Deciphering the Bloom Ch. 02

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Two hours passed and Nicolao hung up the phone, it was his third time calling David, going straight to voicemail. He ran his fingers through his cropped hair he knew David shouldn’t have left him.

The buzzer for the gate sounded. He found it odd since he had given David all of the codes, he could open the gates himself. He hit the remote opener and went outside. It was the cab, but the back seat was empty, an annoyed Omar stepped out.

“I waited for your little friend for an hour, he never called me and I need to get paid. What kind of scam do you think you’re running?”

Nicolao glared at the man, “Stay here!” He ran in the house, grabbed a coat and flew back out.

He pulled out a one hundred dollar bill. “Take me to him, now. I have another for you on the return, one hundred an hour, not bad, not a scam.” Nicolao knew his anger was misdirected, he knew he should not have let Davey go.

Nicolao entered the trailer, in spite of Omar warning him against entering the dwelling without a weapon. He had little fear for his own safety. He was shocked by the wretchedness of the place that was Davey’s home. There was no refrigerator, in fact no real furniture, as far as he could tell, just giant cable spools and milk crates, it was squalor. He saw blood on the disgusting carpet, and all notions of caution were discarded.

“David! David, Dee are you in here!” He bellowed, frantically he made his way through the trailer. Nicolao saw the crumpled form and his heart dropped. Davey lay on the floor, in a back bedroom. He knew instinctively it was his room the bed was incongruous to the rest of the home, neatly made and clean. Gingerly, he turned Davey over there was dried blood on his face and the beginnings of bruises.

He pulled Davey into his arm. “Wake up baby, Dee. Dee look at me, come back to me now.”

Davey stirred, his eyes fluttered. “That’s it baby, you’re alright. Just wake up for me.”

Davey struggled in the fog. He was cold, and he hurt. But Nicolao wanted him to get up. Nicolao! Davey surged into wakefulness. Pain was his reward when his arm flailed outward.

“Nic-Nicolao?” Davey looked into Nicolao’s face. “You came?” Davey felt the tears and was helpless to stop them.

“Baby, it’s okay, I’m going to take you to the hospital,” He hated watching David cry.

“No, no hospital, please just take me to your house Nicolao. Please, it’s not bad, I swear, but no hospitals,” Davey sobbed.

He picked Davey up. He was startled to see Omar at the entrance of the trailer with a gun in his hand. Nicolao nodded in silent thanks. He settled Davey in the back seat, covering him with his coat.

“Okay baby, don’t worry about that now, no hospital let’s get you home.” Nicolao never used terms of endearment, but found he kept uttering them.

Omar was at the driver side and shook his head. “Get him away from here, but go gather what he needs right now.”

Nicolao peered at him, not comprehending.

“No problem with assisting with him absconding, but you always take your documents. The kid should have a social security card, birth certificates… slave papers, that kind of shit, get it now. He’s banged up, but a few minutes won’t kill him. Make it a clean break; I’ll keep an eye out.” Omar offered.

Nicolao asked Davey if he knew where the papers were. Davey gave him the location, and Nicolao emerged minutes later with a milk crate full of papers. When he settled in the seat he wordlessly pulled Davey to him.

“I’m sorry, Nicolao. Uncle Ben took everything, all the things you gave me. I tried to fight back but he hit me from behind. I tried… ” Davey buried his face in Nicolao’s coat.

“Dee, I don’t give a damn about the phone, or coat, or whatever he took. That man hurt you, and I can’t wait to see him face to face to repay in kind,” Nicolao imagined smashing the man’s face in.

“I bought you a present I just wanted to wrap it for you. I shouldn’t have gone home, it’s my fault. Let me stay for a few days until he calms down.”

Nicolao felt sick inside. Did he really think he was to blame? He swallowed, and pushed his anger aside. David had dealt with a lifetime of rage, and ugliness, more of the same was not what he needed.

He gentled his voice. “It’s alright now. You did nothing wrong, and you are going to stay with me. If anything is broken I am sure Jeremy knows someone we can call. Okay baby?”

“Okay.” Davey rested his head on his shoulder and cried silently. There were too many emotions to sort through, but in a cab next to Nicolao he knew he was home.

Nicolao casino şirketleri offered Omar the other hundred, but the driver refused saying he was glad the “little man” was alright.

