Guy’s Weekend

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My friends and I are walking through the parking lot after the game, enjoying all the kids partying after the big win. My friend Alex is especially enjoying himself since it is his alma mater that won the game. We are not actually students, far from it, but Alex went to school here twenty years ago.

We arrived around lunchtime and spent the afternoon tailgating before the start of the game. Most of the people around us were alumni that Alex was friends with back in his college days. As we walk through the parking lot after the game, we pass groups of students that are the same age as my son and daughter and I imagine them doing the same partying at their schools as these kids are doing right now.

As we pass a large group of kids, I wonder if my kids are acting as crazy as these kids are. One girl in particular catches my eye. She’s a pretty brunette with large breasts and is currently leaning against a car with two guys talking to her. It’s pretty obvious they are both hitting on her and she is enjoying the attention. I feel a pang of fatherhood as I imagine my daughter doing the same thing. I shake my head hard to get rid of the thought.

My daughter is hundreds of miles away and I have no control over what she does, but an image of her pretty face makes me want to call her. She is a good kid and we are pretty close, especially since my divorce from her mother last year. To my surprise, she chose to live with me over the summer instead of her mother, which caused a little friction.

The divorce itself was a complete surprise to me, but I have taken advantage of the new freedom to begin enjoying my life. At forty-seven, I find myself a bachelor after twenty-two years of marriage. At first, the change was a shock to the system, but once I got over the shock, I realized how restricting my ex-wife had been.

Over the years, my ex-wife had been more and more of a drag, but I didn’t realize it till I was free of her. Since she first declared her desire to leave, I have been playing more golf, going out with the guys, and just enjoying myself. The sudden change has had a positive effect on everything around me, including my job. Over the past year, I have landed two huge promotions because of my new found happiness.

“Where do you guys want to go now?” Alex asks, breaking me out of my daydreaming.

“This is your town, Alex,” my buddy Jeff says. “What do you recommend?”

“We can go downtown, grab a bite and check out some of the bars. My brother told me our favorite hangout is still open. Let’s go there.”

“Lead on,” I say.

We pile into Alex’s car and he drives us to the place. It is fairly empty, but we realize that it is still early for a college town. It doesn’t take long before we have a couple of pitchers and a few appetizers on the table and my buddy Mark is breaking out the cards. We start out with a game of asshole and don’t realize that the place is getting busy till the music gets so loud we can’t hear the person next to us.

“Wow, this place filled up quickly,” Jeff says.

“Suddenly, I feel old,” Mark says as he looks around the bar. I have to agree, but I am enjoying the view of young woman walking around. All of the other guys seem to be enjoying it too, but they are all married.

Over the past year, the guys always insist I tell them about the women I’ve dated. There haven’t been that many, but I have learned that single women my age are a little more adventurous, so I have had some pretty interesting dates.

I get up to use the bathroom and on the way back to the table, I see a back room with darts, pool tables and a few other games. I ask the guys if any of them were interested and Mark, Jeff and Adam come with me. One of the pool tables is free, so we grab the equipment and start to play.

One of the great things about my divorce is that I kept the house. We had bought it when we first got married with some help from my parents. With some luck, we managed to pay it off long before the mortgage was due. I bought out her half and quickly began to turn it into a bachelor pad. It is probably one of the reasons the kids stayed with me instead of my ex. One whole room is dedicated to games and I have a regulation sized pool table, dart board, and full bar. Needless to say, the guys spend a lot of time at my place and we’ve gotten pretty good at pool.

We play a few games when a group of college kids start to line up, looking for a chance to play. Mark and I just won and a couple of the college guys step up to play. Mark and I easily beat them and then take on the next pair. After dispatching them, a pair of girls step up for their turn. They were both good looking with large breasts. The taller girl has long blonde hair tied back in a pony-tail, blue eyes and large breasts. The top she was wearing is quite tight and is cut low between her breasts. She is wearing jeans that showed off a fantastic ass.

Her friend is much shorter and her breasts seem even bigger on her smaller frame. Her hair is also quite long, but hangs free and the skirt she is bahis firmaları wearing barely covers her ass. Mark and I grin at each other like a couple of idiots, thinking this will be an easy game, but the girls are quite good and it takes a lucky shot by Mark to win. The girls handle the defeat pretty well and challenge us to a rematch. As we play a few more games, the girls stay and chat with us.

