Katie’s Exploits Ch. 02

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Chapter 2

The first rays of the morning sun seeped through the lace curtains of my bedroom window. Taking a nice long stretch I remembered the sexual activities that had taken place the night before. A smile of pleasure broke on my face. Kirk and Patrick had taught me the art of pleasing a man. I had watched them try out different techniques on each other and I couldn’t wait to put them in practice. I quickly got out of the bed, I couldn’t afford to be lazy, I had a plan to put into action starting today.

Knowing that the guys wouldn’t be up so early thanks to their intensive workouts through the night I decided to monopolize the shower. Getting under the shower head I put the jets on maximum heat. I liked everything hot – Hot soup, hot peppers, hot showers and most of all hot men. ‘Yeah especially – hot older men like Dan’ the thought made me smile and as the water rushed forward to meet my naked skin a sigh of contentment passed through my lips.

After seeing the professor I seemed to have become a nymphomaniac. Thinking about him made me horny again. The hot water drenching my pussy made the lips of my clit swell with warm heat. Taking a bar of soap I lathered my hands and began to masturbate. With my right hand rubbing the soapy water on my cunt, I twisted and pulled my nipple. Pleasure began to snake through my body.

I began to think of being fucked by Dan in his study. I imagined him pushing me down on his desk. Tearing my clothes till I was naked to his eyes and then unzipping his pants to take out his bulging manhood and then fucking me with absolutely no foreplay. I imagined him grabbing my hips and driving his hard dick in me. I could almost feel his hard cock pounding into me and leaving bite marks all over my skin to mark me as his own slave.

As I fantasized and masturbated, the cloudy steam in the shower stall along with the pleasure coursing through my veins made me giddy. Wanting reprieve from the building heat in my clit I had begun to ram the soap in my cunt. In and out went the slippery soap, hitting the G-spot, causing waves of pleasure to crash against my senses. My legs could barely hold my weight and I cried out. As the final wave washed over me, embankments of restraint and strength broke. Letting out cries of self-fucked delight, I leaned against the steamy glass wall of the shower stall and tried to catch my breath. This was the first time I had masturbated in the shower and that too with a bar of Dove soap.

Looking at the bar of soap I wondered if I should leave it for the guys to use. After all they had been pretty intimate with my body but then a rational voice in my head told me that it wouldn’t be good for reasons of hygiene.

Stepping out of the shower, I quickly wrapped myself up in a towel, brushed my teeth and left the bathroom and headed towards the kitchen to make a fresh pot of coffee.
Wondering what to wear I reached over the counter to grab the pot and was surprised to see hot coffee in it. There was a post-it stuck on the pot which said that Kirk and Pat would be bunking classes for the day, and I should let them know what happened with Dan in the evening.

‘Yeah right as if Dan would fuck me on his very first lecture day.’ Ruefully shaking my head at the two lovers I briskly walked into my room. I had an impression to make and needed the right clothes.

Opening my closet I pulled clothes out and threw them on the bed. Generally a very tidy person today I didn’t care.

‘To hell with being practical and to hell with being a drab submissive crane. This was an all out war yet I had to be subtle.’ I reminded myself.

I decided to wear a transparent short sleeved blouse with a tiny skirt which barely covered my tight butt. My lacy blue bra showed through the top and when I bent in front of the mirror I could see my thong panties barely covering the crack. If this didn’t get his attention then nothing would. At the very last minute I decided to pull my hair back in a pony tail and wore my glasses. I didn’t want to steam roll him but prod his libido in the right direction. Grabbing my bag and laptop I hurried out towards the University.

Reaching the lecture hall I realized that all the front seats had been taken by fawning females.

‘So much for trying to get his attention.’ I muttered to myself.

Taking a seat at the back I heard a few whistles and cat calls. Turning to see who my new male admirers were I saw Saul and Ned making eyes at me in a playful manner. “Nice ass and look at those never ending legs. Babe you’ve been hiding your assets for too long. Showing off for our benefit or is the display for the new professor?” Ned said lecherously and his sidekick made smacking noises.

“Come off it guys – the weather makes us shed our clothes.” I answered

Saul smirked and replied “Shed your inhibitions too won’t you sweetheart.”

