Exploring Megan Ch. 7

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When Megan awoke in the morning, the clock read 10:56. Though she felt a little bit lazy having slept so wait, this was overridden by how well rested she was. She had really needed a good, long sleep like that after the previous nights exertions.

As she climbed out of bed, Megan was shocked by the size and beauty of her room. She hadn’t noticed the night before in her drowsiness, but the room was absolutely gorgeous. Jill really had money. But clearly she also had taste. Everything was beautifully decorated in soft colors. The walls were an eggshell-yellow sort of color, and gave a calm, peaceful feel to everything. The room was very complete; it included a large TV, dressers, closets, everything Megan could need to spend a night, or indeed, a year. Megan opened the closets and found them huge; they were filled will all different styles of clothing; she would have no trouble finding anything to wear.

She began searching all of the drawers. They were filled with socks and underwear (including some fancy stuff she would have to try later). But one drawer in particular interested her: Jill must have been expecting them! It was filled with videos (Megan could only speculate as to what they were about) and some interesting looking toys. This drawer would also require further inspection.

Walking across the spreading room, Megan pulled back the pale blue curtains. . . and nearly passed out when she saw the beautiful, sweeping green land scape in front of her. The house sat on top of the hill, and this window looked out the back onto the steep backside of it. This truly was the perfect house; Jill’s family really knew how to spend their money right. For a while, Megan stood and took in the view, letting it soak into her and wake her up. She felt very much at peace as the morning casino şirketleri sunlight bathed over her.

Megan turned away from the window and gave one last look around. There was one door that she hadn’t tried yet; she assumed that it must be the bathroom. “A bath wouldn’t hurt,” Megan thought to herself. She slipped off the tank top and boxers that she had ended up in and headed for the bathroom door. She reached for the crystal-looking doorknob (it couldn’t be real crystal, could it?) and gave it a twist, pushing in.

She was absolutely shocked by what she saw next.

The bathroom was huge. It was almost as big as the bedroom. There was a huge mirror, two sinks on a beautiful marble counter, and faucets that looked to be brand new. There was a stand up shower with a glass door in addition to the bathtub. But the bathtub was what really surprised her; it was enormous. It was the size of a small swimming pool, bigger than most hot tubs that Megan had seen. But what really surprised her most of all was Molly.

Molly was naked, soaking in the steaming hot water of the tub with her eyes shut and her left hand under the surface of the water, between her legs. Her right hand was at the surface of the water, teasing and pinching at her hard nipples.

“Um, I’m, uh, sorry, I didn’t, er, realize that this was a shared, ah, bathroom,” Megan stammered as she tried to walk backwards through the door. Molly’s eyes shot open in horror, and her hands shot out from under the water.

“Huh, Megan, wait, um.” She took a deep breath and then continued, “I didn’t either Megan, or you can bet I would’ve locked that door.”

Megan relaxed a bit, following Molly’s lead. “I’m sorry I interrupted you while you were, you know, and I’ll just come back and take a bath casino firmaları later.”

“Why wait? There’s plenty of room here for two.” A twinkle entered into Molly’s eye, and Megan felt a warmth growing in her privates.

“The water certainly does look nice,” she said.

“It’s very nice; super hot! I just got in. C’mon in, we’re friends, right?”

With her pussy growing wetter by the second, Megan didn’t need much convincing. She walked as casually as she could over to the huge tub, and dipped a toe in to test the water. “Wow! You weren’t kidding, it sure is hot.”

She slid her leg the rest of the way, and then brought her other leg over the edge. Lowering her self slowly into the steamy water, she sighed as she settled into the tub. Megan felt incredibly horny, but felt nervous making any sort of first move. So she leaned back against the tub, hoping that Molly would do something. The two girls sat for a minute looking at each other in silence.

Molly was the first to speak. “I had fun last night, Megan.”

“Yeah, me too,” Megan responded with an evil smile. It was then that she felt something brush against the inside of her thigh. She pretended not to notice. “Jill’s a real hot number, isn’t she?”


Megan was sure she felt something now. It was getting closer and closer to her waiting twat. Glancing causally down, she saw that it was Molly’s foot. And then the big toe pushed up against her pussy and began gently massaging her clit. She took a sharp breath in and then sank lower into the water, her crotch moving closer to Molly. Molly continued to lightly rub her rapidly warming sex. “I’m glad you stumbled in here, Megan. I was having fun, but it’s much more fun with company.”

Molly pulled her foot away, rose out of the güvenilir casino water, her round, melon sized breasts swinging gently in front of her small, thin, and now very wet body. She brought her self down on Megan, pushing her tongue between Megan’s waiting lips. Their tongues circled as two girls wrapped their arms around each other, feeling their wet bodies rubbing together.

As they kissed, Megan managed to maneuver her hand so it was between Molly’s legs. Megan massaged her clit gently, and Molly moaned. She looked lustfully down at Megan, and then closed her eyes as Megan started to finger her. The water splashed around them, and they continued to kiss as Megan fingered Molly harder and harder. But soon, the kiss was broken off as Molly pulled back, moaning and humping the hand underneath her. As she bounced up and down, Megan sucked on the tits that hung in front of her face. Soon, Molly was over the edge. Megan felt Molly’s warm pussy squeeze her hand a few times and as Molly gasped and went limp, putting her weight down onto Megan.

They sat for a moment while Molly recovered. It was Molly who spoke first. “I have an idea, she side.” Molly kissed Megan again, moving her knee between Megan’s thighs so that her leg rubbed Megan’s twat.

“Mmmmm,” Megan moaned. Molly pulled back to the other side of the tub, intertwining their legs. She then slid deeper into the water until their pussies were rubbing together underneath. They began to hump each other, pleasuring each other as they were pleasured. It felt somewhat strange to Megan, but she couldn’t ignore the pleasure. She could feel the water splashing over nipples as her clit rub against Molly’s. Soon, they both came, squeezing each other with their legs.

They embraced each other in the warm water, holding each other and kissing for a while. “I’m gonna head out. I hope I see you later!” Molly winked at her, then grabbed a towel and headed for her room. Megan sighed and leaned back in the tub, knowing later would come and hoping it would be soon.

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