Caught Sniffing Pt. 13

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It had been three days since I had ‘helped’ Janice out next door. I hadn’t had a visit from Rosemary or either of the twins in that time either and I was starting to wonder if my fun was over. Every day I checked the dirty laundry basket in the bathroom but was disappointed every time when I found no dirty knickers.

I really couldn’t understand what was going on. Had I done something wrong? If I had then I couldn’t think what. Surely I hadn’t upset everyone! With the lack of attention I was starting to appreciate how lucky I had been and was soon in a daydream as I relived my sessions with Rosemary, Amy, Emily and of course the next door neighbour, Janice.

The weather had taken a turn for the worse. As I sat on my bed I watched through the window as the rain lashed down outside and I could hear a distant rumble of thunder. Dressed in just t-shirt and shorts I was starting to feel cold, such was the change in the weather.

I almost jumped as I was brought back to reality by a knock at my bedroom door.

“Can we come in Tom?” said one of the twins, I couldn’t tell which.

“Yeah, come in,” I answered.

Moments later Amy and Emily stood before me after entering my room and closing the door behind them.

“We’re so bored Tom, we wondered if you’d like to play a game with us?” Emily asked with a somewhat seductive smile.

I’d barely seen the girls in the last few days and with my earlier concerns I was more than happy to see them. Especially with the mention of playing a game, I knew the sort of games they liked to play.

“Yeah sure, what game did you have in mind?” I asked, hoping I was right in my assumption.

“Nothing too complicated, just a simple little card game,” Amy said.

“Lets sit on the floor,” Emily said.

Joining the twins on the floor we all knelt down in a triangular formation and Amy produced a pack of playing cards from her sweatshirt and began to slowly shuffle them.

“As I said it’s a very simple game, I will deal each person just one card face down like this,” Amy said placing a card on the floor in front of each of them.

“The one who has the lowest value card is the loser and has to take one item of clothing off. Aces count as one,” Amy explained.

It suddenly struck me that the girls were both wearing socks. I hadn’t thought anything of it until now. After all it had turned colder but now I realised that I was at a distinct disadvantage. Not that I was complaining.

“Go on Em, lets see what you’ve got,” Amy said.

“Oh, a five,” Emily said turning her card over.

“Now you Tom,” Amy instructed.

“Seven,” I said knowing I hadn’t lost the first round at least.

“And mine is…a king. Okay Em, you lose, take something off,” Amy said to her sister.

Expecting Emily to remove one of her socks I was surprised when she tugged her black sweatshirt off over her head. I soon realised I’d been somewhat set-up when she revealed a white t-shirt. I knew then I was more than likely going to be naked before either of them.

Amy quickly gathered the overturned cards from the floor and placed them at the bottom of the pack before dealing out three more cards, “Okay lets see who’s are next loser,” she said.

This time Emily had a jack and when I turned over a six I was expecting I had lost this round. When Amy revealed a five I was pleased that at least things were a little more even now, considering I was only wearing three items of clothing. Amy also removed her sweatshirt revealing her white t-shirt the same as her sister.

My luck held out for the next three rounds which left Emily wearing one sock and Amy showing off her pretty little feet as she now sat cross legged on the floor.

“Surely it must be Tom’s turn this time,” Amy said as she dealt the cards.

And sure enough it was my turn and I removed my shirt. When Emily lost the next round and lost her second sock I was looking forward to what would be revealed next.

“OH NO,” Emily cried out as she turned over an ace.

Thinking my luck was in I was amazed when I also turned over an ace. Amy had a nine.

“So what happens now?” I asked.

“Well you both lost so you each have to take something off,” Amy said.

While I stood casino şirketleri up to take my shorts off I looked across at Emily to see what she would discard. As I sat back down wearing only my black underpants Emily pulled her t-shirt off exposing her black bra.

Amy lost the next round and when she too removed her shirt I began to wonder if both twins had dressed identically as she too was wearing a black bra and they both were wearing the same white shorts. No doubt I would soon find out.

Amy shuffled the cards before dealing the next round. When I won again I couldn’t believe my luck when I saw both girls had the same value cards meaning they both had to remove something. They both stood up and let their shorts fall to the floor. Two pairs of almost identical shapely tanned legs held my gaze.

My question was now answered. Although I had expected them to be wearing black panties to match their bra’s they were actually wearing the same pink cotton panties. Not that it mattered a damn, they both looked as sexy as hell.

It wasn’t until they sat back down on the floor to continue the game that I realised that there was one difference between them. Although they were dressed exactly the same I noticed that Emily’s nail polish, both fingers and toes, were a bright red while Amy’s were black.

I lost the next round…

“It’s about bloody time,” Amy said obviously a little peeved that it taken so long.

“Come on then Tom, get those pants off,” Emily said excitedly.

Standing up I pushed my black pants down my legs and let them fall to the floor.

