Autopilot Libido Override

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Autopilot Libido Override
By ThavionHawk

“Lin, how many times have I told you to keep running the virus scanners once a month?” No way to hide my exasperation here.
“Well if your not going to help me Rich, then why did you come over?”
I could feel it as she fixed her eyes on me. Nothing about Lin could pic away at me more then her vivid sapphire blue eyes. Something about them just gets right under the skin, maybe it’s just down to being a Tiger fur, but what ever it was she knew the power of her eyes and used them well.
“I built this system for you so you could do your design work and run your business.”
“Just fix the damn thing then.” She let off on the stair and looked away from me as I glanced down at the computer. My gift to celebrate her first fashion show. That one show had launched her career as a full blown Fur Fashion Icon almost over night.
“You know I can’t not help you, if not out of professional pride, then for the fact that I’m your friend.”
If anything could cut the tension here it was that last word (friend). We were five, her family moved in next doer. I was the only kid that wasn’t totally freaked out around her. I didn’t care that she had furry stripes and a tail, because she didn’t mind my nerdy glasses or that I used to stutter. We’ve been best friends for 24 years.
“Can you get it working right for me, or are you just going to stand there looking stupid?” She shifted her wait and leaned back against her drafting table. Her tail swished behind her drawing my eye for a second.
We were in her den, not at all the largest room in the house, but it fit her drafting table, computer desk and a small storage rack for her art supplies and designs.
“Yes I’ll fix it.” Taking a second to look back at her as I moved to the computer chair. “I like your outfit by the way.”
I’d herd her talk about it, but she was waring her best work. Lin had discovered the fabric wall researching a failed DARPA attempt at making a camouflage fiber that was able to mimic its surrounding.
“I thought you’d like it.” She shifted her stance a bit wall blowing a dangling strand of blue hair out from in front of her eyes.
The fabric could only mimic the colors and patterns of the objects it touches. Not what the military wonted, but for Lin’s work it was like finding the Golden Fleas. She clinched an airtight exclusivity contract for its use in clothing.
“My scanner application wont run properly. It’s a must have you know?”
“Nothing I can’t take care of.” I said, looking over my shoulder as Lin almost silently hopped on her stool and started to draw.
Nothing knew about that. The only thing that Lin had ever been good at was drawing sexy clothing for sexy fur’s to fight over in stores. She’d taken to running her business almost single handed though, that said something about her dedication.
The real distraction was just what she had done with the Camo’ fibers. Lin had a Low cut Camo’ top that just barley made it to the waist line, a pair of Camo’ short shorts, her usual thigh high white stalkings, and thong sandals. The Camo’ shirt and shorts mimicked her natural stripes and color tones so perfectly that at a glance, she seemed to have nothing on. No wonder this outfit was her biggest premier ever. She’d only gotten back from Paris a week ago.
It was easy to find the problem, the applications executable was renamed. “All better.” I chimed, swirling around in the chair to see what Lin was up too.
She always looks happy when she’s drawing; big tip off being her tail sticking strait up in the air and her ears perked up more then normal.
“You’re doing the tail thing again you know?” I couldn’t help but smirk, every time her tail goes up like that, it’s like some god says, `Here’s a hot ass for you to ogle. Enjoy.`
“You really did make a sexy bit of clothing there, those shorts work perfectly on you.” She stopped drawing and turned to look at me. “Now that’s the face of a happy kitty.” I snickered at her smile, stopping as she turned back to continue her drawing.
She could get totally absorbed with her artwork. Some times I thought it was her way of meditating. She could be in a class five hurricane and all it would do is give her an idea for a wind swept outfit.
“Your computers fixed.” I repeated as Lin finally sat back up and turned around.
“I really don’t know how you do it but I can at least do something to thank you.” She lent back down to lock at her new drawing. “Hey Rich, come look at this would yah?” She waved me over to take look.
I love to see her artwork. It was never the same, and always amazing. Really who wouldn’t jumped at the chance to get a sneak peak?
“I saw you looking at my design for a Fur Woman’s Little Black Dress, modeled on Pearl last time you were here.” She’d turned to the side to looked at me.
“How could I have mist it?” Jillian ‘Pearl’ Leach is a Canadian Bunny fur and one of the two outrageously sexy models that Lin kept on retainer. She used them as bases for her work. The other was an equally beautiful British Platinum Blond Fox fur named Sara Brooks.
“It was nice, but I couldn’t do what I wonted with that dress on Pearl, she’s got a short and stacked figure that would mess with the petite concept. Although her bunny tail lucked grate in tight black.” She took a second to think about it.
Lin was most likely fitting Pearl with some sort of tight black skirt in her mind. After a second’s hard fantasizing she picked up the new drawing and handed it to me.
She’d evidently chosen to draw a new version of the dress, this time not on Perl or Sara. “I figured it might look a bit better on me.”
I’ve never denied how beautiful Lin is, but this is something in the Drop Dead Gorges range. Lin had changed it up a bit from just a small black body rap, to something more stereotypically Asian. She was technically from China after all, but Fur’s almost never show nationality and racial traits.
“That dress doesn’t make you look good Lin.” She nearly tore it from my hand slamming it back on the desk and turned to stair strait into my eyes. ”That picture shows you making that dress ketch fire.”
Lin grabbed up the picture again. “Flattery much?” Never the less she smirked and began scrounged around to find the drawing of Pearl. “I guess I’ll have to model it myself after all.” She looked back at me smiling. “Thank you by the way.”
“For what?”
Lin hopped down off her stool. “Not only did you drop everything and come over to help me out, you told me I’m hotter then the clothing that I designed.” She plopped herself on the desk in front of me with her tail wrapped around in her lap, “A girl could take that as a come on you know?”
I looked up at her, she had an odd smile on her face sort of intimidating, but something else at the same time.
“I’ve always liked seeing you in the clothing you design, It’s not often someone gets to see two works of art at once.”
A moment past as Lin just looked down at me. Finally broken as she leaned over and kissed me on the forehead.
“Did I say something unusual?” I couldn’t help but enjoy the view as her seemingly translucent shirt fell free from her fur giving me a strait through shot of her cleavage. Perfectly coated with Cream colored under fur.
The only catch to Lin’s Camo’ Clothing was that you have to go buck, or have special lingerie to matched the basic pattern and color of the underlying fur. Otherwise the fibers would just mimic the color and shape of your lingerie. The shirt had patches over her nipples so they didn’t show through.
Lin lifted back up and rubbed my forehead with her left thumb. “Some times I wish I had normal lips.” Lin’s only regret about being a Tigress. Like most types of Fur’s, her lips were mostly for speech, so they’re thin and barley noticeable in contrast to her vividly colored facial fur.
She hopped off the desk and walked over to the den doer swinging her tail as she went. “You wont something to drink Rich? I got some wine from the Champagne district wall in France.”
She had evidently darted into a small pantry that acted as her personal liquor locker for lack of other uses. “Customs was a bitch, but I got some bear from Germany at a Boos burrow in Calais too.”
“No thanks, I’m good.” Real Champagne cost a lot these days. Most have been about $5,000 to buy and import the stuff.
“You sure you don’t wont something? I tried some of the beer and it’s way to bitter for my taste.” Lin poked her head back around the corner.
“I’ll pass, but I’ve heard that good bear makes a woman’s tits grow bigger.” Lin’s eyes lit up for a fraction of a second. “Maybe you should give it another try.”
Fact: There’s a natural breast enlarging supplement in Hops. Drinking enough good bear can give a woman’s bust size a boost.
“What, Size 38C not good enough for you?” Said as she came back around the corner holding a bottle of Champagne, a plastic wine glass, and doing a tuck and lift. C’s look more like D’s if a woman nose how to pose just right, lifting and squeezing the breast together. “I don’t think that bitter stuff’s needed here do you?”
“Never said you aren’t perfect as is.” If I had been drinking something I would have choked with laughter; as she finally released the pose. Her breast re-settled underneath the Camo’ shirt witch started to change colors as I watched her sit back down on the desk.
“Thanks.” She put the bottle and glass down.
“I’ve got to tell you, I honestly don’t know what could have changed only one file name, a bug of some sort wouldn’t just change one applications file. Something like that would probably have randomly shuffled all of them. Any ideas?” I leaned back a bit to look up at her “I mean I just haven’t seen any signs of there actually being a bug to start with.”
Lin squirmed a little as she contemplated the question, bringing her tail into her lap, rubbing it. “Well Rich.” She hesitated to looked at me. “I sort of did that myself to have an excuse to call you over and hang out.” Without hesitation Lin grabbed the champagne and popped the cork with her left index claw. Bringing the bottle to her lips to suck off the foam. “But you don’t mind do you?”
What sort of question was that? “Would I ever mind coming over to hang out with you?” Lin pored a glass. “It sort of hurts that you’d think I wouldn’t wont to hang out with you.”
The bottle hit the table as Lin drank the first glass in one. “It’s really boring sitting here working after that trip to France.”
“Lin. If you wonted to hang out, then you just had to say so.” I looked back at the computer for a second. “You didn’t have to mess with the computer to make it look like a virus or something had buggered it up.” Wait a tick, since when did she know how to do that? Fact of the matter was that outside of using the programs that she had to do digital modeling and all her other work stuff on, Lin was no better with a computer then she’d been the day I met her. Or so I thought.
As I pondered her skill set, Lin grabbed the bottle to pore another glass. “Best thing the French ever did, learn how to make wine!” She toasted then damn near repeated the first glasses one shot drag, only stopped by a badly timed hiccup. “Its been a long time since we just hung out and relaxed, I just wonted to get you to come over here.” I looked at her even more confused. “Are you mad at me?” Lin staid quiet, then sipped a bit of wine from glass
“No, I’m just sad because after all we’ve been through together, you thought you had to make up a reason just to get me to come over.” Repeating myself? Guess it’s time to defuse this bomb. I looked up at her, my best sad face on. “We don’t stay in contact wall you’re jet-setting around the world, It makes me wonder?”
