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She just does something to me that I can’t explain. She is simply amazing to me. She lights a fire in me that I have never know before. I see her and she lights me up. I touch her and its like electricity. I smell her and my heart races. I look in her eyes and I am home. I feel complete in her presence. She is by far the sexiest woman I have ever known. She is all that I long for, ache for, all that I desire.

She is the one I dream of, the one I crave. I lay next to her and my heart breaks with the depth of love I have for her. Its overpowering, all consuming and scary…but I embrace it because I would be lost without her.

Her hair falls over her eyes as she leans in to kiss me. This one tiny little thing sets me off. She is so devastatingly beautiful to me. Her lips touch mine and I feel the burn instantly. She kisses me and I thank the angels to be blessed with such a wonderful creature.

She reaches up and touches my face, slipping her tongue between my lips to touch mine. Her tongue feels incredible, I feel the tingle rising. I feel my heart, ready to burst with love because I have finally found her.

Being this close to her is absolute torture. I’m dying for her, dying to feel her tremble, to make her moan. All I want in this world is to pleasure her, to show her how much I truly love casino oyna her with this one act because words always fail me.

I continue kissing her. Softly at first then more intensely. She melts into me. I kiss her neck as I run my fingers along her collar bone. Touching her makes my fingertips tingle. I want more.

I reach up to touch her lips. They are so perfect. She parts them slightly and I feel her hot breath on my finger tips. How did I ever survive so long without this woman?

I slowly move my hand down her neck, barely touching her skin until I reach her breasts. My God, they are so beautiful, perfect, so soft. I am breathing heavy as I kiss down her neck to take her nipple in my mouth. I suck softly, and slowly, a bit harder. Then, as if I can stand anymore, its the intake of breath. Hearing that from her just sends me over the edge. My heart swells with emotion and I’m lost in her. I feel her heart beat with my own and it is my world. I continue to suck softly, stopping only to flick her nipple with my tongue. She breathes in heavy and moans low and I’m instantly wet. Knowing that I’m turning her on is heaven to me. I want more.

I drag my tongue across her chest to take her other perfect nipple in my mouth. She breaths in and once again I am lost and feel the flush of wetness between slot oyna my own legs. She reaches down to touch my hair, I’m gone. It is electric.

I kiss down her body..her belly, so soft, so perfect, like silk. I reach her hip bones, on her, beautiful, unlike any other. I kiss and lick her. My heart aches to take her, I need her. As I kiss her hips and touch her thighs, I breathe in. I can smell her desire. God let me die. I can’t believe this woman is here with me. I’m dying to taste her. I can hardly breathe, I’m shaking with anticipation. If I cant have her, my heart will surely break. I want more.

I can’t wait any longer. I bury my face between her thighs and breathe in. The smell of her is simply intoxicating. I feel the rush of hot wetness between my own legs as I inhale. Then, I can no longer wait. I have to taste her. Oh how sweet she is. So perfect, this is what I long for, what gives me the burn, that sense of absolute desperation when I am in her presence. How could I ever begin to tell her how I feel. Words seem so small. If she could feel the ache in my heart, she would forever know. She makes me feel amazing, alive.

I’m in a frenzy. I want more. I long to hear her moan, to hear that beautiful sound as she cums. I must make her cum, I need it, I want it like a junkie.

I cant canlı casino siteleri stand it anymore. I need to feel her inside. I slip two fingers inside her with ease as she is soaked. She moans loudly…”oh yeah baby” she says. I want more. She feels like silk to me, so incredible. I continue licking as I slide my fingers in and out. Then, she devastates me, takes my breath away…the thing she says that sends me reeling…”Oh, fuck me baby” Ah, there it is, my driving force, my fire, that voice, that body, that essence. Her, raw and beautiful with everything cut away, just her..not diluted, just pure and devastating. I want more.

Too soon, she cums. As she does, she arches her back, bears down and makes music to my ears with the sounds of her pleasure. Its simply exquisite. I stop, I let her catch her breath as I shake at my very core. I slowly climb up her until my our eyes meet. She has that beautiful, dusty look of pleasure to her. She is never more beautiful. I lay on top of her. I feel her heat and her wet and I just cant stop myself. I hold on to her as tight as I can for fear of losing her and I push and pull with all that I am. All the while she moans my name. I cant believe I’m here with her, cant believe I have the amazing gift of her. In this moment, all that matters to me is her. Finally, my release comes as tears well up in my eyes because it is the purest, sweetest experience of my life. All I can do is tell her I love her over and over again knowing, full well, that it pales in comparison to how I really feel.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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