Nicolao filled the tub in his bathroom with hot water, and turned the jets on. He began dressing his injuries. The wound on his head was not bad, a small gash, he cleaned, and packed. He helped David undress, the left hand had been stepped on, and the fingers were swelling.

When he got David’s pants off he smiled ruefully, “Dee, baby, not the way I pictured the first time I’d undressed you.”

“I’m sorry Nicolao.”

“Please don’t apologize again,” Nicolao’s pressed his lips together, regretting his attempt at levity, “You’re safe that’s all that matters.”

Davey had taken most of the damage on one side. He was bruised, but nothing appeared to be broken. Despite the injuries, and his small stature Davey was beautiful. His unclothed body was muscular, likely from the walking and manual labor for Mr. Ernst. His body sported a sparse amount of hair, at his armpits and crotch, Nicolao’s attention fell between Davey’s legs, to his flawless cock, that was semi- erect and lengthening. He snapped his eyes to dark blue one’s that watched him expectantly. Nicolao tried to speak, but his throat was constricted, he tried again.

“Let me put you in the tub to ease your muscles, but I want to keep your hand in ice to keep the swelling down. You don’t have any signs of a concussion, but you were out for what an hour?”

“No, I woke up and crawled to my room, I think I was going to my bed.”

“But you passed out again in your room?” Davey nodded, “That has me worried.”

“I was hurt; it hurt too much to move so I gave up on moving.”

Nicolao bent down to pick him up.

“I can walk!”

Nicolao shrugged, easily scooping Davey up. “And I can carry you.”

Davey groaned as the water enveloped him, the jet shooting bubbles on his battered body. Nicolao left returning with a bowl of ice, he made him put his swollen hand in.

“I’ll be outside the door,” Nicolao turned to leave.

“The tub is huge… I don’t want-“

Nicolao reasoned David was more than a little overwhelmed by the day’s events. He undressed quickly and positioned himself behind Davey.

He located a sponge and lathered Davey. He shampooed the soft blond curls, and cradled his head as he tilted back to rinse. Nicolao was amazed, David had been abused, yet he lay in his arm so vulnerable, and trusting.

“You had a present for me?”

Davey sighed, “Those black earrings you picked up.”

“You got me those! Thanks, I don’t know if my holes closed, it’s been a few years.”

“He took them, and it wasn’t as nice as all your gifts, and the flowers.”

“I don’t know about that. You understood the flowers?”

“I looked it up at the library. The almonds are a promise, the white and red rose together means unity. Was it a promise that we would be a couple?” Davey peered over his shoulder to confirm with Nicolao.

“Yes, and the rest?

“The weed?”

“The weed, was an Eglantine Rose, you can look it up later. The key chain is moot, since you live here now, but I am going to teach you to drive.” Nicolao’s chin brushed Davey’s head and he could feel the knot.

“We should get out now I think I should put an ice pack on your head.”

“A few more minutes, please, my head’s thick, it’ll be fine.” He laughed, but it was flat. He pressed his back against Nicolao chest. “You came for me,” Davey whispered.

“I should never have let you go. It scared me finding you like that.” He wrapped his arms around Davey as the other cried silently.

“I don’t mean to cry like this… it’s just, no one has come back for me… ever.” His mother, Gayle, and Lizzie had all left, and not come back. Davey knew it was unfair, but today someone returned for him. The years of dreaming, wishing someone would remember him, come for him; the disappointment of their failings and enormity of what Nicolao had done tore at his psyche.

“It’s okay, there’s nothing wrong with crying. I cry all of the time, you’ll see.” Nicolao held him a few minutes more after reassuring him.

He carefully dried Davey, when they exited the tub, helped brush his teeth and put him under the covers of his bed, ignoring any dissent from his patient. After organizing the bathroom Nicolao placed an ice pack on Davey’s head.

“Do you usually sleep in those?” Davey indicated the pajamas he had put on. There was no way Nicolao covered up that body, from what he had glimpsed it was a truly perfect.

“No, but the bath took away all of my reserves.”

“Who said you needed reserves?”

“I do. You are in pain and I can wait. Before, I said we needed to see if there was something special here, now we know there is. I can wait.”

Davey nodded, as he began to cry again. Nicolao would never believe him if he said he hardly ever did.

He turned the light down, and pulled the covers back casino firmaları to slide in behind Davey.

“Your shirt?” Davey asked through a sniffle.