“Yea, there he is, at last,” Amy said with enthusiasm.

“Mmmm Yeah,” Emily said enjoying the sight.

Kneeling back down on the floor and sitting back I let my flaccid penis hang down between my open legs. Looking up at Emily I watched her tongue lick her lips as she continued to stare. Amy dealt the cards once more.

I suddenly wondered what would happen if I lost. As it turned out Amy lost. It seemed obvious that she would remove her bra but to my amazement she stood up to remove her knickers.

“Oh Come on that’s not fair,” I cried out as Amy pushed her pink panties down only to reveal a black pair underneath.

Both girls laughed out loud enjoying their deception.

“What’s wrong! You could have worn two pairs of pants,” Amy said still giggling.

“Yeah I could have, thing is I didn’t know we were going to play this game,” I replied.

“Would you rather not play any more then?” Amy teased.

“Come on, deal the cards,” I said smiling at Amy as she sat back down.

As Amy dealt the cards and Emily turned over a jack I was surprised to beat her with a queen and even more surprised when Amy turned over another jack.

“Can’t believe how lucky you are, jammy bugger,” Amy said.

Knowing they both had to take something off I was sure Amy would remove her black bra and expected Emily would remove her pink Knickers, no doubt revealing another pair underneath.

Emily stood up and smiled at me as she pushed her pink knickers down her legs letting them drop to the floor and as I expected she had a pair of black cotton panties underneath.

“Oh what a surprise!” I said sarcastically.

Again to my genuine surprise Amy stood up after watching her sister and tugged at her black panties. She slid them down her thighs only to reveal a skimpy black g-string. Both girls giggled as they watched the expression on my face.

“I Don’t Believe It…you little sods!” I exclaimed.

I had to admit that the teasing was really turning me on which was plain for all to see. Both twins were now staring at my penis as it began to stiffen. Amy once again dealt the cards after sitting back down.

By the law of averages I was expecting to lose and indeed I did. Emily won with a nine beating my three and Amy’s six. I wasn’t sure if they were making the rules up as they went along or if they had thought it through before hand but Amy quickly explained…

“So now you’ve got no more clothing to take off and as Emily won the round, you have to follow her instructions,” Amy said while glancing between my penis and face.

If the rule had just been made up Emily didn’t show it and gave casino firmaları me her instruction without delay.

“Okay Tom, I want you to sniff on Amy’s dirty pink knickers for one minute. I’m sure you’ll enjoy them, when did you wear them Amy? Was it yesterday or the day before?” Emily asked her sister.

“It was the the day before,” Amy said with a cheeky grin.

Emily reached behind her and produced, what I soon realised was a clock work timer which I think was from a board game, although I couldn’t remember clearly. Obviously the girls had planned the game in advance and it also explained why I hadn’t found any of their dirty underwear in the wash basket.

“Okay Amy pass him your knickers and I’ll start the timer and Tom, no touching yourself!” Emily commanded.

Catching the knickers in my hand from Amy’s toss I opened them up before my eyes. Finding the crotch wasn’t difficult, the white marks were like a beacon. Lifting them to my nose I was soon enjoying the sexy dirty aroma from Amy’s pussy from two days ago.

“Oh Wow, look at that Em. Look at that pole growing harder,” Amy said with obvious delight.

“I’m watching, don’t you worry,” Emily replied.

I could feel my cock twitching while I explored the crotch of Amy’s panties. The soft tick of the timer and the girls comments was little distraction as I closed my eyes and lost myself in the moment.

“That’s it, Times up!” Emily said when a ping from the timer indicated a minute had passed.

Disappointment when the panties where snatched away from my nose by Amy was soon replaced by excitement at what was to come. Amy dealt the cards. At this point, whether I won or lost with the cards didn’t really matter. Whatever the result I was going to win.

Emily lost the next round and as I expected, removed her black panties to reveal a black thong. Now both twins were dressed in just bra and g-string, truly identical in every way, except their nail varnish.

When Emily turned over a five on the next deal and I also turned a five we all looked at one another and smiled wondering what Amy would have. It was a king.

“Oh, well that’s interesting. Come on Em, lose something and I’ll think of a task for Tom,” Amy said.

With no hesitation Emily reached behind her back and unclipped her bra. She watched my face as she discarded the garment to reveal her small perfect little breasts only looking away when the twitch of my now fully erect penis caught her attention.

“Right now, Tom, stand behind Emily and play with her tits. You have one minute,” Amy instructed.

Within moments I was standing behind Emily. My erection, standing proud, pressed against the warm skin of her lower back as I reached around to cup her breasts in my hands. Her nipples felt stiff against my palms. She laid her head back against my chest and I looking down I gently pinched each nipple between my thumbs and forefingers.