It didn’t take but a fraction of a second for her to lock onto me like a HARM Missile targeting a Iranian Radar Station. “No! We are not going to play the guilt game!” She put the glass down next to the bottle and looked back at me. “That’s what you’re doing.”
“Good, now your angry. Better then having you brake into tears.” She couldn’t help but let out a small giggle helped along by a nice buzz from the champagne, but that was a fact. I counted it out on my fingers. “We haven’t been out of contact for so long since we went to college. Have we?” Lin stopped giggling and quite soberly nodded.
Lin and I had split up after high school because even back then she’d been hart set on becoming the best fashion designer in the world.
She left for The Art Institute of Seattle, Washington. I stayed local, having already been accepted to Oregon State University in Corvallis just down the road from out homes. We’d been over 250 Miles apart. Three years in witch we couldn’t really keep in contact outside a few emails.
We had of cores met back up after college, but things had changed big time. I’d started a Computer Engineering & Consultation firm that designs network solutions for Fortune 500 Companies, where as Lin had become the new prodigy of the International High Fashion Seen with her seductive Fur focused clothing.
The only thing that kept us from loosing contact entirely to be honest, was Lin’s Mother buying a plot of land up on the hill that overlooked our old homes. She called it a graduation present to us, and with a small front from her we had two houses built. I’d long since payed her for the loan, but I’ve never found out were the money came from to start with.
“It really bums me out not getting to hang with you once in a wile.” Lin finally cot up to her voice, a bit of lag from the suds now showing. “I’ve been every were to model and market my new summer line, but I just can’t take anymore of the go go go bullshit.”
It happened so fast I could only watch as Lin grabbed the champagne bottle and in one swift move, chugged it. Foam dripping from her lips as the bottle dropped from her paw thumping on the carpet.
“Holy crap!” I’ve never seen her drink like that. “If you’ve got problems then you should take some time off, not drink yourself under on high priced French grape juice.”
I got up out of the chair and grabbed the still half full wine glass up off the desk away from her paw. “What’s gotten into you?”
As if my words were the bang of a starting pistol, Lin broke down to tears and ran out of the den.
I nearly spilled the glass of champagne as I set it down on the desk, half sprinting after her.

She’d dove face first onto her couch, her muzzle snugged in between the cushions. “Lin! What ever it is, you can talk to me about it; you know that.”
I sat on the lip of the sofa. The only thing I could think to do was start to skritch the small of her back between her shoulders and the root of her tail. My hand slid easily under her shirt.
‘No bra, vulnerable, and the feel of her fur.’
“I can’t do it anymore!” She screamed into the couch. “I just, can’t, take it any more!” Her crying intensified.
I found myself at a loss for words. What just happened? Could over work really driver Lin to practically drown herself on five grand worth of French wine then brake down into uncontrolled sobbing?
“What ever it is, just calm down and tell me.” It’s all I could do, just try and get her to vent.
It took a few minutes before she regained control, but for a few sniffs here or there. “It’s all the jet setting and working nearly 24 hours a day. I had to meet with retailers that want to stock my new line, and then there was this flood of orders for customized lingerie to go with the Camo’ Clothing.”
She lifted her head up out of the seem of the couch and rolled over to look up at me. My hand slid around to her belly under her shirt.
‘Softer, better.’
“I just can’t hold it in any more.” Her voice was finally calm and rational, but her meaning was anything but.
Lin looked up at me, taking in the honest concern on my face, then down at my hand underneath her shirt, the Camo’ cloth now revealing its presents against her cream colored under fur. Without a single word about it, she reached up and locked her arms around my neck lifting herself up. A kiss.
Something had happened, something had changed, it was like no kiss I’d ever given or received. It felt soft and warm on a level beyond the physical. The sort of kiss that never lasted long, but always packed deep meaning.
Lin let go of my neck and dropped back down onto the couch stunned as I freed my hand from her shirt and lifted it to touch my lips.
It was the first time that we’d actually kissed, not just a peck on the cheek or forehead. A real honest to God kiss.
I looked down at her, she was laying on her back, tail squashed beneath her, and the Camo’ shirt fading back to cream with the absence of my hand.
“What just happened?”
“Sorry.” Lin squeaked more mouse then tiger. “Its just that I have never had the guts to do that, and it just snapped in me.”
“Never had the guts to do what?” For some reason I couldn’t comprehend what had just happened. “You wonted to kiss me?” The words had gotten out of my mouth well before the full force of what had happened just now hit home.
‘Slow on the uptake smart one!’
“You wonted to kiss me.” This time a statement not a question.
She looked at me and nodded.
‘And you know you wonted that too right?’
I sat there, my mind was never really trained for this sort of thing. I had always thought Lin was beautiful, and I guess I was attracted to her because of it. But why now? How come something like this hadn’t happened before?
“I did… I have…” Her voice was too quiet for my ears.
‘You know what to do dip shit; now get to it!’
“It’s odd, I’ve really never thought about it before now.” What is it about shock? That moment where your mind races so much faster then normal. Where you can see in front of you, but it takes so long to comprehend any of it through the haze. “I’ve known how beautiful you are for ever, but I’ve never thought about me and you together.”
‘What the Hell is wrong with you!?’
Lin’s expression changed for a split-second, then she shifted herself around, pulling herself up to sit with her legs tucked underneath her to one side. “Oh, I see.” Her words were less sober almost back to tearful, “I thought maybe you…” too late, she was crying again.
‘You really need to catch up here, or your going to regret this day for the rest of your natural life!’
Click! My mind stopped racing, I finely knew what had been going on. Racing was the wrong word here though. My mind hadn’t gone fuzzy with shock, it had been shuffling around and searching for every little thing I’d ever said or thought about Lin.
‘DeFraged and ready for action. Happy now?’
“No, that’s not what I meant.” As I said it, my arms rapped around Lin, hugging her tight. Stopping her crying almost instantly as she returned the hug. Our arms pulling us tight. Her soft fur on my arms and neck felt warm and silky smooth. She must have gotten some hi-price perfume in France. The sent was that of a Lotus Blossom, not her normal Lavender. I’d evidently memorized her sent.
“I’ve never been able to think of us not being together.” I hugged tighter as I talked. “The truth is, you are the most beautiful, the most talented, and in no short terms the most extraordinary woman I have ever known.” My words, they came from my mouth, and they meant something, one thing. “We’ve been friends for so long, to long. It built a wall that blocked us from being more then friends.” Saying it seemed the only thing that would finally brake it down. “That wall is gone.”
Lin and I slackened our grips bringing us face to face, eye to eye. “What’s stopping us know?” She whispered.
We sat there, arms around each other, kissing, not just a kiss, we couldn’t stop kissing. We were making up for years of lost chances. After being together for so long, be it do to a $5,000 bottle of Champagne, or some sort of stress induced mental brake down. The wall had finally fallen. We were more then friends. We had been more then friends from day one, but now it was in the open. We love each other. Nothing less then unconditional love.
‘Finally he figures it out! finally he lets me out!’
It was impossible to tell just how long we staid that way, arm in arm, kissing like we had been glued together with rubber cement, just elastic enough to let us breath, then pulling right back to one another.
I’d never guessed it could be this good. In contrast to mine, her tongue was rougher and thinner more feline. It was intoxicating, not from the lingering taste of wine on her, but the act itself. It couldn’t last forever, but would we ever forget it happened?
Finally we stopped, both of us breathing hard.
“There is only one ting to do now.” I said looking at her, still too flustered from the kisses to inquire as to what I meant.
‘One, maybe one and a half seconds to do it. And, GO!’
I kissed her on the nose before moving my arms around her waist, lifting her up off the couch onto my shoulder. Without even thinking, I grabbed her tail with my mouth, pinching through the fur with my front teeth.
“What the Hell!?” She shrieked as I started to walked towards the stair case.
‘Timed and marked, the tail was a bonus.’
Lin was still a bit lagged from the Champagne, but we where on the same page. Master bedroom’s upstairs.
We had only just made it up the second step…
“What the!?” With Lin hanging over my shoulder and her tail trapped in my mouth, I turned around. Sara, the Platinum Blond Fox fur had just come barging in the front door, fallowed closely by Pearl the Purple Bunny fur who was tugging on two rolling suitcases. “Bloody, hell.” Sara finished slower and comber then she’d started.
I was facing them, Lin’s face around behind me, “It’s um…” I spat Lin’s tail out as I tried to speak.
“Oh crap I forgot you two were…” Lin’s voice cut mine off the moment here tail came free of my mouth, but it might have just flicked into hers for how fast her voice disappeared again.
Sara and Pearl both took in the situation. I could see there eyes move in perfect unison as they scanned us. Lin’s ass hanging over my shoulder, her tail now possessing a damp spot were my mouth had been. It took a moment to sink into them, a few moments of total dead space silence. Then all at once the two of them started giggling uncontrollably.
They turned to look at each other, then back at us. Without another word said, they turned around and walked back out the doer. As they left I could see Pearl look back and waved to me sort of saying, `Sorry we interrupted, have fun!` before the doer shut behind them.
I looked over my shoulder, Lin was practically breathless with silent giggling.
“That…” She stammered to get a word past the trembling now ripping through her body, “Has to be, one of the most, embarrassing moment of my Life!”
I knelt down to let her off my shoulder.
“And yet I can’t stop laughing!”
The moment I let go of her, she spun around 180 degrease and flopped back down onto the stairs unable to breath let alone stand.
“I could only imagine the look on there faces seeing you, with me over your shoulder, and my tail in your mouth!”
Now that she said it out lowed I couldn’t help but join in the laughter.
“God if I had remembered that they got back from France today I’d…” It was no use. Ever time she or I opened our mouths, it just meant more gasping for air and laughing twice as hard.
Only now did I remember that as part of there retainer agreement, casino şirketleri Sara and Pearl where given rooms here for when Lin needed them to do custom fittings, or for when they weren’t off doing shows and living up the stereotypical life of Sexy Professional Super Models. Them getting back from France a week after Lin, was in no way what so ever surprising. They must have gallivanted from Calais to the Riviera, stopping at every club, pub, and winery along the way.