The taller girl’s name is Marge while her friend is Tabitha. Our friend Adam makes a lame joke about whether she can move her nose and do magic, but the joke goes over the girl’s heads as they have no idea what he is talking about.

When it is time to play with the girls again, they take their play up a notch. During our shots, Marge leans over the table in such a way as we can see down her top. While I am setting up one of my shots, Tabitha ‘accidentally’ drops her cue stick and bends over at the waist to pick it up. This causes her skirt to lift up to show off her ass and the thin material of her thong. Needless to say, Mark and I are quite distracted and we just barely are able to win.

Mark decides he is done for the night and he makes his way back to the table. I begin to follow, but Marge insists on buying me a beer for being such a good sport during the game. I follow her and Tabitha over to the bar and talk to them for a while. The two of them have been friends since freshman year and now share a house with another girl.

“How about you? It is pretty obvious you are not a student here,” Marge states.

“No, I’m here with a friend that went to school here.”

“How old are you, if that doesn’t offend you?” Tabitha asks.

“I’m forty seven. I hope that doesn’t gross you out.” I know there is very little chance of getting with these two, but it’s fun to dream.

“No, that’s okay. I was pretty sure you were older. Although, I thought you would say in your thirties. You don’t look that old.”

“Gee, thanks.”

“Oh, I’m sorry, that isn’t what I meant,” Tabitha says as her face turns red. Just then, Alex comes over.

“Hey, we’re all heading back to the hotel. You ready to leave?”

“Yeah. I’ll be right there,” I tell him. “It was nice meeting you girls. Thanks for the beer.”

“You don’t really have to leave, do you?” Marge asks.

“Kind of. He’s my ride and I have no idea where I am.”

“Where are you staying?” she asks Alex.

“The Hampton over by the river,” he tells her.

“That’s not far from us. We can take you home.”

Alex looks at the girls with his mouth open and I am sure he’s as stunned as I am.

“Well, if you don’t mind hanging with a couple of young girls, we certainly don’t mind,” Tabitha says quickly.

“Um, sure, if you really don’t mind.”

“Come on, it’ll be fun.”

“What time are we planning on leaving tomorrow?” I ask Alex.

“Not too early. Mark and Jeff want to take a tour of the campus.”

“I’ll catch up with you. Let me get a key to the room so I don’t have to wake anyone.”

“Take mine. Mark has one too.”

He winks at me and then heads back to the guys. I watch him tell them I’m not going back with them and they all look at me with pride. After watching them leave, I turn to the girls.

“So, what did you have planned?”

“There’s a party going on over at our house. We don’t actually like the one girl who is throwing the party which is why we are here,” Marge says.

“Yeah, and her friends are weird. We got stuck with her when one of our friends got in some trouble and head to quit school. We needed someone to fill her place quick and this girl answered our ad. It took almost a full week before we regretted our decision,” Tabitha explains.

“But we can go back and just hang out. This place is going to get crazy in a little while.”

“This isn’t crazy?”

They both chuckle and take an arm to lead me out of the bar.

“I’m guessing your friends think you are getting lucky tonight,” Marge says as we get to Tabitha’s car.

“Probably. Uh, how are the three of us getting into this?” I ask as I look at the small two seater.

“I will have to sit on your lap, if that’s okay with you.”

I grin at the thought of her seated on my lap. “I think I can handle that.”

Marge grins back at me. “Thought you would say that.” Tabitha giggles as she opens the car doors.

“Our house isn’t too far, but the road is a bit rough. Maybe I should drive and Tabitha can sit on your lap instead.” I feel myself get hard at the thought of the tiny girl sitting on my lap in her short skirt.

Tabitha looks at Marge and grins, then tosses the keys to Marge and comes over to my side of the car. Marge laughs as she moves around to the driver’s seat.

“I get the feeling you two have done this before.”

Neither girl answers but they both laugh. I slide into the passenger seat and Tabitha reaches between my legs, her face close to my crotch, so she can adjust the seat. After making a show of kissing my thigh, she slides onto my lap. I wrap my arm around kaçak iddaa the tiny girl with the large breasts and she leans against me.

“Okay you two. No distracting the driver.”

