A Mature Woman’s Eyes Pt. 01

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This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance between the characters and real individuals is coincidence. All characters are over age eighteen.

A young man falls for the older woman next door. There was just something about her eyes, and behind them, something ancient and wonderful. Lucky for him, he lived to tell about it.


I saw Ms. A. looking at me one day. I had just shut the garage door and was about to jump on my bike and go to school. Glancing up, I met her gaze. Her head was pointed downward just a little so her eyelids rested on her intense, blue eyes, giving them a heavy look. I nearly crashed my bike. It was embarrassing.

She had just moved in a week or so before. My mom thought she was nice and pleasant, but didn’t trust her somehow. My dad didn’t say anything, but I saw him looking out the window a few times when she was out. The other neighbors felt much the same way; the wives distrusted her and the husbands looked but said nothing. We all called her Ms. A., but honestly, no one remembered being introduced. She had just sort of dropped in out of the blue to live in the small house next door.

A couple of my friends thought of her as a someone’s grandmother. But they would always check her out, then call her old, like they didn’t want to admit how good she looked. The fact is, she was way sexy!

That day, man! Those eyes! Sometimes they looked bright blue. Other times, they were silvery. And heavy, they bore right through me, like she knew everything about me. I really can’t say what color hair she had. Maybe it was blondish or silvery or something. Seemed to look a different color depending when you saw her. There was something about her. For the next couple of days I couldn’t get it out of my mind. Why? Could this mature woman be interested in me? Could I be interested in her? She’s easily over forty. Or is it fifty? Sixty? Did it matter?

These questions bothered me. I didn’t know what was going on. I had kissed a girl from high school and she literally shoved me away. I moped around about it for weeks. Never gone to bed with a girl. Now this. All a little too much. I thought about Ms. A. all the time, wondering what she saw in me and what I saw in her.

A few days later, I got home from school at three, like every day. As I rode my bike up into our driveway I saw her in the garage struggling with her crappy old ladder. It was a great excuse to go talk to her. So I parked my bike and walked over there. “Hey Ms. A., need some help with that?”

“Oh, that would be wonderful,” she said, smiling at me and lasering holes through my body. I swear she has superhero eyes! “I have to change a lightbulb and I just don’t feel safe on this old ladder.”

Well, they way she spoke and the way she looked at me got me nervous. Something was happening. I knew because there was a lump in my throat.

I brought the ladder into the house. Ms. A. had all this art in her home. Pottery that looked ancient, marble figurines, paintings, all of them depicting naked women.

“Don’t be too distracted,” she told me, too late.

Ms. A. motioned me into the bedroom. Of course it would have to be her bedroom! Setting up the ladder, I said, “Ms. A., you need a new ladder.”

“I know. Could you hold it while I climb, please.” She always said please.

Did I mention it was hot? Probably not, so let me tell you it was damn hot, even by Merde Vista, California standards. Did I mention she was dressed in shorts? Did I mention she was in a tight little yellow t-shirt? She had tied a knot in front that so her belly showed. No, I probably didn’t mention any of that. I also didn’t mention that I liked looking at her. Now she was fifty or two thousand years old or whatever, but her legs were silky smooth and lightly tanned and creamy and ooooh, those shorts were short and her butt was round, um, delectable. She looked hot!

Anyway she climbed up and the ladder started to squeak and wobble a little. So she asked me to get behind her and hold both sides. Holy shit! I ended up staring right into her butt while she tried to reach the light fixture. It took me a few seconds to realize that Ms. A. was looking down at me. Shit! She smiled and sighed as if to say, “boys!” So I looked down at the ground. As soon as she started fiddling with the fixture, I looked up again. Her butt was right in my face.

It took her forever to change the bulb. She had to clean the fixture while she was at it. So I got a chance to look her ass over carefully. Her shorts were white and really thin. I could see the faint pink of her panties through the thin cotton. Man!

Finally, she climbed down. “Don’t let go,” she said as her legs, butt, and then the rest of her came down between my arms. On the last step, she turned and stepped down with her arms on my shoulders and her eyes melting through my optic nerves and into my soul. Did I mention I was terrified? Well, I’m saying it now. Ms. A. cleared her throat, patted my shoulders, and said, “Well, look at you! Only sixteen, casino şirketleri but I can tell with those big feet, you’re going to end up tall and handsome.”

“I’m eighteen.”

“Oh, eighteen!. Mmm, hmmm.” Ms. A. reached down and took hold of my hands. See, like a dumb ass I was still holding the ladder, trapping her. She took my hands and said, “Let’s not let anyone see us like this. They might start spreading rumors.”

