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Edited by Angel Love

You had been away, our first separation since meeting. I was apprehensive, not knowing if you would be coming back to me, wondering if things would be the same between us when you returned, not knowing if you would even speak with me, let alone want to continue what we had begun only weeks before.

I answer the door and you’re standing there. I want to jump in your arms but instead move aside to allow you to walk past me. I tell you to sit on the lounge and I go and get us both a glass of red. I sit beside you, your eyes disappointingly glued to the news. I sit there sipping my wine, my eyes on you.

I can’t stand it anymore. I lean over and start kissing your neck, moving up to your ears and nibbling on your lobes, while my hand slips inside your shirt where I play with your hardening nipples, my fingers circling, caressing and pinching them while I continue to nibble and kiss you. Still you sit there watching the news, making me more determined to distract you, I realize that is exactly what you want too. I feel you relax and lean back giving me full access to you, where ever I want. Yes I could go straight for it and go down on you, but I want a little fun first.

I take my hand casino şirketleri from your shirt, sliding it down past your navel, lower and lower onto your hardening cock. I rub you, sliding my hand up and down, down far enough to cup your balls and squeeze them. I lean closer to you now kissing you lightly all over your face, your forehead, eyes, cheeks and mouth. Not forcing my tongue into your mouth.

I continue to kiss you, working my way back to your ears, where I whisper so quietly I know you can barely hear me, “Baby I think it should be the news or me.”

You smile just ever so slightly and turn your head to look me in the eyes. Suddenly I get the sinking feeling your going to say the news. I pull away, take another sip of my wine and say in a small sulking voice, well stuff you babe, and you can have the news. I place my glass on the table, my disappointment growing in me at not being able to arouse you as I had hoped, suddenly you turn, pulling me into your arms while you kiss me hard, your lips crushing mine, your tongue forcing my lips open. You proceed to assault my tongue with yours. Your hands roam all over me, setting me on fire. We stumble and get tangled in each other undressing, in our urgency casino firmaları to have each other.

Your cock enters me pushing into my welcoming pussy, you pump me hard. Our lips never part. We can feel ourselves rising ready to climax together when suddenly you stop, pull away and look at me. We both know we want more than just this. You start to kiss me again, this time softly and gently. Our hands explore each other, the whole time your cock stays in me fitting snuggly in my pussy as it tightens around you.

We start to pump each other very, very slowly, our rhythm immediate, and our tongues working in unison. Your cock probes, searching for the ultimate place to make me explode. You pull your cock out slightly, my pussy tightening as you do, then opening welcoming you into me again, deeper this time. I groan as I feel you entering me again and again, deeper and deeper, thrusting hard into me every few strokes. My legs are wrapped around you, allowing you to escape, but not fully.

You feel my orgasm cumming, you know me so well. I feel your cock throbbing and swelling knowing you’re near too. Again you lift yourself from me. Your cock leaving me, my cunt throbbing wanting you back in me. You güvenilir casino thrust into me hard and fast.

“Oh My God!!” I scream as you make me explode with one final thrust. I feel you’re cum gushing into me, filling me, my juices also gush.

Again you pump me very, very slowly and gently as I cum, making my juices continue to flow. I open my eyes to look into yours and beg, “Please don’t stop.”

You keep pumping and I cum again and again. I gasp for air, my breath ragged as I finish cumming, a smile of euphoria all over my face.

You pull yourself away again, this time a cheeky grin on your face as you say, “Hey gorgeous I have to play golf tomorrow. Did you happen to see the weather?”

We both collapse in fits of giggles and laughter, enjoying the after glow of my multiple orgasms and you’re making it happen. We untangle ourselves and head to the bathroom for a shower, knowing we will enjoy cleaning and exploring each other but not making love again.

We get back to the lounge in time for you to watch the late weather report so that you can learn whether you’ll be able to indulge in your one true love, golf. Later we lay in each other’s arms completely satisfied and comfortable in the knowledge that we will stay like that all night. Not needing to make love again, just enjoying being with each other. You rise early, go for your morning walk and then continue on to your golf, leaving me happy and contented, sleeping, dreaming of your next visit.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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