We finally stopped laughing long enough to sit up and look at each other.
“Should you call them?” I looked at Lin. The both of us still breathing off pace.
“Knowing those two, I think it’s safe to say they figured it out fine on there own given this bit of circumstantial evidence.” This said as she lifted her tail up and pointed at the damp spot. “If they didn’t see this in your mouth back there; then I’ll need to get them some contacts before their next show so they don’t just walk strait off the runway.”
A few more chuckles limped out of each of us. It started to hear having laughed so much.
“I have to ask, just what went through your mind when they came in?” I turned to look at Lin’s face. “You saw Sara come in before I whipped around to look right?”
“The look on Sara’s face when she made eye contact with me was Priceless!” Evidently so as Lin lifted her paws to cover her eyes in an attempt to burn the image into her mind. “Knowing her ears, I’d have to guess that they’d just gotten here. Then Sara must have heard me scream when you picked me up, and ran up from the driveway in her high heals. God bless her hart.”
Lin’s house and mine use a common driveway, but her’s is up the hill about 50 feet from it. If Sara had rushed up the flight of stairs to get here, heals or not, that’s fast!
“If Pearl had been through the doer first though, she would have fell down laughing so hard It would’ve triggered a 6.0 earth quake somewhere in The Philippines.”
“All I heard was the yell from behind me, then I think my own foot replaced your tail in my mouth.”
“If it had just been a foot in your mouth back there, they both would have fallen down laughing so hard it could have ripped California strait off North American and made it into a Hawaiian Island.” That was too good not to laugh at, pain or not.
We final just sat and relaxed; letting the hysteria of the moment ebb and fade.
‘Any chance this wont stop the fun?’
Lin turned to looked up the stairs. “I think we were going that-away.”
‘Oh good, she’s got the Idea.’
It wasn’t gone was it, that feeling that made me literally bite her tail. The drive that made me lift her up and take her.
‘That would be me then. The name’s Libido, nice to finally get some attention.’
“Yep.” Without another word, without even thinking it. I grabbed her tail in my hand, jumped up, and used it as a leash to drag her.
“Coming!” She gasped as her tail went tot.
No holding back any more. This was going to happen.
A second later I reached the top of the staircase, Lin close behind me still with her tail in my hand.
‘That fur does feel nice. Left turn!’
This was something that I’d been dreaming of since 6th grade. That was puberty, that was when I first started to see Lin as more then a friend. Wall or no. I’ve been dreaming of this, fantasizing, formulating just what I would do if I ever came onto her. Stuffing it all in the back of my mind.
‘If those ideas had been food, I’d be 10 tuns. Finally I can burn some calories!’
I kicked the doer to the bedroom open. “Lin, to tell you the truth.”
‘Do it. Bite the damn bullet already and tell her!’
“I’ve dreamed of being with you for as long as I can remember, every time I see you trying on all your new close.” I swung around causing her to trip face down onto the queen size bed, tail still firmly in my hand. “I’ll never know how I could have held myself back tell now.”
‘Good, now act on those words.’
I let go of her tail and pounced. My hands to ether side of her head, and my knees spread straddling her thighs. I have about a foot on her height wise, but that’s not a problem.
I leaned down and nibbled on her left ear, “Any thing you wont?” Lin gasped as I changed ears, “Any thing you can think of?”
She rolled over as I let go of her ear, bringing us face to face, eye to eye, a gaze between us that could have lasted for decades.
“It’s better then I’d imagined.” She finally whispered, “You’ve always been one strong stud of a man.” Her paws moved to rub across my chest and back. “The smartest guy were ever you go, but never ever the week link.” She finally stopped with her paws firmly on my butt. “And this ass of yours that would make a Greek God envious!”
Lin it seems had been eying mine just as long as I had her’s. Well now I had cot her by the tail, and she had her prize in her hands.
*Happy as a horny school girl!*
‘We have contact with the other side!’
“God, you’re still in playing shape aren’t you?” She whispered still holding my ass.
“Now who’s flirting at who? God it is then, and yes I’m still in shape.”
She almost laughed as my joke hit her, but instead she gave one last squeeze and slid her paws up under my shirt. “This has got to go!”
*This Tiger’s packing more pend up Horny per cubic inch, then every porn start in Southern California combined. And no amount of Fudge Brownie Ice Cream can hold it back.*
‘Finally, my soul mate.’
*Just focus on getting that shirt off him wall I make the Camo’ Clothing really disappear.*
It was like we were both being controlled. My mind was back to working in six , leaving me to sit back in my own mind and enjoy it. Maybe I am God today, taking a 3rd person view on my own first fuck.
“Its my first time.” I said as I took my belt off and through it on the pile with my shirt, shoos, and socks.
Lin froze, paws at her hips, fingers about to unclasp the hip clasps holding her shorts up. “You too!?”
We stopped dead in our tracks for the second time today; though far less hummer here.
“I thought you’d of had at least one boyfriend or something wall you were in college.” The shock of the moment couldn’t halt my eyes. They now began taking in Lin’s half naked form. I would like to formally thank the Geneticist that did the workups for Lin’s Mother and Father, thus insuring that she would posses an unquestionably sexy fur coat. Her perfectly striped light orange fur, teamed with a soft lushes Cream under fur. Her hair was died a deep blue to contras the orangery of her fur, and had been pinned up in a bun betraying a slightness of her Chinese ancestry.
She’d turned to looked at me as my mind reviled in her beauty. Finally my eyes came back, seeing that look on Lin’s face was more then enough to kill the mood.
“About a month into my final term at the Art Institute, I met a guy. He was a stunning Dalmatian fur that played basketball at UW. He had come over to see one of the student exhibits.” She’d sat back down on the bed as she talked. “We hit it off. He had seen me drawing a Panther fur in a Rasta colored one peace bathing soot, and thought it looked like a cheerleader he new back at UW”
“So what about that is odd? A hunky Dalmatian fur basketball player meats a Beautiful Tiger fur art student and likes her drawing of a sexy Rastafarian Panther fur.” Re-capping the story out loud didn’t make it sound any more unusual.
“That’s not the part that matters though, Dick!”
Now I know it’s got to be bad. Lin never calls me Dick unless something’s fucked some how. (Rich, short for Richard and interchangeable with Dick)
“If you must know. We got along grate. His name was Blaine. He was studying art history at the time so he was nice enough to help me with a few of my more critical peaces of work.” She closed her eyes to steel herself for a few seconds, before telling the final bit. “I finally got up the nerve to ask him out the week before Finals started, he said yes. We went to a small Dance Club slash Juice Bar that night. It was a blast at first, but then about 2 hours after we got there, this Gorgas stud of a Horse fur came over to our table and asked Blaine to dance.” Lin’s last words were muffled a bit, but audible.
‘Don’t say it!’
“He was gay!” I couldn’t help but laugh my ass off.
“It’s not Funny!”
“I’m sorry, but it really sort of…” I got the message loud and clear, finally holding my remark with a snort. “He was Gay, you had gone to a Gay Juice Bar with him, and now your stuck there until he’s done dancing. Am I on the ball?” Lin nodded, shooting a glint of her fangs at me.
“He almost forgot I was there with him, all he wonted to do was get in that Horse fur’s pants. Of course it was about that time that I realized I was in a club with over a hundred men, all of them meting or exceeded hunk level on my radar, and ever last one of them was gay!”
Without a moment to let that last bit sink into my skull, Lin fixed her eyes on me.
“So what kept you from loosing yours then hmm?”
“God, if it were only half as funny as your story I’d be happy to tell it.” My turn to sit on the bed, more like lie down and hope the roof caves in before I have to say a thing. “I was the most hated student on campus.” The raw truth was out.
“How could a guy like you be the most dislike person on a compus the size of OSU’s?”
Lin’s gaze was gone, relapsed with her normal curies stair targeting the bulge in my crotch.
“You wont the full story, or just the key points?”
“Keep it short but detailed.” Lin’s dry voice wasn’t directed at my ears, but nothing’s wrong with that.
‘Damn it. No more stories!’
“I had the best test scores in all my class’s thus alienating my class mates and the professors given how I’d never come to a class unless I had to.”
Lin had finally pulled herself away from the now shrinking lump.
“I was scouted back in high school by OSU for Football but chose to pass on a full ride sports scholarship as I garnered an equally valuable Academic scholarship already. So I was still one of the most physical fit students in the school, but I kept shunning the scouts trying to get me on to the Football team. That made most the athletes in school think I was playing too good for them.”
This could work for me actually. I’ve got to say it right though.
‘As long as this ends in sex I’ll live with it.’
“Every girl in school thought that I was the cream of the crop, even some of the Fur guys that normally got there own dedicated groupies could have lost a member or two to me.”
Lin was now laying next to me on her side, her tail had com over her back and was whipping across my crotch. Evidently trying to re-enlarge the bulge as she listened.
“The thing was though, after about four or five months of me not really giving a crap about the girls coming up to me and saying high, or else making out-write passes at me to grab my attentions. Some of them got together and started spreading the roomer that I was gay. And yes some gay guys started to hit on me for a wile after that.”
Lin’s Eyes went wide, no laughter to be herd. If I’d planed her reaction it would have been a perfect ten for execution. She was shocked, but I could tell it wasn’t the gay roomer that shocked her. It was the thing about me shunning a full campus of willing coeds for no good reason. Not to mention that some of the girls had been Beaver Cheerleaders.
Fact: The State animal of Oregon is the Beaver. Oregon State University: Beavers. So many jokes, so little reason to use them.
“The thing is, I finally see why I didn’t give into all the attention and offered sex. I had built my standards so hi that not a single one of them could come close.” I could see it, a spark of dawning comprehension in Lin’s eyes. “I’ve finally figured it out after all this time. Of all the coeds on campus, not one of them could hold a stick to you.”
It was like the dead opposite of getting cold Ice water pored on me, like the Sun had just come out so I could bask in its warmth, Lin had rolled over the top of me, and before I could say another word, we were kissing again, far more passion then before.