What was I to say to that? Right. I said nothing but sort of laughed, the way a kid would laugh when he’s nervous. That’s because I was a kid and I was nervous.

“Oh, while you’re here…”

Oh, boy, I thought, but I said, “Yeah?”

“Could I get you to move some boxes?”

So, okay, I agreed to move the boxes! As I’m carrying the boxes, I notice the mirror on her dresser and the mirrored doors of her closet. She was watching me. But here’s the thing. She didn’t look the same in the mirrors. She seemed taller and her hair was different. I only got a glance and didn’t think anything of it. Ms. A. was twirling her hair the way a teenage girl does.

“Eighteen, huh? I bet the young ladies are all after you.”

“No, they’re not.”

“No? I find that hard to believe.”

“They don’t see anything in me.” And it was true. I’m not a jock, I wear my hair long and don’t really worry much about my appearance.

“Does that mean you don’t have a girlfriend?”

“No,” I said.

“You’re kidding!”

“No, I don’t, I…”

“Have you asked any girls out?”

“No, I can’t afford…”

“Oh, that doesn’t matter.”

“Do you like any girls?”

“Yeah. I still like Andie.”

“Have you ever kissed her?”

“Yeah,” I said. Now I suppose I could have been offended at her question, but I was thinking of being shoved away and she must have noticed something in my voice.

“Oh,” she said. What happened? Did it not go well?”

“She didn’t like it.”

“She told you to stop?”

“In a manner of speaking.”

“Oh, no!”

“She shoved me away, hard.”

“Oh, you poor thing!” she said as she ran her hand through my hair. “Wait, you didn’t force it on her, did you?”

“I just grabbed her shoulders and tried…”

“Oh, you can’t do that,” she interrupted. “You can’t just grab a woman!” She was serious. “That isn’t right.” Ms. A. paused, looking at me. “Well, this is an opportunity, a good time to teach you something. Go slow with women. Be gentle, even when you’re crazy about her, go easy. Give her the option of whether or not to kiss you back. Trust me, it works better that way. If she feels trapped at all, it won’t go well.” She paused again, smiled, patted me on the shoulder and said, playfully, “Then, if things go well, she might want you to grab her.”

I laughed and said, “Okay, Ms. A. That makes sense. Thanks!”

“Try it on me.”

I must have started shaking or something. “What?”

“Oh, you’re nervous? Well, that’s alright. I’ll show you. I want to teach you how to be a gentleman. You don’t want to be a jerk with the ladies do you?”


“Because that, my young friend, is the path to darkness.”

I chuckled at this. “Okay Ms. A.”

“I’m not kidding. That’s the wrong path.” The way she said it, her voice, sent a shiver up my spine.

“Now, putting your hands in your pockets or just letting your arms dangle makes it look like you’re really not interested. Still you must not grab at all. Okay? Give me your hands. Just put one here, on my elbow, and the other here, on my waist. Don’t grab, just touch. Very good, just like that. Now, kiss me, gently, like a gentleman.”

“Seriously? You really want me to kiss you, Ms. A.? I mean, you’re…”

“I’m what?”

“Well, you’re my neighbor.”

“You mean like the girl next door?”

“No, well…”

“I’m older than you?”

“Ms. A., I’m sorry. I just…”

“Well, I am older than you, more than you know. Don’t let that get in the way.” My hands were trembling. “Oh, don’t be nervous. It will be alright.”

There was something about her voice. I was still trembling, but I also really wanted to kiss her. I bent down just as Ms. A. put her hands on my shoulders and rose up. Her lips felt so good! They were open a little, and she sort of grabbed one of my lips with hers and pulled it apart from the other. We both exhaled and caught our breath. Fantastic! Her waist felt so sexy. I was barely touching her waist, but when she got on her toes, my hand slipped down to her hip. That was so sexy. Then I heard her breathe again as she pulled away. She looked at me with her laser beams and smile, then came back and kissed me again, a little harder this time. Unbelievable.

“There, now that wasn’t so bad, was it?”

“No, Ms. A. No, that wasn’t bad at all.”

“See, nice and gentle. Oooh. I think I may need a cold shower.” She looked down at my boner, which I didn’t realize I had, and said, “Oooh my! Maybe you need a cold shower too!”

I must have blushed; my face turned red casino firmaları hot and I felt like running away.

“Now, don’t be embarrassed. It’s perfectly natural and I’m really flattered.”

“Natural?” I asked, because I was wondering how natural it was for a woman older than the hills to give me a boner. She must have thought I was curious about that too.

