Kink Pt. 02

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Anal Fingering

“Alright freshman,” the business teacher concluded, returning to her seat and pulling a book out of the top drawer of her desk. “My class knows who their partners are. You kid’s introduce yourselves and find your companion. The first ten pairs can gather your things and head back to Dr Shouta’s room,” she chuckled quietly to herself, knowing full well it would be the last thing he’d want.

After several long moments of awkward silence, a non-descript yet typical looking male with dark brown hair and glasses stepped forward, seemingly a little too happy to have all the attention.

“I shall act as representative and take charge of this situation,” he asserted, making his way to where the lecturer would normally stand.

‘Aw great.’ Suki slumped forward, resting her chin on her folded arms. ‘This bloody kid thinks he’s King Shit. They better not all be this arrogant.’

Acting like he was a professor and not a literal teenager, the pompous prick reiterated the same drabble that both teachers had already spouted whilst pointing in the direction of the door like a goddamn flight attendant. Suki watched as he continued on, the rest of the students appearing to humour him. Most likely because it was easy to just let him be if things were to ever get started.

“Screw you dick head!” A guy with a blond undercut and a nose piercing yelled. “You can’t control everything we do you freakin nerd!” A chorus of eye rolls and moans erupted from the freshman class, but Suki wasn’t sure if it was in reaction to the orders of the makeshift rep’, or the angry boys outburst. Another teen with a man bun grabbed the blond by the collar, dragging him back into line while a third with flaxen locks that covered his left eye stood back and laughed at the interaction. It seemed to Suki that they must be friends, noting that each was attractive in their own way though secretly hoping the aggressive one wasn’t DeLeon.

“You sure know how to make a great first impression,” Dillon taunted Damon whilst he was restrained.

“I’ll kill you, Pikachu,” he threatened through a clenched jaw. A hit in the back of his head soon following from Seth ensuring he calmed enough for things to continue.

“Good luck with that one,” the lecturer muttered with a raise of her brows without even looking up from her book.

“Sorry for that distraction, I can assure you that we are not all so hard to get along with. I am Terry Swenson, may I see my partner?” Said the bespectacled dick, regaining control of the room. A student towards the back of the hall reluctantly raised their hand with a defeated sigh, knowing this would not be the fun experience he’d hoped for.

As Terry continued, indicating which of his classmates should announce themselves next, Dillon took the time to get a good look at the room. The students looked a lot more casual in regards to their appearance in comparison to those standing around him. Many appearing like they hadn’t spent the previous night in their own bed. Two girls seated together at the front-right of the class soon stopped his wandering eye. One with long, dark red hair tied high in a ponytail and lightly sun kissed skin; a splattering of freckles littering her shoulders. The other with jet-black locks cut just below her chin was clearly bi-racial. She wore a cat ear headband and choker with a bell. They were babes in every sense bahis firmaları of the word.

“Check out the two Worldie’s over there?” Damon uttered with an upward jerk of his chin. Dillon was about to answer with a lewd and inappropriate comment when his eyes met with the redhead’s — still slumped over her desk. Brushing the hair away from the left side of his face, Dillon shot her a bold smile.

Instantly sitting up, Suki knit her brows slightly but reflexively returned the confident gesture with a slight smile.

Noticing the exchange, Mihara elbowed her friend.

“I hope that’s DeLeon,” she whispered suggestively. “He’s cute. I mean, no comparison to Theodore, but appealing all the same.”

Suki didn’t answer, but internally agreed with her friend. Despite not knowing who the kid was, she did find his tenacity endearing. Though not hoping for a romantic relationship to ignite as Mihara did with her assigned partner, Suki figured that at least being paired up with someone who seemed fun would make the assignment more enjoyable.

As each of his friends introduced themselves, Dillon crossed his fingers hoping that neither of the two hotties would be paired with someone else. Soon enough, the room was half empty, and it was time for those who’d be staying put to step forward.