Taking the good natured ribbing in my stride I turned back and began to play cross and knots while waiting for Dan to come. bahis firmaları From time to time my eyes fell on the giggling girls who gossiped and laughed like the empty headed wrens that twittered on the branches of the cherry tree outside my bedroom window.

‘Lack of brains made up with too much make up, too much sex appeal and too much silicone implants. Dumb fuck blow dolls’ The snide thought crossed my mind ‘Yeah fuck, the much biologically needed fuck! So what they’re dumb? It’s because they are dumb they get the fuck, you fuckless wonder. Stop putting other women down just because your cunt hates your self imposed exile” I muttered to myself in self deprecation. Suddenly it all seemed hopeless why would the Professor want me if he could have any of those sex pots. But no, I did not come from a family of losers and this war was mine from start to end.

A collective female gasp made me look up from the laptop screen and for the second time in a row I sucked my breath in and felt a stone drop in my stomach. The man was a walking body of hot sweaty sultry sex. Any of the girls, myself included would just love to worship his god-like dick all night long. Just suck the meat in and play with the balls and nuzzle the curls. My panties had become wet and were sticking to my bush. I shifted in my seat.

“Look at the horny babes; they can’t keep their hungry eyes off that man. Wish I had his bode man” I heard Saul whisper.

We all were enthralled by the man. As he introduced himself and began the lecture all I could think of was having his capable hands massage my breasts together and I would be making his prick hard in my hands. The fantasies were making me aroused again and it started to feel hot so I opened two buttons of my shirt and began to caress my nape. Keeping my eyes on him I continued to rub the back of my neck. Soft whispers of pleasure began to build around my nape and as I stared at him my hand caressed the right side of the neck.

His eyes fell on me and remained on me. The tempo of his lecture continued but I could feel the connection between us. Somehow my nape touching had got his attention. It seemed as if he had realized that I was touching myself because of him. Unable to hold the weight of his stare I looked down on my laptop for a second and his eyes began to wander around the room. Feeling a bit conscious I put my wandering fingers on the laptop. From time to time he looked around but they seemed to return on me and rest there for a bit.

The lecture came to an end soon enough and I breathed a sigh of relief. I couldn’t bask in his raw sexual power for two long. As the students began to leave the hall, Dan looked up from the papers he was shuffling and straight at me.

“Katie? Katie Parker? May I have a word with you?” he asked

‘Here it comes’ I thought. My legs had turned to jelly and I heard a distinct roaring in my ears. Taking a deep breath I walked down the stairs and stood by his side.
Once all the students had left Dan looked up from his papers and offered a thick envelope to me.

“Prof. McCormick wanted me to give this to you. He said it was your last year’s research manuscript and he had thought that he had misplaced after rating it. He told me to apologize again on his behalf and thank you for not making a big issue of it. And might I add that was generous of you.” His eyes crinkled on the corners when he smiled at me.

Thrown into confusion by his close proximity I tried to hold on to my composure.
Smiling back, I asked “Can I have a pen and paper? I’d like to thank him. Hope you don’t mind being the messenger boy.”

‘Messenger boy? What was I thinking?’ Cursing my stupidity I reached for the pen he offered and it fell on the floor and rolled to the side.

‘Damn’ I thought and on reflex bent down to pick it up.

It was then I realized my folly. I had offered him a free view of the twins that clutched at modesty with only a wispy lace covering the crack. It was one thing to fantasize about doing something wild and another thing to put it in action and I hadn’t been planning to do this. Mortified, blood rushed to my face. Time had come to a standstill and I was dying of embarrassment. I slowly stood up with the pen, turned and gave it to Dan. I couldn’t raise my eyes from the floor. He cleared his throat and I looked at him. His complexion was heightened to shade of bright red and he stuttered “Er thanks.” With trembling fingers he tried to put the pen in his shirt pocket and when it missed the pocket he cursed under his breath and shoved it into his pocket.

With a bemused look on his face he quickly gathered up his papers and said “I will be taking your crack I mean- class day after tomorrow. See you then.”
Sliding past me he nearly ran out of the hall.

I wanted to die but on the other hand I realized that he wasn’t going to forget me any time soon. Pulling my skirt down a notch more I reveled in my sexual power .The reasons for hiding my sex’s appeal seemed immature. kaçak iddaa At best thinking of a school girl .I was now a young woman with both brains and body. It was time for the next move. The battle had just begun.