“Of course it is. Look, it happens to me too. Of course, it’s different for women than men. For men, and that would be you,” she said, putting her hand on my collar bones again. “Your, um, penis, gets hard. Doesn’t it?”

“Ms. A.!”

“No embarrassment. There is no embarrassment in my presence.”

“Yeah, I guess.”

“Right. Now, for women. A couple of things happen. Do you want to know more?”

“Uh, I don’t know.”

“It’s important for you to learn, so that the next time you are with a girl, things work out for you. You do want that don’t you?”

“I guess so.”

“You guess?”

“I do.”

“Good. Now, for women, our breasts, that’s these in case you don’t know,” she said, holding her boobs.

“I know.” Oh, man, where was this going?

She smiled and leaned close to me, and said, “Well, not our breasts exactly, but our nipples start getting hard, like your dick.” She pulled her t-shirt tight across her chest so her nipples showed through. By this time, I was staring at her boobs and I had to open my mouth to get enough air. “See, perfectly natural. I think that you are a very handsome young man. I can’t help it; it just happens. My nipples became erect. You seem to find me attractive, too, and that makes your penis hard. You do think I’m attractive, right?”

“Uh…yeah, yeah, I do.”

“Mmmm, thank you!” Ms. A looked at me with those eyes, right through me and then slowly ran her fingers through my hair. I was going crazy.

“I think you’re gorgeous.” I couldn’t believe I actually said that. Hell, I couldn’t believe I felt that way about her.

“Oh, that’s so sweet of you to say that. Thank you, so much!” Well now I really wanted to grab her and kiss her, but I knew not to do that. So I leaned toward her just a little, and we held each other and kissed for, damn, seemed like a long time. Finally she pulled away, breathless. “Now that was very nice,” she said, running her hand through my hair again. She looked down at my boner, smiled, and pointed at it. “See? It’s natural and nothing to be ashamed of.”

Ms. A. stood back, gazing at me. It was intense. She smiled, then pulled off her t-shirt. I felt light-headed. Her sheer, pink bra showed everything. Before I knew it, she had reached behind and came around with her bra straps under her thumbs. Then she slowly took her bra away and tossed it on the bed, all the while looking at me and tossing her hair. Then she just smiled again. I stared at her erect nipples and how her breasts hung there, all delicious, then looked her in the eye as she said, “See? Perfectly natural. Your penis is hard and so are my nipples. But that’s not all,” she said. “That’s not the only thing that happens for women. Do you know what else happens?”

I couldn’t breathe; I couldn’t speak. I could only shake my head. She stepped back, still beaming at me and smiling and kicked off her shoes. Then she unzipped her shorts and started to pull them down.

“Oh, Ms. A.!, I dunno…”

She put her finger over my mouth, and whispered, “Shhh. You’re a student. Learn.” I could only breath, because by this time she was wearing only her panties. “See,” she began, still whispering, “women also get wet down here.” She pointed to her crotch with one hand and pulled up her panties with the other. A wet stain formed right where it tucked into her crevasse. “See,” she whispered, breathlessly, “my pussy is getting wet. And it’s all because you’re so young and pretty and I can see your cock about to rip through your jeans.”

A moan left my mouth. She was right. This beautiful mature woman was right. My cock hurt inside my jeans.

“Must be uncomfortable to keep those on.” Ms. A. sat down on her bed. “Stand in front of me please.” I did as she told me. Then, right in front of me she leaned back and pulled off her panties and tossed them, all in one smooth motion. I couldn’t believe this was happening; I just stared. Ms. A. raised her knees up and put her feet on the bed, then opened her legs. I felt dizzy and just stared right into her moist sex.

“Look here,” she whispered. “This is a pussy. Look closely. These,” she continued, “are called labia. Pussy lips, just like a mouth has lips, pussies have lips.” I listened to her labored breathing as she spread her pussy lips apart. “And this is my vagina. That is where you put your penis during intercourse. Okay?”

“Okay,” I said, I think. My dick was throbbing inside my jeans.

Ms. A. moaned a little as she stretched the skin on the top of her pussy and whispered, “Now this is important too. Very important for young men to know about. Mmmmm, uhm. It’s called the clitoris.” There was a little güvenilir casino nub there that I was staring at, when I wasn’t staring at the rest and when I wasn’t worried my dick was going to explode.

“Now, this is important. Mmmm, remember I said that it was a little wet? Can you see that my pussy is wet? Can you see, mmmmm, ooooh, how wet it is?” We were both breathing hard. “Just like when you see me and your cock gets hard, I look at you and my nipples get hard and my pussy gets all wet. It’s natural.”

