Caught Out In Panties

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“John! Good to see you again, how have you been?”

I was back from University on my Christmas break, back with far too much work and too little money! The good news was that afternoon I had received a call from a couple in their late 30s who I used to babysit for when I was at school. I saw the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. In babysitting for them, I could do my University work whilst earning money. And, even better, the woman I had babysat for in the past wasn’t too bad looking either!

“All good, thanks Maria! Glad to be back! How are the kids?”

Wow she looked good; her tight denim jeans hugging her petite, svelte figure. She was also wearing a strappy top revealing the top of her perky breasts, her dark hair fell softly down onto her cleavage, drawing my eyes to it. To finish her ensemble off, she had on stylish, black high heels on.

“They’re doing well, in bed all ready; so it should be an easy night for you.”

“And Greg, is he about?”

“No he’s away on business; it’s just me and the girls and I am out tonight! Anyway, I best be getting off. Help yourself to anything you want; you remember where everything is, I take it?”

“Of course!”

“OK see you later tonight.”

“Bye, have a good night!”

With the kids already in bed making my life so easy, I stretched out on the sofa and began to peruse my work. Several hours later, I could feel boredom settling in and my mind started to wander to past times. Something began to stir in my boxers, reminding me of what I used to do whilst babysitting here.

A smile came to the corners of my mouth as I opened the top drawer tucked away in Maria’s triple wardrobe.

I thought, “Hmm what colour tonight shall we go for tonight?”

I pulled out a nice white cotton pair of panties, giving them a quick sniff.No real luck there. I burrowed further into the drawer to see if Maria had any new acquisitions. I soon uncovered a gold thong, a red one, some more white cotton panties and even red French knickers. This wasn’t what I really was after. I continued to look for my old favourite, a transparent lacy pink thong, but to no avail. I wondered.

I tiptoed into the bathroom so as not to disturb the kids. And there they were, the object of my desire and lust, sitting there on top of the laundry in the washing basket. I slowly lifted them up and held them tight to my nose and inhaled deeply. As the smell of Maria’s distinctive sweat and pussy aroma hit the back of my nostrils, I slipped my hand down, cupped my balls and gently massaged them with my hand.

I still had a while before Maria was back so I pulled down my trousers, my hard-on now pushing against my Calvin Kleins. I hooked them over my pulsating bell-end and slipped them off allowing me to quickly slide on these wonderful pink panties. I loved the feel of the lace gusset on my balls, and how the panties crept up my arse as I pulled them up onto my hips.

I removed my t-shirt and walked back to Maria’s room, naked, apart from the tight pink panties.

I admired myself in her long bedroom mirror, taking in my athletic looking body, my smooth chest, and looking down at my snail trail of fine body hair leading down to my trimmed pubic hair. My seven inch cock strained through panties wanting release; my purple head was visible through the sexy, soft material.

I was becoming more daring as the house lay silent. I started to walk around casino oyna parading myself in my pantied heaven, my heightened sense of arousal taking control. Then I put my clothes back on. The feel of the panties, tight under my jeans, kept me rock hard.


Car lights were coming up the drive way!

“Fuck, Fuck , oh Holy Fuck!”

I could see Maria getting out of the car; she was back at least an hour early! I had absolutely no time to change out of the panties. I had better not bend over in front of her!!

I heard Maria call out as she came in the door.


“Hello John?”

“Hey, how was your night?”

I tried to act cool and keep my mind off my penis, still hard, and refusing to go down against the feel of those panties and Maria’s intimate juices up against me.

“Really good, we finished early though. The kids were ok?”

I mumbled “Oh, yes., I didn’t hear a squeak out of them. I just got on with some of my Uniiversity term papers.”

“Give me two minutes and I’ll get your money.”

She disappeared upstairs, that lovely bottom bouncing provocatively at me, not doing my cock any good at all.

Suddenly, a shout came down the stairs.

“Err…….. John?”

“Yes Maria.”