‘Your smother then I thought, and I’m your Libido.’
I was in heaven, It didn’t mater that nether of us had actually had sex before. Nothing could stop us. Instinct, woven with years and years of computer addictions now propelled me down a path that just felt too good to be true. My right hand found Lin’s tail, traced its way along to the base. Grab and pull. Lin was too turned on to feel pain, instead she practicably screamed in pleasure.
The Number One sexiest thing about Lin has got to be her tail. It was a hard thing to say given her breathtaking body. Her beautiful back lit Sapphire Blue Eyes that could double for weapons grade lasers, her Brest coated in soft Cream colored fur that surrounded each of her perfect tits, not even her long oh so sexy legs that were almost always rapped in thin white stockings that brightened her natural fur color and let her stripes show through. I’ve been addicted to that tail since the first day we played Tiger Cubs in her back yard. I would always dive after her trying to grab the small cream colored tip, but she was fast, were I was strong. I’d never once gotten her tail. Until today.
“Oh god yes play with my tail!” Lin had pushed up off me and arched her back. “Are you sure you’ve never done this before?” She breathed hard as I moved my left hand up and down along her cleavage, reviling in the softness of her fur under my fingers.
“It’s like I’m on autopilot.” I whispered back to her as she dropped her head to face me.
‘Oh but this is one very well trained, if yet untested autopilot.’
*Bring it on buddy.*
“I can’t stand it any more, I need to get out of these shorts!” Lin did a sort of back flip off me and onto the floor, landing flat on her feet. She didn’t even halt to steady herself.
‘Oh, so the tail has a use other then making her sexier. Why did humans loos there tails?’
Just one move, and the Camo’ short shorts had been dropped to the floor to reveal Lin’s cream colored G-strings meant to aide the Camo’ shorts. Not a seconds hesitation a small clasp on her left hip popped. I couldn’t take my eyes off them. The Labia, A.K.A. The Lips that Never Lie! Indeed before the the fabric had fallen away I could see her fur was damp with desire.
“You like what you see, now you show me.”
Lin commands so Lin gets. I slid to the edge of the bed, unbuttoned my jean shorts and let them simply slide down my legs to the floor. All that hid my erection was the cloth of my boxers. Normally they fit well, but now the elastic on the waist band had stretched off me almost an inch as my erection struggled within its cloth restrain. One look at Lin’s eyes was enough to boost my confidence off the scale as I grab the waist band with my thumbs and rolled it over and down.
It was free. I knew it’s nothing too special, probably for the best if Lin was a true virgin. Still though, seven and a half inches long, and a bit over two inches thick is above average for a normal guy.
I stood up and walked over to were she was standing, her jaw dropped and eyes fallowing the Magic Stick. It worked almost to well as a distraction.
In the blink of an eye I had grabbed her up yet again, this time chest to chest. My arms rapped around holding her legs to sporting her weight. She didn’t scream, she didn’t even whoop, she just started to purr as I walked back to the bed, softly dropping her onto the edge so her legs were still hanging off.
As she laid back, I knelt down moving her legs over my shoulders. My eyes taking in the utter perfection that now lay before me. Lin’s now sopping wet crevasse glinted.
Fast but genitally my left hand slid up her inner thigh, into the damp pubic fur. A caress if the right lip then swipe. Index finger right to left. Purrs were nice and all, but hearing Lin scream, “Oh god yes!” as she felt the shock to her clit. That’s a real turn on.
‘Mind letting me out now?’
I couldn’t hold back. My brain started going fussy again, but this time I knew it had a purpose. This time I just let my body and mind go. It really was like a different part of me was doing it all, but it’s my body doing it, it’s my head betwixt Lin’s legs.
My nose was now just a quarter inch from her clitoris, just begging to bump it. Her smell was intoxicating, better then any perfume on Earth. If Lin’s clothing company went down the drain, she could figure out how to synthesize this stuff and make Billions. But it was all for me now, and not a drop would be wasted.
A lick of the mound, it was stone soled and drew forth yet another scream of pleasure.
‘Too much of that and she’d cum too soon.’
Backed off a bit chang targets. Tongue across the outside edge of the left lip, picking up the juices that had soaked into her fur. Lapping it up until every inch of fur around her pussy was licked clean.
I could feel Lin shiver in ecstasy as my tongue darted along her slit from top to bottom, then finally in. This was something indescribable. The pressure, the feeling of it, her cunt tight around my tongue as I began probing in the warmth. Every move of mine was matched with a moan and a shivers by Lin, and with each shiver not juice, this was a nectar of the gods to be plunder strait from the source.
I could here Lin’s panting, all but frantic from what little I had done. This just wont do. She is my play thing. What fun is it for me if she just came then and there? The nectar is good yes but there is so much more to be done.
‘That’s not my thinking, but he’s catching up fast.’
I slowly stood up between her legs, looking down on the panting Tigress I had under my spell.
I leaned in, my hard cock inadvertently pressing onto her clit all but setting her off then and there.
A glance at her face, eyes shut, panting, and no more purring. She was rapped in the true pleasure that now coursed through her every extremity.
‘Oh she’s really loving this.’
Hands moving with true ambidextrous synchronicity as they came swiftly to grips with Lin’s Brest. The soft under fur slicked by a lair of sweat now covering my hand. Just messaging them would not do however. One must give the attention that they deserve, that witch they are designed for.
Tongue found traction on the borderline of fur and aureola, her left nipple fully erect. Spiraling in, slow, torturous to the recipient, but the payoff as the tongue finally hits home, all it takes is a simple flick.
A scream of pleasure ten fold that of before now ripped the air.
‘That’s just a warning shot across the bow…’
All at once, teeth to the left, index finger and thumb to the right, pinched down.
The force of ever muscles in her body going taught was enough to literally lift her from the bed. Her head forced back down, as her hips rolled, sending torso skywards and amplifying the pressure of my erection on her clit. The force behind this cum was something measured in Kilotons, Ecstasy instead of Gamma rays, but with all the heat, and the powerful flood of nectar from her cunt.
‘I bet yah I could do that to just about any woman on earth, but this chick is something else!’
Finally it was over, Lin’s muscles relaxed dropping her back to the bed. I hadn’t gotten off, but Lin’s proverbial blast wave had the affect of a not so cold Freeze Ray.
‘Let her recover for a bit, It’ll make number two even better for the both of us.’
Save for panting, one could have dropped a pin given the silence. Finally broken as Lin found her voice somewhere near the orbit of Mars
“Oh god, if I hadn’t felt that, I would have never ever known such a thing was possible.” Lin shifted herself back up onto her elbows to look at me. “I’ve never gotten off that way before.”
‘She can speak. Round 2!”’
Her words met deft ears as my left hand once again slid up her inner thigh. The new coating of nectar still warmer to the touch then fur alone. It plunged in, index finger backed with my full force behind it. In then out before Lin had even had a chance to scream. Which she seemed unable to do as her voice left her once again this time planning to hide itself some were in the Asteroid Belt half way to Jupiter.
‘She’s been working this thing with toys. No virgin would have felt pure pleasure getting a finger shoved in and out of her twat like that. Especially after that massive orgasm.’
It was obvious that Lin hadn’t gone 29 years without something beyond her paw to aide her. She most have been working her cunt with something all those years.
“You’ve been playing with toys.” I stopped moving my hand, my index finger still half inserted.
“Yes!” It seems her vice was not gone after all, but it was indeed saturated with pure unadulterated ecstasy, “Please don’t stop, Just don’t stop!”
I obliged her request as index was joined by middle and ring. “Oh god yes. Put them in me, all you can give!”
Our eyes met as Lin’s words struck home.
‘This Tiger wont’s more? She’ll have to think of something grater then God to call you after today.’
*What the fuck?*
My fingers slid swiftly out of her, I couldn’t help but lick them clean as I took a step back, free from the her legs.
‘Taste better every time.’
*Not funny, bring those back here!*
Lin could truly have killed a kitten in cold blood as she glared at me. She’d truly bagged me, and yet what was there had been taken away. No better a reaction then that of shock and anger. Her brain sending out signals tripping glans of all sort to flood her bloodstream with every thing a body had to offer. It’s like taking a hit of some sort of drug that didn’t make sex better, it made sex the best thing in the universe. Amplified by the Tiger in her witch was now showing primal form with Fangs literally glinted at me.
I couldn’t risk holding her like this any longer without finding myself slumped ten feet away as she used my detached penis for her own pleasures, leaving me to bleed to death.
‘How come I’m not in the know about a technique like this? I’m your fucking sex drive!’
No chance in hell could she react, even with her Tiger’s eyes and fangs poised to kill. My action was so smooth and silent it could put a Ninja to shame. Her hole body tail and all froze. The first thrust had been made, completely in. seven and a half inches depth and two inches stretched. No mater how tight it could have been, she was sopping wet, incredibly warm, and totally and utterly mine.
My body had merged with Lin’s in that instance and not a sound was heard. Any further motion halted as the some total of my Methods, and her own pent up Horny hit us like a Hydrogen Bomb.
Her orgasm before had been child’s play, this was something so far beyond what one can put to words. I had been so deeply bared beneath the lust that was driving me, that the feeling of my own cum escaping had all bot missed me as I…

The sealing? Yep fell flat on my back.
I’m thinking so my minds back to, well normal I guess.
Wonder how long I was out. The room’s dark so it most have been at least 3 or 4 hours.
I can see, think, and evidently feel pain. I landed hard, my head hit the pile of clotting witch at least helped to dole that impact.
The window blinds hadn’t been close, its dark out now. Lin’s alarm clock shows 9:25pm.
I sat up and looked onto the bed, Lin wasn’t there.
Okay. What happened here? Lin called me to help her out with a computer problem, she tripped over about five G’s casino firmaları of wine, got turned on, came onto me and we cut loose.
I can here the shower running. That would make since, after all that she most have needed a shower to clean up.
Now that I think of it so could I. If doing her made me shut down for four hours, it most have really worked me over.