I came back home from the university bone tired and deep in thought. There were a number of assignments to do and my study buddy had become someone’s fuck buddy which meant that I would have to spend extra time in the library.

Stepping into the apartment I heard the loud blare of the television and the guys were sprawled out on the couch and carpet in their jock shorts. The floor was littered with empty beer bottles and chip bags.

If it was any other day I would have lost my temper and Kirk would be cleaning up real fast but today I chose to be forgiving and ignored the mess.

Shutting the door with a loud bang I walked towards them and stood by the couch. Kirk sat up and asked “So did anything happen?”

Feeling too tired to go into a long conversation I just turned my back and bent in front of the guys and said “Well this is what happened!”

Looking at my teensy-weensy thong the guys just said “huh?”

Grinning wickedly I sat down next to Kirk and told them the sordid details which had them in splits.

Brushing tears of laughter from his eyes Patrick got and said “I better get ready Jerome is coming to pick me up” and then he headed towards Kirk’s room.

I looked at Kirk and asked “Who is Jerome?”

Stretching out his long golden legs and scratching his belly Kirk lazily answered, “Patrick’s older brother. He is a sergeant in the army.”

“Well that’s nice; you’ll have another guy to try your wiles on.” I teased Kirk.

Putting a hair behind my ear that had escaped my pony tail Kirk replied “No honey you can try your wiles on him. He is absolutely straight. Anyhow I’ve got put some clothes on; you know first impressions and all that.”

Saying that Kirk went into his room and I was left to clean up the living room and then sat down to watch some evening news. Ten minutes into the weather forecast there was a knock on the door. Knowing that no amount of yelling would get Kirk to open the door I huffed and opened the door.

A pair of brown eyes with yellow flecks met my eyes. The face just fell short of being handsome. Straight sandy hair fell on his broad forehead and full sensuous lips parted to reveal straight white teeth.

“Hi I’m Jerome, Pat’s brother.”

“Come on in. I’m Katie.”

As I let him in a scent of Old Spice wafted to my nose reminding me of my childhood memories on my uncle’s lap. My first love – with whom I had watched a lot of Fourth of July parades on his broad shoulders and who had fed me ice creams on hot summer days. Old Spice reminded me of days of innocence and laughter.

Smiling at myself I closed the door and followed him in. Pat stepped out of the bedroom and greeted his brother with a hug. There was a marked difference between the two. Patrick was tall and muscular while Jerome was a bit shorter and leaner. They didn’t share any similarities as siblings. Pat’s chatter of open delight was met with quiet reciprocation. There was a fine brooding stillness about the man which intrigued me.

Taking the chair opposite the two men sitting on the couch I made small talk as we waited for Kirk.

“So here on leave?” I asked

As Jerome’s eyes traveled down from my face to the toes and then traveled back up to rested on my breasts. I stared at him unable to believe his open look, after a few heartfelt seconds his eyes came up and met my eyes and he said “I was stationed at Okinawa” The heat in his eyes made a shiver run down my spine.

‘Dan’ I reminded myself ‘Dan’ I chanted in my mind, but then Dan wasn’t here Jerome was.’

“Yeah Japan the land of the geisha and gay matrix guys.” Patrick joked and broke the connection between us.

Smiling at his brother Jerome queried “Matrix?”

“Don’t you know? There is a cult following of the movie. The guys dress up like Keanu Reeves. It’s crazy man.”

Jerome raised an eyebrow at me and I just smiled

Kirk came out of his room and introduced himself to Jerome with a shy smile. Jerome tipped his head and asked Kirk whether he would like to know Pat’s childhood grossest secrets. A general air of camaraderie descended between the guys and I saw Kirk breathe a sigh of relief as Pat’s brother seemed to like him.

Yawning I stood up and made polite noises to excuse myself meaning to give them time alone. Pat had something else on his mind “Hey Katie, Kirk and I were thinking of hitting that new Jucture-25 club do you wanna come? I mean Rome can keep you company.”

When I protested a bit Jerome smiled and asked “I’d love to take you out and anyways these two gays are there to chaperone you.”

Just then Kirk coughed and said “We wouldn’t make good chaperones for her would we Pat.”

Laughing a bit Pat headed towards the fridge and came back with cans of beer.
Passing kaçak bahis them around Pat suggested that we wait a while as it was still early evening and then leave.

