Battle of All The Bands

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******Note: This is based on a true story told to me by a friend. All names have been changed to keep the identity of my friend a secret.

Emily was a young woman who was going to sing at a gig. She was nervous because she knew a magazine writer would be there to comment on the show. She wanted good publicity for the band she sang with.

Before long she arrived. She got out and went into the building. She found Brad, he played in the band. They talked and soon the rest of the members were there.

The band went on stage and sang their best. People cheered and danced to the music. But Emily felt bad vibes from the reporter. So when they were finished the set, she went and talked to him.

The reporter, Jay, was point blank, and stated he didn’t think they had what it took to make it in the industry. Em put her hand on his shoulder, and said, “I am willing to do anything it takes to change your mind.”

This perked an interest in Jay. They went backstage and Em sat on the dressing room table. She was wearing a short, black, tight, dress. Showing all her curves and assets.

Sitting directly across from Jay, she uncrossed her legs. He could see her panties. He swallowed. She got up and went and locked the bahis firmaları door. Came back and ran her fingers along his shoulders.

He looked out of the corner of his eyes. Breathing harder through his nose. Em walked around and knelt down. Placing her hands on his knees. Moving them up his leg, and moving her body closer in between them.

She reaches for the zipper and button on his jeans. Slowly undoing it. Reaching in she pulls his hard on out. She lowers her head and took him in her mouth, just the head, and lightly licked the head of his gorgeous cock.

It was so warm…and she wanted it very much. Em started to go up and down and used her saliva to manipulate the rest of his cock with her hands.

He gasped and pulled her up and told her he wanted to see her tits. He put his hands on the bottom of her dress and pulled it up. Slowly revealing her body. Pulling it over her head.

She is wearing a black, lacy bra and panty set. He likes what he sees. He kneels and slowly with his tongue runs it from her navel up her breasts. Reaching around he undoes her bra. Pulling it down and off. He cups her breast in his hand. Letting his tongue run all over it. Its rough. Making her melt. Cocking her head to kaçak iddaa the side. Mmmmmmmmm. It feels good. She breathes through her nose.

Closing her eyes. Jay lowers his hand and pushes it under her panties. Running his fingers through her pubic hair, pulling gently. And finally over her mound and down into the crevice. He feels her moisture. She is wet and is needing attention.

He stops sucking her breast and lowers his body. Pulling her panties right off. She steps out of them. He lifts her onto the table and spreads her legs open. Exposing a pussy he will only see this once.

It’s saying “Eat me, eat me, fuck me too.” He puts his head between her legs. Licking her inner thigh. Putting his hand behind her and pulling her closer to his mouth. He sticks his tongue out and starts licking her cunt. She is enjoying every bit of it.

Then, when she thought it couldn’t get any better. He sticks his tongue right inside of her. Wiggling, in and out. Sending her into another orgasm. He sucks up her juices. She puts her hand on his head. Running her fingers through his hair. And starts breathing through her mouth, moaning, groaning, ohhhhhhhh, ahhhhhhh, please don’t stop. She loves it. Absolute heavenly.

But Jay kaçak bahis stops knowing he wants her as bad as she needs him. He wants to fill her pussy with his hot white cummm, and maybe then he will give her want she needs.

He stands up. Looking at Em. He pulls her hips closer. Holding his cock with one hand sliding it into her pussy. Slowly only. Teasing her. Making her hotter and hotter. Inch by inch entering her. And finally the whole “9” inches are inside of her. Going in and out.

She wraps her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck. He lifts her off the table. And thrusting his cock into her. Both enjoying it. He walks over to the wall pushing it further inside her. She lowers her head to his shoulder. Knowing full well she is hitting the highest peak of orgasm. He thrusts harderrrrrrr and fasterrrrrr. His load finally exploding. Filling her pussy with his cum.

She lowers her legs and he pulls out of her. Cum dripping down her legs. He gets dressed and so does she. He gets out his notes. And guarantees Em that her band will get the best publicity yet. Someone knocks on the door. It’s time for the next set. Em and Jay walk out. She finishes up on stage. And everyone goes home.

The next day, Emily reads the paper. The article reads: “watch out for the lead singer of the band for she is something else. The best is yet to cum.”

Although everyone else read cum as a typo, Emily and Jay knew exactly what it meant.

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In Pursuit of Mrs Kramer Ch. 02

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We hosted my neighbor for Thanksgiving and I had to help walk her home. This picks up where Part 1 left off.

Oh crap, I’ve been gone for almost an hour! How the hell am I going to explain this I thought as I opened my door and closed it and locked it? As I turned around, I saw that the recliner and couch were empty, meaning that my parents had gone to bed. My sister was still zonked out on the loveseat so I figured I would just leave her there. I turned off the light and went upstairs to my bedroom.

I noticed that the door to my parent’s room was shut so they were probably asleep. I walked into my room and closed the door. Taking my tie off, I threw it on my dresser and sat down on the bed, taking my shoes off. As I did so, I thought I heard steps and then a door close and I figured it must be my sister going to bed. I took of the rest of my clothes except for my underwear, turned out the light, and got under the covers.

The buzz I had from the wine was pretty much gone after the events next door and I was a little tired as I laid my head down to go to sleep. What a weird f-ing day! I never imagined any of it happening, particularly being turned on by my sister, and I damn sure never had a woman throw up on me before. Ok, maybe not on me but near me.

Eventually I fell asleep and the next thing I knew it was 6:30. I had originally told everyone we would get up at 7 in order to have time to get ready to get to the airport. Of course, I knew my mother would be the one getting me up instead of the other way around as she was the early riser in the family.

I drove the family to the airport and said goodbye, my sister crying a little as we hugged. Quite honestly, I was looking forward to going home and having a few days to myself of some normal time and just relaxing. As I pulled up to my place, the thought of what happens next with my neighbor immediately popped in my head. But, I was pretty tired so I walked in, shut my door, turned on the TV and lay down on the couch. I was pretty tired and a little hung-over and I ended up falling asleep.

The sound of the doorbell woke me up. I looked at the clock and it was 5:30 PM. Holy Cow, I slept all day. Who could be at the door? I walked over and it was my neighbor, Donna or Mrs. Kramer, or whatever I was supposed to be calling her. I opened the door with a smile.

“Hi Donna,” I said.

“Hi Chris, did I catch you at a bad time?” she asked.

Well looks like Donna it is.

“Oh, no not at all,” I replied, “Come on in, I had taken a nap when I got back from the airport. I’ve been asleep ever since.”

“Oh ok, well I won’t stay long. After my day, I have a feeling I’ll be asleep early myself.”

She walked past me and her scent filled my nostrils like flowers in spring time. She was wearing a nice skirt and jacket combo with heels and nylons of course and looked fantastic. I motioned for her to sit down and she did in the loveseat.

“That’s fine, so how are you feeling today? You had to get up and work didn’t you?”

“Well, “she said haltingly, “That’s why I stopped by. Yes I did and I will get to bed early tonight but I’m not quite sure what happened.”

“What do you mean?”

“I was a bit drunk last night, and I remember you walking me home and vaguely remembering getting sick….”

“Oh don’t worry, no problem at all. I just helped you upstairs and made sure you were ok before I came home.”

“Well I really appreciate it but I am so embarrassed. I haven’t had that much to drink in a long time,” she said. “I didn’t do anything bad?”

“Believe me, it’s quite alright. I think everyone here had a bit too much as well and certainly no one noticed and I didn’t say a word. A gentleman knows how to be discrete,” I smiled.

She smiled back at me and spoke, “That’s the other thing. I just wanted to also apologize for the way I’ve treated you the last few months. You have been a nice young man and I have been a total bitch to you. I honestly don’t know why I’ve been that way to you; I guess I’ve put up such a wall since the death of my husband…”

“Well, I did kind of wonder, but it’s all good, Donna. I think yesterday was just what we needed. Let’s just start from scratch, güvenilir bahis put all that behind us and move on.”

“That sounds great to me,” she said and she stood up. “You really are a gentleman.”

Ha, if you only knew or could remember the half of it, I thought to myself.

Before I could stop myself, I blurted out, “Hey, if you aren’t busy, would you like to go out to dinner tomorrow night?”

“Why, I’d love that,” she replied instantly, surprising me. “Where?”

“The Ranch.. Is that ok?”

“Wow, pretty high class place. We don’t have to go there, we can go somewhere else. Besides, wouldn’t you rather go out with someone your own age?”

“It’s not that expensive and I’ll forget the age thing,” I said smiling. “I know you have your shop to run, what time is good?”

“Why don’t you pick me up at 7 and we can eat say around 7:30?” she said.

“Done. I’ll set it up and see you tomorrow night,” I said as I walked her to the door.

“Great. Thanks again for understanding.”

“Not one more word. It’s all forgotten.”

What the hell was I thinking? The answer is, I wasn’t. But I didn’t really have much of anything else to do, and I wanted to get out a bit now that my family was gone. And besides, not only did I still kind of have the hots for her, but she was turning out to be a decent woman, and I was starting to want some company.

The next evening rolled around really quickly. I took a shower, shaved and got dressed, putting on a coat and tie since the restaurant had a dress code. It was a bit chilly, being two days after Thanksgiving, so I threw on an overcoat and backed my car out of the garage, and left it running to warm up while I went over to get Donna.

When she answered the door I was once again struck by how classy she always looked. This time, she had on a navy blue dress that went just below her knee, blue hose, heels, and a string of pearls finished off with a full length fur coat.

“Wow you look beautiful,” I said.

“Oh, you’re sweet. And may I say you look very dapper.”

She locked her door and I walked her over and opened the door to my Explorer. Given it was an SUV, she had to step up to get into it. Unfortunately, with the long fur coat on, it denied me a hoped for peek at her thighs.

Dinner was a great experience and the time flew by as we ate our meals and had coffee and dessert. The conversation, while at first was a bit awkward, eventually flowed easily and after a few hours, you would have thought we had known each other for years.

I found out that she wasn’t as old as I had been thinking and in fact was in her early 50s. Her husband had died about a year ago and had left her enough money to open her own business. Having worked in the fashion industry as a buyer, she decided to go out on her own with a small boutique dress shop that was doing quite well and in fact, was frequented by some of the upper crust of Boston social circles. She was an only child and really did not have a lot of family save for a few cousins down south.

We got in the car and drove home. As we pulled up to the driveway, I stopped and said, “How would you like to come over for a bit? I can build a fire and we can sit around and chat. I mean, that is if you want to. “

“That sounds wonderful,” she said.