‘You know if she’s in the shower and thinks your out cold that could really be fun.’
Hold it. Not this again. Total recall. Lin kissed me, and every thing I had ever felt about her just flooded out of me.
’15+ years of lockup, you think I wouldn’t take the first chance to get out?’
Grate. Not only did I crash for four hours after fucking the only woman I have ever loved for the first time, I’ve got an over active Libido trying to make me sneak up on her in the shower and do it again… Sounds fun, but…
‘Sounds better then fun. You’re going to let me take over again.’
Lets not and say we did. I know my mind and even with part of it now dedicated to fucking Lin ever second of the day, I think I can moderate it well and good.
‘You’re a 29 year old Supernerd with the build of a NFL Linebacker, and up until today you’d never once acted on your desires.’
And your point being?
‘No. The point us; You Don’t. I’m part of your mind. The part that you never learned to control. All you’ve done is lock me away filling me with your lust and desired.’
Once again that would tell me I have a handle on my own actions.
‘Again no it doesn’t. Controlling the erg to fuck is something that a normal person does 24/7 and some do it very well. But you never controlled it, and for lack of controlling it, for lack of controlling Me. You missed out on so much tail. But now that I’m out, now that I am free, I have control. Point of fact, your inside the bathroom and about to spook Lin in the shower.’
Note to self: Arguing with yourself about personal control is worthless, and Insane!
‘Maybe so, but you’re still talking to me. Now get in the shower with her.’
Lin’s master bathroom is the most stylized room in her house. The lighting was made to mimic the passage of the sun over the canopy of the southeast Asian Rainforests, the affect aided by artificial foliage strewn around the sealing and walls. Lin had wonted a room were she could feel natural, so she picked the room she would clean herself in. The Shower was a fake waterfall designed to use normal shower heads, or an overhead deluge if wonted.
Slowly, feet on a thick bathmat covering the granite tile floor dampening my footsteps. Hand out stretched, grip on the shower curtain, and Pull!
“Hi there lover!” I jumped in to the shower behind her, rapping my arms around her waist lifting her a little off the shower floor. Before she could respond I nipped at her left ear.
“Holly crap!” Lin’s cry was echoed off the wall tiles, near defining in the confines of her shower.
‘Perfect reaction, no?’
She’d been washing her hair which was now lathered with conditioner. It was Lavender scented.
“Wont to have more fun?”
‘No more asking!’
Not so fast, I do have control here. I wonted to come in the shower too, not just you.
“Glad your awake.” Lin had started to purr again, apparently the shock of my entrance hadn’t harmed her horny level one bit.
“Give me a second to rinse up then we can get right back to the fun.”
With her nose and our close proximity, Lin couldn’t help but note my stench over the Lavender cent of her conditioner.
“Or I could give you a personal cleaning here and now.”
Slick, sudsy, and incredibly agile. Lin escaped my hug, her underfur so wet that her breast hardly hampered her as they slid past my arms.
‘Did I mention before that this chick is something else?’
Lin ducked down and grabbed a bottle labeled Healthy Pelt Feline Lavender. She squirted a glob of the blue cleaner into her paw, and again with her agility and speed Lin was literally robing the cleaner into my chest hair before my eye’s could rectify the shift.
Fact: The Human mind can’t comprehend what the eyes see when making a wrapped shift. This means that for the fraction of a second that your eyes are moving, your blind to movements.
I just stood there, the shower pelting my back with warmth, as Lin began to lather me up with her claws providing an ever so slight scritch. As she worked her way up my chest our eyes met.
“Any idea who did your mother and father’s Fur jobs?” A question I had ponders asking before, but what in the hell dose it have to do with Lin rubbing me down naked in a shower as foreplay?
‘That one vexed me too.’
Lin froze, claws pushing a bit harder into my skin as her wait shifted, I could see her tail was soaking wet and wrapped around her left leg.
“What does that have to do with me rubbing you down naked in a shower as foreplay?”
‘That was eery.’
*I’ve been on this wave length for a wile now, ever wonder what it was about her eyes that grabbed your attention. Line of site, point to point, like minds can be read.*
“I think this is the first time you have ever asked that, not to mention the first time we actually talked about it.”
Lin started to rub me down some more as she spoke, “Never wondered what my mother and father do for a living?”
“Well no, not really.”
I had never asked them, they still sort of scare me. Not only had they been the only full grown Fur’s in the Mid Valley, they really did look like Tigers ready to hunt. We get along pretty well all things considered. If only for the fact that I’m Lin’s friend.
“Well what ever they do must pay well, your mother payed for our houses before your or I had the money to pay her back.”
Lin looked a bit surprised, she new all too well how strong my curiosity could be, almost feline really.
“Mother and father did each others.”
Lin had knelt down and started to work my legs and groin. Braking eye contact.
‘Mind giving Dick some attention not just Rich?’
“Your mother and father are Geneticist!” That was nothing short of a shock. Well combined that bit with Lin cupping my balls, and exclamations happen easy.
‘Yah more of that.’
Lin chuckled as her paw came off my sack and rounded my hips to rub my ass. “Mother perfected the DNA Retrovirus that is used for Furrification.”
This was news to me.
“Back in the late 2010’s, father began working on a DNA recombination catalyst that would allow the creation of stable Recombinant DNA in a living organism.”
I was gawking at her. I knew the gist of what she was saying, but does she?
“Do you think I don’t understand the words coming out of my mount?” Lin giggled as my mouth clamped shut and I nodded. “Well I do, and you asked, so I’ll tell you.”
‘God I love a woman that can really take command.’
“Around the same time that Father was doing his work; Mother began working on a new type of retrovirus that she hoped could be used to combined the DNA of a living human with that of an animal.”
‘At least she’s scritching well she talks.’
“They met at a conference in Stockholm, and almost immediately recognized that each others work had mutual goals and joined their research. By 2018 they had succeeded in making a working retrovirus that could stably preform DNA recombination using human and animal DNA. The secret was Fathers Catalyzing compound that by stabilizing the process, prevented it from interrupting the bodies base functions until all the DNA was recontaminated. With the help of several other developments from a group of about 20 other scientist, namely a stimulant that forced the body to grow into the form that the new DNA dictated. They tested on themselves.”
“Well it worked like a charm didn’t it?!”
Now that I think about it, Furrification treatments had just hit the seen around the same time that Lin’s family moved here from China. Five or six years to become internationally popular and to drop cost; not an outrageous time line.
Lin had slipped around me rubbing my back with a fresh glob of cleaner.
“Thanks to the defunct and very hazardous method of Direct Splicing, they are technically not the first Furs.”
Direct Splicing meant just that. People with a real want to be fur’s would pay for over a year of genetic manipulation Splicing the animal DNA onto their own instead of proper recombination. Then they would get plastic surgery and dermal alteration altered to appear as Furs, as apposed to forcing rapped regeneration to reform the body.
“I however was actually born this way, not in a test tube in there lab like child Furs before me.”
Lin halted to look up at me.
“So your saying…”
“That I am the first naturally born Fur in history?” Lin cut me off. “Yes that is the fact, and now the DNA retrovirus method for Human/Animal DNA Recombination is known as Furrification, and is used by specialist around the world.”
“And after all my studies on the science behind Furrification, I never once found mention of them, or you.” If only for the fact that I was holding back my love for Lin, I had spent many an hour online looking up everything Fur. From the history behind it, to the many Porn sites that had sprung up around it.
‘Yah mostly the latter, but hey less talky more fucky!’
“Mother’s still an active geneticist, but she works under her maiden name.”
“Dare I ask what that is?”
“Mother’s name is Tania Phillips.”
“As in the…”
“Phillips Pharmaceutical Corporation, yes. My grandfather founded it and Mother now partially runs it.”
The Phillips Pharmaceutical Corporation is one of the largest company in Canada. Based in Vancouver B.C. and the only company in the world that produces the Furrification retrovirus and other needed compounds.
“No wonder she had cash to lend us to get this plot.”
“After I was born, they releasing there notes and test results and secluded themselves from public eyes, hiding me mostly.” Lin had stopped cleaning my back. “Mother and father were treated like freaks back then, and they knew that if they couldn’t keep me away from the outside world for at least long enough that Furs became accepted.”
More then stopping she had slumped down in the shower crying.
‘What is it about you talking, and her Crying today?’
I reached over and turned off the water, grabbing a large towel from the curtain bar to rap around Lin. Still crying I hefted her up out of the shower, back out of the jungle into the bedroom. Laying her on the neat side of the bed.
“Just let it all out, I didn’t mean to upset you.” I ran my hand through her hair, still partly coated with conditioner. “Just take your time. You don’t have to tell me any more if you don’t want to.” I would like to know though.
Again and again it seamed that I was comforting Lin. She’d no doubt held back a lot more then just attraction to me. Her baggage must be ten fold what mine had been. Still I’m here for her now, and I can help here with the load.
Lin’s sobbing finally subsided as she opened her eyes, seeing me again, looking at her with nothing but honest concern on my face.
“You.” She said almost blanking all note of tear’s and sadness from her voice. “You are the one person in the world that ever, ever, ever! Said hello to me.” Lin’s vice betrayed her emotional state as she practicably shouted at me to make her point.
“Back before we left our compound, I slipped out so I could go play with all the happy kids down in a field near our west gait.”
This couldn’t be a nice story, but she’s telling me, I need to let her get it out.
“I’d never played with other kids. I wonted to meat then, talk to the, and most of all Play. It was the biggest mistake of my life. Curiosity almost killed not only this cat, but my Father as well.” Lin halted to look at me, using me as a mooring block so as not to get lost in the memory of her past. “I was hiding at the edge of the field watching them. After a few minute, a Soccer Ball came into the bushes near were I was hiding. I took it as my chance to introduce my self, so I grabbed the ball and came out to give it back. The kids all screamed and ran away from me.”
Lin closed her eyes, deep digging the next part, these were the sort of memories that don’t wont to be revealed. To contemplate just how hard that sort of think could be on a four or five year old girl, to have all the kids her age run in fear from her. That made the kids picking on me seem perfectly friendly.