Sitting next to Jerome on the couch I could feel the heat of his leg seep towards my naked leg. The blood in my veins began to course a little faster and I pushed Kirk (who was sitting next to me) off the couch and told him that three people can’t seat on the couch together. But I didn’t move away from Jerome even though Kirk sat on the carpet and left ample space for me.

Realizing that Jerome smiled at me and the yellow flecks in his eyes seemed to mesmerize me.

Conversation began to flow easily between the three of us. Again and again the guys teased me mercilessly and on more than one occasion Jerome put a comforting hand on my thigh when he came to my aid. And then he just left it there and I didn’t remove it. The hand seemed to brand me and I began to imagine it trailing up my skirt and disappearing inside my blue panties. My breathing became erratic and a familiar heat began to invade my cunt. Stealing a look at him I wondered whether he knew how I felt.

He gave me a lazy smile and his hand caressed my thigh. My panties became wet with the juices of my arousal and I sucked a breath in. I wanted to be alone with him and wondered how to get rid of the two butt heads who seemed impervious to what was happening between Jerome and me.

I looked at Pat and said “Well what time do you want to go? Isn’t it getting late I mean it’s still the middle of the week”

To which Pat laughed and said “We mean to party the night through, don’t we Kirk?”
Kirk nodded and stood up.

Jerome however had other plans in his mind .He looked at Pat in the eye and said “Why don’t you two carry on and we will follow you after a while?”

I couldn’t believe my ears but held my peace.

Smiling at me both the guys nodded in unison and stepped out of the apartment.

By now my heart was pounding in my ears and my palms were sweaty.

Leaning towards me he asked “Do you want me to stay?”

Tongue- tied I nodded.

Kissing me on my neck he asked “You know what will happen if I stay?”

To which I nodded again.

Opening the buttons of my blouse one by one he whispered against my ear “Cat got your tongue?”

To which I replied by showing him my tongue.

Looking at my tongue he said “Do you know what happens to women who show their tongues to men?”

“No I don’t know what happens to them.”

Taking my glasses off, he turned his head a bit and said against my mouth “They get kissed.”

It was my best kiss ever. His tongue did delicious things inside my mouth and his hands opened my blouse and unhooked the bra. My breasts spilled out in his hands and as he touched them my clit began to get swollen with arousal.

My hands had a mind of their own – opening the buttons of his jeans, pulling the zip down my right had groped for his swollen dick while the left hand caressed his left inner thigh through the rough fabric of the jeans.

Pulling away from me he took off his shirt. I stared the mat of blond hair on his chest and wondered what it would feel like when I put my head on it.

He wickedly smiled and said “Now we are equally naked.”

“Oh yeah? I’m all for inequality between the sexes” I smiled at him naughtily and pulled his jeans along with his boxers down.

A thick seven inches male organ greeted me, nestled in glorious thickset of blond curls. Cupping his balls in one hand I began to love his prick with my mouth and hands. Groaning he grabbed a fist full of my hair and pulled my mouth closer and said “Suck it hard baby.” As I began to suck him to the back of my throat he began to grind against my face. His heavy meat pulsed in my mouth and my senses were assailed with his musky male smell. Grabbing his buttocks I decided to give him the best blow job I could give. Taking his dick out I began to lick it and then slowly sucked it in, twirled my tongue around it in circular motions and finished off hard sucks on the crowning glory.

I wanted him to cum in my mouth. I wanted him to loose his control in my mouth. But he pulled my head back. Looking up into his tawny eyes I saw a gleam of golden lust and he pulled me up and said “Babe let’s take it slow shall we?”

Pulling me hard against his furry chest he kissed me again. Sucking my tongue into his mouth he opened the button of my jeans and shoved his hand inside my panties and began to stroke my swelling cherry.

Moaning against his mouth, I felt a triangle of pleasure form from my nipples to my cunt.

I was on fire. Ending the kiss I stared into his eyes and said “Do you want to fuck me or play like teenagers?”

“Wowee I got myself a tigress. Ma’am if you want a fuck you will get it right here.” With that statement he pulled my jeans and panties down and buried his mouth in my clit. As he sucked and played with my pussy lips, he made me take my jeans and panties off totally. Holding his head against my red bush I began to keen with pleasure. Tiny shudders began to grip my nerve ending. Looking down at him worshiping my womanhood nearly took me overboard.

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