Parking the car in the garage, I led her in my place and took her coat and hung it up in the closet with mine and draped my suit coat over the recliner.

“Why don’t you make yourself at home while I build a fire?”

“Sure,” she said. “Do you want me to make you a drink?”

“I still have some wine in there from the other day; I’ll take some of that.”

I set my iPhone in the dock and turned on Spotify to a mellow station. Then, I kneeled down and worked on the fire After I got it going, I stood up and as I did so, I felt her hand on my shoulder and as I turned she handed me my glass of wine.

“Thanks,” I said and noticed that he glass was on the coffee table in front of the couch so I went over and sat down next to her. She leaned into the corner of the couch and had kicked her shoes off and folded her legs up underneath herself as she sat back holding her glass of wine.

“Well, türkçe bahis who would’ve thought a few months ago that we would be sitting here like this,” I laughed.

“Oh my gosh, I know,” she laughed back. “This is really nice, having a fire on a cold evening and relaxing and talking, I had forgotten what this is like…” her voice trailed off.

Not knowing how to respond to that, I took a sip and then slid over and put my arm up on the couch and she readily slid under it and leaned her head on my shoulder a bit.

We just sat there for a while, neither one of us saying anything, staring at the fire, listening to the music.

“This is really nice,” she said and I looked down at her and nodded. “What are you doing going out to dinner with an old woman like me?”

“You’re hardly an old woman, and besides, I think you beautiful.”

“You’re so sweet,” she said as she reached up and kissed me on the cheek, and then leaned further into me, putting her arm around my back and her other one draped across my midsection as she put her glass on the table. I leaned forward and set my glass on the table as I started to rub her arms and shoulder. Between the fire and her body, I was feeling kind of warm including some stirring down below. Her head was facing down and I knew if she was looking at my crotch she’s be able to tell that I was getting a major boner. I reached down and unbuttoned my shirt collar and loosened my tie.

“Hmm, getting a little warm?” she said with a hint of flirtatiousness.

She slid up a bit and brought her lips to within inches of mine.

“Thank you for a wonderful evening,” she said and closing her eyes, kissed me on the lips.

“No, thank you,” I said and kissed her back; our lips eventually parting and my tongue meeting hers. We made out for a minute or two in a sitting position, and then I adjusted myself to lie on my side, and she lay down next to me, alternately kissing and looking at me, smiling. We started to make out harder, picking up the pace, probing each other’s mouths. Her hand rubbed back and forth across my chest and stomach as I ran my hands down to her knee and then slowly rubbing back and forth, worked my way up her thigh, sliding her dress up as I went. Her thighs clamped together a little to stop me so I stayed an inch or two above her knee, but I got high enough to know that they weren’t pantyhose.

“Oh God, I have to tell you, I love stockings on a woman.”

“Oh really now,” she said, “I’m glad to know that.”

Moving to my neck, she began kissing me and, she gently nibbled on my ear as she breathed into it. The effect was electric and blood flowed instantly to my member. I grabbed her hand and pulled it to my crotch, and she began gently squeezing me and rubbing back and forth. My hand went to her chest and began massaging her large breasts through the outside of her dress. Damn I wish she was wearing a blouse, I thought. As we continued to kiss, she would occasionally pull off, taking a quick breath and then going back at it. I kicked off my shoes and then slid my leg in between hers, my knee in between hers as I increased the pressure of my rubbing her chest.

“Oh man,” I said.

“What’s wrong?”

“Well, I don’t know how to say it delicately, but my erection is straining my pants.”

Kissing me again, I felt her hand on my zipper and slowly unzipping my pants. Then, she undid my belt as I unclipped my fastener.

Reaching in, she said, “Hmm I’m betting briefs.”

“Actually boxer briefs.”

“Mmm, nice,” she said as she reached inside the fly of my underwear and began rubbing me. “I figured you were probably big down there.”

As she felt me up, I moved my hands behind her and reached the zipper of her dress. Slowly, I began to pull it down. Giving me no resistance, I continued to pull it down and then reaching back up, started to pull the top half of her dress down.

Pulling back a bit, she shook her head, “Take it easy, sweetie, not so fast,” and I decided to go back to trying to feel her nylon covered legs. As I did so, she continued to rub her hand along my cock which by this point was rock hard. My hands made their way to the tops as I could feel the fasteners. Wanting to encourage güvenilir bahis siteleri her, I took my hand from underneath her dress and put it around her fingers to get her to pull my cock out of my pants. As she pulled it out, the pressure of her tongue in my mouth increased, and she pulled back gasping as she looked down.

“You have a nice one,” she said.

“Oh that feels so good,” I said, “Don’t let go.”

She lightly grasped my shaft and began moving up and down, the precum oozing out of it as she used it to lube me. As she did so, I slid my hands up her leg, parting her thighs as I could now feel her skin above the tops of her stockings. She quickly took her free hand and grabbed me, stopping me from going further, pushing my hand back to her knee and removing her hand from my cock.

“I’m sorry, hon, I just can’t move that fast. It’s been a long time….”

“It’s ok, “I said pausing, “I understand, but I’m so turned on right now. I mean I’m so hard.”

“I know and I feel bad, I didn’t mean to lead you on,” she said. “But I don’t think I’m ready to go all the way yet,” she said. Then, chuckling, she added, “I haven’t used that phrase in about 30 years.”

“Well, I hope you don’t mind, but I have to do something about this, “and as I said it, I took my hand and began to work it up and down my shaft.

Feeling her hand on top of mine, she kissed me and softly said, “Let me do it.”

I changed position to lie on my back and she moved in, her head up a bit in the crook of my shoulder, looking down at my swollen member as she began working her hand up and down on it. She looked back at me and our mouths parted as our tongues wrestled. As we kissed, I reached down with my outside arm and began rubbing her stocking covered leg.

“Oh this feels great, harder, harder, make me cum,” I said. My breathing got shallower and shallower and all of a sudden, I broke our embrace as I grunted loudly. The first stream erupting and nicking my cheek as it hit the couch behind my head.

“Wow,” she whispered, as she continued to stroke the length of my shaft. I had my eyes closed as shot after shot of hot sperm hit me all over my shirt as she attempted to aim it away from her. My hips were thrusting into the air with each ejaculation as I finally got release. Finally, the flow slowed down and I opened my eyes to see her red colored fingernails on her hand wrapped around the mushroom head of my cock, white strands dripping off of them. I was now very sensitive and I gently grabbed her wrist to stop her motion. She then held her hand up in the air.

“Do you have a towel,” she asked. I quickly shed my shirt and handed it to her and told her to use that and after hesitating, she did. After she wiped her hand off, she wiped off my cock and shoved it back inside my underwear.

“Holy shit, Donna that felt awesome.”

I’m glad. You poor boy, you had that built up for a while didn’t’ you?” she said and kissed me on the lips.

“Well, you really turned me on. It was more about you as I don’t remember ever cumming that hard. I mean, the tip of my head actually hurts from the force. You are so hot.”

At that, she grinned at me and flashed a 1000 watt smile.

“IT’s been so long since I felt so beautiful and wanted. And, I’m sorry I wouldn’t let you go any further. I really wanted to, but I’m a little old fashioned and was confused because it has been so long and you’re the first since…” her voice trailed off and I could detect a bit of sadness.

“No, don’t worry about it really, “I said. “Was I a little disappointed? I’d be lying if I said no but I get it and I want you to enjoy it too and be comfortable.”

“Aw, thanks, you’re such a gentleman.” She said. “Don’t worry; good things come to those who wait.”

We held each other that way for about an hour or so and dozed off on the couch. I loved the way that she felt and smelled. Eventually, she got up saying that she had to get up in the morning and go to work and asking me what my plans were. I informed her that I was starting midnight shift on Sunday night so I was getting ready to live like a vampire. I got up and walked her to her place and she quickly went inside and closed the door. It was cold as hell so I ran back and went inside my place as well.

I went upstairs to my bedroom, took off my clothes and got in bed to watch some TV and fell asleep, wondering what the new normal was going to be in my life.

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Jason’s Costume Ch. 03

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My wife and Carolyn returned to the house at 6:45 P.M. I wanted to continue with Jason but I decided to keep a lid on things as best as I could. The downside of getting caught had the real potential of being the disaster of all disasters. I remember how Jason looked at my cock spurting into the nylon as he stroked me and I wondered to myself whether he wanted to try sucking me. The very thought sent me made me crazed. I fantasized of buying Jason some sexy clothes like a short skirt and different colors of stockings and sexy underwear and then being able to somehow be with him in a secluded setting.

In my fantasy he would dress up and put on makeup. I fantasized about making out with him and of fucking him. I was losing touch with reality and it seemed like when his name came into my mind that I would get hard.

Carolyn and Jason stayed for two more days. I took all of us out to dinner for those two days and I would notice that Jason would stare at me on especially when we were out to dinner. I would look at him and he would break off the stare. His mother asked him if he was okay and he said he was. I sat at one dinner and after a few glasses of wine started to get a hard on at the table. I was thinking about Jason. On that occasion my wife had looked at my lap and noticed. She chuckled and whispered to me, “Do you have a problem? Without my response she quietly said that she would take care of it “later.”

That same night after we all had gone to bed my wife slid down on the bed and started sucking me. I could not control myself. My mind was on Jason in the next room as I shot my load into her mouth within seconds. She remarked that she had not felt me come so much and so quickly in years.

It was the morning that Carolyn and Jason would be leaving. I got up at before anyone else and watched the waves hit the beach. It was about 5:30 A.M. I walked to the edge of the water. There were a few fishermen on the beach with their lines into the surf. I was out there about fifteen minutes when I felt a tap on my shoulder and it was Jason. He had on a tee shirt that he had evidently slept in and a pair of yellow pastel colored surfer jams. He said he was sad to go. I told him that maybe we would see each other again sometime. He said all he thought about was coming into my mouth and he started to ask questions about when I first sucked a cock. I did not know why he wanted to know but the subject matter made me start to get hard. There was no chance of anyone overhearing us because of the sounds of the waves hitting the beach. There was no one on the beach but us and a few fishermen 100 yards or so away. We both faced the ocean at its edge. Small waves broke over our feet.

I told him that I was his age (18) when I had my first experience. I told him that I had first been with a girl sexually when I was aged 18. I had a girlfriend (Sara) and that we progressed from intercourse to her finally sucking on my cock. She was reluctant to let me come in her mouth but one night at a party where we had some wine to drink she let me. Her reaction was amazing since she loved the taste. Afterwards she kind of became a come slave and wanted to suck me constantly and did not seem to care whether we had intercourse or not. Because of her reaction I wondered what all the fuss was about. I tried tasting my own and it was salty but I did wonder what it was like to get come from a source.

