Abercrombie Love!

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Since my last story got relatively positive reviews I have decided to write another one. It is also a true story. Enjoy!!

Now that I had been introduced into the world of sex, I was unstoppable. I fucked Alex nonstop for the next two months, not caring what people thought of it. I had sex in his car, my school,his bathroom,almost everyone I could sneak a quick fuck in. Eventually I got bored of just his dick, and I started sleeping with other guys. When he found out, I took the opportunity to dump him and go really crazy.
About a month after I dumped Alex, summer was closing in, and Mallory and I decided to go to the mall to go shopping. We bought a ton of clothes and lingerie before we made a stop in my favorite store–Abercrombie, where our friend Jordan was working. It was close to closing time when we walked in. We waved to Jordan as she was bringing in a box from the back, and then we walked around and i found a skirt that I loved, along with two t-shirts, one pink and the other white, as well as a pair of acid washed jeans that revealing rips in the thighs. Mallory grabbed a navy polo, pink and white striped button-up shirt, two pairs of jeans and two string bikinis. We went to the dressing room and locked ourselves in to one.
Mallory and I undressed, and I drank in her tight body. She was blonde, thin, with an oval shaped face and nice C-cups. Her tits were firm and perky, and her pussy was looking pretty tight. It took us a minute to realize we were both staring at each other, but when we did realize it,we laughed and I blushed as I looked away.
“How big are those?” Mallory asked. I knew what she was talking about,and it kinda turned me on.
“34-D.” I answered. And with that our naked bodies were wrapped around each other as we made out. My arms were wrapped around hers, and my hands roamed down to squeeze her tight ass. She moaned with pleasure, and before long she was sitting on the bench in front of the mirror. I was on my knees in front of her, and I spread her legs as I began to flick my tongue in and out of her now wet pussy. My tongue drank in the sweet tasting liquid that was practically flowing from her. Her hands gripped my head and her back arched as she moaned in unrestrained pleasure. Before long, her whole body shivered in anticipation, and I knew she was near an orgasm. My tongue moved even faster as I brought her to her climax. After my face was sufficiently covered in her warm juices, we again became intertwined and made out. Our moaning was all I heard, and neither one of us noticed the door unlock and open.
“What the fuck is this?” asked Jordan. Mallory and I slid off of one another in horror.
“Shut the door!” I yelled. “What if someone sees this?”
“Chill girl,” she answered. “My manager told me to take care of you two and close up. I shut the doors, no one’s coming in. It’s just us. And someone did see.” Her tone was playful now. “Someone saw it and wants to see more. Grab the clothes and follow me.” She waited for us to grab everything and then led us through the empty, now silent store. She canlı bahis took us into the back, into the storage section, which was equally empty but filled with clothes, clothes, and more clothes. “I take my break in here,” she said, leading us into a small room. It had a couch. two chairs, a table, a sink, and a coffee maker. The room smelled like cigarettes, and the couch looked pretty dirty. Jordan pulled the cushions off the couch to reveal a pullout bed, which she set up and sat down on. “Are you just gonna stand there?” she asked. “Let’s get this thing going.”
I responded immediately by unbuttoning her shirt, while Mallory pulled off her tight jeans. I was panting with anticipation as I did so, and when the two of us were finished, Jordan sat on the bed in just her bra and a thong. She was about five foot six, with shoulder length, dirty blonde hair and a heart shaped face that was nothing short of beautiful. Her ass was big, firm, and, as I was about to find out, delicious. She took her bra off to reveal small, perky B-cups. I drew her into a long, passionate kiss. Her tongue was warm when it touched mine, and her moans made me work even harder to please her. My own moans began to escape, and they became louder as Mallory began to slowly finger me. I could tell by the way Jordan was moaning that Mallory was also giving her treatment, and both of our chests began to heave as Mallory started to speed up. I was on top of Jordan now, with her back to the bed, and she broke off kissing me, and began to fondle my hard nipples.
“You like that?” she asked? I moaned that I did. “Want more? I know you do you dirty little slut. Want more?”
“Give me more,” I panted. She did. Her left hand was squeezing my right nipple hard, and her mouth was trying to engulf as much of my left breast as it could. This, along with Mallory’s fingers, which were moving faster still, was enough to send me into an orgasm of my own, which was shortly followed by Jordan’s.
The ecstasy was short lived. For the second time that day, a door opened and the words ‘What the fuck is this?’ were shouted at us. But this time it wasn’t our friend Jordan–it was her boss. He was short, only about five-foot nine, and bald, though he looked to be in his early to mid twenties. Despite the situation, I could see that he was muscular, and I thought he was pretty damn hot.
“Jordan, what is this?” he asked again, outraged.
“Please Mike I swear this won’t happen again. Please don’t fire me,” Jordan whined.
“Damnit!” he yelled. “Why would you pull this shit? You just got this job and your one of my best workers. And now I don’t have a choice but to fire you.”
“NO!”Jordan screamed. “Please, I’m begging you. I’ll do anything. Please.” She stood up, showing him a good look at her naked body. “Please. I’ll do anything,” she whispered.
He surveyed the room, taking in both Mallory and I. Then he turned back to Jordan. His angry demeanor softened slightly. “Jordan, I have to. I’m sorry but is anyone finds out about this…” he left the sentence trailing for a moment. “Jordan you know I bahis siteleri like you. But I can’t turn my back on this. I just can’t.”
