Jackelettes: Learning the Ropes

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As Claire led Irene out of the library, she was startled by a loud “Mom?!” turning her head she saw a rather poorly dressed Jackie. Trying not to chuckle she looked at her hastily dressed daughter. “Is something the matter?”

Jackie just blinked unsure how to take in this picture. She knew her mom wasn’t lesbian, she couldn’t be. If she was how did Jackie get here? Could she be bi sexual? Was it her scream that scared Jackie? Jackie looked over to Irene who was blushing so deep Jackie could see it from the stairs. ~No,~ thought Jackie, ~it wasn’t my mom, it was Irene.~

Jackie uneasily walked down the steps and moved to her mom confused. “What is going on?”

Claire smiles “Ah Jackie, always the curious one.” Claire held out her free hand and takes Jackie’s hand. “Let me show you more.”

Jackie hesitated, but a pull on her arm from her mother told her enough that whatever was going to happen she at least wasn’t going to get hurt. As she followed her mom she saw another one of the ladies come up opening the door to the basement.

“Sam would you mind collecting Rachel? She probably wasn’t in a position to move to quickly” Claire winked to the other woman who nodded with a grin and headed for the stairs. Before Sam could make it to the stairs though Rachel was standing at the top. As Jackie she was hastily dressed and looked surprised to see the prudish of the three being led by handcuffs.

Looking over she saw the woman whom she remembered now as Jackie’s mother also was holding Jackie’s hand. Jackie for her part shrugged and honestly didn’t have any answers yet. A little unsure Rachel carefully walked down the stairs putting her hand in Sam’s. Smiling seeing that everyone was accounted for Claire led everyone to the door that led to the basement and after allowing Sam and Rachel in front of them led Jackie and Irene down the steps.

“Megan could you shut the door for us please?” Another lady that had apparently been in the house basement nodded and grabbed a key walking up and shutting the door followed by the unmistakable sound of a bolt locking into place. Whatever her mother and these two had planned the three could no longer get away from.

Deciding to look around Jackie saw what was around the basement. On one wall a sort of light panel with different lights and switches by different squares. There were a few chairs around and some equipment in the corner, some of which looked like gym equipment. Some while it LOOKED like equipment, she couldn’t really tell because the gym equipment was on top of it.

Brining forward a chair and seating Irene in it Claire motioned to the other two girls to sit down, which they did with some hesitation. As they sat down Jackie looked at the other two women. Sam was small, if she was 5′ 5″ Jackie would be surprised. She was a brunette with a small figure to fit her body. She looked in good shape which made Jackie wonder if the equipment was hers.

The other lady whom her mom had called Megan was different entirely. She was tall. VERY tall. her mom was not small standing a good 6′ and this lady towered over her. Jackie figured she was about 6′ 6″ or so. Looking at her made Jackie think of what an amazon must’ve looked like. She was well built and had a light tan which Jackie could barely see in the basement lighting.

As Jackie was looking over the two women Irene’s gaze was fixed on Claire, the woman who had forced her into the land of adulthood. She didn’t know her age though she guessed around 45. Her face was toned like an older woman’s though she was still attractive. Her hair was dye black which made it hard for Irene to place her age since it could just be a preferred color or could cover up grey. She looked over the rest of Claire’s body trying to find any sign of her age and didn’t find anything. Her legs we in good shape and her chest still seemed firm. ~Wait a minute, what the hell am I staring at her like this for? She’ll think I actually enjoyed earlier~. Despite what anyone said or did, once that door was unlocked she was going to go to the dean with this.

Claire smiled and turned her attention to the girls. “As you have guessed we do get a bit kinky here. The reason is because of how the Jacklettes were founded. Back in the 70’s when love was not free anymore but still fairly cheap this house was co-ed. casino şirketleri This lasted for a couple years until our junior year when most of us were drunk we got in a fight. It was decided that the men would leave, since they said we wouldn’t be able to live without them long.”

“Well we took that challenge and after thinking on it we decided to act like we were all lovers. It caused a bit of a stir initially since we were good at over acting. Still it did get us set up for a few nasty pranks. The one that stapled the “theme” was when the men, who were getting fed up with us not only not calling them but flaunting ourselves in front of them, snuck into our house as we were preparing a weekend party and slipped a liquid aphrodisiac in some ingredients that were left out to be baked.”

“Well needless to say about halfway through the party all of us were as wet as rain and couldn’t admit it that we wanted to get laid. So swallowing our pride we decided to take our “lovers” to bed. And man was it an eye opener. Most of us hadn’t had much if any experience with other women and so while it was awkward it was wonderful. The weekend went through mostly in various beds trying different things with different women. By the end of the weekend we weren’t acting anymore and that made the men ballistic as the plan was to get us hot so we would beg them to come back.”

As Claire sat down in a chair she looked over to Megan and Sam. “Well it looks like they have a small idea now of what our group is like. Shall we fill them in on more?” It took a lot for Claire not to chuckle but she knew by the sparkle in her partners eyes that they had the same idea.

