Billy’s Willy Ch. 05

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Chapter 5: Date night


When the alarm went off to start the day, I woke up excited knowing that Billy, and I were going on a real date tonight.

It was a typical Friday for me, went to class all day, and got home around 3 o’clock. I decided that I was going to pamper myself before Billy got home.

I ran a bubble bath, before I got in the tub I shaved all over. I made sure that my quim was nice, and smooth. I wanted to make sure that I would get my pussy eaten tonight. I stepped into the tub, sitting down, and sinking down in the water to rest my head on the back of the tub. I must have dozed off for a few minutes because I woke up to Billy rubbing my leg that was sticking out of the water, and I never heard him come in.

I smiled at him as I stretched, the water had gotten cold. I pulled the drain plug with my toe, and as the water was going down Billy moved his hand to my inner thigh. I opened my legs a little wider for him, as he moved his hand to my cunning he felt how smooth it is. “Nice!” was all he said.

He started rubbing inside my inner lips to get to my clitty, once he touched my little nub he spread my lips open, he started flicking it, which caused me to squirm. I was wiggling my ass to grind against his hand. Billy was smiling at me the whole time he was rubbing me. He stopped, and moved his hand away from me, I whimpered. He started to get undressed, and told me to get up. As I stood up in the tub he turned on the faucets to adjust the water temperature. He closed the shower curtain before pulling the diverter up to start the shower. I screamed because it was ice cold! Billy was laughing so hard that when I opened the curtain, and pulled him towards me he did not fight me off.

He turned the diverter off so that he could make the water warmer. “What the hell was that for?” I asked him.

“I thought you might need to be cooled off a bit.” He responded laughing. “Plus, it’s payback from yesterday!” He told me.

Once the water was the right temperature he started the shower again. We both stood under the warm water spray. Billy put his arms around my waist, and started kissing me passionately. He pulled me tighter into him, I could feel his erection against my belly.

Billy turned around so I was leaning my back against the shower wall. Billy lifted my right leg to his hip as he thrust into me. I sucked in my breath by the force of his invasion into my pussy. Billy was thrusting hard into me, and being very aggressive.

I loved it! I could not keep up with him, he reached down to rub my clit so that I could come with him. I screamed as I came, and felt Billy blow his load into my pussy. Billy stopped moving, and leaned his forehead against mine while he caught his breath. He gently put my leg down, and pulled out of me, then kissed me. “Hi, sis I hope you are as excited about our date tonight as I am?” He asked me.

“Yes, I am very excited!” I replied. Then asked him, “What are the plans for tonight?”

Billy chuckled, and told me, “No, worries we are going to have a great time.”

We finished getting cleaned up, and dried each other off before getting dressed. I decided to wear this cute off the shoulder dress, thong panties, and high heels. I did my hair, and make up. When I came out of the bedroom Billy whistled at me. “Wow!” was all he said.

I smiled, and went over to him wrapping my arms around his neck, and told him “You look very handsome yourself.” Then kissed him. Billy was in a nice fitting pair of jeans with a button-down shirt… we grabbed our jackets, and headed out. Billy was driving since he knew where we were going.

We went to this nice Italian restaurant, we got seated at a table, and gave the waiter our drink order. We were sitting there discussing how our day was, and what we wanted to do over the weekend. The waiter brought us our drinks, and took our food order.

I excused myself to go to the restroom. While I was washing my hands, someone came in, I looked over, and it was Tammy. Damn I felt stuck. Tammy stopped, and was just looking at me then see started talking to me. “Hi, Missy you look very nice. Are you here on a date?” She asked.

I just looked at her before I replied, “I am here with Billy tonight.”

“You are very dressed up to be up with your brother?” She questioned me.

I just looked at her, “Yes, well I do like to dress up every once in a while.” I then excused myself, and left the bathroom to go back to the table.

When I got back to the table the food was there, and Billy asked me, “Is everything all right? You took a while in the bathroom.”

“I ran into Tammy.” Was all I said in response. Billy just looked at me knowing that I was not happy about seeing her.

We had our dinner, and some very nice conversation. As we were finishing up, and waiting for the check, Tammy with some guy that I did not know, was walking by our table, and stopped. “Hi Billy how are you doing?” She asked him.

