Learning Curve

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The doorbell rang, the chime echoing through the empty house. It was nine pm on a Thursday night — who would coming to the door? Alicia got up from the kitchen table and went to the door. She was surprised to see a friend of hers standing outside, practically bouncing up and down.

“Hi Shelby,” Alicia said, opening the door. “What brings you here.”

“Oh thank god you’re home,” Shelby said. “I need help.”

“Come on in, Alicia offered, opening the door wider. “I’m not busy.”

Alicia led Shelby to the family room and dropped down on one end of the couch, motioning for Shelby to take a seat as well.

“What’s the problem?” Alicia asked, wondering what could be so important that Shelby would come rushing over this late at night. It wasn’t as though they were especially close.

“Alright, Brian finally asked me out. He invited me to the movie’s tomorrow night and then to his place for dinner,” Shelby explained as she brushed her short blonde hair out of her eyes.

“Hey, congrats,” Alicia said. “It’s about time he got the guts.”

“Yeah, I’m looking forward to it, but I’m worried.”

“About what?” It seemed like a pretty straightforward date to her.

“The movie, whatever. But going back to his place?” Shelby widened her blue eyes as far they could go. “Like I don’t know what that means.”

“His parents won’t be there?” Alicia asked.

Shelby shook her head. “He specifically mentioned we’d have the whole place to ourselves. He’s totally going to try and hookup with me.”

“Oh.” Alicia suddenly felt out of her depth. “And? Do you want to?”

“I think so,” Shelby said, “But I don’t exactly…I’ve never done it before. I’ve never even kissed anyone before. What if I’m bad at it?”

Alicia laughed. “Shel, everyone’s bad it at first.”

“But this is my first date,” Shelby said, pouting. “I don’t want to screw it up.”

“Hmmmm.” Alicia pursed her lips, thinking. She remembered when she’d gone on her first date. casino şirketleri What she’d really wanted was someone to-“

“Why don’t we practice?” Alicia offered, but Shelby immediately recoiled.

“With you? I’m…flattered, but I don’t swing that way.”

Alicia laughed. “Neither do I, but I can show you what the lead up will be like and give you pointers on the rest so you’re ready for tomorrow.”

Shelby seemed to consider, then nodded slowly. “Alright. So how do we start?”

“Well, we’ll start with this.” Alicia leaned forward, picked up the remote and turned on the TV, muting it. “Now come sit here beside me. I’ll be Brian, you be you.”

“Ok.” Shelby slid down the couch until she was sitting beside Alicia, their legs touching.

“So the first thing is hand-holding.”

“Hand holding?” Shelby repeated, her eyebrows rising.

“You’ve got to start small,” Alicia insisted. “Every step counts.”

“Ok, soooo?”

“So? Say you and Brian are watching TV after dinner. Take his hand. It shows confidence, and it’s sweet without being too much.”

“Ooh good point,” Shelby said.

“On the other hand, he might make the first move, in which case he might put his arm around your shoulders,” Alicia explained, draping her own arm around Shelby. “This is a great position for him to make his move from.”

“How so.”

“Well,” Alicia said, “His hand is not right by your boobs and he can easily pull you in for a kiss.”

“Oh,” Shelby said, looking at Alicia. She hadn’t realized how close Alicia’s face was. “How would that go?”

“I think something like this,” Alicia said. And then the girl was pulling Shelby close as she bent forward. Shelby could feel Alicia’s breath on her lips.

“And then he would kiss you,” Alicia whispered, her lips barely brushing Shelby’s. Alicia meant to pull back and start giving Shelby points on what happened next, but she couldn’t focus. The temptation was just…too strong. casino firmaları

Alicia leaned forward, and her lips met Shelby’s, soft and gentle. Shelby didn’t seem to know what to do, and Alicia kissed her again. So now she knew. Now she could stop. But she didn’t want to. She kissed Shelby a little harder, trying to tease a response from her lips.

Finally, Shelby kissed her back, tentatively moving her lips with Alicia’s. As though it had a mind of its own, her tongue slid into the other girls’ mouth. Alicia could feel something stirring in her stomach as she put her other hand on Shelby’s hip. Almost automatically, Shelby brought her hand up to Alicia’s waist.

Rational thinking began to spin away as they kissed. It was something new, and it was exciting. The more they kissed, the more Alicia wanted to explore Shelby’s body. It was getting harder and harder to remember that she was supposed to be teaching Shelby this stuff — and not through demonstration.

“Then what?” Shelby asked, breathy as she kissed her way down Alicia’s next. The girl was a natural.

“Then, he might try to go further,” Alicia said, gently pushing Shelby back on the couch. Shelby yielded, letting Alicia on top of her. Alicia kissed her again, but this time her hand slid up from where it was on Shelby’s hip over her stomach and up to her breast. She felt Shelby start to protest, but Alicia rubbed her thumb over the most sensitive spot there, and the noise turned into a moan. Within seconds, Alicia could feel the nipple harden and her own body respond.

Alicia kissed down Shelby’s neck and murmured against the skin there, “No bra?” Again, before Shelby could respond, Alicia lowered her mouth over Shelby’s other breast and sucked through the cotton of her shirt. Shelby moaned again, louder this time.

Shelby’s hand found the side of Alicia’s breast while Alicia worked on Shelby, and after a few moment’s fumbling, Shelby found Alicia’s hard to the touch as well. güvenilir casino When Shelby began to stroke them, it was Alicia’s turn to moan.

“It feels so good,” Shelby panted, her hips softly grinding. “I…I…Oooooh.”

Alicia kissed Shelby again, taking the other girl’s moan into her mouth and used her hands to pull Shelby’s strapless shirt down over her breasts before kneading them again. Moments later, Shelby began to reciprocate, her hands creeping under Alicia’s shirt and bra.

Moaning, Alicia kissed back down Shelby’s neck to her breasts, this time sucking on the bare erect nipple. Her right hand now free, she dragged it down over Shelby’s body, over her top and skirt, before ghosting one finger up the other girl’s inner thigh. Shelby shivered in response but yelped when Alicia began to rub her hand over Shelby’s lace panties.

“Alicia…I don’t…” Shelby’s protests disintegrated into moans when Alicia slipped her hand beneath the fabric and began massaging Shelby’s clit.

“Oh god,” Shelby gasped, her hips thrusting in time with Alicia’s hand. “Oh, fuck me.”

“Does it feel good?” Alicia murmured against Shelby’s bare breast, and the other girl nodded again.

“Oh god, Alicia, it’s so goooood.”

“Do you want me to stop?”

“No, please no,” Shelby said. “It feels hot, it’s so hot.”

“Here.” Alicia took one of Shelby’s hand and guided it between her own legs. Without any further prompting, Shelby began to rub Alicia through her panties. Alicia could feel her panties getting soaked, but it only made it better.

“Oh god, Shelby,” Alicia moaned her back arching. “I want you to touch me, please. Please, Oh,” Alicia gasped as Shelby slid her hand beneath Alicia’s panties. Alicia increased her speed and Shelby copied, both girls panting.

“Oh, god, Alicia!” Shelby nearly screamed. “Alicia, I’m gonna…I’m gonna…”

“Me, too,” Alicia said, stroking Shelby’s breast. “Oh god, oh, god!”

Both girls came in wave of heat, both gasping for air as Alicia fell back on the couch, totally limp. Beside her, Shelby was panting. This wasn’t supposed to have happened. It just kind of did…

“Well,” Alicia said, adjusting her top. “I think you’re ready for your date.”

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