I worked one summer when I was 18 for an architectural firm. It was Sara’s uncle who got me the job. I basically was a messenger and I would pick up and drop off drawings at different clients’ offices and sometimes at jobsites around the state. It was an easy job and I was given a pickup truck to drive.

About once a week I would visit a large jobsite out in western Morris County (New Jersey) and came to know a construction foreman named Larry. He was Italian and kind of a wiseass. He was friendly to me. He was about six feet three inches in height and was well built. He had brown eyes. He would always greet me with, “How are they hanging”? At first I would not respond and then I would say, “They are hanging fine.”

I had been there several times. One day Larry asked me if I wanted to have lunch with him in the construction trailer. I said okay. He sent out for sandwiches and we talked. He showed me photos of his two kids and wife. He asked me about my social life and bluntly asked me how my sex life was going. He said he figured that being a young single guy probably meant that I was kept “busy.” I was a little embarrassed but said it was okay. I was not comfortable talking about my sex life with him.

He had complained often in our prior meetings that after getting married and having kids that he had to take care of his own needs. He said he never wanted to cheat on his wife but that at 30 years old he was very frustrated. His wife never seemed interested in sex at all. I did not know what to say. He said he wished that he could just get his cock sucked once in awhile and that would satisfy him. He said he was fearful of seeing another woman and just wanted to get off.

Jason was wide eyed and I noticed that he was starting to poke out into his jams. He seemed mesmerized. I had bahis firmaları briefly stopped telling the story and Jason asked me to continue and he wanted me to recount “everything that I remember feeling or doing.”

As I was listening to Larry my mind wandered and I wondered why he was always telling me this. One day while I was in his company his conversation on this subject of getting sucked made me hard. I happened to be in a horny mood and whatever he said caused me to make mental pictures of a cock in my mouth. I did not let on. I did not necessarily consider him as a candidate at the time. I thought I concealed my erection.

He asked me when I would next return and I said I was not sure. What did that matter? I heard someone walking up the steps of the trailer. It was one of the laborers. He used the rest room in the trailer and then left.

Larry then asked me why I was hard. He had noticed. I became very nervous. He asked me if the thought of sucking a cock was exciting and I could not answer. I did not say no. He asked me if I might be curious about sucking his cock and I did not respond.

Larry stood up. He had a pair of beige workpants on with tan construction shoes. He had a dark blue sweatshirt with a hood. He looked very big as he stood up and he touched his crotch as he did so. He asked me if I would touch his cock. I told him that I was scared about doing it where we were and also of getting caught. I was afraid for my job. He motioned to me to follow him. I began to shake but I still followed him.

He walked me to one side of the trailer where there were some supplies in boxes. My mouth become dry and I felt like I was hyperventilating. There was a window with a shade on it. There was a door leading into and out of this room. He shut the door behind us and asked me to sit on the boxes. As I did so this placed my face at about his waist level. He said he would be the lookout. He glanced out of the window through the shade and he said no one was around. This was happening so quickly. He said that if I did not like doing it then I could just stop.

He pulled his fly open and out popped his cock. It was the first cock that I had seen hard aside from magazines or a porn movie. It was the first one in person that I had ever seen. He was circumcised. In my memory bank I guess he was about six inches or so in length or maybe a little longer but he appeared very wide. His cock bent a little to the left and had a lot of veins. The head was very pink and looked wet at the tip. I remember the head of his cock poking out of his left fist as he stroked it. He was almost begging me to touch him. I could sense that he was getting very excited. I could see how his chest was heaving with gulps of air. I lightly stroked him with an open hand. I examined it and played with his cock. It was a different feeling than stroking my own. He started pushing his hips towards my face. He kept on saying, “Please!!” The head of his cock felt warm as he pushed it closer to me.

I put the head close to my mouth and licked it once and held it with one hand. His cock smelled of sweat. I licked it again and then placed the head inside of my mouth. He was salty. I wrapped my mouth around the head (just like Sara) and sucked. He moaned and pushed deeper into my mouth. I concentrated on the head with my mouth sucking and used my tongue on the underside. His hands were on my shoulders as he pushed forward. Without any warning Larry came with such ferocity that the first spurt hit the back of my throat and caused me to gag and choke. He had been in my mouth for maybe two minutes. His come flew out of my mouth but he was still spurting. One huge spurt hit my front teeth and splashed onto my right pant leg. My shirt got some of it and I did swallow a few times. The texture was not too thick but not runny. He tasted bitter but for whatever reason the taste was not unpleasant. After he stopped spurting he tucked himself into his pants. He made like it had not happened as we both walked out of the room. He said he had to get back to work. I left shortly thereafter. In the days following this I fantasized about what I had done especially when Sara sucked me.

Jason asked me if we could go to the outdoor shower. He looked to be in a trance. I did not ask him why. We walked up towards the house. The time was about 6:00 A.M. and fortunately my wife and sister in law were heavy sleepers. I looked around as we approached the shower. He walked in first and then I followed. We locked the shower door from the inside. It was a little crowded. I whispered to him that because the windows to the house were open that we should not speak loudly but either with hand signals or just whispers. He looked at me and started to touch my chest and then my face. He just stared at me for a moment. He stroked my chest again and then his hand went down to my cock. He pulled at my shorts and I helped pull them down. My cock was hard. He kneeled down. The humidity had caused his hair to curl around his face. He stared and I waited. His mouth with his perfect white teeth opened slowly as he pulled on my cock with his fingers. He licked the head and I sighed and pushed. He licked again. I could not speak. I kaçak iddaa could only hear the pounding of the surf. He kept on just licking and then let the head of my cock settle on his tongue. He closed his mouth around the head and then stared up at me as he started to move my cock in and out. I could see that his cheeks were flushed as they bulged. This beautiful mouth and tongue were sucking on me like I was providing him with an oxygen lifeline. I was losing control. I tried to hold off and I warned him with a hand signal. Jason stared at me as I came. He shuddered and I saw his cheeks expand and then I saw him start to swallow. I shot eight spurts into his mouth before it subsided. He swallowed after every two spurts. He kept me in his mouth for a least a minute afterward before I slipped out and he stood up.

Jason asked me (in a whisper) if I ever saw Larry again after that first time and I told him that I sucked him off on a weekly basis for two years afterwards. With that Jason grabbed my face with his hands and stuck his tongue in my mouth and we kissed. He had the most beautiful warm lips that I had ever kissed. I could taste my come from his tongue. We were grinding against each other. We kissed for a few minutes before I knelt down pulled his jams down and sucked his cock into my mouth. Shortly thereafter he came and I did not swallow. My mouth was literally brimming with his come. I stood up and we shared his load passing it back and forth. He stayed hard but I thought it best to stop. We got ourselves together and carefully walked out and into the morning sun. We walked the beach for about a half hour. Neither of us said anything. I could not speak for Jason but I knew in my heart that this thing of ours would continue.

After Carolyn and Jason left I started to pay attention to what I ate and added pushups and sit-ups to my three mile run. I felt rejuvenated. I felt years younger. My wife and I started to have these hot make out sessions in bed before we got up. I was so horny that I started to fuck her twice per day. In a moment of passion I asked her if she would dress up for me in a garter belt and stockings and make-up and she said that she would not since she thought that was “perverted.” She said she would not dress up “like a whore.”

After the second week we returned home. The passion that I felt at the shore waned. I learned that Jason had been accepted to a community college and that he worked part time for his step father.

My wife and I decided to throw a Labor Day party that summer. It was basically the same group (family) who showed up on July 4th including of course Carolyn, Greg, the kids and last but not least Jason. It was a perfect day. We had set up some outdoor games for the kids. I used an old wheel barrel and filled it with ice to place the bottles of beer and soda. Jason and I threw a Frisbee around. We ended up talking about his course selection at college.

During a quiet moment he asked me if we could “meet” and be alone. I started to get hard. He said he wanted to dress up like he did on July 4th and I asked him if he would consider putting on makeup as well. He said he would. We said we could communicate through our computers and cell phones. He told me he was horny for me. I wanted to find a place to suck him off right then and there but I thought it best to remain cool.

I researched and located a small motel that was twenty miles west of his college. He could tell Greg that he had to study on a certain day and he would not go to school or go to work. I asked him for his equivalent dress sizes and shoe and stocking sizes and he e-mailed me the information using a code. I went to a mall and purchased black sheer panties and two garter belts one in purple and one in pink and then two pair of heels, one in brown (with a strap) and one a blue pair of pumps. I purchased the longest stockings I could find in dark black, dark brown, grey and white and also three skirts. The skirts were one blue denim mini and then two longer skirts, one red and one beige that hopefully were not too big. I purchased a white corset. I stored all of this and an eave in the garage at my home. I had set up a scenario in advance at home by that would have me possibly being away over night. Jason and I e-mailed each other constantly. He told me (in code) that he would not make himself come for one week before we met. I was going nuts.

It took about two weeks to get everything into place. I was to pick him up at school. He said the lot was a safe place to leave his car. We met on a rainy Tuesday morning at 8:30 A.M. I had reserved and paid for the room the day before so that there would be a minimum of any potential problems. I retrieved the results of my shopping spree. I had packed a change of clothes, toiletries, beer, vodka, cups, some snacks and KY jelly. I was prepared. If I was to get to fuck him I was going bareback.

I pulled up to his vehicle at school and he was all smiles. He had on a pair of blue jeans, a blue denim jacket and a maroon pullover with running shoes on his feet. He had a small travel bag with him. He radiated health and happiness. His smile sparkled.

We stopped and had breakfast a few miles from the motel kaçak bahis and talked. He told me at breakfast that he wanted me to be patient with him with regards to the makeup because he was not really used to putting it on. I told him to take all the time he needed. We arrived at the motel at about 11:00 A.M. The room was small but clean. There was a queen sized bed and a small refrigerator in the room. I put the drinks in the refrigerator. There was a cable hookup for the television so I put it on.

I told Jason that I had done some shopping and that after he put his makeup on that I would like him to model for me. That seemed to get him a little crazy and we almost started to play. He had taken off his jeans when we had this conversation and he became hard. I pulled his cock out and gave it a wet kiss and a lick and told him to hurry. He took the bags of clothing I had purchased with him.

