Broken Hearted Son

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As we talked I kept reassuring him by rubbing his strong shoulders. I’d been passing by his room when I noticed him sitting on his bed sobbing. It didn’t surprise me to hear that he’d caught his girlfriend performing oral sex on one of his friends in the school parking lot. I never did trust her, and guessed that she was a dirty little slut when I first met her.

“Dear, you deserve some nice girl, not some tramp.” I told him as I continued to massage him. My boy was a handsome young man and there were lots of girls out there who would appreciate him.

We were each in our robes, and I pulled mine tighter as I scooted closer to him. Poor boy, I felt so bad for him. Josh sobbed a little more, then turned his head to place on on my shoulder.

“I loved her…how can I trust another girl again?” He whispered, sad and heartbroken.

I told him that she’d a big mistake by fooling around with that other boy. Josh lowered his head and pushed my robe open a little to feel my warmth. I understood — a woman’s breasts are the safest places in the world bahis firmaları for a guy. I remember nursing his as an infant and how it would always make him stop crying when he latched his lips around my nipples. I kissed his forehead and could feel him start to relax. My robe loosened and he moved even lower between my breasts. His skin pressed against mine as he sighed. I knew this was exactly what he needed, and let him linger there, warm and safe.

“You just forget about her, OK?” I whispered to him as his hands reached up and lifted my breasts up. Before I could stop him, his lips had wrapped around my nipples and now he was noisily sucking on my left one, while his fingers ran long my right one. I gasp and pulled gently on his head, trying to get him to release me.

“There, there, honey, but we can’t….” The awkwardness started to bother me and I needed to bring this back down, but Josh is very strong and he had me held tightly as he switched breasts. His tongue ran around my nipple and he took it inside his mouth. I tried not to moan, but kaçak iddaa it had been a long time since a man had sucked on them, that I froze in the moment.

Moving my hand lower, I pushed gently on his legs, and suddenly felt something warm and stiff — his robe had come undone and I was now touching my son’s erect penis. It was Josh’s turn to moan and when he did, his lips vibrated against my nipple, sending an electric shock down my body.

“Oh, mom.. That feels so good…” He gasp as he let my nipple slip out of his mouth.

My fingers wrapped around his erection and gave it a few pulls, not thinking any farther ahead than the pleasure I was feeling by touching his cock.

“Mom… Don’t stop.. Oh, God…” Josh moaned again and again, making me want to please him even more.

“Don’t worry… Mommy is here….” I whispered to him as my hand began to pump his hard cock up and down. His body shook as I took control, and twisted my hand, then slowed down, gripping it tighter as his lips sucked on my tits. When he told me to pump him faster, kaçak bahis I didn’t hesitate, and soon, I heard his voice call out that he was going to cum. I hadn’t intended for this to go all the way, but was too turned on the stop now and readied myself for his orgasm. I turned my head to watch as his cock shot out a big stream of white fluid high in the air.

“Cum honey… It’s OK.” I urged him as my hand became a blur. Several more strong blasts shot out of his thick cock and most of it landed on my hand. I suddenly wished that I’d placed in my mouth so I could taste the salty juice, but I couldn’t reach it. He’d pinned me down so he could have access to my tits.

“Oh…..God….” Josh moaned as I jerked him off, determined to give him a release from all his girl troubles. I played with him for a few more seconds, before letting his sticky penis slip from my hand. I pulled his robe closed and pushed hard, lifting him off me. He turned and fell into his pillow as I got out of the way. Running my hand on my robe to dry it off, I was impressed by the quantity of his load.

“There now sweetheart, you get some sleep now, OK?” I leaned over and kissed his forehead and got slowly up and made my way to the door. He was already fast asleep when I turned out the light…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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