“I am doing very well, and yourself?” casino şirketleri Billy had asked her.

Tammy looked over at me, then back to Billy before responding. “I am doing well, thank you for asking.” I was feeling a little awkward sitting there, then Tammy asked us, “So, what are your plans after dinner?”

She looked at me so I shrugged, Billy replied, “We are going to go to the club for some dancing.” Then I could not believe what I heard him say, “Would you like to join us?” I kicked him in the leg under the table which caused him to grunt.

Tammy looked at her friend, then back at us. “Maybe we will see you there later.” She replied. Then she said good-bye as she was walking away.

I looked over at Billy, and gave him a dirty look. “Really, Billy you invited her to come with us!” He threw his hands up. “Sorry, it seemed to be the right thing to do.” He replied. I growled at him.

We got to the club, and found some friends of ours. They had room at their table so we sat with them. We ordered drinks, and made small talk with everyone at the table.

The music was loud so talking was hard. Billy asked me to dance, we went out on the dance floor but it was very crowded so we kept getting pushed into one another. We were trying to play it cool due to our friends being there, and we did not want to give ourselves away with being to touchy feely. Because believe me I wanted to rub all over his body.

We danced to several songs before going back to the table to rest. When we got to the table Tammy was there with her date. Damn I did not want to sit with her, I went to turn around to go somewhere else but Billy stopped me. I just looked at him, he leaned down to whisper in my ear. “Be nice!”

I growled at him before I turned around, and sat at the table. The waitress came around to our table so we ordered another round of drinks. Everyone was talking to each other I kept quiet, I excused myself to go to the restroom. When I came out of the stall, Tammy was at the sink washing her hands. I walked over to the sink to wash my hands.

“Missy, will you ever forgive me?” Tammy asked me.

I let out a deep sigh, and looked at her. “Tammy what you did was low, and disrespectful. I may forgive you one day, but not today.” I replied before I went to the door. Then I turned around to look at her, and said to her, “It hurt that you thought you could use my brother to get me to do what you wanted.” I left the restroom shaking my head.

I went back to the table to sit with Billy, he asked me “Everything okay?” I nodded my head at him, and I ordered another drink.

I kept going back out on the floor to dance either with Billy or one of the others from our table. Each time I got back to the table I would order another drink. So needless to say, I was drunk by the time we got ready to leave.

I was hanging onto Billy as he was leading me to the car. Our friends all left at the same time that we did including Tammy. Billy got us to the car, I was laughing, and started kissing on his face. “I love you Billy!” I was telling him over, and over.

“I love you to sis, now let’s get into the car so we can go home.” He said to me as he was trying to get my arms from around his neck. I sat in the passenger seat, and Billy leaned down to help put my legs into the car. When he leaned into me I grabbed his face, and kissed him deeply… he was kissing me back out of reaction. He pulled back to hearing someone clearing their throat, we both looked over to see Tammy standing there alone.

I looked at Billy, and I whispered to him, “Shit, I am so sorry!”

Billy just looked at me, and smiled. “No worries sis.” He told me. I finished swinging my legs into the car, and rested my head on the headrest, and Billy buckled my seatbelt then closed the door. I could hear muffled sounds from outside of the car, before Billy got into the car. He then drove us home.

When we got back to the apartment it was 1 o’clock in the morning. Billy helped me up the stairs to our door, once we got inside I went to the couch, and flopped down on it kicking off my shoes. Billy hadn’t said very much to me on the ride home or once we got into the apartment.

“Billy, are you mad at me?” I asked him

Billy stopped next to the couch, and just looked at me for a minute. He sighed “Missy you are not a drinker, and you don’t make wise decisions when you do drink.” He responded to me.

“Why is that?” I asked him.

“You were kissing me in the parking lot, and it was not a sisterly kiss.” He replied. I put my head down, and hiccupped, then I replied to him, “I’m sorry but I love you, and I hate that we have to hide it from everyone!” Then I squinted my eyes at him, and made a comment. “Besides you were kissing me back, you weren’t trying hard to stop me.”

Billy just stood there looking at me, then responded, “Your right I did respond but that doesn’t mean it was right!” He then walked away from me saying that he was going to bed.

