Birthday Present

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Aunt Maureen and I have always been close, ever since I was a baby. Even though when I was born, I already had a few cousins, as well as an older sister, for some reason, even when I was a baby, I felt a bond between us. She would gladly baby-sit me whenever my parents would go to a movie, or to dinner, or whatever else they would do. In fact, as the years passed, these baby-sitting gigs would evolve into our “special days”. These days were just her and myself. No other family members allowed. The only other rule was that anything goes. A “special day” could involve going to an amusement park, surfing at the beach, roller-skating, or even going back to her place, popping a big bowl of popcorn, and watching pro wrestling on the tube.

Most of these “special days” weren’t for a special occasion, they were just ordinary days. Notice I said most. There were a few. One I remember in particular was on my 18th birthday, which also happened to be her 30th birthday. The day started, like all of our “special days”, at 6:00 in the morning. Usually, 6:00a.m. is WTFE (way too fucking early) in the day for me, but for Mo (I was one of the few people who she allowed to call her that), I’d make an exception. I pulled my 1962 VW bus in front of her house, and cut the engine. I got out, and got my surfboard, wetsuit, and duffel bag (I was going to spend a couple of days there, so I packed a change of clothes) out of the back. That was one advantage of her place. Her back door was less than 20 feet from the sands of Newport Beach. I walked up to the front door, and gave the bell 3 quick rings, and let myself in. Mo had given me a key, and told me that I was welcome 24/7, just ring the bell 3 times quickly to let her know I was there. I went into her spare room, and changed into my wetsuit.

I came out of the room, and mixed a glass of powdered breakfast drink with milk, and drank it in one gulp. I went out the back door to the beach, and Mo was on the back porch, and the two of us went down to the water, and paddled out. We surfed for a couple of hours, and went in to get dressed. I decided to take a quick shower, and afterwards, I got dressed. I put on a pair of jeans, tight to accentuate the bulge in my crotch, a black T-shirt, and a bowling shirt. I put on a pair of black sneakers, and went out. I know she was my aunt, but when I saw Mo, my heart skipped a beat.

One thing I should mention about my aunt is how incredibly hot she is. I mean, I realize, she’s my mom’s baby sister, but still, she’s the most gorgeous woman I have ever met. She’s 5’8″, with long, silky, perfectly straight auburn hair that she’s kept at waist length for as long as I can remember, green eyes that you cant to drown in, 35c breasts, a 23″ waist, 34″ hips, and curves in all the right places. She kept her weight in the 115-125 LB range, and even casino şirketleri today, in her 40s, she still could pass for someone in her 20s.

When I saw her, she was wearing a black top with an off-the-shoulder neckline, and tight jeans. I mean, this outfit hugged every curve like a high performance sports car hugs a stretch of road. She was also wearing flat-heeled sandals, showing off her red-painted toenails. Her fingernails (did I mention she has the most beautiful hands I have ever seen?) were painted to match.

I stood there, dumbfounded, for a full minute, until she snapped me out of it. “Ready to go, Ted?” she asked.

“Oh sure,” I said. We decided to take her car, a 1985 Camaro convertible, since it was a lot nicer than my beat-up old VW bus. Although there was a slight chill in the air, it was a clear, sunny day, so we drove with the top down. We drove to Old Town Orange, where we spent a couple of hours looking through the antique shops. We then went to an Italian restaurant in Fullerton for lunch, and spent the rest of the afternoon antique shopping in Fullerton, and ended having dinner at a Mexican restaurant in La Habra, then wound up at one of the few nightclubs with an 18 and over policy. We danced for a couple of hours to a halfway decent cover band. Around 9:00 p.m., we decided to head home.

When we got back to her place, we decided to watch TV for a couple of hours, then go to bed, since there was a movie on cable that we both liked. We both stripped to the waist (she was comfortable enough with me being around to be topless when I was around) and sat on the couch to watch the movie. About halfway through the movie, she put her hand on my thigh, close to the bulge in my jeans. “You know,” she said, in a sexy voice, “it’s our birthday, and neither of us got the other one a present.” I turned to look at her, and saw in her face what she thought we should give each other.

You ever see those cartoons, when a character has a major moral decision, has a miniature devil on one shoulder, and a miniature angel on the other? Well, that doesn’t just happen in cartoons. I had it.

“G’wan, what’re you waiting for, an engraved invitation?” the devil asked. “You know exactly what she wants. Give it to her.”

“Don’t you dare give into temptation of the flesh, Theodore,” the angel said. “Besides, she’s your aunt.”

“Aunt, shmaunt,” the devil said. “So what if she’s your aunt. She’s incredibly hot, and she wants you.”

“I can’t believe I’m actually saying this,” the angel said, “but the devil has a point here. She is incredibly beautiful. However, she is your mother’s baby sister.”

The devil moved to the other shoulder, and pulled the angel’s halo down around his waist, pinning his arms to his sides. He then turned the angel around, and bent him over. “Scramola,” casino firmaları he said, giving the angel a swift kick in the rear. The angel disappeared. “So, how about it?” the devil asked.