Theodore O’Hare, the sought after honey, was first. Hands plunged into his pockets, his auburn hair — split right down the middle — fell forward to curtain his face as he nonchalantly spoke while his eyes scanned the room.

“Over here!” Mihara jumped up from her chair, quickly gathering her books in her arms and throwing them onto the now empty desk behind where the girls had been sitting. Theodore sauntered over, removing his backpack and placing it on the floor. His indifference only spurring the sex-pot on. “I’m Mihara Watanabe, but you can call me Mi – all my friends do,” she blurted out.

“There is no need to try and impress me,” Theodore’s deep voice rasped. “I’m sure you have a competent grasp on the subject we’ll be dealing with, and to me, that’s all that matters.”

‘Oh my god!’ Suki smirked, struggling to hold back a full on laugh as she spun back around in her chair. ‘This sure has the potential to be embarrassing for Mi, poor girl,’ she thought, shaking her head in pity for her friend. ‘He seems like a pretty tough cookie to crack. He’s either just naturally aloof, or totally over being hit on.’

Dillon Kavanagh cursed the heart-throb that was Theodore O’Hare. He didn’t hate him personally, but he detested the power he had over the opposite sex. He knew the guy liked girls, so why then was he always so apathetic towards them? Dillon had to try so hard to get any female attention, so it was impossible for him to comprehend how Theodore remained so austere in the presence of a super babe throwing herself at him. Lost in his thoughts, the honey-haired teen didn’t notice the ‘class-rep’ calling his name. What did jerk him back into the present though, was hottie

waving her hand at him.

‘What the fuck?’ His eyes gaped open. ‘She’s waving at me…Me!’

“Dillon!” The rep’s voice finally rang in his ears. “Please make your way to your partner and not waste any more time.”

“Um, sure,” he responded sheepishly, gripping the strap of his backpack with one hand. His head hung slightly in embarrassment, kaçak iddaa a buzz of nerves and elation surging through his system.

‘How did I get so lucky? This chick is smoking!’

Taking his seat next to the girl, Dillon couldn’t help his inner perv from taking over. Blue eyes focused on her legs. They were crossed; her denim skirt riding slightly up at the side giving him a perfect view of her toned thigh. Travelling upward, his gaze took in the rest of her form. The curve of her arse up to her narrow waist. Her chest was on the smaller side, but he had no complaints. In his eyes she was perfect. What he didn’t plan on though was her personality being as fiery as her hair.

“Hey big bird! Eyes up here,” she jeered at him.

“Oh sorry,” he muttered, rubbing the back of his neck. “Hard not to stare at such perfection.”

An audible groan was delivered to him, though Suki didn’t hate hearing his words. With the way she’d been feeling lately it was nice to know she could still command some attention. It didn’t change her situation though. She didn’t want to be single, her boyfriend being the only guy she’d ever been with. Getting together well over a year ago, it had been a whirlwind romance, perfect in every way. He was several years older than her, but up until a month ago — when he’d learnt of his acceptance to Grad School on the other side of the country — they’d not had a single stumble along the way. And that’s why Suki was so confused.

A foot swiftly connected with the back of her chair, and Suki spun around. Leaning over the back of her chair she made sure to turn away from her new partner.

“What?” She mouthed to Mihara.

“So, what ya think?” She mouthed back, motioning her head towards Dillon.

“I think I have a boyfriend and not everything is an excuse for a hook-up!” Suki declared, loud enough for all four of the present company to hear before returning to her forward facing position.

Dillon was deflated. Copying the redhead’s body language, he sat up straight and looked forward.

“Don’t worry, I’m not trying to hook up with you,” he lied through his teeth.

“Good! We’re only matched up for this project, and nothing more.” Suki didn’t mean to be rude, but with her own relationship on the proverbial rocks, she just wanted to get to work and not have any further distractions. Dillon should have taken the hint, but in his typical fried-brain style, he missed the overwhelmingly evident signs.