I stayed on the couch for a few casino firmaları more minutes, and then there was a knock on the door. I got up to answer it. I staggered to the door, and opened it. I really was not surprised that it was Tammy. I just looked at her for a minute then asked her, “What are you doing here?”

“Can I come in?” She asked me. I narrowed my eyes at her then opened the wider for her to come in. She walked in, and I closed the door behind her.

She came in, and sat down on the couch. I stood there with my arms crossed waiting for her to say something. We just stared at each other for a few minutes. Billy came out of the bedroom naked, “Missy, are you coming to bed?”

He saw that I was standing, and staring ahead. So, he looked over at the couch where Tammy sat with a very cocky smirk on her face. All Billy could say was oh, shit. He turned around to the bedroom to put on a pair of shorts before he came back out into the living room.

Billy sat in the chair while I stayed standing, we were both looking at Tammy. “So, no wonder you two didn’t want me to move in with you.” She said with a laugh.

Billy, and I just kept looking at her, waiting for what else she might have to say. She didn’t disappoint us, “So how long have you two been fucking each other?” She asked us.

We never stopped looking at her. Billy responded to her question with a question, “What makes you think that about us?”

She laughed, “Oh, let’s see you kissing in the parking lot earlier, and now you come out of the bedroom in absolutely nothing with no care in the world.” She replied to him.

Billy just smirked back at her, and told her, “Missy, is drunk so when she kissed me, she didn’t realize it was me, and for me coming out naked I am her brother so I didn’t think anything about it. Also, I figured she was passed out so it wouldn’t have been any big deal.”

Tammy squinted her eyes at both of us, and said to us, “I call bullshit!”

Billy just smiled at her, and told her to believe what she wants. “It is time for bed so it is time for you to go.” He told her while he was getting out of the chair, and walked her to the door then locked up the night.

Billy walked by me, smacked my ass, and told me to get in bed. I shut off the lights and followed him into the bedroom. He had stopped in the spare room to turn on the light for a few minutes then came into our room.

“What did you do that for?” I asked him.

“So, if little miss nosey is outside watching she will see that I went into that room for the night.” He told me.

“Oh, good idea.” I replied. I started getting undressed, I got tangled up in my bra, and started laughing. Billy came over to help me finish getting undressed, then I went into the bathroom to clean my face, and pee. When I got back into the bedroom Billy was already lying in bed.

I crawled into bed with him to cuddle up to him. Billy wrapped his arm around me as I snuggled in closer to him. He kissed the top of my head, and told me to get some sleep. Before I knew it, we were both crashed out.


Billy was nuzzling my neck to wake me up, he nipped at my shoulder. I looked over at him with one eye open, I was hungover, and felt like hell. “Good morning sunshine!” Billy said to me way to cheerful for me this morning… I just groaned.

Billy was chuckling in my ear, and started rubbing on my breasts. He then moved down to suck on my nipples, and squeeze my breast. I was groaning, and not because my head hurt. Billy then moved down to my pussy, he spread my legs wide to get a good look at my quim. I was already wet, and wanting him to make me cum.

Billy spread my outer lips to look at my wet, pink pussy, and my hard-little nub. He leaned forward to lick my clit, I sucked in my breath while he was licking me. He then took his tongue, and inserted it into my pussy hole moving it around to taste me thoroughly. OH, my god he was making me feel absolutely wonderful! I put my hand on the top of his head to keep him in place.

“Billy, I have to pee!” I yelled at him. But he would not stop licking me, and fucking me with his tongue. I couldn’t hold any longer I squirted all over his face. I have not cum that hard in a long time. It felt absolutely wonderful… He then came up over me to thrust his dick into me.

Billy started thrusting at a slow, and steady pace, I was grinding against him. I may have been hungover but my god Billy knew how to make me feel good with his tongue, and dick.

I whispered to Billy, “Please fuck me harder!” He looked at me with a smile, and responded, “Not yet!” He just kept moving slowly, and I was thrusting up harder against him.

Billy started moving faster, and harder. “God yes Billy, fuck me hard!” I instructed him.

Billy leaned up to thrust harder, he was looking at me in the eyes. “I love you Missy!” He told me as he was cumming inside me, which trigger me to cum again.

Billy pulled out of me to lay on his back next to me. I could feel his cum dripping güvenilir casino out of my pussy. I looked over at him with a smile, and told him, “I love being woke up, and starting the day like this.”