He went into the bathroom and I heard the shower run. Afterwards I heard him in the bathroom. He was in there about forty-five minutes. He walked out and my heart stopped. He was made-up with red lipstick and the way his eyes were made up made him look like he stepped out of a salon. He had some eye shadow on and some face makeup. He looked as beautiful as a magazine cover girl. He was wearing a blue striped robe. He had the same shoes he wore during our first meeting but had a dark brown stocking on his right foot and a dark black one on his left foot both rolled down around his ankles.

He said he was not “sure” which looked better and needed my input. He walked over to me. Under the robe was the white teddy. He suggestively placed one foot at a time on my edge of the bed where I sat and asked me to roll up each stocking on his leg to check to see what was more appropriate. I did so. I kissed the tops of each thigh and he shivered. I connected the tops of the stockings to the snaps of the garter belt that were part of the corset. He took off the robe. His cock stuck out from the middle of all this and was as hard as a cock could possibly be. It was as rigid as a steel poker. It waved and pulsed to his heartbeat. He said he wanted to kiss me and he did lightly so as not to smear his lipstick. His lips were magical. His mouth opened and my tongue and his met lightly. I took off my clothes. We stood and kissed again. I asked him if he wanted anything to drink. He said that he wanted to drink my come. I squatted down and ran my face across his legs. My hands went onto his firm butt. I started to make out with his balls. My tongue went under them and I held them in my mouth. I stood up and we kissed. He sat me on the edge of the bed and he then crouched and started to lick and suck my cock. I could not take it anymore and pulled him onto the bed. We started to do some heavy duty kissing. We got into a sixty-nine. Those legs around my face with his cock buried down my throat sent me off. I could hear him gurgling on my come. He came shortly afterward. The amount of his come seemed endless. There was a stream then spurts then a stream then spurts again. He was amazing.

We were on the bed for a while. I asked him to change into a different outfit and he did so and refreshed his lipstick. I poured each of us vodka and we talked. I liked each of the outfits he put on. I really liked the red skirt. This was not tight was enabled me to place my hands underneath it and stroke his legs. I pushed him on his face and pulled the hem of the skirt up and licked the backs of his legs. I ran my tongue up his butt and spread his cheeks out and tried to put my tongue into it. He went wild and begged me not to stop. He moved onto his right hip and raised his left leg and I ran my tongue all around his butt rimming him. I spent a fair amount of time just eating his butt hole. I was able to get my tongue into his butt and he would just go nuts. No matter where I put my tongue on him he tasted sweet. I slipped a saliva filled finger into his butt and he said it felt good. I told him that I wanted to fuck him. I continued with my finger covered with KY to get him prepared for the sensation. He said to be careful. I got the KY Jelly out and spread it all over me and all over and into his butt. I had fucked my wife in her ass earlier in our marriage and also had fucked Sara in her ass as well but never a guy.

I asked him to get on his side and then had him on all fours at the edge of the bed. I placed my left knee on the bed and left one foot on the floor. I found the right angle. I pushed the head in and he winced. He did not say to stop. I proceeded slowly. I was like a rock. I felt around and his cock was hard. I pushed and he grunted. I got the ridge in and stopped. I flexed my cock muscle. I had never felt anything as good as what I felt at that moment. My cock was enveloped in his being. I wanted to have this last forever but I could not hold out long. I took my time pushing in and out and I only was about half way in when I started to feel him pushing back. I never went in and out at a hard or fast pace. I was afraid of hurting him. I could hear myself groaning involuntarily. I pushed in and he pushed back and all at once I went all the way in when I shot the load for the ages. He was groaning and calling out my name. He said he could feel the heat of my come inside of him. I stayed all the way in while I shot and wiggled my cock from side to side. I lost my mind and told him I loved him. He did not say anything in return.

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Bath Time

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The workday is over and you and your new wife have just finished taking your daily cross country skiing trip at the local park. Life is good. The two of you returned home from your honeymoon just days ago and have gotten back into the swing of normal life again. The euphoria of the honeymoon has faded, but the two of you are together now.

You return home from skiing with a sweaty chill and decide to take a bath together. She starts the water as you undress and then undress her. You admire her long thin legs, small but supple breasts, and always-refreshingly beautiful face. She is as tall as you and has shoulder length, straight, blonde hair.

You help her into the tub and then join her, sitting between her legs, with your legs over hers and her between them. The bubbles, steamy water, and scent of bath soap wash away the winter chill. The two of you relax and lay back, just staring at each other, smiling, happy, and content.

Your wife grabs the razor she had set by the tub and you lean forward to her. She kisses you on the mouth, and runs her hand through your hair. She grabs the bottle of shaving cream and fills her hand up with a large clump of it, and applies it to your face. Carefully she starts to shave your face until it is completely smooth and hair-free, just as you like it.

After cleaning off the rest of the shaving cream she scoots forward and the both of you lean forward to each other, and she puts her soft warm cheek against your smooth cheek. The two of you hold each other, eyes closed, her breasts pressing against your chest. You can feel her every breath as she bahis firmaları exhales on your shoulder. You massage her back and neck and enjoy the moment. Very subtly, slowly, you are becoming aroused. Your cock is pressing against her leg. She smiles at you.

You both scoot back and your wife lifts one of her legs out of the water and sets her foot on the edge of tub. You grab the razor and the cream. Gently you pick up her foot and set it on your shoulder. You’ve always admired her legs, so long, smooth, wonderful. It was her legs that got your attention when you first saw her. Things only got better from there.

With firm hands and perfect pressure, you massage her entire leg. Then you lather up her leg with shaving cream, and being shaving one leg, being extremely careful not to blemish her perfect legs. Then the second leg, massaging, then shaving. You check your work when finished, admiring it, and then getting a smile from your wife of her approval.

You kiss her and help her out so she is sitting on the edge of the tub. She is facing you, legs spread, you are sitting between them. You lather up her pussy, making sure you have even covered the folds of her labia. She moans as you unintentionally stimulate her sensitive sexual areas. Her breathing has slowed a bit, deeper though, her eyes are closed. You smile and continue working, shaving clean her pubic hair, revealing a cute, and wonderful pussy, which you love looking at, and pleasuring. You rinse her off when done, and make sure you have completely remove all the hair.

When you finish she joins you in the tub again, kaçak iddaa this time she sits between your legs with her back to you, leaning back into you. You put your arms around her and the two of you just relax in the warm water. You start massaging her breasts and nipples, and kissing her neck. You can feel she is totally relaxed and absorbing the pleasure you provide. One of your hands wanders between her legs, gently massaging her inner thighs, never touching her pussy.

Her back is against your chest, and you can feel her sharp intakes of breath as you have her aroused. Her breasts lifting and falling with each deep breath. Your hand wanders to her pussy, just brushing against the labia, never penetrating at all. One finger pushes in, just slightly, working the slit, up and down. You press your palm against her clit at the same time, slowing rubbing it in a circle. She is yours now, completely engulfed in pleasure. You continue to work your finger, then two, then three, into her pussy, teasing her. Your cock is completely hardened now, pressing against her back.

You remove your hand from her pussy now, and just sit while she recovers, holding her in your arms. Finally she leans forward and lifts herself up out of the tub a bit. You feel her hand around your cock, startling you a bit. She chuckles and strokes it a few times. She sits back down now, this time you can feel your cock against her pussy, she rests on your hips as she lowers herself onto you. Your cock fills her slit, she moans softly, cooing to you, and you join her with a moan as well. She just sits, having completely taken kaçak bahis you into her. Her tight pussy massaging your pulsating cock. You put your arms around her again and hold her tight. She loves sitting like this, and you are starting to love it too. She adjusts herself on your cock, somehow getting one last bit of it inside.

Slowly, very very slowly, she starts to raise up off your cock, then lower back down, up, down…over and over. You can’t stand how slow she goes, but you love it at the same time. She is so sexy, so erotic, so in control. Her pace never picks up surprisingly, as she rides you through her first orgasm. You start to buck your hips against her, trying to go faster, but she whispers for you to be still. She keeps her pace, and you start to feel an orgasm building in your testicles. Slow…she keeps riding…so slow. Your cock starts to tense up, swelling even more with the coming orgasm, and she feels it. She stops, waiting for you to calm down.

Then she starts again, this time a bit faster, until you are near cumming. Then again she stops. Once you calm again, she starts again, this time much faster. Water splashes out onto the floor of the bathroom, but your lustful fury of hip grinding continues, growing in momentum with each thrust. Your hips bucking like crazy, hers doing the same. You feel her tighten up on your cock, another orgasm washing over her. Your own orgasm flashes over you, and you ejaculate into her, moaning as it hits. She is moaning too, cumming with you.

You both sit there, you holding her again, breathing hard. She kisses your cheek and you do the same to her, whispering into her ear that you love her. She smiles and says the same back. As you both calm down you notice the water is cooling off. Time to wash up. Time to get on with things until another bath begins.

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On The Edge Ch. 06

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


This story is a work of fiction and all sexually active characters are age 18 or older.

This one is short and sweet. At the moment I’m not quite sure where the story goes from here. There are several characters introduced in Chapter 1 that haven’t had their stories told. Suggestions and constructive comments are welcome!


Selene bobbed her head on her boyfriend’s cock, her jaw stretched wide around his noteworthy thickness. Gone was the cramping of her jaw muscles – she had been diligently practicing her oral skills 4 or 5 times a week for the past month, ever since their second date ended with her giving Roger his (and her) first experience of fellatio. Roger’s staying power had improved dramatically as his enthusiasm and sexual confidence increased. Selene was frequently the happy beneficiary of Roger’s questing tongue and fingers thoroughly mapping the nooks and crannies of her pussy as deeply as he could reach.

“Selene, honey, I’m getting close,” Roger warned through gritted teeth as his girlfriend sucked hard and jammed her mouth full of swollen cock. She had felt his glans swelling beyond its usual large circumference and already knew he was close to cumming. She forced a ‘hmmm’ out of her vocal cords and it tipped Roger into orgasm. He twitched and quivered, making random motions with his torso as he tried to avoid shoving his spurting cock down his girlfriend’s throat. Selene continued bobbing her head to keep the spurts of cum jetting into her drooling mouth, loving the sexual power she had over her lover.

Roger finally relaxed and his breathing slowed. “Selene, you’re so good at that, I can’t believe what you do to me.” He gaped at the petite woman sliding her mouth off his prick and displaying his copious payload of semen beginning to drip out of her smirking mouth. She quickly tilted her head back and gulped the translucent white fluid down with 2 swallows.

“You’re such a good man staying away from garlic that I’ll do this anytime,” she chuckled. She slid her naked body over his and kissed him on the cheek.