I put a hand on one of Tabitha’s thighs and she snuggles against me tighter, nuzzling against my neck. As Marge drives down the road, I realize she wasn’t kidding about the rough road. She seems to hit every bump in the road which causes Tabitha to bounce in my lap. I hold her tighter and slide a hand between her legs, under her skirt. She shifts slightly to give me better access to her hidden treasure.

By the time we get to the girl’s house, Tabitha is breathing hard and I can feel heat radiating from her crotch. As Marge turns off the engine, Tabitha leans in and kisses me.

“Thanks for a fun ride,” she whispers in my ear. “Maybe you can move your hand now?”

Instead of pulling it out, I slide it along her slit which makes her moan and she bites my ear playfully. I am surprised to find her crotch is wet.

“Okay you two. Let’s go join the party.” She reaches for her door, but I notice her eyes are on Tabitha’s crotch where I am still lightly rubbing her. A quick glance at her breasts reveals her nipples poking out through the material.

I remove my hand from between Tabitha’s legs and open the door. Tabitha makes a show of slipping off my lap and rubs her hand over my crotch. Marge watches Tabitha slide out of the car and then leans over to kiss me. As I walk into the house behind the girls, I can’t believe what is happening. Both girls are shaking their asses as we walk into the house and it is not until I’m inside that I pay attention to my surroundings.

The place is packed with college kids and the music is loud and crazy. As we walk through the living room, I spy a couple of girls in a corner making out. One of the girls has her hand up the other girls shirt and is obviously playing with her tits. On the couch, another couple of girls are groping each other as well while against the wall, a guy is leaning into another guy while kissing his neck.

“Uh, what kind of party is this?” I ask, getting very uncomfortable.

Neither Tabitha nor Marge say anything as they lead me through the party by my hands. They stop in the kitchen to grab a few beers and continue to pull me towards the stairs down to the basement. Marge shuts the door behind us and I follow Tabitha down the stairs.

“I can leave at any time, right?” I ask nervously.

The girls look at each other and laugh. “I’m sorry. We should have warned you. Our roommate is very gay. If you want, we can take you back to your hotel where you can spend the night in a room with a bunch of guys or you can stay with a couple of horny girls that think you’re pretty hot. It’s your choice,” Marge says as she holds the car keys to me.

To emphasize what Marge just said, Tabitha comes over to me and kisses me hard on the lips. It doesn’t take much to convince me which is the better choice. I return the kiss and grab Tabitha’s ass to let her know I have made my choice.

When Tabitha steps away, Marge takes her place and I grab her ass in the same way I’d just grabbed Tabitha’s.

“Good, I’m glad you decided to stay. I promise we aren’t going to do anything bad to you.”

“What’s the story with your roommate and why are we down here?” I ask curiously.

I take a seat on the couch and Tabitha sits next to me while Marge sits across from us. “‘Like we said before, our other roommate had to leave school because she got into trouble.”

“She got pregnant is what the little slut did.” I chuckle at Tabitha calling the other girl a slut. “We were desperate for another roommate because if we didn’t find someone else, we would have to move back on campus and there was no way I was doing that. This girl answered the ad and seemed to be pretty nice. We didn’t have time to do a real good background check. Once she moved in and her friends started to stop by, we realized she was gay.”

Tabitha stops talking and blushes a little. Marge picks up where Tabitha stopped. “We don’t have anything against her being gay, but she is also into some really weird shit. The second weekend of school, we came home after a party and found her tied up on the kitchen table, completely nude and three of her friends standing around her doing some really weird shit. One of the girls was wearing a huge strap-on dildo and was using it on her while the other two were doing other things. Now, we’re not prudes, but that was a little much for us. The next day we set some rules and she agreed. She is allowed to throw a party a month, but she is completely responsible and they are not allowed to be naked anywhere but her bedroom.”

Tabitha then took over again. “She’s been pretty cool about most of the rules, but one day we found two of her friends in our bedroom. One of the girls was bent over Marge’s bed and the other girl was fucking her with a dildo. Marge freaked and almost attacked the girls. We decided we would move our stuff down here because we didn’t know kaçak bahis what may be going on when we aren’t home. She’s not allowed down here. It’s worked our really well though.”

“So you have to live in the basement and she gets the rest of the house?”

“Oh, it isn’t that bad. There is more room down here anyway and there are enough windows so it isn’t dreary.”