“I should’ve known that a specimen as fine as you would be taken,” he began.

The target of his administrations sunk into her chair, crossing her arms tightly over her chest — a sharp exhale through her nose still not doing the job to break him from his world of oblivion.

“Any guy would be stoked to have you on his arm. I mean–“

“Enough!” Suki slammed her hands on the desk. “Are we going to start working or what?”

“Oh, you sure are feisty. Lucky for you I like being talked down to,” he winked.

‘What the hell is wrong with this kid?’ Suki questioned as she rummaged through her pencil case for some highlighters. Ignoring his continued ramblings, she instead took the assignment sheet and highlighting the key points they needed to focus on, dividing tasks by colour.

“Right, you take the ones highlighted in yellow, and I’ll take the green ones,” she dictated. kaçak bahis “I need to see how much you do, or don’t know. We might have been forced to work together, but I don’t plan on doing this whole thing by myself. And while I’m at it, what the fuck is your name anyway? I only figured you were my partner from your surname and the fact no one else put their hand up.”

Dillon was taken back by his partners assertiveness. He wasn’t unfamiliar with being spoken to with an attitude when it came to his communications with girls, but this time seemed different. She seemed different. Unphased by his ramblings, not seeking to punish or embarrass him as many would. There was something in her demeanour that fascinated him beyond her physical attraction. She seemed tortured; slightly vacant behind the eyes.

“Oh yeah, sorry. It’s Dillon. My parents are Irish and nothing is spelt like it sounds. D-i-o-l-u-n is how it’s officially written, but I’ve always spelt it the usual way to help with confusion. So, um, you can call me Dill if you like.”

“Thanks for the clarification. My name is Suki,” she shrugged, lightening up a little. “I like your haircut.”

Thanking her for the compliment, Dillon reached into his bag for a pen. Glad that things seemed smoother now, he took his chair and scooted it closer to Suki’s so they could both easily read the paper. In doing so his elbow bumped against hers, but she didn’t retract. That alone was unusual. Most girls repelled any contact he made with them. So he left his arm where it was, but the electricity that coursed through his veins sent sparks directly to where he’d rather they hadn’t. Taking a deep, slow breath, he tried to distract his mind, but it wasn’t working. Pathetic as it sounds, this was the closest he’d ever been to a girl in such a short space of time, and he couldn’t handle his impulses.

‘This can’t be happening, what the fuck is wrong with me?’ He groaned internally. ‘I hope nobody notices.’

“So are you ok to have a look for these answers tonight?” Suki asked. “That way we can get a head start for tomorrow.”

“Y-yeah, sure. If you want,” the embarrassed teen stuttered.

“Are you alright Dill? You seem kinda…uncomfortable,” Suki pried with a grimace on her face.

“Yeah-yeah, fine!” He quickly stated, darting his hands under the table and shifting in his seat.

“You sure are a weird one,” Suki laughed, shaking her head. “Just make sure you do the work, ok?”

Dillon just forced a smile in response. He wanted to make a good impression on this girl. She didn’t seem as fazed by him as the other’s he’d hit on, on campus. He wasn’t sure if it meant anything, but he knew he wasn’t going to let it slide. She may have a boyfriend, but still something just didn’t seem right and he made it his goal to find out what it was.

Just then, the table started to vibrate.

Suki reached for her pencil case, unzipping it, she noticed a text from her boyfriend. He wanted to cancel their meeting and call her instead but she wasn’t going to have any of that. If he was going to end things then he was going to have to do it face to face. Be a man about it!

“Everything alright Sooke?” Mihara beckoned from behind, noticing the slump of her friends’ soldiers.

“Yes! I told you everything was fine. Would ya get off my back and stop being a harpy bitch!” She yelled back at her. Ashamed by her outburst, and not wanting to break down in front of the entire class, Suki quickly gathered her belongings in her arms and stormed out of the room. Leaving Mihara and Dillon dumbfounded.

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