Roger grabbed her slight form and pulled her fully onto his torso, finding her mouth with his, not caring that he was tasting traces of his own semen. He slid his hands around to her compact, firm buns, squeezing them and grinding his still semi-erect prick against her freshly waxed mound. As much as he loved Selene’s increasingly expert blowjobs, he was hopeful that they’d start having full on sex sometime soon. He’d been avoiding masturbation for a week to keep his libido charged. He knew she was on the pill but also knew that his girlfriend was technically a virgin.

Selene pulled away from their kiss after a few minutes, gave Roger her brightest smile and chirped,”How about we lose our virginity this afternoon?” She couldn’t avoid a slight snicker at the excited expression blossoming on his face. “I’ve been doing some stretching exercises, if you know what I mean.” She rubbed her pointed little breasts around his nearly hairless chest and waited for him to react.

“Oh god yes, I’ll be gentle and we’ll have such a good time…” He stopped his stammered speech as Selene covered his mouth with hers once more, sliding her damp labia up and down the length of his resurgent prick.

“Make me wetter, Honey. Touch me all over and make my little cunt ready for your fat woody. Make me horny.” She kissed him again and writhed against his excited form.

Roger reached lower past the girl’s buttocks to graze the bottom of her spread nether lips. Collecting a cargo of nectar on his middle finger, he transferred the slick wetness to her puckered rosebud. Rubbing up and down the crack of her ass, he gently worked at pushing a fingertip into the orifice. They’d played this game before and he knew the girl would push back to let the digit penetrate her forbidden hole. He worked his finger in to the first knuckle and began a gentle in-and-out pumping motion.

Selene’s hips moved slightly in a complementary rhythm to get the finger worked deeper into her bum, sliding her blossoming labia against his stiffened prick. She felt his flared frenulum scrape against her hooded clit, forcing a shiver of arousal to shake her body.

“Did I hurt you?” Roger asked, withdrawing his partly buried finger.

“Stuff it back up my ass right now, all the way,” Selene demanded, reaching back and covering his hand with her own.

Roger smiled and complied, working the extended finger 2 knuckles deep and roughly thrusting it in and out. His other hand grabbed her hair and pulled her head back so their eyes could meet. “We have over 3 hours before my parents get home but you’re making me crazy.” He ducked his head to lick and nibble a nipple, making Selene gasp at the triple clitoral, oral and anal assault.

The aroused girl shivered with excitement and a little trepidation at what she was about to do bahis firmaları – lose her virginity and simultaneously take her boyfriend’s. She levered herself up off his chest and raised her hips several inches above his fully revived, throbbing penis. Roger’s finger slipped out of her pucker and his hands settled loosely on her smooth hips as Selene reached between her legs to grasp the stout flesh post she was about to impale herself on.

“Don’t move, Honey. I’m going to have to work myself down the length of ‘The Stump’ a bit at a time. You’re such a big fucker that you could split me in half.” They both smiled at the joke and their pet name for his fat cock. Her hand swished the flared glans up and down the length of her neat little labia until she felt the blunt tip settle into the mouth of her cunt.


Selene remembered her older sister’s instructions from their discussions about Selene’s upcoming first time. “Take your time and go really slowly. No matter how big around his cock is, it’s going to fit perfectly. I love a large cock when I can find one.” Jasmine tugged at her younger sibling’s sleep shorts. “Get these off and we’ll work on making sure you have fun with your stud.”

Selene shucked her shorts off and sat on the edge of her visiting sister’s bed. “Spread your legs and stroke your pussy to get it nice and aroused,” Jasmine directed. “I remember the first time we masturbated together,” she said as she stripped out of her clothes. “I’d just lost my virginity to that guy Derek a few hours before and was still worked up.” She reached into her travel bag and pulled out a slim vibrator. “I never travel away from home or school without my little ‘Pinko’ and a couple of spare batteries.”

Seeing her younger sister creaming as she worked a finger into the gap between her still-virginal labia and rubbed her clitoris with the other hand, Jasmine licked and slobbered on the dildo and advanced on her target. “I’m going to slowly work this all the way into that cute little twat and prove that you can fit almost anything into you. Cocks go in, babies come out.” She frowned at Selene. “You’re taking your pill every morning, right?”

Selene promised she was and Jasmine quickly resumed her demonstration by pulling Selene’s hands away from her swollen gash and inserting the tip of the saliva-coated tool between the slick lips of her sister’s vulva. She pushed firmly but slowly, withdrawing the smooth plastic a half inch for every inch she penetrated the girl. Selene watched in fascination as her sister fucked the dildo deeper and deeper into her body.

Once the dildo was fully inserted, Jasmine began pumping the full length of the device in and out faster and harder. Selene began to pant and gasp, flopping back on the bed with her knees pulled up and spread wide, the tendons on the insides of her thighs quivering. The senior sibling reached up and pinched one of her little sister’s nipples. Selene twitched and raised her hips to Jasmine’s pumping hand.

“Keep going, keep going, I’m almost ready to cum!” she begged. Jasmine complied, gently twisting and rolling the protruding hardened nipple as she stirred and pumped the dildo in the squelching hole. A quick turn of the ridged knob at the base of the toy sent rapid vibrations through the sensitive flesh as it speared in and out. Selene screamed her ecstasy as a massive orgasm spread from her clasping hole and swollen clit to flood through her body and wipe out her senses.

As Selene calmed and Jasmine removed the now-quieted vibrator, she directed the sweat sheened girl, “Stay put. You need to get an advance feel for what a cock as fat as that picture on your phone is like.” She pulled another, much larger dildo out of her bag. This one was flesh colored and cast from a real cock, replete with a large glans and veins running down its length. She squirted some lube on the silicone shaft and pushed the new toy slowly and carefully into the recently vacated slit, twisting her hand back and forth as the fake cock bored into her sister. Selene groaned at the new, larger intrusion, feeling new discomfort as her vaginal walls were stretched far beyond what she had previously experienced. “Relax, it’s not going to be uncomfortable for long. Imagine that it’s Roger’s cock stuffing you right now. Would you tell him to stop?”

“God no, I want to fuck his brains out. Keep going, keep going!” Selene flopped back on the bed once more and let her sister work. She soon felt her arousal increasing again as Jasmine slid the dildo in and out, going gradually deeper until the blunt tip brushed the mouth of Selene’s cervix. Strumming her fingers across the bottomless girl’s clit, Jasmine concentrated on generating another orgasm.

Selene bucked and cried as she came again. “Oh, oh, on fuuuck, oh cumming again!” Her hips thrashed and her spasming cunt tried to crush the dildo, virtually locking it in place.

Selene held Jasmine’s fingers tight against the top of her slit kaçak iddaa until the peak subsided. Finally the grool-soaked dildo was slid out of the girl’s hole, generating small aftershocks as it was withdrawn. “Damn, if sex with a guy is that good, I may have to date a couple at a time.” She stroked her sisters forearm. “I think we need to switch positions. I owe you big time.”

Jasmine grinned as she crawled onto her bed. “I was hoping you’d offer.”


Selene slowly lowered her hips, wedging his glans in the mouth of her tunnel. She kept a hand on Roger’s chest and moved the other to his hipbone so that he couldn’t thrust up into her. She slowly rotated and tilted her hips as her knees gradually spread. The sensation was almost indescribable; there was the urge to simply luxuriate in the sensations coursing through the bundles of nerve endings at the front of her vulva versus the desire to plunge her hips down, impaling herself completely on her lover’s cock.

Roger groaned in ecstasy, resisting the strong desire to grab his girlfriend’s hips and jam her onto his prick like he had the first time she blew him. He felt her tight passage oh-so-slowly engulf him. The sensation was amazing, even better than Selene’s enthusiastic and excellent blowjobs. He stroked the soft curves where her torso met her hips and stared into her eyes as she gyrated in slow motion, gradually skewering herself onto his rock hard erection.

Their hips met and Selene explosively exhaled, suddenly realizing she’d been holding her breath. Roger took a deep breath, realizing he’d been breathing shallowly to avoid plunging himself into her petite body. They both laughed and Selene levered herself down to kiss her boyfriend. “We’re no longer virgins,” she whispered as she trapped his lips with hers.

Roger wrapped his arms around her and pushed his groin against her nether lips stretched tightly around his cock. He pulled out slightly and then sank back into her heated hole. Her juices were stirred by his most welcome intruder, causing them to both utter appreciative groans of mounting pleasure.

Selene lay in Roger’s arms and tilted her hips back and forth, shallowly fucking herself on his thick shaft. Roger increased his short thrusts, withdrawing more after each plunge until they were both almost losing contact with their partner’s genitals before their pubic bones collided again and again. Selene whimpered at the painful delight storming through her body as Roger panted and grunted his sexual accompaniment.

Selene’s efforts increased in intensity and she rhythmically slammed her hips home. She held the lad’s head with both hands as her tongue scoured his mouth.

Roger, for his part, gripped the taut globes of her ass, pulling her thrusting hips against his pounding prick. His mouth firmly joined to hers, he sucked on her questing tongue and tried to draw enough breath through his nose, feeling like he might asphyxiate. His reprieve came when Selene orgasmed.

She raised her face from his, gasped, shuddered and cried out her sexual oblivion, barely aware of anything except the feel of the cock stuffed into her clutching, spasming, flooding cunt. Her entire existence was collapsing to the nerves and tissues her boyfriend was gleefully ravaging.

Roger breathed deeply while continuing to push deeply into Selene’s grasping, fluttering hole. He held her hips tightly to his own and rolled them over with only a mild mumble of confusion from his lover. With full freedom of movement, the freshly minted stud began ploughing her wet furrow from above.

Selene was pinned to the bed like an insect on a pin. She was still cumming and Roger hammered into her welcoming body on his way to filling her twat with baby batter. Selene wrapped her arms around his shoulders and nestled her heels in the hollows of his knees, only able to weakly thrust up at him and murmur her fading orgasm to the room.

Roger increased the length of his thrusts, sometimes actually exiting the mouth of his girlfriend’s glistening pussy and driving back to the bottom of her well, spreading her labia and pounding them between her flushed mons and his soaked pubic hair. Their sweating bodies slid against each other, providing constant stimulation for the panting girl’s nipples. Selene’s fading orgasm rose again as her sensitive flesh was pleasurably and remorselessly stimulated.