“I couldn’t understand why they’d left, so I just started to play with the ball hoping they would come back once they saw me having fun. They didn’t come back.” Her voice cut off, a shiver that had nothing to do with cold now ran up and down her spine. She couldn’t continue, at least not without truly reliving the event. Something she’d buried so deep it could literally physically hurt her to recount it.
“They didn’t come back, but some of them had told there parents. I was just playing around with a ball hoping someone would come to play with me, and all the sudden four men with guns had come trying to shoot me. They thought I was an actual Tiger, or just some sort of freak.”
I’ve known retired Solders to breakdown, curl up into a ball, and suck there thumbs do to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This was turning into that sort of story.
“Thankfully my father had come looking for me. He had known something like this could happened, but hoped never to have to do what he did. One of the men had raised an AK-74 to his shoulder ready to shoot me without a word said, but my father literally on all 4’s bounded over me and attacked the men. He killed the one with the AK and wounded the other three. That was the only time that I’ve ever felt fear at seeing my father, his claws and mussel covered in blood and his big yellow eyes lit up with anger and a total lack or remorse.”
No wonder I was scared of him. If he would go so far as to Kill a man to protect her from harm, but wouldn’t any father do the same thing?
“Your father was willing to Kill to keep you safe. I can relate to how he must have felt.” I lent down an kissed Lin on the forehead, my arms rapping around her in a tight hug. “If I need claws and fangs in order to protect you then I’ll become a Tiger Fur without a second thought.”
‘Well that explains the question from before.’
My words, my kiss, my hug, all helped to comb her now visibly trembling. It took more then a few minutes before she could even take a good breath. Finally with a last gasp, she began to properly relax in my arms.
“Better now, I’m here for you.”
“Yes I am, thank you.” As she said it, she opened her eyes. They were glowing up at me despite the rooms darkness, beautiful as Blue Sapphires. “I’ve known all this time that you’d protect me from harm, no matter how large or how strong the thing that was after me could be. Your the only other person I know outside my father that has ever even lifted a finger in my defense.”
Lips can do more then talk, and finally we’d comeback to one of the funner options. We kissed, my tongue probing her fangs. Her tongue ruff against mine. I could heal the warmth the feeling she had for me come across.
She’d put herself on the line telling me that story. Now she knew just how much I cared and I knew just how much she needed me to care.
I broke the kiss, locking eyes with Lin. Taking a moment to breath before asking, “Where are your Toys?”
*I like how you think.*
‘Again he shows a bit more control over the decisions, not disliking what your doing, but I’m telling you that this is my show to run so stop improvising.’
I got up allowing Lin to slide off the bed, moving with the swiftness that had long ago allowed her to elude my grasps. This time however she’d already been caught.
That is the woman I love, this is my body and I control it. I will not allow my libido to override my common since. I will use it, I will take control of it so that when the time is right, Lin and I can make love. Libido, check and mate.
‘At least your not locking me away again, control is yours, but I can and will override if you fail her even once. She is worth everything that we together can give her.’
“Earth to lover, are you still with me?” Lin was now standing in-front of me, holding a nondescript black shoo box. “If not for these I may have jumped your bone a long time ago. Although after what we did so far today, I think the wait was worth it.”
I took the box from her. The lid was easily removed, but no shoos were to be found here. I’d thought before that she most have had a boyfriend in College, but that had been rebuffed. This box’s contents seemed to point to another reason, a better reason for her readiness from before. Indeed it explained everything in vivid detail.
To list it out, two large Dildos each near as makes no difference ten inches long by two and a half inches wide, an assortment of anal beads, a small jumble of what looked to be nipple clips, even a set of pink fuzzy handcuffs. Not only had she been ready for me, she’s tried every thing in the book.
“You’re drooling on my butt plug.” Lin giggled as I looked down to see a six inch long, three inch wide red butt plug now literally damp with my drool.
My mind was loaded with all the filth and smut the internet had provided and yet somehow I was at a lost for what to do with all the toys, nay tools at my disposal.
‘I can take over any time you want.’
“Just how much did you expect to find?” Lin tugged the box from my hands and closed the lid. “This is just my normal stash. I think I’ll retire some of my more potent bits now that I have you.”
*Have you forgotten just how much I have been wanting this?*
“Did I ever tell you how I met Pearl?”
“Well no, I met her the day I installed your computer. But what does she have to do with this box?”
‘Maybe you should call her and ask. Could be fun.’
“Oh yah, I hadn’t told her you’d be there and she almost jumped you on the spot.” Lin smirked, reading my mind as I flashed to Pearl in the pink fuzzy handcuffs.
“She thinks you’ve got a hot ass; which you do but that’s not part of this story.” Never the less her eye’s had darted in that direction as she spoke. “She was in my Computer Design class at the Art Institute.”
“Okay, and?” This was turning interesting fast. Color me confused and or stereotyping here, but don’t Bunny fur’s tend to be airheads? Let alone that she is, blond and a Model?
“It was before she had gone Fur. She was just as blond as she is now, but even back then she loved Purple.” Lin never really liked Pearls fur being purple, it made a lot of clothing fabrics clash badly. “The blondness and lack of Fur aside, She had the second highest grade in our Computer Design Class.”
Smart and sexy? That sort of combo seems to pop up around me, next I’ll find out Sara is an Oxford Professor.
“So you got some sort of computer skills training on the side from her?”
“Your not going to believe me when I tell you.”
Lin was definitely over her PTSD episode. She was back to normal, bating me with the details.
“Pearl was willing to show me how to Tellnet hack.”
Yah that was a bit outdated, and nowhere near what I was expecting to here.
Fact: Tellnet is a networking protocol developed in 1969. It’s primary use was remote interfacing with servers and networking equipment. It was fazed out for SSH and other encrypted protocols.
“How the hell did Pearl learn to Tellnet hack!?” Telnet is still a usable method for gaining access to a computer or server on the net. Even over 80 years after its creation.
“I never asked her how or why she knew how, she just told me that it was such an old school type of hacking that firewalls and network scanners wouldn’t even bother monitoring the ports used, despite the native support for it.”
“Pearl’s a Blond Bunny fur, Clothing Model, and Hacker?” I couldn’t help but disbelieve her. “Next your going to tell me that Sara’s an Oxford Professor.”
“And what if she was?” Lin hadn’t expected such a humorous retort. “Pearl worked with me for about two years off and on.”
All joking aside, this story’s a must here. If in fact Pearl was a hacker and she did show Lin how to hack, could she have then cracked my firewall and scrubbed my computer for info Openings in my computer defenses are a number one must fix. My system has data on company finances, and the details regarding all my client’s networks including admin/root user passwords.
“So you got Pearl to teach you how to Telnet hack so you could crack my computer?”
Lin just smiled and rubbed the now dried tip of her tale in her left paw. “Yes, I plumb the depths of your personal computer to derive your preferences.”
I could tell she was enjoying this. She had somehow foiled my defenses. “Not the part I had already guest. I sort of need to know the hole in my network that you seem to have found.” My frustration showed ever so slightly, but as I looked at Lin I could tell. She had played me like a chump.
“You really think that I could have trained myself with or without Pearl’s help, to brake through your firewall?”
As I nodded, Lin almost fell backwards laughing at me. Really well played.
“So you didn’t actually learn how to hack?”
What was she playing at, I don’t doubt that she had gained access to my system, but how?
“Rich, I’ve got to tell you.” She stopped laughing and looked me strait in the eyes. “You’re the most predictable man on earth. You’ve used the same password for as long as you could type on a keyboard. (0083Stardust) from that damn 1990’s Anime you loved so much.”
How could I be surprised that my best friend had known that?
“To answer your question, yes I learned how to Tellnet hack, but I was never able to get past any of your firewalls and network monitoring scripts.” Lin looked pleased with herself for both pulling my chain hard, yet still having made it onto my system. “All I had to do was get onto your computer and pull up your web browser history. Copy it to a pen drive and go.” Lin used her tail to gesture inserting and removing a pen drive. “Oh but I was shocked at some of the twisted stuff I found.”
“Not too shocked given what’s in that box next to you.” I work a stay at home job that kept me isolated for days at a time, with a computer packing terabytes of storage, and the fastest internet connection money can buy. Only thing I have to keep me busy other then porn was working out. And people wonder how I stay in shape.
“Oh but it was interesting to examine what you find sexually appealing. It was nice that 90% of your history included Feline Fur’s, but the things that they did, and how they did them. It made me sick at first.” Lin faked gagging on her finger to illustrate her point.
“So you found yourself holding the key to everything dirty that I have ever lade eyes on, sick to your stomach, then what?”
“I went out and got a laptop computer that had a satellite internet connection. By keeping it off our network, and never telling you I’d gotten it, I was able to hide up here and explore just what about those sites, drew your eyes.”
“So you ordered all those toys, and started to use them in hopes that some day something like this would happen, and then you’d catch me off guard with your surprising skill and knowledge of all those things that seemed to turn me on?” I finished the story.
Lin nodded, confirming my statement. “Now I think it’s safe to say we’ve both recovered enough to take it one step farther wouldn’t you?” Lin grabbed up the box, flipped the top up, shifted around in it and pulled out a thin brass rod, güvenilir casino with small spring loaded clamps on the ends. “You tell me what I pull out and you will get a point. Every point you get will go towards what I let you have at the end. Question one, what is this?” She held the rod in the air to show me.
“It’s a Nipple Clip Rod made to aide with tit fucks by compressing the breast together, wall also giving a combination of pinch and pull to each nipple as the breast get forced apart.” Not hard to guess that one, but I didn’t need to, and she knew it.
“Good. One point for you.” Lin licked her lips. “I want you to watch, get yourself good and ready, then and only then will I tell you to join in. Do you understand?”
Lin was taking charge here. She can be as alpha as any man when she wonted to; made her one hell of a businesswomen.
‘Liking what it dose to her in bead.’
