A Chance Encounter

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June and her hubby were a devoted couple who’d been together since they’d first met as teenagers. Fit and attractive, they were looked every inch a model, middle-class couple with two, well behaved children. Outwardly everything looked as close to ideal as most of us could wish for. But, privately, there was a little dark cloud overhead in their lives.

As with all good parents they’d made sacrifices for their youngsters and one victim had been their love life. Love making had gone from the passionate, raw sex of their youth to be replaced with snatched sessions when the kids were asleep. The love and affection were as great as ever, but the excitement was waning. They wanted new experiences to make them both tingle again and, after a very difficult conversation, both said they’d like to experience someone else. Ever faithful they’d never been with anyone but each other and it wasn’t easy for either to admit to their partner that they fantasised about different sexual companions. However, their deep-seated love for each other made this, shared fantasy no threat to their continued happiness together.

With the children at their Granny’s for the evening they resolved to have a new ‘experience’ this Friday. But what to do left them uncertain and nervous. Clearly they had no experience of this sort of activity and really didn’t know where to begin. It was a lovely Summer’s evening, still warm and dry. This lead to the inevitable conclusion that outdoor sex was the obvious choice. They hadn’t done this in years but, what would make this unique would be their desire to attract a voyeur.

But, again, how best to do this, and where ? The location was an easy choice. The country park by the disused railway was ideal. They could park up and assess all the other users before even leaving the car. The trails through the woods lead to several, discreet clearings in the trees where sexual activity could be undertaken without inadvertently being seen by anyone, genuinely walking the dog.

The next question was how to send out the right message ? They didn’t want to look like just another couple taking a romantic stroll in the woods. The last thing they were after was to give out an impression of wanting to be alone but neither did they want to attract any weirdos or dirty old men. The strategy was for Ken, her hubby, to dress in his usual garb of jeans and tee-shirt. But the dress code for June would be very different. She was going to make the most of her leggy, tall but curvaceous figure. She had heels on, not ideal for the terrain but perfect for attracting the gaze of men to her shapely legs. A little, tasteful application of make up accentuated her pretty, blue eyes and her shoulder length, dark brown hair made for a strikingly attractive look. A three-quarter length dark coat hid her suspenders and stockings, the only other clothes she was wearing.

They’d sat in the car park for nearly fifteen minutes before spotting a possible victim. Up till that point the only users had been dog walkers but here was someone on their own, without a canine companion. He was quite stocky and of a similar age to them with dark brown hair, slowly losing a battle against the grey. Dressed in running shoes and track suit bottoms with a sweatshirt, he could well have been out for a run. What caught their eye was his apparent uncertainly about leaving the car park and his shared interest in them.

June looked to Ken, “What do you think ?”

Neither of them was certain about anything, but it was exactly this nervousness that excited them and provided that spark they were looking for.

“He seems OK, and doesn’t look like he’s here for any other reason.”

He looked no more assured that she’d been.

“C’mon let’s see what happens”.

The couple left their car and walked up the main path into the woods. The stranger stood, seemingly sending a text but looking far to clumsy about doing it to be convincing. They walked past him, June in front of her husband. He tried to catch the eye the mystery man but his eyes were fixed firmly on the bottom of the pretty lady who’d just walked past him. Ken’s confidence rocketed and he walked a little faster to catch up with her. Saying nothing he flashed a wink at his wife and held her hand as they walked on.

At first it didn’t seem they were being followed and maybe they’d figured the situation all wrong. After continuing for a short distance further they could see the stranger was behind them, although some way back. They headed off the beaten track and, June in particular, carefully picked their way over the typical woodland debris, to am enclosed grassy patch.

They stood together briefly, having lost sight of him, before cuddling and kissing as two teenagers might. Both their hearts were pounding hard in their chests, excited by the idea they might be under surveillance. Despite this they couldn’t see anyone watching them.

Determined not to give up on the possibility, he fondled the top her her firm thighs while they kissed. Still in an oral embrace they both bahis firmaları cast their eyes around, scanning the tress in the distance. June squeezed him a little harder and moved to nibble his ear lobes, and action which always resulted arousing his dormant cock.

