she kept on repeating. “I don’t know what I’m going to do when I don’t have you to fuck me any more.”

“Don’t worry little one,” said Harry comfortingly. “We have still got plenty of time. Kate won’t stop me from fucking you for a while yet. She will want to watch and join in soon though! How do you feel about that?”

Jan lay back along the sofa, her little fingers beginning to explore the entrance to her pussy. She smiled.

“That sounds like fun,” she said softly. “Harry?”


“Will you do my bum hole tonight please? I want to broaden my experience as quickly as possible. As well as broaden my arsehole!” she giggled nervously.

Harry spread himself over Jan’s beautiful young body and began to lick her belly and her mons. She moaned softly as he found her crack with his tongue and licked inside, tasting their combined excretions. He agitated her little clitoris, feeling it harden and grow as he began to suck on it.

“Ohhhh my God,” moaned Jan. “I’m gonna come again soon.” She reached down for his cock. It grew in her hand as her climax overtook her and she made more love juice.

Harry filled his mouth with Jan’s juice but he didn’t swallow it this time. He turned her over again and as his face brushed her beautiful smooth bottom cheeks he nosed into her crack and dribbled her cum juices all around and over her puckered rosehole. As Jan moaned softly he prised her hole open and watched as some of the warm juice trickled down into the hole.

“Oh yes please Harry. Push your big hard cock into my arsehole. Don’t hurt me though; you know that this is my first time, don’t you?”

“Don’t worry, little one. I won’t hurt your virgin arse. We will go slow and easy and I will stop if you tell me to. OK?”

“No way will I tell you to stop Harry, even if it hurts a lot. I’m determined to lose my arse cherry tonight. So stick your cock in my bum and fuck it and fill it with your cum!”

“OK,” said Harry, “here we go!”

Harry made saliva and added that to the juices already gathered at Jan’s anus. He also pushed his prick into her cunt to make it slippery. Then he approached her hole with the tip of his cock.

He pulled the little aperture wide with his thumbs and pushed his knob end into the hole. Jan moaned with anticipation.

“Just relax now, darling Jan,” whispered Harry. “Let me ease my knob end into your hot little hole.”

Jan sighed and concentrated on relaxing her sphincter muscle. To her complete surprise it worked and Harry’s big tool slid halfway into her arse.

“Oooooo! Wow!” she exclaimed softly.

“How does that feel darling?” asked Harry quietly.

Jan didn’t answer for a few moments then she said, “that is the most wonderful feeling I’ve had since you first fucked me. It’s, it’s fucking fantastic!”

“Shall I go on?” asked Harry.

“What do you think,” said Jan. “Of course I want you to go on. I want you to fuck my arse hard, just like you did my pussy; and Harry?”

“Yes Jan.”

“Fuck my arse hard and smack my bottom hard too. Fill my arsehole with your spunk. Don’t hold back at all, do you hear?”

“Yes ma’am,” replied Harry. “Here we go then!”

He thrust deep into Jan’s hole and smacked her hard. She shouted and thrust back up his shaft. God she was hot and tight but she also felt smooth and slick.

“Christ Jan I won’t hold out long like this,” shouted Harry. “You just feel so fucking good I’ve gotta fill you soon!”

“I’m going to come soon too darling,” squealed Jan. “Can you frig my clitty as you fuck me?”

Harry reached around Jan and found her sensitive little nub. As soon as he squeezed it between finger and thumb she howled into her orgasm. Her anal passage squeezed his cock and he shot his load of spunk deep into her arsehole.

They both seemed to stop breathing and collapse against each other, Harry’s cock slipping out of its tight prison with a popping noise.

They slowly recovered and put their arms around one another. They kissed long and slow with open mouths exchanging tongues and saliva. Finally they came apart.

“Wow,” said Jan languidly, “I sure am leaning a lot about sex very quickly from you Harry. I love everything that you do to me. After tonight you can fuck my arse any time you want. I think that you must be quite good at it. Do you fuck other women that way? Kate for example?”

Harry smiled. “I suppose that I must be getting good at it,” he said. “Most of the girls I know seem to like me doing it that way to them so I’m getting plenty of practice.”

Harry slowly prised himself away from Jan and went to make coffee. They didn’t dress but chatted away quite naturally. Most of Jan’s questions were about sex, more specifically Harry’s sex life. Having a young and beautiful naked girl around him asking sexy questions soon began to affect Harry’s tumescent state. His cock rose again, güvenilir casino not quite hard but very presentable. Jan thought so anyway. She took him in her petite hands.

