Bedtime Treat Ch. 01

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Curled up in the corner of her bed, Hannah sat reading her book trying to keep her mind preoccupied. Hannah attempted to focus on the story, but banging in the next room kept constant reminder of what is to come.

Hannah wished for the normal life other girl’s her age, and for the most part she did. There’s on exception to her “normal” life and that was her fathers nightly routine. Eventually, banging in the other room ceased. Hannah listened to the familiar grunts signaling her father’s release and the end to their love making.

Hannah took a steady breath and closed her book, setting it aside. Hannah, listened to the footsteps in the next room and water from the shower. Routine for her mother to wash up afterwards, she knew where her father was headed next.

As he had done so, so many times before. Her father strolled into her room; closing the door behind himself.

“You ready for your bedtime treat?” His voice strong yet caring.

Hannah sighed at her father as a response.

Her father held a hint of a smile. He walked over completely naked with cum from him and his wife’s mixture still glistening on his flaccid member.

“Daddy, I am tired of just sucking you I want more.” Pleaded Hannah.

Her father simply laughed it off as he walked next to the bed and placed his strong hands firmly onto the back of her soft long brown hair.

“Listen baby, this is your duty in the house. Everyone has their place. I work and bring home the money so we all can live such a nice life. Your mother lays back and takes daddies cock, you clean it and get a treat as a reward.” He tried to reason with her once again, this was becoming a nightly topic.

“I know daddy, I just…” Hannah began to protest but was stopped short by a firm hand from her father gently placed onto her cheek.

“Now, Hannah. No more arguing. You just graduated high-school and unlike some of your other friends, you’re not having to work a job for the summer. So be grateful and open that pretty little mouth sweetheart.” Her father’s voice became stern. From that she could tell he was growing frustrated from her constant whining.

“Alright, let’s just get it over with, daddy.” Hannah finally caved in as she reluctantly always does.

Her father smiled and placed both hands back onto the back of her head. Hannah felt his strong fingers curl around and grip a handful of her hair.

Hannah lolled her tongue out. She watched her father press his hips forward and nudge his glistening deflated cock towards her waiting mouth. She bent her head down and swirled her wet soft tongue around the helmet shaped head. Curling it around the underside and raising the cock up before engulfing her fathers meat into her mouth.

Hannah’s father groaned out with a low growl in praise to her submission of her duty. Feeling her saliva coat his already slippery cock. He gripped her hair tightly and pushed her head further down his soft shaft, allowing her to slurp more of it until he felt her chin press firmly against his balls.

Hannah, sitting on the edge of her bed clenched her fists on her lap and struggled not to choke. She could smell the sour and pungent smell of her mothers pussy mixed with the salty tangy taste bahis firmaları of their cum coating her tongue.

Her father tugged on her hair pulling her head back enough that all that remained was just the mushroom shaped head of his cock. He then pressed back down on top of her head forcing her head back towards him. Her father gave another groan of pleasure feeling her tongue gliding along the bottom of his shaft; it gave him shivers of excitement knowing it was his daughter’s mouth.

Hannah choked lightly but held strong when she reached the base of his thick cock once again. She took a steady breath through her nose and swirled her tongue as best she could manage around the sides of his shaft. She gave her head slight jerks as she sucked hard enough it collapsed her cheeks around the cock.

“Oh, that’s wonderful, Hannah. Suck daddies cock like he trained you. That’s marvelous my love. I can feel that tongue playfully lathering up daddies dick, baby.”

Hannah couldn’t lie to herself at the moment. She loved the praise she was getting from her father and it sparked a funny feeling inside her every time. However, at the same time, Hannah felt she could do an even better job.

Even though she protests every night for her father not to do this. Hannah can’t help but feel it is becoming a routine for her and she is started to crave the nightly compliments.

Deciding to once again buckle down and earn the praise she received from her father, Hannah began moving her head slowly up and down his cock. Hannah reached up with her hands and gently ran her fingers up and down her Fathers thighs. She could the muscles flexing underneath his skin while she glided her hands around. One hand moved underneath her father’s shaft and cupped his large sack. She gently kneaded at his balls feeling the weight to them in the palm of her hand.

Her father’s cock twitched inside her mouth and through the sticky cum and her mothers juices coating his dick, Hannah could taste pre-cum leaking onto her tongue. She looked up at her fathers face to see him relaxed and eyes closed while he enjoyed his daughters welcoming mouth.

Hannah began bobbing her head up and down with a faster rhythm. She felt her daddies cock slowly begin to form to life. The flaccid cock was erecting inside her very mouth. With the help of her fathers hands holding firmly on the back of her head she continued to force every growing inch further into her throat.

“Hannah, don’t stop! Oh god, you are such a better cock sucker than your mom. She may have that experienced pussy, but your young tight mouth is beyond incredible!” Her father once again praised her.

Hannah felt a blush in her cheeks but also heat rising down below between her legs. She was enjoying not only her father’s words, but also proud she could get her daddy so hard and it was sexually exciting.

Her father decided to change up the pace a little bit and pulled his slick spittle covered dick free from her mouth with a ‘plop’ sound. He jerked his cock from base to tip with the lewd slimy sounds of his fingers gliding up and down the sticky mixture. He pressed his hips forward while his other hand guided Hannah lower.

Hannah went underneath his cock and kaçak iddaa her fathers balls pressed firmly against her mouth. Nothing out of the ordinary as she opened wide and snaked her tongue underneath his heavy ball-sack and swallowed the entire thing.