He started laughing while he agreed with me. “Yes, I have to agree completely with you on that!” Billy said to me before he got out of bed.

I laid there while Billy was in the bathroom. My phone went off to notify me that I had a text, I looked at my phone, and it was from Tammy. I opened the text to read it.

“I know you were pretty drunk last night, but you can’t fool me I know what you, and your brother are doing.” Is what I read.

I text back to her, “What are you talking about?”

A few minutes later she responded with, “I saw the way you were dancing with Billy in the club, and then kissing in the parking lot.”

“I don’t recall doing anything other than dancing with Billy, and I did not think it was out of the ordinary.” I replied to her text. I may have been drunk last night but I remember everything I did.

I could tell that Tammy was frustrated with her next text to me. “You know what you did last night! If you weren’t out in public you would have fucked your own brother! “

“This conversation is over, I am not going to sit here, and let you insult me!” I responded to her text. I threw my phone onto the bed just as Billy was coming into the bedroom.

“What’s wrong?” He asked me seeing the look of disgust on my face.

I looked at him, and replied, “Tammy is telling me that she knows what we are doing together.”

Billy just looked at me before he responded. “Well, what does she think we are doing?” He asked me.

I let out a big sigh, and told him, “She thinks were fucking!” Then I told him how I responded, “I told her that she was wrong, and that I wouldn’t discuss this with her.”

Billy sat on the edge of the bed rubbing his chin. Then he looked over at me, and asked me. “What do you want to do about this?”

My first immediate response was “Nothing!” But then I thought about it, and then I asked him, “What do you think we should do?”

Billy told me to let him think about it for a bit, he got up to get dressed for the day. I got out of bed to go into the bathroom to get cleaned up for the day.

Billy, and I didn’t say too much to each other through the morning. My phone went off several more times, when I looked, and saw it was Tammy so I did not respond.

As the day progressed Billy came to me with an idea. “Sis, what would you think if invite Tammy over to find out what she wants?” He asked me.

I laughed, and responded to him. “You know as well as I do she wants to force us into letting her move back in here.”

“I know that is what she wants, but maybe we should let her to shut her up.” He said to me. I just stared at him not believing what he was asking me.

“I don’t know if that is a good idea.” I told him. I was pondering what he said when my phone rang. It was our mom. “Hi mom, how are you?” I asked when I answered the phone.

“I am doing great sweetie, how are you?” Mom asked me.

I decided to tell mom what was going on. “Mom, I seem to have caused a problem last night. I was drunk, and was kissing Billy in the parking lot not very sisterly like, and Tammy seen us.”

“Well it seems you have got yourselves into a situation.” Mom replied.

I let out a big sigh, and agreed with my mom. “What should I do about this?” I asked her.

“Well, I think you should invite her to join the two of you in bed.” Mom told me.

“Seriously?” Was all I could say in response.

Mom was laughing on her end of the phone. “Yes, I am serious. If you get her involved she can’t hold it over her head.” She told me.

“I don’t know about that mom, I think she could make it worse for us. She wants to move back in here, and I don’t want her here.” I told my mom.

Mom responded with a question, “Well, honey do you think you can hide this from her forever?”

I let out a big sigh, and replied, “No, I don’t. I’ll think about it.”

“Okay, honey you, and Billy do what’s best for the two of you.” She said to me, before remembering why she called. “Oh, honey the reason I called was to ask if you, and Billy will be coming home for your winter break?”

“As far as I know, why? What’s up?” I responded.

“I am trying to make plans for how many is going to be coming to the house.” She replied.

I thought that was odd it is always just us. “Who are you planning to invite over?” I asked her.

“Your uncles, and their families.” Mom told me.

“Mom, I don’t think there will be enough room for all of them, and us at the house.” I stated to her.

“Oh, I know sweetie but they will eat meals here.” She told me. “But uncle Joe, and the kids will stay at the house with us.” She added.

“Does that mean Billy, and I get to share a room when we are there?” I asked her.

My mom laughed, and said to me, “Of course you can.” Mom, and I made some more small talk before we said our good-byes.

I went to find Billy once I got off the phone with mom, he was laying on the bed reading. I laid down next to him, and sighed. He put his book down to look at me, then asked me what mom had to say.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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