“If I can’t stay over I suppose I’ll have to go soon,” she said wistfully. “I do think though that I had better make it a full set of my holes!”

She pushed Harry back to lie on his sofa and swallowed him whole. She needed to work on him a little in view of the fact that he had already shot three loads tonight.

She wrapped her tongue around his shaft, spreading her saliva liberally over the whole area. Harry made pre-cum and she spread that too. She carefully sucked the full length of his cock down into her throat and gently squeezed his cock head with her throat muscles.

Harry gasped and thrust his by now hard shaft at her mouth, pulling her head to him with his hands. He literally fucked Jan’s mouth, feeling his seed rising for a fourth time tonight. Soon he was fountaining his offering straight down Jan’s throat as she tried not to choke.

She released her grip to take the remainder of his sperm and eventually withdrew and opened her mouth to show the white juice still on her tongue. As he lowered his mouth to hers she swallowed before kissing him.

The kiss lasted long enough for him to slip two fingers into her slippery crack and bring her off again, especially when he pushed the forefinger of his other hand into her arsehole.

Jan was a slightly sore but very happy teenager when the taxi arrived to take her home. Tonight had lasted until almost midnight.

Harry promised Jan that she could come again but again warned her that Kate might be in attendance next time.


Friday at work was manic. Harry hardly had a moment to himself to think. He did manage a quick thirty-minute lunch break, which enabled him to go to a supermarket for the weekend cooking. On his return to the office he dashed down to the staff room to get himself a cup of coffee to take back to his desk. Josie was down there.

“Harry,” she squealed and gave him a kiss, looking around for the supervisor. “What’s going on? Why is everybody so busy? I’ve hardly seen Martin all day!”

“Don’t worry Josie,” grinned Harry as he fondled Josie’s ample bum cheeks. “I’m sure that you’ll see plenty of him this weekend.”

“Ah sure will! Ah’m gonna get him naked as soon as I get round to his flat. Ah’ll get naked too and we’ll probably stay that way all weekend. He’s promised that he’ll take my arse first tonight so that ah’ll be ready for him every time he wants it! What do you think of that?”

“Sounds great to me! Almost makes me jealous!”

“You’ve no need Harry. You can fuck my arse any old time you want to.”

Harry laughed as he gave Josie another quick kiss and then waved to her as he exited the rest room with his coffee.

About mid-afternoon Samara passed by his desk, en route to the toilet.

“God Harry, I’m bursting for a pee. What’s happening today? I’ve never stopped yet!”

“Have a piss for me while you’re there,” whispered Harry. “There’s no way I can get away at the moment!”

“I’ll do my best,” giggled Samara softly. “I’m coming round to your house about nine o’clock. I spoke to Kate earlier and she said it would be all right. Can you save your pee until then?”

“No way but I’ll have some more by nine o’clock,” grinned Harry. “I’m going for a pint or two on my way home after a day like today. Then I’m cooking; there’ll be enough for three.”

“Sounds good to me,” said Samara as she passed on, squeezing Harry’s shoulder as she did so. Harry looked up and saw Amanda smirking at him.

At half past four the mayhem had subsided somewhat. Then Jack Bates stuck his head out of his office and asked for quiet. Gradually the usual office hum subsided. It was very strange when silence was achieved.

“As you all know,” began Jack, “today we lose one of our most valued colleagues. Samara has earned her promotion to Crowton branch and I’m sure that we all wish her all the very best for the future. Harry has been promoted here to take Samara’s place and I trust that you will all give him full support.”

Harry caught Amanda grinning at him and he swore that she pushed her chest out again. He also saw Samara studying him thoughtfully through her deep brown eyes.

“So,” continued Jack Bates, “to celebrate our colleagues good fortune she and I have filled my office with goodies to eat and drink. You can all put your work away for today and come and relax. Don’t think that I haven’t noticed how hard you’ve all had to work today. The phones have all been switched through to corporate lending and they will deal with all enquiries for the rest of the day. So come on, let’s relax and enjoy ourselves!”

The crowd began to mix and the hum began again, although it was a much happier noise now.

“Come and show me your prick having that pee now,” whispered Sammy after a suitable time had elapsed for her to receive all the praise and congratulations. She gently groped at his crotch. “Come on, no one will see us in the management loos on the second floor.”

“I bet Amanda will notice,” said Harry quietly as his cock began to rise.

“I don’t care,” said Samara. “Let’s just fuckin’ go!”

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