A Night In Ch. 04

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Alison Brie

For once, I fall asleep easily. Usually, I don’t. I’m too aware of his heat and presence and tendency to snore like a congested grizzly bear. When he’s really tired, he also assumes a full flying squirrel position in his sleep.

My bladder demands attention much too early in the morning. I get up to answer the call of nature, and when I return, he’s awake.

He pats the mattress next to him. I slide back into bed and kiss him softly. “I didn’t mean to wake you.”

I feel more than see his smile in the dark. “I felt you get up. I didn’t want you to leave.”

“You didn’t?” I’m smiling now, too, leaning forward again to kiss his earlobe. I catch it gently in my front teeth and flick my tongue against it.

“No. I want you here, with me.” He runs his hand along my thigh, up over my hip, across my ribs. He cups my breast in his palm, rubbing, weighing, feeling the nipple harden. His other hand sinks into my glossy brown hair and tugs to tilt my head to him. He kisses me deeply, tongue caressing mine. I moan against his mouth, and he rolls me onto my back.

His weight presses me down into the mattress, my breasts smashed up against his chest. My legs open out of habit, trying to entice his hard cock into my eager, wet pussy. He holds my face in his hands and positions his thighs behind mine, keeping me open and spread. I rock my hips under him, my libido warring with my common sense. He ducks his head lower, drawing one nipple and then the other into his mouth, flicking the hard bud with his tongue, tracing the different textures of my skin. I start to reach down to run my hands bahis firmaları through his black, curly hair, but he grabs my hands at the wrists and puts them over my head.

“Oh my god, yes,” I murmur. “Please, please…” Waves of fresh, hot juices gush over the lips of my pussy. I’ve wanted him to restrain me forever, and finally, this is the night for it. He reaches for the drawer, for a condom, but can’t quite get there one-handed.

He looks down at me, smiles at the sight of my naked body spread and wet and ready for him to ravish me. “Stay,” he commands as he lunges for the box of protection.

I hold my position obligingly enough, but I grin. “Am I a labrador, now, love?”

He slides the condom on. “No, but you’re mine. My little fuck toy for tonight, so I’ll pose you any way I want.”

I open my legs wider, my whole body singing with the need to have him inside me. Every nerve is on fire, my pussy clenching fretfully around empty air. I’m surprised he remembers anything from earlier, let along the declaration that I’d do almost anything he wanted. And that he’s using the opportunity to branch out into other wonderfully erotic, delightful realms I’ve desperately wanted to visit with him just makes it even better.

He looms over me, once again pinning my wrists with his left hand. With his right, he spreads my legs as far apart as they’ll go, staring eagerly at my dripping pussy. He presses his dick right up against my entrance. “You’re mine, baby,” he growls. “Say it.”

“I’m yours.”

He thrusts forward, hard, sheathing himself inside me. I cry out, kaçak iddaa and he pulls almost all the way out of me, only to bury himself inside me again. “Mine.”

“Yes, oh yes…I’m yours, baby. This is your pussy, my love. Yours to use, yours to fuck whenever you want.”

He groans in answer and sets a fast, hard pace. He’s chanting under his breath, almost a litany… “Mine. Mine. Fucking mine. You fuck only me. Only me, goddammit. This dick. It’s this dick that fucks you and makes you cum.”

“Yes, only you. Only you, I swear it. No one else would fuck me the way you do.”

He’s past words now, grunting, working hard, and then he starts flicking my clit with his free hand. The shocks of pleasure start running up and down my body. Everything centers on his cock sliding in and out of my pussy and the bolts of sensation sparking off my clit. I squeeze around him every time he tries to pull out of me, which makes him thrust in that much deeper. Our pace is frantic, crazed, like it’s been months instead of only a few hours. “I don’t know if I can bear it like this.. It’s so good, it feels so fucking good…I don’t know if I can cum this hard…”

“You will. I want you to cum all over my cock…get it nice and slippery for me…” He traces circles around my clit, and I almost sob with pleasure. Everything is exposed, alive with sensation. My skin hums, my breath pants in and out of my lungs along with incoherent, animals noises of pure lust. Our bodies slap together, working towards that climax just out of reach.

I feel it building, building, sensation rising higher and higher. kaçak bahis I close my eyes, dwelling on his hands pinning me down, his dick inside me, my clit throbbing in time with his thrusts… “I…I…I…” and then there are no words.

I cum, and I forget everything. I can’t speak. I can only scream, raw, ragged as my body shakes and convulses. He fucks me even harder as I cum, prolonging the orgasm, riding each shudder, milking every last morsel of pleasure-feeling capability from my body.

He pulls out, then, pulling the condom off and tossing it who knows where. He strokes himself, still kneeling between my spread legs. I run my now-free hands down my body, playing with my breasts. I circle each of my nipples, keeping my eyes on his. “Cum for me, love. I want to watch you shoot…”

His turn to cum on demand. He arches his back as his orgasm hits, thick strands of hot, white cum covering my tummy and breasts. He pumps his fist a few more times, making sure every last drop falls onto my porcelain skin.

Slowly, he softens, and as he does, he sits back on his heels and stares at me. I know I must look a mess, crazy hair, flushed cheeks, covered in his cum, but he smiles.

“You’re beautiful,” he tells me. I smile and start to sit up, but he stops me with a hand on my shoulder. He grabs a handful of tissues and carefully wipes off my skin. He leaves for a moment to throw the tissue in the trash, and I hear him use the bathroom. A minute later, he walks back into the bedroom and curls up beside me. “I’d shower,” he mumbles, “but I don’t think I can stay upright that long.”

I chuckle quietly in the dark. “You’re one up on me. I don’t think I can stand yet.”

“Then don’t. Stay here and sleep.” He wraps his arms around me and is snoring in seconds. I close my eyes and follow his lead.

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