“Yes, I understand.”

“Mmm. And we’re both breathing hard now. That’s natural too. Do you notice that?” I just nodded. “That’s all part of the plan. You and I want each other. Understand? Our bodies are responding in a perfectly natural way. Are you following?”

I nodded again and wiped my forehead.

“Good. Now, take off those jeans, please.”


“I know you’re nervous,” she said as she stood up and ran her hands through my hair and kissed me. “It will be okay, just take off your pants and undies. Please.”

I did what she said. I unbuttoned and unzipped my pants. Before I realized what I was doing, my pants were down around my ankles and my undies looked like a cheap tent. She was smiling and looking at my dick. “Undies too,” Ms. A. whispered. “Please.”

“Oh, yeah,” I said, my voice shaking. I pulled down my undies and covered my dick with both hands.

I looked into her eyes and she smiled so sweetly. Part of me was shaking but another was calm, like I was in some magical world of her eyes. “Please.” I dropped my hands at my side.

“Mmmm,” she said, smiling. “Now, please lie down on my bed.”

I did exactly what she asked. Didn’t even think about it. So I was just laying flat on my back with my cock up in the air! Then Ms. A. did something I didn’t expect. She stepped up onto the bed and walked toward me, and stood straddling me. Then she grabbed the headboard and squatted over me to where her sex was right above my face.

“Look at my pussy. Study it.”

It was amazing! “Oh, Ms. A.!”

“It will be okay, baby. It will be okay. Can you tell how wet my pussy is?”

“I can tell, yeah. Oh!”

“I can see your cock and I can tell how hard it is,” she whispered. “So hard and and so big. Do you see how they’re connected?”

“Yeah, I think so.”

“It is an ancient design that goes back to the beginning. The very beginning. Do you understand? Your cock is hard and my pussy is wet so that when you slide into me, every inch slips easily through my juice and into my body. Understand? At the beginning, that’s how I felt it should be. That way, it goes all the way in, nice and wet and easy. And trust me, it feels really, really good.”

“Oh, okay, Ms. A.”

“But sometimes, it makes things so much hotter to tease each other. To just get your cock and my pussy real close and just gently touch, and play, and tease. Just like this…”

She moved down, kneeling over me, and grabbed the tip of my cock between her fingers and said, “If I rub it between my pussy lips and across my clit, I get wetter and you get harder. See…mmmm, uhmmmm, ooooh” She began to moan and as soon as she did, I moaned too. Ms. A. kept rubbing the tip of my cock between her pussy lips. We were both breathing hard, barely getting enough air. I wanted so bad to arch my back to get into her, but I didn’t want to offend.

Finally, she said, “See all these things we’ve been doing are meant to get your cock harder and my pussy wetter.” She was nearly out of breath now, her voice a wet, husky whisper. “So hard and so wet…Hmmm, mmmmm,” she breathed again and finally, through her breathing, she said, “Cock and pussy; dick and cunt. Your hard cock in my wet pussy.” Even before she finished her thought, Ms. A. had dropped and my cock slid through her wet flesh and easily penetrated all the way inside that gorgeous body. “Mmmmmm, oooooh, oh!” Loud moans filled the air. Her eyes were really heavy now and it looked like she might faint or something. Unless that was me.

She began squirming around with my cock all the way inside her pussy. She moaned and cried, “Mmmmm, ooooh, ooh, mmmm.” A woman, a real women was really getting off on me. Me! I wasn’t a virgin any more! Ms. A. was fucking me! Raising up and dropping. In and out. Insertion, retraction. Over and over. With each pump, she moaned and groaned and so did I. Hearing her cunt juice as she milked my cock made me shudder.

“And this lesson, my hot young neighbor…this is called intercourse. Do you understand?”

“Yeah, oh, yeah.”

“Look down. Watch your manhood slide through my pussy lips. In and out. It slips all the way into my cunt, and all the way out.”

“Yeah, oohhh.”

“Mmmmmm, ooooooh. It feels so good. Watch!”

“Oooooh, oh! Mmmmm.” I don’t know if that was me or her making those noises.

“Let’s both watch.” We both watched as she pulled my cock all the way out and then inserted it into her slit, all the way in, over and over. “Do you understand now?” she asked, her voice sounding like some kind of goddess or something.

“Ooooh, yeah!”

“I don’t think you do. You can call it intercourse, but I prefer to call it making love. Let me show you. May I make love to you!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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