“He’s standing behind you, about 20 yards away.”

Her delicate whisper quickened his pulse. His natural reflex was to turn round but this was stifled by a full blown bite on the aforementioned earlobe.

“No you don’t ! We just carry on just as if he wasn’t there.”

June was fully in charge of the situation, or at least that is how she appeared. Inwardly she was shaking like some virgin having her first fumble. Discreetly they turned a little so the stranger could just see him slip a hand inside her coat and undo the top button.

Very gently he massaged her fulsome breast, teasing the nipple with his fingertips. Visibly, June kissed him harder and squeezed his stiffening cock through his jeans. They gave the (correct) impression of being very much in love, not just in lust.

The stranger slowly moved closer, struggling to strike a balance between being able to see, and not being seen by, the caressing couple. He was clearly picking his steps carefully so as not to make a noise by standing on the dry twigs on the ground.

June made this known to her husband who undid another coat button. He moved down to plant kisses on her flawless neck, a move designed to heighten her pleasure and leave her free to make eye contact with the voyeur. She obliged and made a point of letting him know he’d been seen. By continuing to display her left breast and it’s manipulation to him she also made it clear that they didn’t mind the attention.

He appeared to take the hint and moved a lot closer, still picking his way carefully through the undergrowth and making sure he didn’t attract the gaze of anyone else that may be around. Gradually he made his way to the clearing until he was only a few feet away. This was the point at which he stopped, deliberately not getting close enough to make any physical contact. The bulge in his bottoms betrayed his enjoyment of the show being put on for his pleasure.

For June this was a thrilling encounter. Neither of the couple had ever done anything in front of others before and the fact this was a total stranger simply added to the eroticism of the situation. Both her curvy tits were now in full view, the nipples fully erect after her husband’s attentions. It was June’s turn to take the initiative. Still cuddling and kissing she pulled back just a little, and unzipped his jeans. The button and belt followed as they fell away to land round his feet. This was no striptease, she dropped his shorts just as quickly, his huge erection springing out from the confines of the waistband, his hairy balls hanging heavily in the warm evening sunshine.

The watcher rubbed himself through his pants but remained decently clad. June was slowly pulling the foreskin back and forth along the full length of her husbands impressive shaft. The head of his cock glistened in the sunlight, obviously coated in pre-cum.

The gloves were off in this little play fight. Ken undid the rest of the buttons on her coat and threw it fully open to display all of her lovely body. Both partners in this couple were equally proud of each others bodies. The strangers eyes were drawn from her round breasts to her beautiful, thick, dark bush starkly contrasted against her milk white thighs. Jean stopped kissing to watch him rolling his eyes over the full length of her curves. Far from vain, yet she was aware of how good her body looked. A healthy lifestyle had given her firm, shapely legs and her small tummy was not that of a woman who’d brought two children into this world.

Still he stood, a couple of feet away, rubbing himself through his running pants. She could see that he wasn’t sure how far to go; how should he know ? She decided to help him. Letting go of hubby’s cock she allowed the coat to fall to the floor giving unrestricted access to the sight of her full body. Ken too stepped from his clothes and kicked his shoes off. She re-positioned herself to where she reach both men.

Now June was really excited, two cocks to play with was a fantasy she’d had for many years. She reached for the strangers hand to push it away from his groin, only so she could rub it for him. She could feel his hardness through the clothes but wanted to see it; to feel it’s warmth. He kept his arms to his sides while she pushed down his jogging bottoms. His cock stood out proudly, not as big as her husbands but every bit as hard, the foreskin part-way rolled back exposing some of the head. She pulled the two men together and rubbed the two cocks against each other.

Each man now took one of her tits and lavished unbridled attention upon it. This alone would have got June dripping wet but her heart skipped a beat as she felt the strangers hand stroking her thick bush. She turned to look at her husband, seeking assurances from him of his approval. kaçak iddaa This came by way of a long, deep kiss.

