A Shared Shower

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In the shower your pushed into my chest, your hair pushed to the side exposing your neck, I’ve got my lips drawn back and my teeth, firmly, slowly gnawing on the back left of your neck, moving up and down, no real rhythm, just tasting my way. My hands held tight at your waist, my thumbs pressing in to the sides at the very base of your back, my fingers firmly massaging down towards the front of your inner thighs.

You can feel the arousal pressed up at the top of your cleft and pressed hard against your lower spine.

I start to nibble around the side of your neck and massage the flesh with my lips, then along your shoulder as my left hand starts to go higher and my right hand further around and down.

I go back to biting your neck, mouth wide open and scraping your skin with my fangs (yes, they’re only little and natural!). my left hand reaches up to your right breast lifting it up and squeezing firmly, I stretch my fingers out and brush your nipple. My right hand gliding over your mound and underneath easing its way between your thighs. As I draw the hand back slightly the middle finger traces a warm wet line.

My teeth release your neck and my lips start kissing their way up towards your ear. Your hands reach behind squeezing their way between us and reaching for me. My left hand is still massaging your right breast. My right hand slips low again and the middle finger draws you wider and my finger is now pressed firmly against you, slowly curling and uncurling. I let go of your breast reach up and take hold of your hair. Turn you to face me, your right hand reaching for my shoulder, your left taking hold below and you again draw yourself tight to me.

I’m still holding your hair and tilt your head slightly to your left and facing you up towards me, I lean my head forward, kissing you just below your lips, just one peck before I then plant them lightly at first against yours.

As the massage of our lips increases I release my hold of your hair, the fingers of my left hand firmly making their way to the base of your back, the hand spreading open to heavily brush it over your right cheek, my fingers deep between the cheeks taking in your measure. My right hand tucks under your left hand and finds again the track it had traced.

As the massage of our lips increases, the stroke of your left hand tightens but stays steady. Your right hand reaches over the shoulder and your nails bite lightly into my flesh. My left hand slides between your thighs from the back and the palm of my right hand brushing heavily downwards against your hairs as the middle finger drawing slow circles between your lips. your legs start to open, just a little. I stroke my finger back and up a little inside your lips, massaging firmly a pinch of flesh. you tingle, a faint shiver running through you and I grip you tighter into me.

Your left hand releases and reaches underneath seemingly weighing things up? Your hand slowly closing and massaging. You reach your tongue into my mouth and begin to flick at the end of mine. I return the sensation, but with my finger and much lower down.

I draw back my lips from yours and step out of the shower, reaching out my hand for you to hold ( as a normal gent would, give me some credit!!) you take my hand and step out after me, we make it as far as the casino şirketleri doorway before I again draw you in close, my hands roaming all over your body, our lips locked, I know inside my head is reeling with passion, pressing my lips tighter to yours trying to pour all that I feel inside of you. Your right hand taking tight hold on my hip, your left held firmly against my chest again using your nails to claw inside of me.

My left hand held firmly against your lower back, my right hand rises and takes hold of your hair, once more drawing your head back. I trace lightly down and across your neck with my tongue, letting go of your hair I continue my way down. My right hand now pulls around and lifts your breast up, my mouth encircling your nipple, teeth teasing, tweaking. Your right hand reaches up holding the back of my neck, your left hand now over my shoulder. My left hand moving across your cheek, thumb pulling over the top of your hip and then the whole hand strokes down the out side of your thigh. You try to grab my hair but can get no grip. To make it easier I lift my face towards you and yet still descend. As my knees hit the floor, I then lower my face once more.

And begin to press my lips against the flesh and trimmed hairs, then kissing your lips as my hands reach either side at the top rear of your thighs and open you up just a little. My tongue flicking against your lips then going lower and holding my tongue stiffly I draw from bottom to almost top tasting and circling the ambrosia. I push you back towards the door frame my face still buried.

I press my face harder against you and you use both hands on my head adding to the pressure. My lips massaging you. My tongue flickering, circling, stroking and entering.

You back harder against the doorframe and raising yourself on your toes. I gain a better angle and my tongue slips deeper, curling and tasting the inside of your walls. I hold tighter onto your cheeks, my fingers pressing into the very top of your thighs. Your hips begin to sway grinding yourself against my face, small circular movements, slowly at first, I draw back my tongue and again lick a little higher, your movement falters for a moment and then returns a little harder, a little faster.

You remove your right hand from my head and lift it to your own gripping your hair tight. You push harder against my face lifting one of your legs trying to climb on to my face, your movements getting harder, faster, a tremor breaks your rhythm, you return again harder, and faster, another tremor, but you won’t let them break your rhythm now, my tongue pressing hard against you little movements but heavily felt, your right hand returns to the back of my head, your nails now digging in, annoyed that you cannot pull on anything. suddenly a shudder, your rhythm affected.. Not mine, I press harder now, you try to return the force but the shudders are getting deeper, less controllable.

Both your hands reach now on the top of my head your fingers dropping to the sides, no rhythm from you now, your just pushing as hard as you can against my face,

You feel the tenseness shoot up your back, you neck muscles tighten and you face looks up the ceiling, your whole body shudders and I feel the warmth fill my mouth

My hands take a firm hold over your hips and I casino firmaları slowly rise. Pressing my tongue against you as I rise over your stomach, switching a little to your left and my tongue slides onto your left breast, my lips closing over your nipple. My tongue presses and circles your nipple and I gently suck.

