A Work of Art: The Beginning

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Author’s Note: When I had conceived of this idea I had not intended it to be a multipart story but as it turns out it’s going to be a longer project to write then I thought and will have to be submitted in parts and as such I have to do it this way. As such you’ll have to read each part of the story in sequence for it to make sense. But this is such a unique idea I wanted to get it down.


Chandler was very excited.

It was her birthday and her friends were coming over today to paint in celebration.

Chandler liked to paint and she had a new canvas she wanted to show her friends on this most special day.

She knew she could create some really great art with it.

Today was going to be a great day for creativity.

And it was such a beautiful day with such great weather that they were going to do it outside.

Chandler was getting the supplies ready for her girls and more importantly mixing the first drinks.

But it was so beautiful today and she wanted to go outside and admire her canvas.

She knew her friends were going to have great fun with it.

Chandler opened the back door and went outside and walked over to her canvas.

“So have you finished making the drinks?” asked her boyfriend Gerald.

“Not yet darling,” Chandler replied.

“I hope you have a lot of fun with the girls today,” Gerald shot back.

“I will. But Gerald you do know that canvasses can’t talk right?”

“Yes I do.”

See what made today so special is that Gerald was going to be Chandler’s canvass for the day.

Chandler had him tied to a pole outside with his hands tied behind his back, his legs tied to the pole, and for good measure his ankles tied together as well.

Chandler had always had this fantasy of tying up a man and painting him as a canvass with girlfriends.

Back in college during a party she and her sorority sisters had come real close to doing it to one guy but had decided against it lest it hurt his reputation.

But Gerald was a very good boyfriend and loved her very much and he came up with the idea of giving this to her for a birthday present and Chandler couldn’t have been happier.

“So casino şirketleri when are you going to gag me, Chandler?”

“When the girls get here. I want you know Gerald how great you are for doing this. I love you so much.”

“And I love you too, Chandler.”

“We’re going to have a lot of fun today and you are going to enjoy it and when were doing and the girls go home I promise you’re going to be so hot and bothered that you’re gonna fuck me like an animal Nine Inch Nails style.”

“Why do you think I’m going to get all hot and bothered Chandler?”

“Trust me Gerald, there will be times today when I give you a break for a drink or water and those few minutes you have to speak you’ll beg me to untie you and take you back to the bedroom so you can cum. In fact darling, it’s why I’m going to make you cum several times outside. To make it easier for you since this is the first time we have ever done this.”

“I guess I should be grateful for this.”

“You should because I love you. A lot of girls who would do this would try to give their boyfriend the bluest balls possible in front of their girls to keep up street cred but I love you too much for that.”

“I just want you to have a good birthday my love.”

“I will Gerald, I will.”

Chandler gave Gerald a deep and passionate kiss and then went back into the house.

Chandler was very excited.

Today was going to be so hot and the hottest thing to her was just how jealous her friends were going to be.

She wanted to make them super jealous.

She also wanted to make sure she turned Gerald on.

She wanted him to enjoy today.

She wanted to be able to tie him again and she had another fantasy about doing this exact same thing but painting him with icing and licking it off his body.

She began rubbing her clit just thinking about it and came close to cumming but realized she still had more to do before her friends came.

She decided to go outside and tease Gerald some more.

“So how is my little canvas doing?” she asked, playfully.

“I thought canvasses couldn’t talk so why are you asking me how I’m doing?” inquired Gerald.

“Don’t casino firmaları get smart with me boy, remember I’ve got you tied up and you can’t go anywhere. Don’t worry darling we’ll get to that but first…”, and as she said this she began running her fingers through his hair, “…I want to have a little fun with my canvas.”

She kept running one hand through his hair while another hand made it down to his dick and she began massaging it thoroughly.

“Oh baby that feels good,” said Gerald, with a bit of pleasure in his voice.

“Shhhhhhh,” replied Chandler, taking the hand that was running through his hair and putting it over his mouth in an effective hand gag, “remember canvasses can’t talk.”

Chandler took the hand that was working Gerald’s dick and brought it down to her panties now soaking with wetness.

She took them off and stuffed them in Gerald’s mouth.

She took off her bra and then tied it in his mouth over the panties for good measure.

Chandler now had Gerald very effectively gagged.

“And now you can’t talk at all my lovely canvass. I hope you enjoy the taste of that baby. Because I’m going to enjoy the taste of this.”

Chandler then started to kneel and began fondling Gerald’s balls again.

Soon she began licking his balls.

All Gerald could do was “mmmpppphhh” in pleasure as Chandler’s panties with the bra for a cleave gag had Gerald very effectively silenced.

Soon Chandler put her mouth over his dick and began sucking.

She would suck him to where she knew he was about to cum and then back off.

She repeated this several times until Gerald was crying with desire, desperate to cum.

Finally Chandler delivered the coup de grace and sucked Gerald until he shot loads and loads of cum into her mouth, and she drank every last drop of it too.

As Gerald was still breathing heavily from cumming Chandler got up and went over to the where the outside faucet was and washed her hands, she then went back to Gerald, rubbed her fingers through his hair for a minute and then took the gag out of his mouth.

“So how does my little canvass feel now?” she asked in a cooing voice.

“I thought güvenilir casino canvasses couldn’t talk.”

“I’ll be gagging you again, my love. So do you feel good?”

“Yes Chandler.”

“I wish I didn’t have to keep you standing up all day. You should have to eat me out as I just did you.”

“Can canvasses lick?”

“When a the pussy of a woman they love is over their face they can.”

“But we can’t talk?”

“No because a canvass is an inanimate object.”

“So a canvass can’t talk but can lick pussy. That doesn’t make a lot of sense.”

“It doesn’t have to make sense, it’s my birthday and one thing I can promise you my little canvass is that you can’t eat me out right now tied up outside like this but you will before my birthday is over.”

“I look forward to it.”

“You should because you love me.”

“I do love you.”

“And I’m so grateful for that.”

“I’m doing this to make you happy because you told me you wanted this for your birthday.”

“And I appreciate that darling. Do you want me to get you something to drink?”



Chandler went back into the house and came back with a jug of water of and a bottle of Grand Marnier.

Chandler gave Gerald five shots of Grand Marnier in a row and then several glasses of water, all the while talking to him.

“Is that good enough for you darling.”

“I guess for now.”

“Good. Now I’ve got to go inside and get a surprise for you.”

“I’m eagerly awaiting it.”

“You should be my dear.”

Chandler went back inside the house.

Chandler came back with what looked like another pair of panties and a roll of duct tape.

“I thought I wasn’t going to be gagged with panties.”

“Canvasses still can’t talk my dear, and this will look better to my friends.”

“Can you at least wait till your first friend is ringing the doorbell.”

“No I can’t”

“But darl…mmmppppph.”

And Chandler finished it off with duct tape.

“There there my beautiful canvass. It won’t be long before they start arriving.”

Chandler went back into the house and waited for her friends to start showing up.

Gerald began to wonder if he should have agreed to this, even though he loved Chandler with his whole heart.

But at this point, all he could do was just stand there and wait for what was going to happen next.

They both still had a long day ahead of them.

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