Taking the look as a affirmative she nodded to them and they went to the pile of equipment coming back with what looked like a standard weight lifting bench. Though apparently this one had been modified as it was impossible to lie flat. The legs had been lengthened by small pipe welded on so it was propped at a 45 degree angle. There were also metal circles welded at the bottom that could be used to grip as they were big enough to slide your hand through.

“Now as I’m sure you have all guessed most of what is down here can be used in some way as either a sex aid or tool. While we would love to just take you all right now We think it would be better to go one at a time for now.”

Nodding to Sam and Megan the two came over to Rachel and Jackie and started undressing them. As Jackie looked over she saw he mother undressing Irene as well making sure to work around the handcuffs as much as possible, only undoing one at a time to get her top and bra off.

With all three girls now naked Sam and Megan sat Jackie and Rachel down and brought their hands behind the chairs. Jackie tried to look back when she heard Irene struggling against someone. Looking back she saw her mom leading Irene to the upgraded bench and leaned forward to go help her.

As she did she heard a *click* and found that Megan hand cuffed both her hands to one of the bars of the chair. Blinking in shock she heard another *click* looking over to a startled and equally helpless Rachel. The two looked at each other as Sam got up and Jackie made her way over to Rachel. Sam took Irene and had her lie down on the bench so her legs we at the elevated end. Moving down to her head Jackie could see Irene trying to squirm away. Sam grabbed the cuffs and unlocked one grabbing Irene’s hand and sliding it through the loop before cuffing her again. Doing the same with the other hand made Irene now helpless as she was at an awkward angle and unable to move.

Looking over at the scene she hear her mother whisper something to Rachel. Rachel hissed making Jackie think Rachel was as mad as she was. Turning her head proved this was not the case however as Rachel’s eyes were closed to the world, she could hear her mother whispering but couldn’t hear or see as she was on the other side of Rachel’s head. Looking at Rachel’s body showed the reason to the hiss as she saw her mother raking her fingers along Rachel’s thigh.

Jackie was about to ask her mother what the fuck she thought she was doing but was caught off guard when the amazon Megan gripped her thigh and started kneading it. Jackie looked over to Megan who had a sly grin on her face as she eased off on Jackie’s leg. Jackie falsely casino firmaları thinking she was safe turned away from Megan in time to see Sam lean forward and pry Irene’s legs apart. As she heard the pleading from Irene she heard another hiss from Rachel and looked over to see her mothers hand was now cupped against Rachel’s mound and moving gently either petting or probing the younger woman.

Just then she heard another sound. Looking over she saw Irene squinting her eyes trying to block out any feelings. Sam noticed and pouting moved her head up from between her legs. The pout didn’t stay long as Jackie heard her say “Fine, since you like it rough we’ll stay rough. Lets get you warmed up though first.” As she said that she saw Sam once again lean down bringing her hand between Irene’s legs. The next thing she heard was a slapping sound and Irene squirming and crying out. Distracted by this she hadn’t noticed Megan and lost her breath for a moment as she felt Megan’ s large hand down between her legs.

Looking over she saw a small smile but more important she saw Megan’s eyes. She could tell this lady had something on her mind and Jackie could do no more to stop her than poor Irene. Megan leaned forward then and whispered. “You can either play along like Rachel or get punished like Irene.” As if to emphasize she petted Jackie’s lips gently making Jackie’s legs part a bit. As they did though she yelped as Megan slapped her square on the lips. Looking over at Megan she knew she had no choice as she assumed that was a light hit for this woman.

Megan looked at her, “So which will it be, easy or hard?” Jackie gulped. She didn’t want hard but easy and sex didn’t sound good to her. “Well let’s see how you react and we will go from there.” As she said this she felt the woman’s hand at her crotch again and felt it rub against her still slightly stinging lips. The slap had made her a little more sensitive so the petting was having a bit more effect than before. As she opened her eyes she saw Sam and Irene. Sam had stopped the slapping apparently giving Irene the same proposal. Sam’s head was now near Irene’s midsection, though unless she was a snake there was no way the quiet whimpers coming from Irene could be from Jackie’s tounge as she had assumed lesbians pleased each other. Closing her eyes she let herself get swept up in the pleasure of Megan’s touch.

As Jackie succomed to her fate Rachel’s mind was a blur of pleasure. Claire’s fingers were magical tracing slowly along the edge of her lips occasionally the tip of her finger would poke a bit into her making Rachel moan. “Good little girl,” whispered Claire. “You really let that butterfly have it’s way with you didn’t you.” Claire grinned as she saw Rachel nod enthusiastically and nibbled on her ear lobe. Rachel gasped and Claire smiled. “How would you like to try another toy.” Rachel nodded as her eyes remained closed enjoying the glow she felt.

