The Sweetest of Dreams

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The ribbon that bound her wrists was black, satiny, maybe three inches wide – the sort of ribbon you might use to decorate a table, not the sort used to trim a fabric.

“How do you even know that?” she laughed when he shared the thought out loud. “You are the most amazing unusual man.”

“I bet you say that to all the guys, you cock sucking slut,” he replied, knowing that just the opposite was true.

“I bet you’d want to watch me suck their cocks.” She felt how hard that made his cock, already turgid and buried deep in her welcoming hungry anus.

“I bet you would want to see my stroking my cock as I watched.”

She just giggled in response, enjoying how his fullness filled her.

“And then, because you are a greedy bitch, you would want me to fuck this gorgeous ass, this Rubenesque masterpiece, but your mouth would be too full to ask.”

She chuckled from deep in her warm belly.

“But you would know what I want, and you would give it to me without being asked. And because I am such a bitch, you would spank me until my ass was red, while your meat throbs inside me.”

His hand moved from her waist and smacked her buttock. He grinned as the flesh quivered, reddening immediately. He continued to strike her. She moaned a thank you.

“You better not bite the cock you are sucking when I spank you, or you will get more than a spanking.”

“Ohhhh…. will I get my nipples twisted, tugged, yanked away from the fleshy mounds of my tits, until I whimper in pain?”

“You’d like that too much. I was thinking more the slut paddle. Then the riding crop. And denying you my cock until I raised beautiful welts on your ass, until we both know that you’ll not want to sit for supper.”

“Bite me,” she teased.

“Of course.” and he did, not caring whether she meant in the fantasy, or reality, because to these experienced lovers, the line was blurred. One day, perhaps this talk about threesomes, or foursomes, might become reality, but for now, the pillow talk was real to them. She felt his cock, his hand, she imagined the paddle, which she knew was a few feet away in the night table drawer, bahis firmaları where he had stored it after she had surprised him with it as a Christmas gift – Santa got really lucky that year. Of course, so had she. The thought made her chuckle.

“What’s so funny, bitch?” he snarled, jolting her back into the moment.

“How much I love you, even though I know that you don’t think that you love me back, that all you think you are capable of is lust, filthy disgusting immoral lust, the smuttier the better.”

It was his turn to laugh.

“I guess that makes you the perfect bitch to match me then – I can do whatever I want…”

“Because what you really want most is to pleasure me,” she completed the thought as he stepped back, only the tip of his hard cock resting in the ring of her anal muscle, that puckered rose enjoying feeling the flesh stretching her. She focussed on squeezing her sphincter, tightening around the rim below his swollen head.

They both knew she was right. He seldom climaxed before he made sure she experienced multiple orgasms. Many quickies finished when she did, even if his balls were still heavy with lust. He was satisfied by the emotional rush of conquest, and loved how his hormones seemed to build in his loins, sometimes for days, until when he did burst forth, it was like a dam breaking. As much as she loved his great gobs of goo flooding her anus, or her cunt, or coating her teeth and tongue, she often thought that her favourite moments were when after fucking her, and after being sucked by her, he leaned back, took his shaft in his hand, and finished himself in that practiced stroke used since his teen years. Watching his gism spurt never failed to make her cunt clench, her clit throb.

“Deeper, fuck me deeper,” she begged, giggling at the silliness of her own request, knowing that her tightness likely prevented him actually penetrating further, but wanting him to try, needing him to try, needing his full commitment to the moment. The best part was that she knew he wanted the same thing, and this made her flush with warmth, the excitement making her clit throb in counter tempo kaçak iddaa to his cock.

Right at that moment, she also knew that she was not likely to watch him spurt, as she hoped the next load would coat her bowel. She giggled, hoping that he would continue fucking her until he was spent, his limp noodle finally, reluctantly, plopping free. If she was especially fortunate, he would then shift position, nudge her knees wider, and lower his face to her rump, hungrily reclaiming the anal cream pie. He would likely finger fuck her cunt as he did so, his thumb diddling her clit, but if he did not, she could touch herself, or come just from the rim job.

First, his hands rubbed the curve of her butt.

Then he bore down and pushed further in, inch by inch into her tight, wet tunnel, until he was buried to the hilt, his groin tight up against her butt. He pistoned his cock in and out of her depths, never fully withdrawing, always keeping at least the swollen cock head instead her pucker, truly fucking her ass. Without warning, he started to punctuate his thrusts with slaps, stinging the flesh that trapped his cock.

He leaned over, nuzzled her hair aside and licked her earlobe, his teeth teasing the tender flesh. He kissed the prominent bump at the top of her spine, and then nibbled the divot above it where the spine ran up inside her neck. She felt more heat and tension marshalling around her clit.

This continued for a few minutes – cock plunging, then pulling back; hands stinging her ass; teeth and tongue exploring. She may not have realized that she was screaming, begging for release.

“Make me come, you son of a bitch,” she yelled.

He said nothing, did nothing different, until suddenly he bit hard on the flesh at the curve where right shoulder became arm.

“Damn, I think you drew blood,” she said with a giggle, but not for a minute or three, because first, the shock of that pain hit her body like electricity, racing from arm to neck to spine to clit, and then her entire body shook so hard that it almost broke the bed. She did not actually speak until the climax subsided.

He licked the wound kaçak bahis with his tongue as he collapsed on the mattress beside her, one hand resting possessively on her rump, his eyes drawn to the flow starting to coat her thighs. He loved eating that mix almost as much as she loved being eaten.

“That might leave a mark,” he said, shifting down the bed so his mouth was at her waist.

She just laughed, “I love it when you mark me as yours.”

His palms caressed her flanks, and then tenderly massaged the red flesh of her ass. His head moved ever closer to her body. She sighed and twisted in response, finding his cock already half turgid again. As he kissed her well smacked ass, she started to lave his organ, enjoying the taboo musk. She attacked it like a Popsicle, licking up and down the shaft, teasing the head but never swallowing it. Instead, she gently took his balls, one at a time, past her lips, rolling her tongue around the sac. The warmth of his moans warmed her anus before she finally licked up the underside of his shaft, pausing to kiss his tip before sliding his helmet into her cheek.

She was so focussed that she barely noticed his fingers pry her cleft open and his tongue lapping up the fluids exiting her anus. Her rosebud blossomed open, inviting him inside. He started to piston the tip of his tongue into her forbidden passage, using it like a cock. Silently, their entwined bodies writhed in a familiar rhythm, each enjoying pleasuring the other.

After several minutes, he slid a couple of fingers around, intending to fuck her cunt with them, only to find that she had already attended to her own needs, driving a pair of digits in and out of her gash, the ribbon now loose around her wrist, a token of how the lustful session had begun.

Finally, she could no longer keep her mouth around his cock. Coming up for air, she screamed, “Fuck, I’m going to come again!”

He shifted his fist to grab his cock, stroking it at the same tempo as his tongue was fucking her slimy asshole, until his goo spurted up, coating her belly and her tits. Her orgasm followed immediately, rocking the bed even harder than before, until, finally, spent, they collapsed.

“When we wake up, I expect you to lick me clean,” she sighed, just before they both drifted off for a nap, each knowing the other would enjoy the sweetest of dreams.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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