Selene’s orgasm rose again as she felt his shaft and glans swell, scraping against her inner walls with renewed vigour. Roger continued mercilessly fucking the girl as his balls contracted and he spurted one of the biggest payloads of sperm he’d ever spewed. Selene cried out again at the sensation of cum jetting into her waiting cunt. The man crushing her to the bed sobbed and gasped his orgasm as his gonads enthusiastically pumped their contents into a waiting vagina.

After several minutes Selene kissed Roger’s chest and spoke. “Honey, I’m dripping your cum down the crack of kaçak bahis my ass and it’s getting cold. I need to clean up a bit.” Roger roused himself apologetically and rolled onto his side. Selene cupped her crotch and pecked his lips, then rolled away and carefully waddled out of the bedroom.

Roger watched his girlfriend’s departing ass wiggle as she left, thinking how lucky he was as he bathed in the afterglow of the most astounding experience of his life.

Selene called down the hall, “I really need a shower. Want to wash my back?” She laughed at the sound of feet hitting the floor as Roger bounded toward the bathroom.

They luxuriated in the warmth of the shower, slicking their hands over each other’s soapy body, caressing, kissing and enjoying being naked and together.

Roger reverently towelled the diminutive young woman dry, inadvertently rewetting her with his hugs until he quickly wiped his torso before once again enveloping her in a towel and his arms.

The pair stumbled back to his bedroom and surveyed the wet, tangled mess of sheets. “I guess we’ll have to change the bed and air out the room before your parents get home,” Selene gibed, “or your Mom will be aghast at your slutty girlfriend taking advantage of you.” The girl spun in her lover’s arms to look up at him with an evil glint in her eye. “How about we make changing the sheets a little more worthwhile, like…” grinning and wrapping her arms around his neck so her pert breasts rubbed against him, “doggie style? My sister says she highly recommends it.”

Roger swept her off her feet and dumped the squealing girl on the narrow unstained section of sheets. Selene scrambled to her hands and knees and the lad spread her ass cheeks as he stuffed his face in the freshly washed cleft. He licked the entire length of the chasm, flicking across the little brown star and proceeding lower to lick and nibble the tidy pussy lips and clitoral hood.

Selene eased her legs apart and pushed back as Roger went to town on her freshly deflowered cunt, licking and slobbering his way deeply between the lips his stiff cock had recently ravaged. The thought of more sex with his pretty girlfriend soon had his prick at the ready again. He gave a final lick and shuffled forward between her knees.

Selene reached down and spread her labia to give his boner unimpeded access to her glistening pussy. Roger carefully swiped along the length of the slit and seated himself at the gates of his personal heaven. She sank back and smoothly engulfed his tool as he pushed his hips forward, humming her pleasure at their bodies combining again.

His hands slid over her hips and up her sides to rest on her chest, cupping her breasts. He rolled and played with the erect nipples he found there, eliciting whimpers of pleasure from the combined sensations he was inflicting on the girl. He began shafting Selene harder, changing his grip to her hips to keep her in place. Selene lowered her torso so that she rested her head and chest on the boy’s messy bed, putting her pussy at the perfect angle to receive the full length of the cock now splitting her hungry cunt.

Roger had already cum twice in the space of less than 2 hours; he had lots of staying power now. He continued to rail the girl’s cunt as she rubbed her clit as it peeked out from it’s hood. Selene came again, her inner walls clutching the intruder at the center of her pleasure. Roger kept steadily stroking, hoping to see and feel his girlfriend orgasm again. Several minutes later, Selene began to feel the results of the day’s workout on her pussy. She reached farther and massaged the base of her boyfriend’s prick, encircling it with a finger and thumb.

Roger felt his cum rising in his balls, his orgasm triggered by the added sensation and Selene’s plea to “Cum for me, Baby! Fill me up again!”

Roger complied, seating his cock as deeply as he could push it into Selene’s welcoming hole. Cum jetted out of him, lubricating the dome of the exhausted girl’s cervix. He slumped over her back, then withdrew his softening member from his girlfriend’s overworked pussy.

Selene didn’t move, letting their combined juices trickle down the insides of her thighs. As sexually satiated as she was, she felt like they’d been in the gym for hours. Muscles not used to the activities they had been subjected to were making their existence known. “I’m going to walk funny for days. No bikinis either – I’ll have bruises on my hips.” She sighed and giggled, “But it was sure worth it!”

Roger rolled her onto her back and kissed her. “I’ll look after you with my tongue for the next few days and then we can ‘work out’ again. In the meantime I want to wash the sheets and throw them back on my bed.”

Laundry done and the bed they’d lost their virginity on remade, the couple walked down the street holding hands and discussing their next activity. “I want a movie tonight, in a theater. How about we see who wants to come with us. I need protection so you don’t have your hands all over me all night,” Selene teased. She kissed her lover and slid her hands under his sweater to glide along his bare skin. “But it doesn’t mean I can’t fondle you!” she joked as her fingers tweaked his nipples.

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I Hate Her

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A warning: For those of you looking for a quick fix, you probably won’t find it her; I believe in character development. For those of you that like a good story, I hope you enjoy this. Comments are always welcomed. Oh, and I dedicate this story to my husband, the nylon-lover.


“I hate her,” Joe muttered as he watched Natalie bounce through the crowded college courtyard. Two years, they had been together. Two years of wasted emotion, compromises, and plans. Hell, they hadn’t really started making love until these last few months, and that’s why he had thought she was the one. “‘Let’s save ourselves until we’re sure,'” he grumbled. She had said that for the first eighteen months, and when she had finally given in . . . it had been glorious. None of the girls he’d been with before had made him feel like that. Of course, none had ever ripped his heart out of his chest and danced over it like her, either. Now all he had left from those two years of supposed love were memories, a few pictures, and that sweater she’d given him for his birthday that was two sizes too small. Oh, that and a rented tuxedo. What kind of heartless bitch breaks up with you just days before the Spring Formal, thereby completely humiliating you in front of your peers? Joe scowled at his thoughts. Enough self-pity for one morning. He had classes to attend . . . and a Limo and tux to cancel.

Though he scolded himself every step of the way, he couldn’t banish every ill word he could think of from springing up in his mind and attaching them to his dear ex-girlfriend’s name. He scowled as he passed Natalie and took a seat in the back of the classroom. How convenient. He’d forgotten they had philosophy together that morning. Yet another hour to burn her slowly in effigy. Joe stared at the back of her head. He imagined her demise by various means; fire, drowning, strangulation. He only looked away when she glanced back, feeling his stare and obviously not appreciating it. He glared when she leaned over to whisper to the girl next to her. Again he looked away, missing the look of her friend in his direction. Kerri was her best friend; he didn’t need to add her to his hate list at the moment. Instead he tried to concentrate on Socrates vs. Plato or some other crap he couldn’t care about at the moment. Maybe he could salvage everything. Maybe she’d reconsider. Greg Dawson, Natalie’s new love interest, was a pre-law with a possible NFL career in his future… he could contend with that, right?

“Mr. Pisano?”

Joe jerked to attention in his seat; the pencil he had been absently tapping against his desk top slipped from his fingers and rolling across the aisle between seats.

“That’s got to be your most annoying habit, Mr. Pisano,” his professor remarked, his arms crossed over his chest.

“I don’t know, sir,” Joe said, smirking as he glanced at Natalie. “My girlfriend always said my snoring was the real problem.” It was her turn to scowl. It was gratifying to know he bothered her, and so, with a feeling of superiority, he leaned out over the aisle to reach for his pencil.

His good feelings faded as he glanced towards the head of the class again. Through a forest of chair and human legs, a particularly voluptuous pair caught his attention. Long and slender, they began at the hem of a short lavender plaid skirt that had ridden up, exposing way too much thigh. As he watched, those legs shifted and slithered to cross again, revealing another curiosity: a lavender high-heel on a nylon clad foot. As the professor’s voice droned on about metaphysics, those legs began to move and that raised foot bounced. Joe stared, fixated. It made him think of Natalie again, but this time he wasn’t mad. She used to do this sometimes, teasing him across the room or under the table with her slender feet. She’d always laugh and tell him he was a pervert, but he found feet very attractive. Supple toes, well-formed arches, soft, smooth heels… he shivered, remembering for a moment the feel of Natalie’s feet gripping his cock. He shook the memory from his mind in time to watch the heel of that foot pop free from its lavender prison, revealing a perfect arch.

“Mr. Pisano!”

Joe let out a yelp of pain as he hit the floor. Startled, he looked up, his eyes wide. Whatever reprimand his teacher had this time was lost under the sound of the class bell and the shifting of bodies and books. He scrambled to his feet, feeling his dignity was already lost, so why try for a graceful recovery. Glancing around as he gathered his books, he noticed another peculiar thing: Kerri was smiling at him. She looked about to say something when Natalie grabbed her arm and pulled her to the door. The last thing he noticed as Kerri left the room was the way her hips swayed under that lavender pleated skirt she was wearing.


“This is nuts,” Dave, his room mate, chuckled. “You want to ask Kerri out? Your ex’s best friend? Isn’t there some rule about that, Joe?”

“I’m telling you, she wants me.” He grinned at himself in the mirror. Running his fingers through his short brown hair, he flashed his friend a smile. “I mean, bahis firmaları how could she resist?”

“Natalie sure resisted,” Dave cracked. Moments later, he nearly fell off his bed to avoid the pillow that Joe launched at him. It took him a while to right himself; he couldn’t stop laughing. “Okay, okay, fine. I’ll help. I’ve got physics with her in an hour.”

“Great!” Joe slid out of his shirt, glancing over his chest, arms, and abs. He was no football player, but his body was aesthetically pleasing by most standards. His time on the swim team was finally paying off; he was tan and well-toned. “Just tell her to meet me alone in the courtyard. I’ll take it from there.”

“Whatever, man. It’s your funeral.”

“No, it’s my salvation,” he muttered. Joe tussled his chestnut hair again, put on some cologne, and grabbed another shirt. He had a plan; for the first time in a week, he felt determined, hopeful, and, well, happy. Now all he needed was some flowers.


Two hours later, the courtyard was far from empty. Ranging from stray studiers to large loitering groups, students flooded the area for their lunch hour. The central fountain, however, was deserted. Not a single person sat on the edge of its deep, marble basin. Its green copper figures played in their familiar pastoral scene; centaurs and satyrs chased nymphs and maidens at the feet of Dionysus while Athena looked down on all this with dignified distain. Joe always thought this was a pretty accurate depiction of the two halves of college life: partying and learning, but any teacher to whom he mentioned it said it was an expression of the school’s policy to frown on unsanctioned soirees. That’s why Joe never took art appreciation; no one seemed to appreciate art quite the way he did.