“No one’s going to find out,” she answered. “There aren’t any cameras in storage. No one has to know. Let’s just say what happened in here stays in here. Please.” Her pouty, seductive tone mixed with the three sexy, naked bodies was too much for him to handle.
“On one condition,” he said.
“What is it?” the three of us asked as one.
“Well…the party can’t stop yet,” he said, unbuckling his belt and sliding his pants down to reveal boxers that did nothing to hide the massive bulge in his pants. Next he pulled his shirt off to reveal defined pecs and abs, and then the boxers went down. Let’s just say that he did the saying that black men are huge justice.
“Now we’re talking,” Jordan said playfully. He walked over to the bed, and Jordan got down on her knees and began to pump his eight inch cock. I was told to lie on my back, and his arm reached down and he began to finger me. I could see his dick harden and grow longer as Jordan pumped, until it was at least ten inches of black meat.
“Come here baby,” he said to Mallory, drawing her close with his other arm and pulling her into a kiss. We continued like this until Jordan tried to suck his cock. Mallory bent down and they both ran their mouths and tongues over the cock, trying to take as much of it as they could, though neither came close to the whole thing. His fingers were still pounding my pussy, which was drenched, and I played with my nipples as he finger-fucked me. I knew I was close to cumming again, but he beat me to it by shooting a massive load all over Mallory and Jordan’s faces. He stopped fingering me long enough for me to sit up and watch as Mallory and Jordan made out, licking the cum off of each other’s faces. Mike took the opportunity to focus solely on me, and his head bent down and his tongue flicked in and out of my dripping wet pussy.
“Come on,” I moaned. “Drink all that juice. Pull it out of my dirty cunt. COME ON!” I screamed as I orgasmed again, covering his tongue in wet, sticky, warm cum.
I licked the cum off of his dick when he was finished with me. He moaned as my tongue ran up and down his shaft, taking all the leftover cum that Mallory and Jordan hadn’t taken. I walked over to my purse and searched until I pulled out a condom. It barely fit over the massive head of his cock, but it did fit and we were ready to fuck.
Mallory and Jordan had taken my spot on the bed, and completely oblivious to us as they ate each other’s pussies 69 style. Jordan was on top, with her ass facing me, and I watched as Mallory viciously ate at Jordan, causing loud moans of pleasure. I could tell Mallory was getting the same treatment because of her identical moans.
Mike bent me over the table so that my ass was sticking up in the air, and his hands took hold of my asscheeks as he guided his monster cock towards my pussy. I could feel as it entered, and it felt like it was splitting me in two… and it wasn’t even in all the way! His hips started bahis şirketleri to thrust in and out, gaining speed as they did so until he was absolutely pounding my pussy into submission. All the while Mallory and Jordan were on the bed, and we could hear the moaning and dirty talk, which only made us hornier. I started talking dirty to him too, and his hips moved faster and faster–punishment for the naughty slut, he said. I was fast approaching my third orgasm from the mightiest cock I had ever fucked. His groaning warned me that he was close to shooting another huge load, and I thrust my hips into him, grinding my ass until his entire dick was in my pussy. It hurt, but it felt good at the same time, and I was proud to have all of him in me as I climaxed. Only seconds later he followed my example, and I was glad for the condom, because without it, I would have been entirely filled with his seed.
“Let’s go, Jordan,” he said. She disengaged from Mallory and assumed a doggy-style position on the bed. Instead of her pussy, however, he went directly for her tight asshole. She yelped in pain and surprise. I knew she was no anal virgin, but a dick that huge still hurt in such a tight ass. He didn’t slow though, and despite the pain she was in, her hips moved in rhythm with his monster cock, and I watched in amazement. It was one of the most beautiful sights I had ever seen, but I was quickly pulled onto the remaining section of the bed by Mallory.
“Scissor with me Faith,” she cooed. I had never scissored but I figured what the hell… I had never had a ten inch cock before today either. It was awkward as we started, our legs spread and our hips writhing into each other, but it was enjoyable enough, and I threw myself into it. Our wet pussies jammed each other and our juicy cums mixed with each other as we jammed. But before long, Mallory had another orgasm, and she spread my legs when she was done to try and bring me to another orgasm of my own. Her head was in my crotch, her tongue darting in and out much like mine and Jordan’s had done a short time earlier. It felt like heaven as she did so. Her warm tongue was soon sticky with my cum as I began to flow into her mouth. She drank every drop though, happy not to share with Jordan like she had with Mike’s cock. My orgasm lasted for almost a minute this time, and I was utterly exhausted when I was done. Mallory and I watched as Mike ass-fucked Jordan, before pulling his cock out of her ass and jizzing all over her perky tits. She too was exhausted, and she moved out of the way as Mike beckoned Mallory over. Mallory assumed the same doggy style position Jordan had, and she was prepared for his cock as he began to fuck her ass. He went no easier on her then he had on Jordan, but he lasted less time before he came in Mallory’s asshole. The four of us were all exhausted, and fell back on the bed. Mike was the first to speak.
“Jordan, I’ve decided you can keep your job. In fact, you’re doing so well I might recommend you for assistant manager. And you two girls. You’re welcome back anytime you want. And if you ever need a job, come on in and we’ll…talk about it.”

And that’s the story of my Abercrombie experience with the sexual monster that was Mike.

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