*This is just foreplay body.*
With out a second thought I nodded as Lin unwrapped the towel to reveal her still some what damp fur. I could stair at her like this for hours, but it was only getting better. Lin pinched the first clamp, bringing it to her very erect right nipple.
“Your damn good with that mouth of yours, but this is the kind of pressure it will take to really push my buttons.” Grinning down at me she released the clamp. No gasping or moaning, she just purred as the clip bit down. After a second spent relishing the first clip, Lin repeated it with the second, forcing her tits together and adding a tug to the pinch of the clips.
A strait man could really only do one thing seeing this. That’s what Lin was after, make my dick hard as diamond, then and only then would she take it, use it, and would she ever.
‘Narration getting ahead of the action.’
*Thanks for the warning, now I’m getting even more worked up.*
Back into the box, her hand finding everything under the sun. Finally she opted for a small item that I’d never seen before. “This is?”
“It’s a vibrator, I think, but I’ve never seen one like that before.”
‘After how many years of High Speed Internet Porn Addiction, I never thought it possible to have missed something, what a nice surprise!’
Lin was happy too have cot me off guard. Oh did she purr now. Her tail was almost totally dry, and half raised.
“That’s close, but not the full answer, no point’s lost or gained.”
‘Point’s… This is important I know it is. Don’t get any more half wrong!’
“It a vibrator that clasped onto the bar.” Lin did so, fitting it down into the cleavage. An aide to proper Tit fucking.
‘Please tell me that’s what going to happen! I’ll be a good boy and not fuck so hard her tits bleed… Well unless she’s into it.’
*Let’s take it easy, so much to do yet.*
Lin now retrieved the logical next peace.
“It doesn’t take a brain like mine to see what you plan to do with that Dildo.”
“Speak only when asked!” Lin snapped. Dominatrix time it seems. “It’s ten inches long, and two and a half inches wide, and it’s going right here.” With another purr of pleasure, she slid it between her tits. The soft damp underfur that coated them acting like lube. The vibrator seemed to activate when touched. Happily however the Dildo was able to slide freely in and out without bumping it, witch meant I’d have to work it around a bit if I wonted to make the vibrator work its worth.
My expression was plane to Lin, she could read me like a book in bold print.
“Oh yes, Now were getting to the really good stuff.”
Lin picked the next toy from the box. “And this is?”
“The red butt plug.”
“The butt plug that you literally drooled over.”
Lin was really polling out the stops.
“Second point. Now if you get one more I’ll give you your prize.”
Without another word, Lin turned around, bringing her tail up over her back.
“Bones Question. What should I do with this?”
‘Want me too…’
“Rub the tip around in your cunt, then once its good and wet.” Lick of the lips, “Once its really coated up, bring it to your ass.” No more said.
She’d don it, Her pussy was more then wet enough to slick the plug that now rested point on the eye of her anus. Poke, then push, her ass began to accept the conical toy. Bit by bit it slid in, spreading and filling her rectum more and more, until finally the width was met. Six inches of plug disappeared as it’s three inch bulk vanishing. Leaving only the base sticking out.
‘Something else ain’t cutting it no more. Let’s try calling her a Sexy Tiger Goddess.’
“That’s better, nothing wakes this girl up better then a plugged ass.”
Lin dropped her tail, and turned around to examine my reaction.
“You got me there, that is a turn on. Now how bout I replace that hunk of silicone between those lovely tits?”
I couldn’t help but ask, It was just so damn hot not to want to jump head long in, but I was glued to the spot. This time around it was literally Lin’s show to command.
‘Never though BDSM could be so good.’
“Oh but Rich, You’ve only got 2 points. Dick’s going to have to wait.” She snickered at my reaction. “Last question.” Lin grabbed the second dildo out of the box. “What’s the classic porn film remembered do to Watergate?”
“Deep Throat.” I gulped.
Lin tilled her head back, brought the dildo to her muzzle. In, deep, not a single gag. At least as large as the one in her tits, She quite simply Deep Throated it.
‘She cold really be face fucked. Momma I want that kitty cat please?’
I moved back on the bed, taking in the picture. Lin standing in front of me, a 6”x3” butt plug in her ass, a 10”x2.5” dildo trapped in her tits witch were being held together with a bras rod and nipple clips, a touch activated vibrator in her cleavage, and now she’s throating another dildo at least as large as the first.
Lin extracted the Dildo from her muzzle to get a proper breath then looked me in the eyes.
*Easy as eating. Your turn in a second.*
I could practicably here her think. Eye contact was everything it seams. Or I’m just delusional enough to have imagined it all. Hell I’ve been arguing with myself this hole damn time so why couldn’t I have read her mind?
‘Good question, lets just say you can and leave it for now. Eyes on the prize and man is she a prize.’
“Okay, now listen to me very, very carefully, or you won’t get to do anything.”
Lin the Don Tiger Fur using her oh so pleasant fangs to punctuate her commands.
“Yes madam Lin.”
‘Play along. Not a problem.’
She smiled, then stood up extracting the first Dildo from between her tits. “Dick’s looking very happy for having had very little to do. So your going to put him right here.” Sliding the dildo back between her tits tapping the vibrator as she went. “And then I’m going to take every last drop he lets out, right here.” The second Dildo now reentered her muzzle.
“Yes madam.”
‘Tit fuck with a man milk shot coming up.’
“Oh but it’s not that easy You can’t use your hands at all.” Lin smirked having extracted the Dildos and returning them both to the box. “Got that?”
“Fuck your tits, and fire a load into your mouth without using my hands.” I got up off the bed, moving over to her, ready to rock her tits. However before I new it my arms were around my back, and cuffed.
“You must have seen these in the box.” I could feel the fuzzy cuffs restraining me. “Now you can’t use your hands, and don’t make a fuss or I’ll grab a gag.”
As Lin slipped back around me I could see her glowing with excitement. A glance down confirmed this.
‘That Pussy’s wetter then a monsoon!’
“Not a problem madam Lin.”
‘Really not a problem.’
Lin moved to the bed, laying herself down so that I could straddle her on my knees. Perfect size and height to place Dick to Tit’s.
“Oh but he is ready to play. Lets make it count.” Lin readied herself for the off. “At your discretion, Fuck!” A command that Lin could tell me at any time, anywhere, even in a church and I’d do it. Well not in front of her father, he might kill me on the spot.
‘Okay now its my show, you are not holding me back for this!’
Haven’t you realized that your out already, and I’m in control!
‘Got it. So now can we get to the Tits?’
Already started.
‘Mind and body… Well It seems to me that body’s on the right track so mind catch up!’
Oh god her fur, my cock was surrounded by a damp, pleasurable warmth, I could feel her tits press in on me, but it was only the first part of the fun. Lin evidently new how to tease the head, her tongue out and muzzle open as she sucked it. Every thrust meant more of her tongue, more sucking, and oh yes…
The moment I lifted cock to vibrator, Lin stopped purring. This was too good for purring.
“Oh but that does help.” She squealed as I rubbed up across it sending vibrations to her tits, wall lifting on the rod. “Mustn’t forget your target remember?”
“Oh yes madam. I will be faithful to your will, and Fuck your tits off at the same time!”
At that I let loos, changing my angle of attack so as to keep pressure on the vibrator, wall still diving the head of my cock to her muzzle, oh god her tongue.
Lin shuttered as the pinching, vibrating and pulling intensified on her tits. All but for my dick interfering she would have roared in pleasure by now.
‘Close to her limit, oh but so are we.’
*Don’t worry about us, this kitty wants her milk.*
‘More then happy to oblige.’
I could feel it, her tong rapping around to the nerve endings under the foreskin near the head. Perfect timing, perfect pressure, and the results we both wonted.
She forced my cock into her muzzle. Dragging every last drop from it like it was a thick milkshake straw. I was in heaven, a very happy place were a million Feline Furs wonted milkshakes!
‘Okay. She’s a feline fur, you make man milk, she likes man milk. We get it!’
Heaven was fleeting as the last few drops met Lin’s throat. Panting she popped the clips on her tits, revealing the pressure and releasing me as her breast pancaked to normal.
“Oh god that was good, but you’re far from done.” Lin’s eyes were more then back lit, they were true blue flames. “That magic mouth of yours, and its inhuman tong need to finish me off.”
“Yes madam.” Inhuman she says. I wonder what shill think after I go fur and really light her up.
I stood up, stepping back onto the floor to kneel down. Of all the things to pop into my mind. “A Pie Eating Contest. The no hands type, but the filling here is so much beater, and oh god dose the prize make you wont to eat tell you hurl, then eat some more.”
Lin giggled. “I like that, now chow down buddy, and don’t forget to lick the pan.”
Plunge. My nose rubbed her clit without mercy, tongue already splitting her folds. Lin’s nectar was flowing copiously by this point, as I brought my tongue up to replace my nose. Lapping across her clit. Every move I’d ever seen or dreamed, but nothing brought forth the shriek I was aiming for.
‘There is one thing that will make her either kill you, or shove your head halfway in her for more.’
No thanks on the head thing, but that one thing sounds perfect.
I let up my assault, caressing her labia taking in more nectar. Bite, more nibbling but the affect.
‘One word worth a trillion!’
I released her left lip, switching tactics as I came to grips with the right. Teeth in contact, but not clamped hard, just enough to zip up and down. Lin was practically speechless at this, no more screams of joy, but that was for the best. The next and final move could have meant waking every living thing for 5 miles around, including our parents. I don’t know if her dad would kill for it, but tempting fate on that level. He’s down in the valley so what the hell.
My mouth came down hard, sucking her clit with full force, Lin was almost ready to cum, and this was going to do it. Teeth to clit, a potentially murder worthy move, but was it ever the right one for her.
Totally and utter silents. Vibrations, convulsions and pleasurable rapture pulsing through her. My head trapped hard on her clit by her thighs, sucking even more as the flood of nectar exploded on my face. Now it was Lin’s turn in heaven, what she saw I will never know, but the fact that I staid clamped to her clit for well over a minute was good enough for me.