Nicolao chuckled as he removed the shirt. He let his hand rest on Davey’s hip, unwilling to touch the exposed side, or press to close because of the bruises. Davey was asleep within minutes.

Nicolao played the events of the day over in his head. He sent a prayer of thanks for Davey, and Omar’s help. He prayed for the strength to be the man David needed, because in the last bout of tears, Nicolao recognized… relief.

He woke up draped across Nicolao. He could hear the steady beat of his heart. He had abandoned the ice pack on the pillow, and was using Nicolao to sleep on. Nicolao had found him, and was letting him stay there. He had also offered him time. Davey knew the only word for what he felt for him was love. He loved him with everything he was. The only problem was he wasn’t much, but Nicolao had come for him anyway. Davey decided he would be happy, it would not be a long time, but until someone worthy of Nicolao came along he would be there. Davey floated off into slumber again, determined to love him for as long as he was allowed.


The big day they had shopped for was canceled, Davey insisted they could have a day out, but it was obvious he was minimizing his pain. Dark bruises were treated by Nicolao, and when Davey napped, Nicolao did more shopping. Monday, when they boarded the bus, they quickly explained the weekend’s happenings to Addie, who supported Nicolao’s assertion that he should not be up and about. Davey stood his ground; he was not missing any classes. He was too close to finishing. Nicolao gave Davey the house key, and found he fancied the notion the house would not be empty when he got home. Once settled he called Jeremy’s assistant to arrange a time for a meeting.

Nicolao entered Jeremy’s office.

“Hey, he is in a meeting right now, a client dropped in, but they should be finished in a few. Nice haircut by the by,” the seated woman greeted him with a friendly smile.

“Thanks, no worries Saint, it gives me more time to be with you.” Nicolao sat on the edge of her desk.

Saint rolled her eyes, “What do you want? And who told you to sit your behind on my desk?”

“Just lunch with you and I thought you could show me another video.”

“Sure, lunch sounds good, and as much as I love showing off my progeny’s work this last video is long. Mr. Mylonas does not cotton to stealing firm time.” Saint countered.

Nicolao liked Saint, she was friendly and as far has he could see, good at her job. But when it came to Jeremy it was as though they were talking about two different people.

The door to Jeremy’s office opened and a man hastily exited. Jeremy was behind him his face registered surprise when he saw Nicolao on his assistant’s desk.

“Miss St. James, you didn’t tell me Evangelista was here.”

Saint opened her mouth to respond, but Nicolao stood, and began making his way into Jeremy’s office.

“I only just got here, and I’m not on the third floor on firm business, so no reason to interrupt.”

Jeremy followed Nicolao into his office, admiring the easy confidence that poured of the man. Jeremy sat across from him trying to keep his face impassive.

“What did you do to your hair man?” Jeremy demanded he found the change in Nicolao startling.

“It’s a haircut. What it doesn’t suit me?” Nicolao had been grilled about his coiffure all morning.

Jeremy’s mouth thinned, he pictured having his hands knotted in the black silky mass, as he pounded into Nicolao.

“No, no it looks fine, but there were things I had hoped,” he did not finish the sentence. There was no need to Nicolao’s hair had been a key factor in their discussions.

Nicolao leaned forward. “That’s why I’m here Jeremy. I have to tell you something.”

Jeremy’s stomach fluttered. He wanted him so badly perhaps he had changed his mind.

“I know you are the reason I have the care-takers positions at Hope’s Corner, I don’t even know who I am caretaking for, but I thought I’d better let you know I have a roommate.”

“A roommate, the kind you charge rent?” Jeremy asked, although he knew the answer.

“No, he will never pay rent while he’s with me.” Nicolao looked into Jeremy’s hazel eyes.

Jeremy closed his eyes and leaned back in his chair hiding his disappointment, “You found someone, so there is no chance for us.” He ran his hand through his short brown hair.

Nicolao felt a pang of regret. Jeremy Mylonas was the reason he had come to the city and agreed to work for the firm. He stood an inch over six feet, heavily muscled, with angular features and a slow creeping smile that showed off a slightly crooked tooth. They met when Nicolao was called in as an interpreter a year and a half earlier. Nicolao and he went out for drinks where Nicolao openly flirted with men and women. Jeremy had to leave, but they exchanged emails regularly. güvenilir casino The messages became intimate, and revealed a longing for connection Jeremy had been in denial of. By happenstance Nicolao had the opportunity to work for his firm, and he took it, but that was as far as it went. They were at a stalemate, and it was Jeremy who had set the board.