The minute was over far too soon but we were happy to continue the game in the knowledge that there was more to come. Returning to our positions on the floor Amy dealt the cards once more. Amy lost and removed her bra. I was now looking at two pairs of identical breasts.

I was the next loser, although it hardly seemed like losing when Emily, who had won, passed me her pink panties and tasked me to sniff them for a another timed minute. Spreading the material between my hands I raised the gusset to my nose. My cock twitched wildly as the dirty odour invaded my senses.

“I think he likes that Em, look at all that pre cum running down his shaft,” Amy said to her sister.

“I know, can’t wait to taste it,” Emily replied and then the timer pinged.

No time was wasted. By the time Emily had tugged her pink knickers from my grasp Amy had dealt the next round of cards. I was more than happy to lose again. Amy had won and I was soon passed Emily’s black panties and the timer was reset.

“God I’m so wet!” Emily exclaimed.

“Me too,” Amy admitted.

The patches and streaks of white were much more obvious against the black cotton. Although the odour was very similar to what I had just experienced, unsurprisingly being from the same source, there was something slightly different which güvenilir casino just added to the enjoyment.

My cock twitched wildly once again and didn’t stop while I sniffed in Emily’s dirty scent from her panties. I was so engrossed that even the increasing noise from the storm outside, flashes of lightning and the claps of thunder, didn’t deter me.

“Don’t think I’ve ever seen that much pre cum, look at it pump out his knob,” Emily said.

The timer pinged again. The next deal couldn’t have worked out better. I won and both twins lost, each having the same value cards which of course meant that they both had to lose their black g-strings.

They both stood up and moved closer to one another. As if choreographed they turned around facing away from me and very slowly began to push their g-strings down. The black material peeled away from between their perfect little bum cheeks and soon I saw how wet they both were.

The thick clear sticky juices couldn’t seem to make up their minds whether to stay with their owner or follow the g-string as they were slowly pulled away. In perfect unison both girls pushed their panties lower and with doing so bent further and further over.

Although the room wasn’t well lit due to the stormy skies outside I could clearly see their wet gooey pussies as they both stayed bent over, g-strings now on the floor around their ankles.

Eventually the twins took up position again cross legged on the floor and after a quick shuffle Amy dealt the cards. Emily turned over an eight, I had an ace and Amy also had an eight.

“Oh, that’s interesting!” Amy said and after a short pause as she looked across to her sister, continued, “well what do you think Em, what shall we do.”

“Well I know what I want, I need to taste that big cock and all that lovely pre cum,” Emily said with out hesitation.

“Sounds good to me. Come on Tom, lay on the bed for us,” Amy said.

I didn’t need asking twice. Laying flat on my back on the bed the girls, in perfect symmetry, took up position kneeling either side of my legs. They lowered their heads and kissed either side of my bulging purple knob.

With light kisses and gentle licks with the tips of their tongues they made their way down the length of my shaft. Emily, to my right, took hold of the base of my cock and holding it firmly in her hand, held it upright.

“Mmmm I love all this pre cum,” Emily said tasting it on her tongue.

Licking more firmly now up and down, taking it in turns to run their tongues over the shiny knob. Not wanting the pure pleasure to end, I was fighting to keep control. When Amy began caressing my aching balls I couldn’t hold back any longer.

“OH FUCK I’M…ARRRRR,” I cried out.

I looked down to watch the twins as they seemingly fought over each stream of cum as it shot from my throbbing knob. Blobs of spunk lay on their faces, hair and hands despite their best efforts to catch it in their mouths.

“Fuck, I need to come. Eat my cunt,” Amy cried, and with some urgency straddled my face.

Her juices soaked my face as she thrust her pussy against my mouth. She slid herself up and down while I stuck my tongue between her juicy lips. Meanwhile Emily had straddled my cock. Although spent and softening she was furiously rubbing her pussy up and down its length.

“Oh Fuck I’m Gonna Come, Suck My Clit Tom…OH FUUUUCK YEEEEES!” Amy cried.

I thought I was going to suffocate. Amy pushing firmly against me while caught in her orgasm had cut off my air supply. Just as I was thinking I was going to have to push her off she lifted herself up, allowing me to breath again.

Although I hadn’t long come the feel of Emily’s on me and the taste and smell of her sisters creamy cum was making me hard again. Emily, with her eyes closed and fondling her own tits was obviously close to coming.

Suddenly Amy’s face appeared above me. Here Tom, have a sniff of these with me. To my delight she was holding two pairs of pink panties for us both to sample. It soon became apparent that Amy was fingering herself while holding the dirty panties between are almost touching faces.

Emily’s breathing was becoming faster and shallower and her movement on my now fully hard cock was almost frantic. Amy seemed to be enjoying the dirty musty odours from the soiled knickers as much as I was as we both sniffed away.

We all came within seconds of each other. An orgy of cries rang out with no one holding back. It’s just as well we were home alone…

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