It was proving very difficult to concentrate enough for her to co-ordinate the ambidextrous slow wanking of the hard on she had in each hand, especially given the distraction going on between her own legs. Whenever she’d fantasised about having another man touch her, June always imagined it would be quite clumsy, rough even. This was anything but. The stranger had the gentlest, most delicate touch, carefully feeling his way through the pubic hair to her moist slit, then deftly parting her lips to allow his middle finger to run up and down the length of her slit. Each pass of his fingertip caught her clit with just enough pressure to tease. But also, with each pass, her was slipping it in a little deeper. June had almost completely forgotten about wanking the cocks in her hands, content to let the two men caress her large breasts, her husband fulfilling the role of kissing her and the new man teasing an orgasm, slowly from her.

His stroking of her pussy now gave way to a full on assault of her clit. He’d found the swollen bud and was clearly now focussed on pressing it repeatedly against her pubic bone, rubbing two fingers across it quickly and with a little greater force. June’s breathing was getting laboured and deepened with every pass over the sensitive love bud. She was cumming and her pussy was soaked with juices.

With her eyes closed and her hubby’s tongue deep inside her own mouth she was only vaguely aware of the stranger pulling his cock from her, and his abandonment of her left breast to it’s own devices. The next sensation pushed her right over the edge of a full, intense orgasm. First it was his two fingers slowly pushed much, much deeper into her, away from her delicate love bud. But then the unmistakable feeling of his warm, darting tongue resuming on her abused clit. Only Ken’s mouth covering her own stifled the ecstatic sighs that could have brought down unwelcome attention. The stranger lapped up all her pussy juices and never let up for a second, pursuing her clit like a pack of hounds after some prey. Her clitoral orgasm was enhanced by the deep fucking of her pussy by his fingers, slow but deep, seeking out her most sensitive parts each time. He was using her breathing to judge just when he’d found the right spot.

June could take no more and gently pushed his forehead away from her sodden pussy. He withdrew, slowly, planting kisses on her pubic bush and pussy slit as he went. She paused to get her breathing under control, never once having relaxed her grip on her husbands big cock. The stranger stood, his own cock having softened while he’d been so focussed on giving his new found lover her pleasure.

June knelt between them and pulled the two men together once more. She held both cocks at face level and looked at the two men to make clear her intentions of sucking them both off. She loved to tease, not in any nasty way, but only as a means to increase the sexual pleasure she gave her husband, and this would be no different. She tickled the eye of his cock head with the end of the cock she had in her other hand and vice versa before running her tongue over both of them for her initial taster.

Her husband put one hand gently behind her head but the stranger just kept his behind his back, causing him to thrust his hips forwards slightly. He closed his eyes to intensify the feelings from her oral activity. In order to bring both of her men to their maximum hardness and size June moved her skilful tongue to their balls. She flicked it over the tight, puckered skin of their sacs tickling them and eliciting contented sighs and moans from both. Ken started to stroke his thick shaft; she slapped him playfully. As he released his grip she took his head into her mouth and nibbled the rim of it’s crown. She took it upon herself to start wanking him hard and fast as she sucked his large helmet. She kept the bystander occupied with a slower motion on his more modest manhood; he was equally turned on watching her practice her technique with her husband.

His breathing sped up and slowed down in a pulsating fashion betraying just how close he was. Of course his wife knew all the signs perfectly and adjusted her hand speed accordingly until a few deeper thrusts of his cock and his tightening balls signalled his cumming into her pretty mouth. Clearly she’d underestimated him a little because she pulled his pulsating cock from her mouth before he’d quite finished and a couple of thick streams splashed her face.

June giggled and mopped up the excess with her fingers, licking them and his sticky head, clean before turning her attentions to their visitor. He looked down as she took his stiff cock deeply into her mouth, using her lips and teeth to roll his foreskin back and forth over the head. This was the ultimate wank and, coupled with all the stimulation he’d already had brought him very close to his own point of no return. All he needed now was … June to take his hot balls into kaçak bahis her mouth and tease them with her dexterous tongue while giving his shaft a hard wanking. He shot many, thick streams of spunk all over the lovely housewife but she wasn’t letting go of his imprisoned sperm factory. His muscles went so taut it was clear to see that, despite being a little overweight, there was a once-fit body in there.