“Would mind coming up here and telling me why the hell there is a pair of boxers, that aren’t Greg’s, lying on my bedroom floor?”

I thought, “Shit, how could I get out of this one?

“Sorry I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

I walked upstairs, my erection now gone; I was in so much shit.

“Well John, what the FUCK are these?”

She held them up.

“They aren’t even Greg’s style or colour.”

“Umm, I don’t know,” I lied through my teeth.

Then she made a move. As quick as lightening she grabbed my t-shirt and pulled it up revealing the top of her panties, the straps sitting atop of my hips.

“What the fuck is this? Are they mine? Are you wearing my panties?”

“Mmmmmmh,” I mumbled, “Yea…” My voice trailed off.

“You sad little fucker!”

“Look, I’m really sorry, please I’m so sorry.”

I didn’t know what to say, I was lost for words.

“I’m going to call your parents, this is so unacceptable. In fact, I think I should call the police, especially with the kids in the house. What would you have done if they had woken up?!”

“Please, don’t please, I was so careful and quiet. I’ll do anything, I promise, anything!”

She grabbed a fistful of my hair in her hands,

“So what the fuck is this then? You want to be a fucking girl do you?”

“Um . .”

She pulled my hair even tighter.

“Shut the fuck up! Take your fucking clothes off”

“What? Look I’m sorry ok?”

She picked up the phone,

“Shall I dial your parents?”

She glared at me, her eyes penetrating my chest.

“Have you got one of my bras on?”


She put the phone back on to its cradle. I mentally blew a sigh of relief.

“Thank God for that but hurry the fuck up, you slag!”

Bright red with embarrassment, I slowly removed my top,

I slipped of my trousers, and looked down; for some reason my cock was still semi hard

“Oh so this turns you on does it? You little slut!”

I didn’t say anything, she went into her wardrobe.

Turning around she barked out, “Bend over the bed!”

I did as she said, feeling the panties rise up slot oyna my arse as I bent over.

WHACK! Fuck that hurt, SWHACK, she slapped my arse cheeks again and again harder each time; she was using a paddle that she had obviously hidden away iin the cupboard. My butt was now stinging, and I’m sure it was bright red. Shit, she was hitting me hard now but still I could feel my cock rising to the occasion.

“Lie on the bed, take off your panties.”

I slipped them off, embarrassed, I was now completely naked in front of Maria,

I lay on the bed, my cock so hard. Despite the embarrassment, I was aroused by the total humiliation of it all.

Maria roughly grabbed each of my arms in turn and cuffed them to a bed post. She then walked out of the room, leaving me alone to contemplate my fate. , I tugged at the cuffs and tried to see if I could escape. I thought, “Christ I was screwed they don’t budge.”

My mimnd turned back to Maria. What was she doing? Was she calling my parents or Greg, or even the police?

When Maria walked back in, my cock immediately sprung into more life; it started to throb. There she was, resplendent in leather boots followed by suspenders leading up to a leather thong. Her torso was covered to the top of her breasts in a strap less black leather corset; her gloved hands carried a mean looking whip.

Maria walked over to the bed.

“You little dirty panty slut!”

She shouted as she cracked the whip across my stomach. Then she grabbed my balls and, brutally, forced a cold metal cock ring onto my member. She grabbed my cock firmly and began to wank me off hard. There was no care for my cock; she squeezed it as tight as she could. With her knuckles going white, she tossed her hand up and down my shaft, pulling my foreskin right back as it went.

“Enjoyed that did you?”

Crack! The whip came crashing down on me.

“Answer me slave!”

“Yes,” I mumbled.

Crack again the whip fell.

“Yes mistress!”

“Yes mistress!” I repeated.

With that, she swung a leg over me and straddled my naked body. I looked between her legs; through her crotchless thong, her bald, pink pussy gleamed down on me, shiny with her wet juices as they had started to flow.

