A Single Night

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Her nerves were all shot. She wasn’t so sure what about him had made her comfortable but she wasn’t scared the first time she went over to his place. She had just been through some emotional turmoil and it made her more aware that everyday truly was not guaranteed to anyone. So, she was going to live how she wanted, and more importantly love how and whoever she wanted. So here she was, after talking to him for about two weeks and making plans to meet up, she was finally able to keep her promise and come over and hang out.

One of the first things she noticed about him was how tall he is. Well over six feet, and looking even bigger next to her. He was also very slim, but not gangly. He was all man that was for sure, listening to the way he talked and the way he carried himself. She bit her lip. He was damn sexy. It was a little weird trying to make small talk with someone you had never met in real life before today. Conversation soon began to flow and she blurted out that one of the things she does when she goes into unfamiliar territory is scope out all the exists. He laughed at her and pointed out that there was also a window in the kids’ room.

They sat on the couch and still just talked. She had a habit of moving around a bit, her mind raced and she couldn’t stay still. Her ADHD made it hard for her to not fidget. He pointed it out and made fun of her. He even told her that his four-year-old daughter didn’t move as much as she did. He encouraged her to have a drink, it was after all a Friday night and neither one of them had to work in the morning. So, she obliged, and whiskey always did the trick. It made her frisky and when she got frisky, things got questionable.

They stood in the kitchen drinking straight from the bottles. Hugging and kissing a little. Then before she really knew what was going on, she had taken a drink and with her mouth full of whiskey casino şirketleri she kissed him, sharing the liquor. Then she kissed him, his face in her hands, biting and sucking on his lower lip. She could hear him moan and groan against her. She looked up and smiled at him. She lifted his shirt just enough to show his wonderful body and kissed down it. Slowly biting and licking over him. Her hands teasing his cock, she felt him get hard. One look at him and he asked in his deep voice, “you want this dick?”

Her green eyes sparkling, left hand around his throbbing dick, she whispered yes. He grabbed her by her long hair and pulled his dick out for her, almost like an offering. She licked from the tip to the base, letting her tongue curl around the thickness. She put him most of the way down her throat, and had him come out slowly. She knew how much she had pleased him, she could feel it in the back of her throat, and the way he sounded primal against her ear. He helped her back to her feet and led her to the couch. He was going to throat fuck her the way she talked about in a few of her stories.

She laid down, her head over the side of the couch relaxing her throat, she opened wide. He went all the way back, the whiskey helping her gag reflex. She didn’t have one at this point. He pulled himself all the way out and asked if he could cum and if she would swallow. She doesn’t really remember giving him a straight answer, but she opened her mouth and took him all the way back again. She could feel his dick pulsate as he came, making guttural noises against her. She hadn’t swallowed so effortlessly in her life. There really was no taste, he pulled her hair back and pulled himself out of her mouth. He gave a shy laugh and shy playfully wiped her mouth. Even after fucking her throat, he was a real gentleman. Asked if she wanted to go anywhere, get something to eat. casino firmaları She had put her shirt back on and fixed her hair. A friend had come over, they talked and joked for a little while. When he picked up on that they wanted to be alone he left.

His puppy was wandering around looking for something to nip on. She bent over and played with the dog. He went up behind her and grabbed her ass cheeks. Squeezing them firmly, he licked up the small of her back. She arched her back and made her already big ass stand out even more. He moved her hair from the back and pushed it over her right shoulder. He stayed behind her and pulled her pants down just past her ass cheeks. Her lacey thong exposing nearly every part of her, he rubbed her butt. Then kissed her left cheek. She moaned loudly, moving her butt for him. She took her pants the rest of the way off, and went back to playing with the dog.

He stayed behind her, moved her underwear out of the way and played with her clit. She moved her hips with his hand. He pulled his dick out of his pants again and let the tip of his head slide up and down her crack. He played with her until she was begging for him. Her eyes pleading with him, she needed to feel him. Everywhere. He felt amazing in her mouth, there was no question how full he would make her feel. She begged for him to fuck her, just the way she needed to be fucked. He slipped inside her soft, wet, vagina. The very feel of him made her nearly cry out. “Tell me how much you need this dick?”

“I need it bad. Please don’t stop.” He pounded into her. Grabbing her hair and yanking while he rode her hard. She rocked back into him, she could feel the impending orgasm. Oh, fuck she was close. She was busy grinding her hips into his, getting as full of him as she could. She started playing with her clit. He wrapped his strong hand around her throat, and began güvenilir casino to choke her. She was close, the gush wetting his thighs, and dripping down her own. She cried out his name, multiple times. Her breathing labored, he grabbed her hips and pumped harder. Feeling sweat drip down his body onto hers.

With one more pump into her he was ready to explode. He pulled her head back, hand around her throat he came and growled like an animal. He collapsed on her, she rolled onto her back, dripping sweat he laid down on her and breathed heavy. His lips finding her breasts and kissing. She stroked his head and his upper back. Kissing the top of his head, he looked up at her and kissed her. He turned on some music and they laid there for a moment gathering their thoughts. After they had rested for a bit, they started dancing to the music. Nothing complicated, just holding each other close and moving together.

He was hungry and asked about going out to get some food. They decided on steak and shake for something quick to eat. They went and ate, still getting to know each other. He asked if she was hungry or not and she cracked a stupid joke about swallowing a bunch of protein earlier. When he smiled, he was so handsome. The way his eyes lit up and you could hear genuine laughter. They went back to his place, and because she had drunk so much he asked if she needed some clothes to sleep in so she wasn’t there in jeans all night. She traded her jeans for his sweats and a t-shirt. They decided on a movie to watch so they could fall asleep. As they lay down, his chest started to hurt.

He tried laying on his chest to make the pain go away. She pulled him onto her chest and waited for him to fall asleep. She needed to know that he was ok. That he wasn’t going to have something horrible happen in the middle of the night. Night had come on fast and he had fallen asleep in her arms. She didn’t even know she fell asleep until she heard him talking in his sleep. It had startled her, but, she worked on getting him back to bed. It wasn’t long before he was passed out again, she fell asleep holding him again. Kissing the top of his head.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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