Finally Lin released my head, but I was far from done. I licked every last drop of her cum. She had taken all I had to give, now so will I.
“Never, that…” Lin panted almost whimpering. “That was a knockout shot…” She was so overwhelmed it was hard for her to complete a sentence. “Do, that again…”
As I finished my deliciously diligent cleanup, Lin finally regained her speech coherence. “I never saw that in any of those websites. What a knockout shot.” Lin was still wrapped in the afterglow from it.
I lifted my head from between her legs, looking strait into the her eye’s.
“Did you mean it about becoming a Tiger Fur like me?” Lin final spoke, locking her neck to keep eye contact.
“I would do anything to make you happy.” It was true. “I wonder if your Mother wouldn’t mind doing it?”
“All this time, you have been so strong and smart, but I never realized how perfect you are.”
I was mesmerized by her eye’s they showed me every little bit of the bliss that I had given her, and all the love she had for me. I could tell she saw the same in mine.
“If you became a fur like me, I’d never let you out of the house.”
“I don’t get out of the house much as is.”
Lin just smiled. “Well not totally perfect yet. Always room to improve.”
At that I broke the stair. This was all good, but the handcuffs were not welcome anymore. I stood up, turned around so that Lin could see the cuffs.
“I’ll get the…” Lin froze as I ripped the link’s apart, then turned around to look back into her eye’s.
“I wonder what sex will be like once I have some real fangs for that last trick?”
“With this as a benchmarks, I’d be sent into orbit along with my voice.”
“I hope fur’s have more stamina though, its damn unfair how men have maybe two or three good shots, were a woman could keep on cumming.”
Lin giggled, “You with more stamina, I’m going to needed a really good set of chains to lock you up in. Otherwise some OSU sorority will come and steal you from me to make you there privet sex slave.”
“Package deal, they take me, then you come too. No sex slavery in this state, but God bless the right to Live Sex Shows!”
Fact: State Law permits Live Sex Shows in Oregon. To think something like that’s allowed… Yet in a state known for breeding internationally award winning weed, smoking pot is illegal.(Federal law not State, but still) How can we have a live Rock/Sex show without the Drugs?
We both laughed at that. The idea of Lin and I giving Tiger Fur sex shows. Lin’s Father would kill me on the spot for sure.
‘Isn’t it nice to finally openly fantasize about that sort of stuff?’
Lin finally snapped out of the laughter, still a bit gritty but serious as she spoke. “When we were doing it before. I asked if you really hadn’t done it before, and you said It’s like I’m on Autopilot.”
My laughter stopped immediately. “Well it sort of was.” I knew what had happened, but not that I had said anything like that. “When you kissed me, my mind fogged up, and all the sodden I was under the control of my Libido.”
‘Thank you for recognizing my part in all this, but what’s it got to do with having more sex?’
“That was exactly what it felt like for me too. The Champagne finally propped my nerves wide open, and when you had your hand on me, under my shirt. It all just flooded out.”
*Yah, so I started it, what’s wrong with that?*
“Have you gotten control, or was this all its doing?”
I had to know, I’m secure in knowing she wants me, but was it her or her lust that ran the show? Lin was surprisingly com at this question.
“After you’d fucked our lights out, I woke up and began to remember just what happened. I got up to take a shower, then found the voice inside my head was pleading, no demanding I turned around and started in on you immediately. I force myself into the shower, then you came in to join me.”
“I guess your Libido lost that battle.” I can use this time to recover for the next round.
‘A reason for talking I guess.’
“After I woke up, mine sort of steered me to the bathroom, from there though it was all me.”
“We really are two of a kind you know that?”
Lin dropped her head back, resting her neck and braking line of sight.
“We both had pend it all up for so long, and no matter what we did or thought of doing, we had each other in mind weather we knew it or not.”
I could only see one way of putting it, one way to say just how deeply connected we are with one another. “What we are is the definition of Sole Mates.”
Lin rolled over to her side, looking a the clausset.
“I don’t thing we need any more toys, or any more ideas of what to do, but I think there’s one thing I have that we’ll need.”
Lin looked at me as I moved forward and reached for the base, her butt still stuffed.
“Some lube to let me replace this.”
‘Eye contact, more like telepathic projection or some sort of linked hive mind.’
Lin almost screamed as I started to pull the plug out, slow but forceful, never go fast unless its ready for it. Finally it was out. “Oh but you loved this being in there, how about this?” My left hand holding the plug, I used my right to gesture to my now ready cock.
“Two box’s down and third from the left.” Lin was back to ordering me around, but until I get claws and fangs of my own. “Oh and put that back for now.” Easy to do, fun to do, and oh yes a purr of pleasure.
Up, closet, two down third from the left. Got it. Strawberry Multi Lube. Back to Lin.
“Good boy, now let me get you good and ready.”
In one fluid move Lin shifted herself around, garbed the lube, and her muzzle inhaled my cock.
‘Feline flexibility. If the ancient India had Feline Fur’s the Kamasutra would be the largest manuscript in history, and would’ve outsold the bible.’
She staid like that for a moment, her nose pressed to my pubic bone, then came off smiling gleefully.
“I don’t think Strawberry is your flavor, but it’s not going to matter this time is it?”
“Not my flavor is not my problem, I just wont to use it.”
I could see in Lin’s eye’s the fire those words brewed up. She’s more then ready, and so am I.
Without a second though I grabbed the lube back from Lin’s paw, flipping the top and sniffing it. “Your right though about the flavor, I’d be better with Orange.”
Fact: OSU colors are Black, White and, Orange. Not gay just funny.
Lin evidently got the joke and giggled at the thought, but giggling couldn’t last as she watched me.
The lube was water based, easy to use, easy to clean up, but with the problem of becoming tacky with use. I began to drip the lube on the top of my cock, only a few drops at first, just to make Lin drool.
“Just get it slicked already!” Lin was more then ready for me, she was fucking craving me.
“You! Butt up, legs spread, on the bed, Now!” My turn to command. If She wont’s it I give it on my terms.
*Oh goody. The BDSM play goes both ways.*
‘Dom, is a guy thing by nature, no fangs and claws needed. They would help though.’
Lin turned around, taking the commanded position. Now that I think of it, Tail strait up, and ears perked. Ever time I see that from now on I’ll think about fucking her ass.
‘Schwing in advance.’
“Almost perfect.” I grabbed her hips and raised them to the perfect level. This is going to be an Ass fucking for the history books. “Hold that, don’t move!” I moved my left hand off her hip grabbing the lube, as my right hand began to extract the plug yet again from Lin’s ass.
Plug out, a spurt of lube to the gaped ass hole, and in as it tightened down. The plug had done its job well. My cock was in at least five inches, but that doesn’t mean start plowing hard and fast just yet.
“How slow should I go?” A question that must always be ask. The ass is not a pussy. The nerves in the anus are sensitive. Done correctly, anal sex will give an orgasm unlike anything achieved otherwise. Done any other way then right, and it will hurt, badly.
Most people that try anal sex get it wrong and never won’t to try and get it right. Their loss. Lin had everything down on her end, the plug had wormed her up, loosening the sphincter, and letting the lube seep in a bit farther sooner.
“All good, just fuck me until we run out of lube!”
I lifted the bottle of lube and shook it. Less then a quarter of the bottle was left, but that could last a good long time if used properly.
‘Use properly please.’
“Okay then, tell the tube is out, and your ass is packed with as much cum as I can provide, then one of those dildos.” I began to push. The lube was working perfectly, some having seeped deeply already letting me fit the last inch and a half of my cock in easily. “Locked, loaded, and set for fully automatic fire. Ram’s Per Minuit may very.”
In and out, half thrust. The feeling of the anus on a cock isn’t to far from that of a pussy, but the pressure as the muscles tightened and adjusted. Their natural function aside, those muscles could make any cock blow a load faster then even the tightest pussy. And Oh yes Lin knew how to work those muscles nicely.
I could feel the lube getting tacky fast, so without a second thought I fully extracted, shoved the lube bottle in its place and squirted directly into her ass.
Lin scream, and load. As I removed the lube bottle and fully reinserted. Not in pain, oh never pain with her. She was in heaven yet again.
With the flood of lube now in place, I ramped up the pace. Every stroke was met with a whimper of pleasure.
‘Come full out again, shove it in her cunt full force, then back into the ass.’
“Oh God Yes!!!” Lin’s cry was so loud, I would expect more then a few people in Corvallis herd her, as well as every other side in a 15 mile radius into the valley.
Crank it up a notch, I really brought the rhythm up, teamed it with a few more rams of the cunt and my hands firmly grasping her breast.
In no time I was on the verge of blowing my load, Lin was so fare gone that telling her would be like spitting in the ocean. An infinitesimal addition, but I was not done.
Tail! I released her breast, scritching along her sides and down to her lower back as they came towards it. One last scritch, then grab. I held it like I was flying an old center stick aircraft, pulling it every time I stroked.
Her body locked, stone solid. I was still fucking nothing would stop me until I was done or she exploded.But the force of this cum ripping through Lin was hard to depict based on prier scale. Kilotons used, lets go to the dramatic stellar death section. Forget Supernova, hang a left at the Hyper-nova section.
I wasn’t to far behind her as I finally hit climax. For the first time ever(That I haven’t Past out during or after) I was in 100% bliss. If this was the sort of pleasure I’d been giving Lin all this time…
‘Shut up and enjoy it. There’s many more orgasms where that came from.’
*If she ever comes back from her new Orbit inside Lagrange Point One.*
‘If there Sole Mates, what does the make us?’
*Libido Mates? Synchronized Sex Drive’s?*
‘Doesn’t matter does it?’
*Not in the least.*
‘Think we can get them to do that Tiger Fur Sex Show?’
*She’s already a trained Clothing Model so being seen in next to nothing’s not a problem.*
‘Freedom is fun.’
*You said it.*

To Be Continued…

“Autopilot Libido Override” © R.C.Halter Oct 14, 2009
The characters Lin, Sara, and Pearl copyright Monitor Studios

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