She grabbed my hair again, and moved her body up and down over me before yanking my head between her legs. She squeezed her toned thighs around my head, locking my head between her so I couldn’t move. I was now her prisoner. Her sopping pussy was right over my mouth so I tentatively stuck out my tongue and used it to caress her clitoris.

“Stop fucking about and eat me properly!” She cried.

I forced my head deeper into her love area; my tongue furiously making its way over her clitoris. I could feel her move her hands forward and she untied my cuffs. She seriously started to moan, responding to my attention. I grabbed her hips and flipped our bodies.

“Who’s the bitch now?” I shouted at her and kissed her hard on the mouth.

“Oh Fuck!” She screamed out.

I unzipped her corset and kissed my way down her body. Her skin was light and soft and her body smelt freshly scented with her alluting perfume. I reached her small pink nipples protruding out from their aureoles, hard and erect. I took one of her love centres deep into my mouth, caressing it with my lips before gently biting down. I kissed across her breast and down her cleavage to the other nipple. Again canlı casino siteleri took it in my mouth and gave it the same meticulous attention.

Slowly, I worked down her body and eventually reached her clean shaven pussy. I carried on southwards downone of her legs, teasing her with my tongue. I took her toe in my mouth and gently sucked on it before kissing my way back up her other leg and thigh.

I stroked my tongue across her clitoris and then trwirled it over this love spot. I slid two fingers inside her, she was tight, warm and very, very moist with her cum. I curled my fingers up and pushed them in and out hard, hammering her g-spot.

She locked her legs around my head begging me not to stop, but I pulled away. I wanted her to build up the climax so that she would remember it.

She grabbed my cock. Putting her hand on my chest, she pushed me back so I was lying down. She pulled my cock upright and lowered her lips towards it. She gave the head a quick lick before cheekily grinning up at me. Then she lowered her lips on to my cock taking my whole member into her mouth; her lips went down my shaft as I gasped. Up and down she went, working her tongue over my purple head as she got to the top, taking me to a heady state of pre-cum excitement.

She took her lips off my cock with a wet pop. With my pre cum glistening on my bell- end, she started to wank me off. She took my balls into her mouth; she sucked slowly,whilst stroking my shaft from top to bottom.

I grabbed her hair and pushed her back, pushing her legs apart. Her pussy was now completely open inviting me to enter her. I grabbed her legs from behind her knees as she told hold of my cock and guided it in to her succulent pussy. With a gasp from her lips, I entered her.

I rocked slowly in and out. She grabbed my forearms, digging her nails in as my rhythm sped up. I looked down watching my cock go in and out of her pulsating, vibrant pussy.

I moved my grip down to her ankles and placed her legs on my shoulders. I grabbed her thighs pulling her body closer into me. I was thrusting hard and fast now; her deep breathing was turning to moans, each time getting louder as pushed my hips further in.

I got off her and she quickly took me in her mouth. Her chest was beginning to redden now. I lay down and she put her feet either side of my body and lowered herself on to my cock. This wonderful full-on sight of her pussy started to make my cock throb to approach the big moment. She slid her body up and down my shaft. Throwing her head back, she increased the speed, screaming her pleasure out loud.

“I’m cumming, I’m cumming!” She yelled.

I quickly threw her body to the side. I got behind her and push her head forwards. I quickly slapped her arse and parted her legs so as to allow me to slide my cock into her from behind.

I grabbed her hair and pushed in and out hard and fast. She responded to my motion by pushing back onto me, keeping with my rhythm. Her screams were getting louder but she had buried her head into the pillow with the sensations washing over her. She squeezed her legs together, and, in doing so, tightened her pussy grip on my cock. I kept going and began to feel her pussy tighten. The pillow was no longer stifling her screams of pleasure as I pounded her.

She grabbed my arm and dug her nails in hard; she was cumming and it was hitting her hard. I began to feel my cock pulsate; I gasped out, emptying my contents deep in to her. She was panting heavily as her vulva tightened on me.

As we came off our climax peaks, she turned round and sucked my cock dry. Would I be invited back to babysit again?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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