Your hands still resting on my shoulders. Your fingers pressing your nails lightly into me.

I slowly ease off your breast and raise my face to yours, you tilt your head, eyes closed, to your right. My hands begin to stroke upwards and around your back. Your right hand strokes around the back of my neck, brushing lightly through the hair at the back of my head then as you lower your forehead into the right hand side of my neck your hand slips to the side and pushes a little so the side of my face is against your head. Your left hand slips down from my shoulder and onto my chest, you tease the nipple with your fingers. You then use your index finger to trace a line back up to my shoulder and down the arm to the elbow where you then let your hand slip to my side and down to my hip.

I pull you in tightly and press myself against you, you brush your lips on my neck as you feel my hardness pushing onto you. You open your mouth and begin to breathe deeply my scent, your right hand slipping to my neck and your left pushing between us you reach down and cup your hands beneath me. You softly massage me and feel me twitch against you.

Your right hand slides onto the top of my chest and you push me back a little. Your left hand lifts a little and you press your fingers against the base of my shaft. Your right hand continues downwards, your fingers teasing over my stomach. I lean my head forward and kiss your lips. My own hands releasing your waist and moving to your upper arms. You return my kisses, our lips locked and pressed firmly against each other drawing each emotion from one another.

Your right hand now slips beneath me and gently massages as your left hand encircles me. Our lips depart and you kiss down the front of my neck, you then tilt your head to your right and lower your mouth over my piercing, flicking and rolling it with your tongue as your lips enclose around it. Your hand stroke, slow and firm, you feel it getting harder with each stroke.

Now you bend your knees and begin to nibble your way down my stomach. The fingers of my left hand stroke up the right side of your neck and massage into your hair, my right hand caresses over your shoulder and reaches down to your left breast.

You hold him to the left as you taste your way down my abdomen and lifting my balls with your right hand you place your lips around them and suck. I close my eyes, the fingers of my left hand pressing in to your hair a little firmer.

You kiss your way to the base of me while the fingers of your left hand brush softly up and down the length. Opening your mouth a little wider you suck on the side of my shaft. Both my hands now rest onto your shoulders and my fingers and thumbs massage into you. Releasing me from your lips you begin to flick with your tongue towards the tip, pressing your lips back to him when you reach the drawn back foreskin. You lick and kiss around the base of the head.

You look up and see my head drawn back in pleasure before kissing the güvenilir casino tip and slowly enveloping it with your lips. Your right hand massaging the sack beneath and the fingers of your left hand pressing down around the base. You ease back and forward taking just the head into your mouth, I shudder. My left hand strokes up the side of your neck and I run my fingers through your hair.

You kneel up a little straighter and lower your head all the way to the fingers of your left hand at my base taking my full length inside your mouth. With your lips closed firmly around me you draw back up to the head. Once there you begin to flick your tongue around the sides while he is still in your mouth and you lower yourself back onto him, your tongue sliding down the side, when you reach the base you turn your tongue from one side of him to the other. The feeling is beyond words, my right hand joins my left in massaging through your hair, I look down watching you, body afire, I feel so light and begin to bite my lip. You feel me twitch inside you and start to move up and down my length a little faster.

You move both your hands to my hips and grip onto the sides of my cheeks drawing yourself deeper onto me. I have never felt this deep before in my life and my hips rise a little wanting to go deeper. You draw back to the head, release and begin kissing and flicking with your tongue. I try to lean down to kiss you, your right hand reaches up to my chest and pushes me back. Our eyes meet and you shake your head slowly.

Your right hand has now taken hold of me and taking a firm hold, moves up and down the shaft. You look up to me once more before closing your eyes and then directing him with your right hand you again take me inside your mouth. Moving your head forward and back, taking in just the head at first but taking in more with each downward movement until you are again at the base of the shaft with each stroke. You are again using your tongue and my grip gets a little firmer in your hair. I begin to twitch again and your movement seems to quicker with each flicker I make inside your mouth.

You reach beneath me again with your left hand and press your fingers into the flesh just below the sack. I twitch again and you are now taking me as deep as I can reach, your tongue pressing firmly on me inside your mouth as your lips are pressed firmly around the outside of my shaft. You suck harder knowing I’m unable to hold back.

I twitch and you taste me leaking inside your mouth and on the back stroke you press and lick firmly over the eye. I twitch again and you bury me deep inside you.

My hands now held tightly to your head, another twitch, your tongue pressed hard against the base of me while inside you, you feel my come begin to rush up the shaft and you hold yourself tightly to me. I flick my head backwards and bang it against the door frame, All I feel is myself about to explode below.

You feel the hot liquid hitting the back of your throat, once, twice,,, then a third time. You keep yourself held against me and gently suck, drawing out all I had inside me. Your draw your self back along the length, your lips slipping over the tip, your right hand taking hold at the base and you milk the last few drops, lashing them from my tip with your tongue.

My head held forward and my eyes closed, you look up to me, and know that once again you have blown my mind. Keeping hold of him you stand and lean yourself against me. My arms wrap around you and I kiss your neck, your chin. I press my lips to yours.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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