I look around the room and realize they have done a lot to make it look homey. They have divided the room into two halves with a curtain just on the other side of the stairs, which is where I guess their beds are.

“What about a bathroom?”

“There is one down here, which is why we did it. We needed to do some repairs, but the landlord was more than happy to do it for us. Especially when he showed up while we were sunbathing.”

“I bet he was.” The girls just smile at each other. “How about a game?” I ask . “Do you have cards or dice?”

“I can find some cards,” Marge says and jumps up to find them.

Tabitha is quiet while we wait, but I take the time to look at her. She is quite pretty with her thick, dark hair and brown eyes. I figure she is probably just over five feet tall, but she has large tits that look even bigger on her small frame. While her shirt isn’t quite as tight as Marge’s, it still fits her snuggly. I reach over and turn her face to mine so that I can kiss her and she tilts her head to accept my lips. She tastes like strawberries.

Before the kiss leads to anything else, Marge emerges from the curtain and announces she has found the cards. “Okay you two. That’s enough of that.”

Tabitha sticks her tongue out and kisses me again. After the kiss I turn back to Marge and realize she has changed into something a little more comfortable. I can also tell she has removed her bra because of how her nipples are poking out.

“What would you like to play?” she asks.

“Strip poker.” I announce and the girls giggle.

“Marge will need to change again because if I’m not mistaken, she is probably only wearing two things.”

Marge gives her a dirty look. “Three.”

Tabitha just laughs and I start to shuffle the cards. “Winner picks who removes an item or worst hand?” I ask.

“Worst hand,” Tabitha says quickly.

We play two hands and Tabitha loses them both, removing both of her socks. Marge just rolls her eyes.

“Hold on, we need more beer,” Tabitha says and heads upstairs. Marge moves onto the couch next to me and leans in for a kiss.

I waste no time in sliding my hand up her shirt and she doesn’t stop me. Her breasts are the size of large grapefruits and just as firm. I feel her nipple harden beneath my grip. She slides her tongue into my mouth just before Tabitha comes back down with a six pack.

“Hey, not fair,” she complains in mock sincerity.

“You had some fun already. It’s my turn.”

“You girls have done this before I take it.”

“Not really,” Tabitha says as she hands me a beer. “Usually we each have someone, but it just didn’t work out tonight. Looks like you are going to be busy. Hope you can keep up.”

“Don’t get the wrong idea. We don’t do this all the time. We both had boyfriends till about a month ago. I found out my boyfriend was cheating on me and after we broke up, Tabitha’s boyfriend tried to get me to sleep with him when Tabitha was sick. She had taken some medicine and was dead to the world when he tried to kiss me. I smacked him and kicked him.”

“I broke up with him the next day.”

Tabitha sits down across from Marge and I deal the cards. “Fuck,” Tabitha shouts as she show the worst hand again.

I am hoping she will take off her top, but she surprises me by reaching under her skirt and removing her panties. As she sits back down, she flashes me really quick and grins.

She quickly grabs the cards from me, shuffles and deals the next hand. She loses again and just stares at her cards. Without a word, she lifts her shirt over her head, revealing a lacy, red bra that is supporting some very impressive tits. I estimate she was at least a D-cup, if not double D.

Marge just laughs before dealing the next hand.

“Are you two cheating?” Tabitha says as she comes up the loser again. “To hell with it.” She reaches behind her back and unsnaps the latch for her bra and quickly tossed it away, then stands up and pushes her skirt down her legs. “I’m probably going to lose anyway,” she says as she sits back down.

I am impressed with how her breasts barely sag, even as large as they are. She has two large areola to cap her beautiful breasts. Her stomach is flat and firm and she has three tattoos. On each hip are pairs of dolphins and on the inside of her right thigh is a heart. I have to shift in my seat because I am getting quite aroused.

Not to be outdone, Marge stands and removes her clothing. She pauses after removing her shirt, revealing she is indeed without a bra. Her breasts, while smaller than Tabitha’s, are just as impressive. I guess they were at least C’s and she obviously doedsn’t need a bra as they barely move at all. She quickly pushes down her pants and panties in one move, revealing a neatly trimmed bush. Sitting so close to her, I can smell her arousal and am easily able to see her swollen labia.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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