Joe had been waiting for a half hour now. He was pretty well hidden in the shade of an oak tree and had a good view of the walkway from the science lab to the fountain. He was just waiting for Kerrie … if she really was interested in him. He was trying to remember the first time they’d met when she finally came into view, her hips swaying under those lavender pleats.

“The Christmas party,” he muttered. He distinctly remembered being introduced to her at the Sigma Tau Delta Christmas party last winter. His relationship with Natalie had been pretty strong then, though the strain of his forced celibacy was starting to show. Kerrie had been dressed up like an elf, complete with fur-lined green mini skirt and feathered hat. He had liked how she commented on how Natalie was improving in her taste for men, how she tended to touch his arm when she laughed at his jokes, and most of all, how she had insisted he kiss her when that had wound up under the mistletoe after a few drinks. It hadn’t been a long kiss; it couldn’t have been more than a five seconds long; but he remembered her knee brushing up the side of his pant leg, making his skin cover with goose bumps.


She swirled around, her blue eyes wide with surprise. Good. Surprise is good, especially when it makes her pant that way, he thought. Joe emerged from the shade, waving to her.

“Oh, hi,” Kerrie replied. She brushed a lock of blond hair behind her ear as she smiled at him. “Dave said you wanted me?”

He almost tripped over the lawn’s brick edge when he heard that. “He what?!” His mouth felt very dry all of a sudden.

“Are you okay?” Kerrie touched his arm as she spoke. “Nate said you wanted to see me about something.” She led him over to the fountain and pressed her hand to his chest until he sat on its wide rim. “By the way, if this has anything to do with Natalie, the answer is no.”

Things weren’t going exactly as he had planned. He shook his head, recovering enough to rest his hand on top of hers, holding it against his chest. Her fingers felt cool against his burning palm. “I wanted to ask about you, not Natalie . . .” “Ms. Kerrie Flynn?” Another man approached her. The patch on his hat and his jacket had the words “special delivery” emblazoned across them.

When Kerrie turned and began to answer, the delivery guy came out with a dozen pink roses on a cloud of baby’s breath. Her eyes widened, and she started to pant again. Joe found himself fascinated by the rise and fall of her chest during this; the strain of her hard nipples against her shirt was visible when she stood in profile. He tried to stay calm and adjust on the edge of the fountain; the view was getting him a little . . . excited. Surprise is definitely good, he thought again.

After reading the card, she frowned. “Are you serious? You want to go to the Spring Formal with me?”

He nodded.

“Joe, I’d love to . . .”

Oh, God. There’s a ‘but’ coming, he thought.

“. . . but . . .”

I knew it; here it comes.

“. . . Natalie would kill me.”

Joe nearly fell off the fountain, he was laughing so hard. “Natalie? You’re worried about Natalie?!”

Her brow knitted, and she stomped her foot. “Yes, I’m worried about how my best friend would react if I was seen with her ex-boyfriend. She told me you’d do this, and she looked kaçak iddaa upset. I don’t want to lose my best friend!” By the end of her speech, her face was flushed, her eyes flashing, and her chest still heaving. When she turned to walk away from him, his hand encircled her wrist.

“Sometimes you have to do something for yourself, Kerrie . . . and for me.” He stared into her blue eyes. God knows he couldn’t stop himself from praying she’d change her mind. Maybe what he said made sense; maybe his deep brown eyes conveyed his desperate need for her and his fear of another rejection. Whatever caused it, a few moments later, his arms were around a beautiful woman, his lips pressed against hers. Her lips parted when his tongue brushed against them. Soon they were both seated on the edge of the fountain and lost in each other’s embrace. Things were definitely looking up for Joe.


“The Moon Over Venice” was the theme of the Spring Formal. Strings of white Christmas lights twinkled in imitation of stars on the ceiling and upper walls of the auditorium. A bloated, full moon was projected on the canvas backdrop behind the band stand. Its silvery light not only illuminated the mural of gondolas and canals on the canvas; it also served as a spotlight for the band on stage. It was hard to tell if it was their idea or the dance committee coordinator’s, but the band was dressed in tight, broad-striped t-shirts and white pants like the gondoliers in movies. Currently the front man was crooning an off-key rendition of Bryan Adam’s “Everything I Do (I Do It For You)”. Joe could only shake his head in disgust.

“Yeah, I know,” Dave said beside him. “After charging a hundred bucks for a pair of tickets, you’d think they’d spring for a better band.”

Joe took a sip of punch out of his plastic champagne flute. “Yeah, and you’d think someone would have pity on us and spike the punch, too. By the way . . . any idea how long it takes for women to finish in the bathroom? I’d swear Kerrie and your girlfriend have been in there for at least a half hour.”

“Could be…” Dave gestured towards the hall leading to the bathrooms. “Heads up, Joe. Nat’s just emerged from the can.” Sure enough, Joe watched Natalie stomp towards them in platform stiletto-heeled shoes and a yellow dress that reminded him of a banana peel.

“You fucking jerk,” she hissed. “It’s not going to work. I don’t want you back, so leave Kerrie alone.”

“I’m sorry,” he replied with an extravagant bow to her. “Of course, Your Majesty, I’ll leave right away. How could I have ever underestimated you and thought you wouldn’t see through my scheme. How clever of you to think that I couldn’t actually like Kerrie and be attracted to her. No, my actions have to be a ploy to make you jealous, because the sun rises and sets by your command, and the whole world lives to worship you, you conceited, selfish…BITCH!” And of course, the song ended just as he raised his voice. For once, Joe didn’t care that people were staring at him and probably thinking he was an asshole; he could live with that. What he couldn’t live with was the idea that Natalie could move on but she wouldn’t let him do the same. Hell, who knew? Maybe he was meant to be with Kerrie. Maybe he should have dumped Natalie after that Christmas party. God only knows how many nights he had used the memory of Kerrie’s kiss under the mistletoe in his masturbatory fantasies while he tried to tough out his relationship with Natalie.

He didn’t speak again until the band started to play “We’re Not Gonna Take It” by Twisted Sister. This one they knew how to play. “Natalie, I think it’s time you went back to Greg and left me alone. I don’t want you back, either; I want Kerrie. I’ve wanted her for the last six months, but I’m a man of principle and had already committed myself to you. Now you’re gone, and I’m free. And you know what? For the first time in six months, I’m happy.” With that, he walked away.

For once Natalie was speechless. Dave patted his shoulder as he passed; Dave looked impressed, as did several guys from Sigma Tau Delta. Kerrie’s expression was much harder to read. She was standing near the hall to the lavatories, her little handbag clutched to her chest. Her shimmering green dress clung to all the right places; she looked beautiful. Unfortunately, she also had the pleading look of a dog at dinnertime.

Joe opened his mouth to say something to her, but he kept walking. He didn’t want to give her a chance to reject him, not now, not after his victory against Natalie. He walked out of the dance and into the night air.


The courtyard was finally empty. The only sounds were the night music of insects and the babble of falling water. The only lights were the real moon and stars over head. Defused by the trees, moonlight glimmered on the water streaming and pooling within the fountain. Joe sat on the rim and stared into the shadows under the trees.

Natalie’s probably got her claws in Kerrie by now, he thought. She’s probably twisting my words and convincing Kerrie to never talk to me again. She’ll think I’m an asshole and never want kaçak bahis to be seen with me again.


He almost fell into the fountain in response. Kerrie had followed him. It was her turn to emerge from the shadows of the trees. In the moonlight, she looked ethereal. Her hair and dress glimmered so that there seemed to be an aura of white light around her. Joe almost convinced himself that he was dreaming. “Hey” was the only thing he could manage to say in return.

“You scared me. You just walked by like you hadn’t seen me.” She sat beside him. She was close enough that he could smell her perfume and feel her knee brush against his.

“Oh? I’m . . . I’m sorry. Natalie . . .”

“Yeah, I know.” She shook her head, and the curls that weren’t pinned up bounced against her forehead and neck. “She cornered me in the bathroom when I was talking with Ann. She said you were just using me and not be trusted.”

“She’s wrong . . .”

“I know. I was close enough when I left the bathroom that I saw you two arguing. I couldn’t hear much, but I think I know what you said . . .”

Joe stood up then and turned to face her. “I said I don’t want her. I admitted that hadn’t for sometime now . . . and that I’ve liked you since I first saw you in that little elf costume of yours.” The moonlight was behind him, hiding his face in shadow. “I know this is . . . hard on you, that she’s your best friend, but I don’t want this thing between us to end before it starts. If anyone screws up our relationship, I’d rather it be me than Natalie.”

It was Kerrie’s turn to laugh. “Oh, really? And how do you plan to do that?”

He blushed. “It’s nothing I plan to do. Plans never work for me anyway.”

She giggled again and leaned back so that her arms held her up. “Oh, yeah?” He felt her shoe slide up the inside of his right leg until he closed his stance, trapping her ankle between his thighs. “So what if I promise to make the plans in the future?” She tugged her leg free and proceeded to run the toe of her high heel up the outside of his other leg.

He made a swipe for her foot, but she pulled it back just in time. “Okay. What do you plan for us to do for the rest of the evening? I don’t want to go back to the dance.”

“Neither do I.” She reached up and grabbed the lapel of his tuxedo coat, pulling him down and into a kiss. It reminded him again of the Christmas party, only this time he didn’t let her pull back after only a couple seconds. His hand came up and cupped the nape of her neck. Her lips tasted like strawberries and parted easily when he sought the warmth of her mouth. Once inside, his tongue found hers. A soft moan escaped her and vibrated through both their heads. When he finally pulled back, they both were breathing heavily, and he could tell by the mischievous little smile spreading across her face that she was planning something he was going to enjoy.

She swung around until her legs dangled over the water of the fountain, and then she reached back and pulled his arms around her shoulders. “We could just stay here. It’s warm, and I’ve always liked this place.”

“. . . um, sure . . .” Joe couldn’t help sounding distant; his attention was centered more on the heels of her shoes, which traced slow, graceful circles in the water. Her feet flexed, and the soles of the shoes joined the heels in lightly skimming over the moonlit pool. When she flexed her left foot again, her heel popped free from the leather of her shoe. A little moan escaped Joe. He adjusted his attention to her face. Her head was tipped back, and she was grinning up at him like a Cheshire cat. “Sorry . . . I just . . .”

“. . . have a thing about feet?” She finished for him. She straightened her leg so that her dangled shoe was held high over the water. “Natalie kinda told me about that when she was complaining one day.”

“Complaining?” He was transfixed by her foot again, especially when she bounced her leg, making the shoe bounce and swing from her toes.