With that she felt Claire’s hand move away and her voice whisper, “No matter what don’t open them”. Rachel nodded. For a moment Rachel could here nothing but whimpering from Irene and quiet moans from Jackie. After a moment of some rustling and a giggle from either Sam or Megan Rachel felt something plastic move over her cunt. “Remember, eyes closed” Claire whispered as her hand lifted Rachel’s rear off the chair enough to strap the plastic device to her. She sat in torment for a moment before she heard what sounded like a vacuum cleaner start.

Rachel squirmed as she realized what Claire had done and tried to shut out the sensation. As she did she felt Claire’s lips meat hers in a slow kiss. Rachel returned it eagerly, anything to take her mind of the vacuum. As Claire broke the kiss she whispered in Rachel’s ear, “I’m sure you know what your hooked up to. What most women dont know is not only can a man can get off with a vacuum. The suction will draw blood down to your lips making them larger and sometimes more sensitive. Think of what that little butterfly could do to you if you were even more sensitive.” Rachel moaned out in response as she felt the pressure from the tug of the vacuum start to affect her senses.

Meanwhile at the bench Sam was using some ice to gently circle Irene’s lips making her shiver with longing. Though Irene hated to admit it this lady knew just what to do to a woman güvenilir casino and weather she wanted to or not she was getting turned on by this. Hearing Rachel moan made her look over to her. She tried to figure out what was wrong and then saw what she was connected to. An old vacuum cleaner with a dial on top for various power settings. Blinking she saw Rachel, her eyes closed and Claire standing next to her and taking off her skirt and panties. As Irene was about to warn Rachel she gasped as Sam had apparently had enough play time. She felt Sam’s lips find her clit as she started to suck on it. Irene for her part could do nothing but let the waves of passion ride through her.

Jackie in the mean time was trying to block out all the moaning as it was getting her more excited by the second. As if sensing this Megan moved her had from between Jackie’s legs and turned her head kiss her. Jackie leaned in as much as she could as she rubbed her lips against the amazon’s. As she was starting to loose herself in the kiss she squealed feeling two of the ladies fingers slip inside her. Jackie’s breath started to get labored as Megan held the kiss forcing Jackie to breathe through her nose. As she felt Megan’s fingers inside her he felt Megan’s other hand move away and moving under her rump lifting her up a bit. Jackie assumed this was to get her fingers deeper and it was. Megan moved her hand and slipped four of her thick fingers inside Jackie whose eyes went wide as Megan moved them around inside her.

Megan smiled seeing her reaction. “You like that?” Jackie nodded to Megan’s delight. “Then try this.” Sliding her fingers out Jackie didn’t know enough to see what was coming. Megan made a fist and started pushing it into Jackie. Jackie threw her head back in a scream which caught her mother’s attention. Smiling Claire leaned over and turned the power up on the vacuum. Rachel cried out as her clit was starting to get large from the suction. Claire grinned and leaned down “I’ll make a deal with you. Make me cum and I’ll let you.” With that Claire straddled Rachel’s mouth and grinned as she felt the girl desperate for release start licking away. Looking over to Sam and Megan Claire said “OK girls lets hear some noise!”

The two smiled. Megan had her fist halfway inside Jackie who was crying with shock. She hadn’t figured Megan would pull this and was on the verge of orgasm when the amazon added a new twist by sliding her finger deep in Jackie’s rump. Jackie looked wide eyed as she heard Megan say “Ride them honey, just like the saddle.” Jackie blushed as she remembered the saddle upstairs and how excited she had gotten. As she started to bounce riding Megan’s finger in her rear the woman started twisting her fist making it creep further in, she was determined to show Jackie that she could take it.

Sam was doing her part to get noise out of Irene by grabbing her lips and clit in her teeth and nibbling. Irene could do nothing but howl in pleasure as she felt Sam’s teeth and before long was fighting for breath. Sam new it wouldn’t take long for Irene once she really started in on her, but knew in time she would be able to go longer. As she figured she was soon rewarded by Irene with a long piercing scream as Irene climaxed for the second time in her life and in that day.

Claire surprisingly was next to cum as Rachel greedily ate her out. It wasn’t long until Claire was grabbing the back of the chair trying to support herself. As she felt her climax brush through her she licked her lips and pulled a butterfly from her vest pocket. Eagerly sliding off Rachel’s mouth she pulled the vacuum seal off clipping the butterfly to Rachel’s now oversize nub. Claire grinned and winked as she clicked the power on. Rachel’s eyes rolled back as the sensations threatened to overwhelm her. Her body was soon shaking in convulsion from the largest climax she had ever had.

Jackie wasn’t far behind her mother as she finally climaxed, not when Megan’s fist finally was swallowed up as it eventually was but when Megan took advantage of Jackie’s erratic rythem to push a second digit inside her and started pumping counter to her. Jackie started breathing hard as she felt her climax hit and wet Megan’s fist. She knew her mother had seen her and somehow that made it even more potent.

As Claire’s breath started to slow she smiled at her daughter and looking at the other two said. OK time to change partners. This time you take the one person you HAVEN’T done yet.” Claire of course knew this would team her and her daughter up and was looking forward to every second.

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