I touched her cheek and drew her face to mine. I kissed her full on the lips, and our tongues explored every inch of each other’s mouths. After about 30 seconds, I broke off the kiss. “What’s wrong?” Mo asked.

“I just had a thought,” I said. “that what we were doing, and what we were going to do, was totally wrong. I mean, we’re… “

“Don’t even think about that tonight,” she said, putting a perfectly manicured finger on my lips. “Tonight, we’re two best friends, enjoying a very intimate evening together,” Which was, to an extent, true. I considered Mo to be my best friend. “But, if you don’t want to do this, we don’t have to.”

“No,” I said. “I’ve kinda wanted to do this with you for a couple of years now.” I resumed our kiss. While we were busy playing tonsil hockey, she had removed her jeans, and had one hand under her panties, fondling herself. While she was doing that, I removed my shoes and jeans. My boxers were straining to contain the raging, diamond-hard 9″ of my manhood.

“Is something wrong, Tiger?” she asked when I broke the kiss again

“Nothing,” I said. “I just think we should take this into the bedroom.” I picked her up, and she wrapped her arms lovingly around my neck. I carried her into the bedroom, and gently laid her on the bed. I removed her panties, which were wet with her love juices. I laid down next to her, and I removed my boxers, removing the last vestiges of restraint from my diamond-hard 9″ cock.

“I have a confession to make,” she said, as she kneeled astride me. “I’ve never done this before.”

“Hot shit!” I thought to myself. “The most gorgeous piece of ass I’ve ever met, and I’m going to fucking pop her cherry!” That thought, as well as her rubbing her pussy lips up my dick, caused me to cum. She just used her hand to spread my jizz and her love honey over my dick.

She then guided my tallywhacker, which by now replaced the diamond as the hardest substance on Earth, into her tunnel of love. I had only gotten a small bit of myself inside her, when I felt something blocking my path. Grabbing her hips, I thrust slightly while pulling her towards me, and her hymen ruptured, and she lowered herself down, taking my entire manhood inside her. Mo’s vagina felt good enveloping me, like it was custom-made for my penis. We remain still for a moment, taking in the magnitude of what we’re doing. She then begins to gently rock back and forth on my schlong, and I thrust a little bit. “OH THAT’S IT!” she screams. “FUCK ME! FUCK MEEE!”

I continue to thrust, she continues to rock. “PLAY WITH MY TITTIES!” she yells, and I gladly reach for her perfect breasts, kneading güvenilir casino them in my hands, rolling her nipples in my fingers.

We continued this for several minutes, she rocking, while I thrust as well as played with her breasts. “OH GOD!!!” she screamed. “I’M GONNA CUM!!!!” As she neared orgasm, she moved one of my hands from her breasts to her clit, and I rubbed it, as we continued to fuck. Finally, it hit. The first wave of her orgasm was all my manhood could take, so I shot my load into her hot snatch.

“OH GOD!!!!” we yelled in unison, as we continued our simultaneous orgasms. As the shared ecstasy ended, she leaned forward until her perfect breasts were touching my perfectly chiseled torso. “That was fun,” she purred. “Let’s do it again, Tiger.”

“With pleasure,” I said, as my love gun once again came to life. We rolled over so I was now on top, and we continued in the missionary position. This time, we went over an hour before I shot another load. In that time, Mo had 4 orgasms, the last one at the same time as mine. After I shot my load, I pulled out, and rolled over on my back. Mo rolled on me, and we assumed the classic 69 position, and we proceeded to drink our combined juices, her from my dick, me from her snatch. When we were done, we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

The next morning, Mo woke me up with a blowjob, which led to us fucking again. To make a long story short, we pretty much spent the whole weekend fucking.

Sadly, all good things must come to an end. Sunday, I had to go home. “You know you’re always welcome here,” Mo said. “In fact,” she added, “how would you like to move in with me?”

“Why not?” I said. “Your house is only a few blocks from my school, and I get along with you a whole Hell of a lot better than I get along with Cheryl and Frank. Speaking of which, you aren’t going to tell them how we spent our weekend, are you?”

“Of course not,” she answered. “If your parents found out, they’d probably disown the both of us. Come to think of it, as well as either one of us gets along with them, that might not be such a bad thing.”

“Yeah,” I said with a slight chuckle.

That evening Frank told me that we were moving to Fresno. I informed them that I wouldn’t be joining them. “What the fuck do you mean you’re not coming?” Frank said.

“I’ll make this as simple as possible,” I said. “You and Cheryl have 2 choices: either I move in with Aunt Maureen with your blessing, or I move in with Aunt Maureen without your blessing.”

When they realized that I wasn’t budging on the issue, they gave in, and I moved in the following weekend.

After I moved in, Mo and I had sex on a regular basis. I finished out my senior year in high school, and went to college. One night the summer after my graduation from college, we were a little careless, and she got pregnant, and the shit hit the fan when our family found out who the father was. Needless to say, we were both disowned, which didn’t really bother us much. But that’s another story, for another time…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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