“There would never be an, us, if it was going to be your way,” Nicolao stated levelly.

Jeremy sprang forward in his seat, “I know, but I thought I had more time. Nicolao there are obligations I have to deal with, then it can be the way you want.” Hazel eyes pleaded with his for understanding.

“Jeremy you are wealthy, you have a respectable job, that has nothing to do with that wealth, and yet you choose to stay closeted. For thirty two years you have hidden a huge part of who you are, and until I walked in and refused to go in that closet with you, you never even thought about coming out.”

“Come on Nicolao, my reputation is important to me.”

Nicolao shook his head, “And my integrity is important to me. If we are an, us, then you are a part of me. I can’t have anything else. Could you walk down the street and even hold my hand?”

“No,” they had been over it before, and he could not be who Nicolao needed.

“Time was never the issue. I lost my freedom before, and going in the closet is as good as going back to prison. Is David living with me going to change things?”

“Of course not, it’s a job, and you can live with who you like. I told you your family can stay in the other houses. You just keep the place safe and clean. At the very least we are friends.”

“Thanks Jeremy.”

“What does this David do?”


“Will he walk down the street holding hands?”

“Yes, and I kissed him in the salon,” Nicolao raised an eyebrow. “It’s new Jeremy, but we are both all in.”

“As opposed to me? I was all in, there would only have been you. But it had to be your way, even at the start. Was it like I deceived you?

“No, we can only do the best we can, you didn’t lie, and I’m grateful to you,” Nicolao stood and walked to the door. “Have a good day and thanks again.”

Jeremy Mylonas stared at the closed door for countless minutes. Nicolao was what Jeremy had decided he needed in his life. He had no intention of losing him to some nobody student.

Nicolao went home to Davey, and told him about his conversation, making it clear he was free to call his place home if he so chose. He threw himself in Nicolao’s arms as a response; in the ardor of their kiss he felt Davey’s body tense. The embrace had hurt him. Nicolao promised himself he would be more careful, until he was fully recovered, Davey pouted, but pants remained on at night. By the end of the week Davey was tired of being treated with kid gloves and formed a plan.


Nicolao was anxious coming through the front door. David sent only single word responses to his texts all day. When he stepped over the threshold he received the message:

Davey: bedroom

The sight that greeted took his breath away. David was seated in the recliner, in the corner of the bedroom. His pants were off, and he was stroking himself, blue eyes glued to the door.

“What are you doing?” Nicolao asked, slowly approaching the chair.

“Taking care of myself since you don’t seem interested,” Davey could not meet Nicolao’s eyes. It had seemed like a good idea, in fact, he had planned on sending titillating picture messages to Nicolao throughout the day. But he had lost his nerve, opting instead to yank his pants down when he heard him at the door.

“I never said I wasn’t interested. Is that what you’re doing? I don’t think you are doing it right.” Nicolao stood at the foot of the bed, his eyes dark, and hooded. Casually, he removed his tie and unbuttoned his shirt. “Move the chair in front of the closet.”

Davey stopped stroking his erection, staring wordlessly at Nicolao.

“Move the chair.” Nicolao repeated, his voice was calm, but it was an order not a request.

Davey pushed the chair out of the corner to the mirrored closet door.

“Good, now take off the rest of your clothes.”

Davey fought with the buttons on his shirt his fingers suddenly clumsy, and graceless. He had no idea what was going on, but it had his heart beating out of his chest.

He removed his own shirt, and stood behind Davey. He could see Nicolao’s appraisal of him in the mirror.

Nicolao licked his lips. “Beautiful, do you know how beautiful you are?” The marred skin did not detract from David’s comeliness. There was a light dusting of hair below, his navel lead to a lovely, erect, cut penis.

Nicolao realized a denial was about to be uttered, and shook his head. Of course he doesn’t know, time to begin teaching him, he decided.

“Sit down, and spread your legs, show me all of you,” Nicolao took of his t-shirt.

Davey complied, but seeing himself bare he lowered his head, he wanted to cover himself, close his eyes to his reflection.

“Don’t turn away, see yourself in the mirror, and know why I need you.”

Davey lifted his head. His dick was not shy; in fact, every word from Nicolao’s mouth seemed to rush more blood to his aching appendage.

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