Only when the last drops had fallen from the tip of his softening cock did June release his balls from their oral confines. Her husband was making himself decent again as June took out a hanky and tried to wipe most of the semen from her curvy body. No-one spoke for a few minutes as they all got dressed again. The stranger broke the silence with his first words in a scouse accent that was not as strong as one would expect for a native of that region.

“I’m so, so sorry. It’s all over your nice coat, I am sorry.”

June took a few more tissues from the packet and cleaned it as best she could. She passed him a warm, genuine smile.

“It’s OK, really it is. If it was at all expensive I wouldn’t have brought it.”

She planted a gentle kiss on his cheek before returning to cuddle her happy hubby.

The stranger began walking away when he stopped, turned and said, “Thank you, thank you for letting me join you.”

With that he walked on back to the car park.

It took both of them by surprise, a pleasant surprise but a surprise none the less. Few people ever seemed to say ‘Thank you’ for anything these days.


Dave stopped off at the country park on his way home as he often did when he had an hour to spare. There had been several occasions when he’d been fortunate enough to watch some couples participating in deviant sexual practices; usually on the bench and table at the top of the path. But, usually, he just jogged in a couple of miles before completing his journey.

He locked his car and was about to set off when he spotted a couple in a the corner, still in their car. Nothing singled them out as potential doggers but they didn’t escape his attention. He wandered to the top of the first path and took out his mobile. Texting was always a good, surreptitious excuse for loitering while he weighed up the situation.

Sure enough, they left their car and followed him. He was well built mid 30’s and dressed for, well dressed for walk in the woods actually. She was curvy with ample breasts and a very pretty face, a few years younger than him. What was more surprising was that she was dressed for dinner at the Hilton. Those shoes were far from ideal for the terrain and her elegant coat was a little over the top for such a fine Summers evening. They simply didn’t go together.

But here they came towards him, holding hands like two lovestruck teenagers. Dave casually, and totally unconvincingly, continued texting on his mobile. He couldn’t resist rolling his eyes over her charming curves as she walked past, there was nothing subtle about it.

They walked on while Dave pondered the situation. Much as he loved watching (and occasionally participating with) couples he also had certain principles. He never wanted to spoil anything for anyone else and was mindful of not disturbing those couples who genuinely wanted to be alone. Now he was 99% sure this particular lady was wearing her coat for the purpose of hiding a scantily clad body underneath but the question was, did she want to show it to him or not ?

He hung back a fair distance and watched them from afar. He knew most of the trails around the park and stayed far enough away to appear discreet but close enough to see where they went. It wasn’t too long before they left the main track and headed for a clearing. By the time he got close enough to see them again they were engaged in a close embrace, still fully clothed, kissing passionately. He had big doubts, maybe they were just lovers who wanted some time alone. If that was the case he felt guilty and contemplated slipping back to the car.

He didn’t though, but kept his distance. He could just make out one of her curvy tits as the man opened the top button of her coat. If he wasn’t sure before, he certainly was now. The lady made clear eye contact with him and turned slightly to give him a better view of her pretty boobs. Experience taught him that he could still make a mess of this promising situation; fools rush in …

Over the next 10 minutes or so Dave slowly and quietly moved much, much closer to them as they carried on kissing and fondling each other. Every now and then she would look straight at him but carried on pleasing her lover; a clear sign that they didn’t disapprove of their audience.

Even knowing that they didn’t mind his watching, it was always very difficult to know just how far to go. Much as Dave fancied the pretty lady in front of him and would love some hands-on involvement, he didn’t want to spoil the situation by overstepping the mark. He stood for several minutes only a fe feet away, with a very clear view of both of her rounded tits. His cock was fully hard and, whilst not actually exposing it, he rubbed it gently through his bottoms.

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