Hannah’s dad was jerking furiously just above giving, Hannah an eye full of her fathers thick cock. She did her best to swirl and swish around the large sack stuffing her mouth. Hannah was coating every inch in spit making sure not to miss anything with her tongue.

Hannah couldn’t resist the sinful lust burning between her legs. She snaked a hand down between her legs and pressed firmly into the crouch of her pink pajama bottoms. She found that spark of sensation when her fingers only gingerly touched the little nub of excitement.

Hannah pressed more directly onto the little clit that ignited the fire down below and drove her crazy with an urge. She rubbed her sensitive clit with vigor to match her daddies hand strokes, watching him intensely as she suckled his balls.

God it felt so good to have her fingers rubbing her clit. Watching her father jerk himself off as she continued to slather his balls with her spit. She was growing to crave this attention from her father and she didn’t dare deny him any longer! She enjoyed submitting to her father and it felt so deliciously right!

Her father suddenly began grunting and Hannah could feel the sticky streams landing on her back. His balls were contracting inside of her mouth with each spurt. She sucked for all she was worth and tugged gently with her mouth against his sack.

Hannah’s father unloaded one after another onto his daughter’s bed, back, and eventually dribbling down to her cheek. The last bit of cum leaked out with his deflating erection and streaked across her face like a white marking from her father.

She soon let her fathers balls fall free him her mouth and swing back between his legs. Hannah slowed her own rubbing of her cunt and looked up at her father with pleading eyes, “Would it be okay… I mean just a thought. But do you think you could fuck me too, daddy?”

Her father let out a sigh of relief as it seemed once again the tension had been released and all over his daughter this time. “No, hon. I promised your mother I wouldn’t fuck your pussy. I can use your mouth to finish up a second time if needed, but your pussy is off limits. Can’t go knocking you up and everyone finding out.”

He looked cleared this throat before patting her on the head, careful to avoid any of the cum stains he left in her hair. “Go get cleaned up kiddo, it’s almost your bed time.” He told her while turning and leaving her with just that.

Hannah frowned in disappointment. Her cunt burned with a need for cock and she wanted it badly. Waiting for her father to leave, Hannah then reached into her bottom drawer closest to her bed and pulled out a pink clear dildo.

She laid back on the bed with a heavy sigh and placed her thumbs into the elastic waistband of her pajama bottoms. Tugging them down just past her knees, Hannah spread her legs apart and then placed the rounded tip of the pink dildo directly against the dripping entrance of her lust. Hannah pressed the long toy deep into kaçak bahis her pussy allowing it to fill and stretch her as much as possible before pulling it back out. She closed her eyes and tilted her head back against her soft pillow while biting her bottom lip with a vision of her daddies dick penetrating her.

Hannah was only just getting started as her mind fluttered with deliciously taboo thoughts. But no matter how hard she pounded that pink cock into her pussy it just wouldn’t satisfy the hunger now dwelling within. After nearly half an hour of pounding the dildo into her pussy, Hannah decided she needed the real thing, and she needed it now.

Sloppily pulling out the pussy juice covered dildo, Hannah didn’t even bother pulling up her bottoms. Hannah let her pajama pants fall to the floor and quietly slipped out of her room and down the hall. Just outside her parents bedroom, Hannah stood frozen with her chest rising and falling with nerves getting the better of her.

She could feel a tingle all over her body at the thought of what she was about to do. Feeling the nerve shivering rush from her legs all the way to her finger tips that rested gently upon the doorknob. Taking a shallow breath, Hannah opened the door and peaked inside.

The moonlight caught the room in a faint glow that caused shadows to appear around the edges of the room. The two figures outlining the bed slept quietly with hints of deep slumber from their heavy breathing.

Timidly she pressed the door open just enough to squeeze her delicate figure through the gap and then pressed it back with just a crack. She turned and tip-toed on the carpet fearing to even breath at this point. Her heart pounded so loudly in her chest she felt she was going to wake her parents from their sleep.

But after making her way over towards her father’s side of the bed she saw no signs of stirring from either of them. Hannah inhaled slowly through her nose and she could still smell the sex thick in the air from her parents.

Slowly, Hannah reached underneath the blanket and timidly touched her fathers chest. She gently rocked him back and forth to see if he would wake up. After a few moments, Hannah’s father stirred slowly awake.

“Hannah? What is it baby?” Her father asked while he reached for the bedside lamp.

“No, don’t!” She exclaimed in a hushed voice.

Hannah grasped his hand gently and stopped him from turning on the light, said, “Daddy, I am really, really horny and I desperately want to fuck you.”

Her father sat up in bed rubbing his eyes, “Hannah, we can’t I have already told you. Your mother wouldn’t allow it. Baby if she saw you waking us up on the middle of the night to try she would beat your ass red, or kick you out of the house.”

Hannah gave a frustrated sigh, “But, daddy! I won’t tell her if you don’t.”

“No, Hannah. That’s final. Now go back to bed.” His voice turned stern.

Hannah groaned as she quietly walked out of the room and back to her own bed. It wasn’t fair. Her father has been treating her like some kind of play toy ever since she was young. Once she turned thirteen is when she started being treated like a slave and at eighteen her mouth began of service to her father or she was kicked out.

It wasn’t right and it certainly wasn’t fair, Hannah going to get that cock one way or another. It was time she showed her mother that she wasn’t the only woman in this house who needed sex!

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