“Yeah, complaining that you like to cum on her feet.” Still grinning, she straightened her foot, her heel popping back into her shoe.

Joe blushed. “She said that?”

Kerrie relaxed her leg until both shoes skimmed the water again. “Guys never realize that girls talk about sex to their friends, too.” She half turned towards him, curling one leg beneath her and leaving the other over the water. “Don’t worry. I think it’s cute.” Her gaze trailed down from his face, and he moaned again when he felt her hand trace the outline of his cock against the front of his trousers. “Pretty effective, too, I’d say.” She squeezed him gently as she started to swing her leg over the water again.

“Kerrie . . . you don’t have to . . .”

“I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately.” Her teeth toyed with her lip as she guided his zipper down. “And I want to . . .” Her nimble fingers dipped into and guided him out of his boxer shorts. The warm caress of her hand and the touch of the cool mist rising from the fountain were in such sharp contrast; the sensations made him shiver. “Nat wasn’t kidding . . . you’re huge,” she cooed as she began to stroke his shaft. Her hand moved in a slow, insistent rhythm, starting from his base and ending at the crown. His eyes fluttered shut in response. “Uh-ah. If you close your eyes, you’ll miss the best part.”

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

gayboy-sinemadaki çıtırla evde

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Merhaba Can ile ilk sevişmemizin ardından buluşacağımız diğer hafta sonunu iple çekiyordum. Ona sürpriz yapacaktım. Cuma akşamı telde konuştuk ve ertesi gün için sözleştik. Akşam kendime ince çorap sütyen ve kilot aldım. C.tesi günü erkenden kalktım ve bir güzel banyo yapıp az olan kıllarımı aldım hafif bir makyaj yaptım ve o kıyafetlerimi giyip beklemeye başladım, tam bir kadın gibi olmuştum sexi ve kışkırtıcı. yarım saat sonra kapı çalındı baktığımda oydu çıtır sikicim bekliyordu beni. Kapıyı açtığımda şaşkın gözlerle bana bakıyordu, içeriye aldım ve dudaklarına bir öpücük kondurup nasılım aşkım dedim. Harikasın canım ya inan çok tahrik oldum süpersin ya seni bugün çok sikicem dedi. Ona sarıldım ve odama doğru yürüdük. Bu çocuğa bayılıyordum çok ama çok tatlıydı. Hemen yatağa geçtik bekleyecek sabrımız yoktu ikimizinde. Öpüşmeye başladık öpüşmesini tam bilmiyordu. 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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Köpeğim Ben ve Annem

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


Ben 18 yasinda yakisikli 1.84 boy 67 kilo agriliginda kumral yesil gozlu bi erkegim.Bu gune kadar tek bi kiz arkadasim bile olmadi cok teklif aldim ama bu bi tercih meselesi. Kucuklugumden beri benim erkeklerin ilgi duydugu seylere olan ilgim azdir.Araba,futbol,kizlar hepsinden nefret ederim.Bilirsiniz kiz kizi sevmez oyle bi sey buda.Neyse bi gun beden dersinde nobetciyken bi erkek arkadasin sirasinin altinda bi dergi buldum.Dergide gay iliskilerinden bahsediyordu. Bu beni o kadar etkilediki dergiyi yuruttum.Dergiyi defalarca okudum,o kadar tahrik oluyordumki.Ama hic bir erkek arkadasimdan benimle iliskiye girmesini isteyemezdim.Ama yarragi yiyen adamin aldigi zevki cok merak ediyordum. Bir gun aklima bir fikir geldi.Ailemle konusup bi kopek almalrini istedim.Beni kiramadilar ve para verdiler.Ben de yakinda pet shopa gidip olgun bi disi kopegim oldugunu oldugunu soyledim ve ona uygun azgin bi erkek kopek aldim. Kopegimle cok ilgileniyor ona iyi bakiyordum.Bi gun kartal escort evde yalnizken soyundum ve domaldim kopegimde azmis oldugu icin hemen arkama gecti.Enteresan bi bicimde deligi buldu ve soktu.O kadar ani soktuki canim cok yandi.O ise isini bi an once bitirmek icin hizli hizli gidip geliyordu. Ben acidan kivraniyor kendimi bagirmamak icin zor tutuyordum.Kopek durmuyor bosaliyor bi daha bi daha gidip geliyordu.Bense buna alistim ve zevkten kuduruyordum.Kopegim hareketlerine bakarak 4 kez ben de 3 kez bosaldim.Kopegin sikini agzima aldim.Cok ilgincti bizimkine hic benzemiyordu. Kopekle her gun iliskiye giriyor bikmiyordum.O da o kadar alistiki cok guzel sikiyordu beni.Bi inasnin o kadar hizli pompalamasi imkansizdi. Baslarda cok guzeldi sikilmek ama artik sikmenin nasil bi zevk oldugunu merak etmeye basladim.Ancak hic kiz arkadasim yoktu.Evdeki tek disi varlik annemdi.Annemin tahrik etmeye ve benimle iliskiye zorlamaya karar verdim.Bilerek o evdeyken ataşehir escort 31 cekiyor ve beni gormesini sagliyordum. Porno filmleri bilerek acik unutuyordum ve o da izliyor aziyordu.Gece annemlerin yatak odalarini dinliyordum,babam islerinin cok yogun oldugunu one surerek onu reddeyordu.Basarmistim annem artik beni geri ceviremezdi. Bi gun annem mutfakta bulasiklari yikarken ona arkadan surturdum.Dondu ve bana bakti bense farkinda degilmisim gibi davrandim.Sonra bi kac kere daha ayni davranisi sergiledim.Sonuncusunda annmeden bi inilti sesi geldi.Bundan cesaret alarak arkasina gectim ve surtturmeye basladim artik aramizdaki ana ogul iliskisi o an icin kalkmisti.Annem tas gibiydi her yerini oksuyor yaliyordum. Onu dudaklarindan optum.O da buna karsilik benimkini agzina aldi.Allahim bu ne zevkli bi seydi!Sonra onu soydum, inliyor inledikce beni daha da heyecanlandiriyordu.Kopegim gibi bende yaragimi annemin gotune kokledim.Belliki babam annemi maltepe escort hic gotten sikmemisti. Annem acisindan oyle bi bagirdiki korktum sonra o da benim gibi alisti.Amindan sular akiyor bana yalvariyordu.Sonunda amina girdim.Yere yattim ustume yatti o da.Yaragimi icine almis ustumde dans ediyordu derken bi ciglik atti.Megersek bizim kopek gotu gorunce dayanamamis sokmus gote. Annem zevk aci ve saskinlik icinde ileri geri gidiyor kopegimse annemin arkasinda bi baska gidip geliyordu sonra annem bosaldi.Ben de ucuncu postadan sonra bittim.Ama annem doymuyordu. Annemi domalttim ve kopek annemi arkasina gectigi gibi amina soktu.Kopegin kocamandi ve hayvan inanilmaz bi hizla sikiyordu annemi.Annem kudurdu,kopek saatlerce annemi bi amdan bi gotten sikti. Daha sonra annemden ozur diledim,kabul etti.Zaten o oyuncagini bulmustu her gun annem kendini kopege teslim ediyor kopekte inanilmaz bi doyumsuzlukla annemi sikiyor ikisi de doruklara ucuyordu.Benden de utanmiyorlar bazen bende onlara katiliyordum. Sikmekte sikilmekte buyuk bi zevk veriyo.Ben neden bi tanesiyle yetiniyimki.Eve bi de disi kopek aldik!Artik onu sikiyorum ama annemin ami gib olmuyo kopek ami ama olsun arada annemi duzuyorum arada kopegi arada kopek beni gecinip gidiyoruz iste!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Ofiste Hızlı Sex-2

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


İlk macerayı daha önce yazmıştım.Şirkette birlikte çalıştığımız Ayşegül sohbet sırasında ofiste kaçamak seksin çok heyecanlı ve güzel olduğunu ama evde rahat rahat sex yapmanın daha güzel olacağını söylediğinde hemen kabul ettim. Bizimkilerde tatile gitmiş olduğundan sabah saat altıda kendisini bekleyeceğimi ve kapıyı açık tutacağımı söyledim.Tam saat altıda kapıda belirdi. Ben arzu dolu olarak sabaha kadar zor zaman geçirmiştim. Kapıdan girer girmez sarıldım ve öpüşmeye başladık. Hemen kucağıma aldığım gibi kartal escort öperek yatak odasına götürdüm.Öpüşmemiz o kadar ateşliydi ve tatlıydıkü dudaklarından dudaklarımı bir türlü ayıramıyordum.İlk sevişmemizde romantizm ve seks bir aradaydı. Bu sefer ondan çok hoşlandığımı söylediğimde net bir şekilde şimdi sekx zamanı onları sonra konuşuruz dedi.Bu sözler beni iyice tahrik etmeye yetmişti.Boynunu ve ensesini uzun uzun öptükten sonra yavaşça göğüslerine inmeye başladı dilim.Göğüslerini öperken ataşehir escort çıkardığı zevk çığlıkları ve inlemeler sevişmeye daha güzel bir tat katıyordu.Göğüslerinden kasıklarına bacaklarına ve nihayet amına geldiğimde müthiş sulandığını gördüm.Dilimi çok tatlı bir şekilde amının dudakları arasında gezdirirken yeter artık dayanamıyorum hadi çabuk seni istiyorum diye inlemeye başladı.Ben acele etmemesini sevişmek için yeterli zamanımız olduğunu ve tadını çıkartmasını söyledim fakat ısrarını maltepe escort sürdürdü.O sırtüstü yatmışken dudaklarına dudaklarımı götürüp dilini emerken arasına girerek kalın sikimi amına öyle bir soktumki yüz ifadesi hiç aklımdan gitmeyecek.Ben içinde hızlı bir şekilde gidip gelirken aynı zamanda dudaklarımız kenetlenmiş halde öpüşüyorduk.Yavaş bir şekilde içine girip çıkarken yüzündeki ifadeyi izlemekte çok güzeldi.İlk sevişmemizden sonra doğum kontrol hapı kullanmaya başladığı için içine boşalmamda sakınca olmadığını bilmekte çok güzel bir duyguydu.Zevkin doruğuna çıkarken o zangır zangır titreyerek boşalmaya başladı ve bende sikimi dibine kadar amına sokarak ve bastırarak içine boşaldım ve değişik pozisyonlara geçmeden önce sarılıp öpüşmeye başladık.devamı gelecek…[email protected]

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32