Commuting From Straight To Sissy

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I sighed in resignation. At 35 there had to be more to life than work. Work and a marriage that was seemingly headed for the rocks.

I’d been married to Cindy for nearly ten years. Ten fucking years of disappointment. It wasn’t just me who was despondent. It was my wife. Our sex life was in the crapper although it had never really flourished. I’m not what you’d call a stud. My penis is small. Hell, all of me is small except for my bottom.

Women would love to have an ass like mine. Round and firm, it attracts men who like little guys like me. As I was boarding the bus for work one day a woman actually made the remark, “that ass should have back-up lights and a beeper with it.” The folks who heard her laughed. I turned crimson but held my tongue. And I can’t count the many times I felt a hand on my butt, pinching, caressing, or just squeezing to look up and around into the eyes of a large smiling man.

What at first bothered me became sort of the norm. Ass grabbing men on the way to work and on the way home. Sometimes I hated it, other times, not so much.

As the years passed I went from wishing it wouldn’t happen to missing it when it didn’t.

The hands on my ass were sexual in nature. It dawned on me that I was getting more physical attention from those guys on the bus than I was getting at home. Not to say I was ever tempted. I wasn’t. But the butterflies I felt in my tummy when a gentleman would fondle me did make me curious. I admit it. So what? I mean who of you readers hasn’t imagined what it would be like to actually suck a cock? I know. Society and the “norms” prevent us from exploring something that could be fulfilling.

Now many of you same readers may be thinking that since I ride the bus to work, I must have a low paying job of some sort. Nothing could be further from the truth. The fact of the matter is that Cindy and I live in a condo in the city. It came with a single parking spot. We own a new Porsche Cyanne but elected not to buy another parking spot nor another vehicle. Cindy insists I let her use the car while I take public transportation.

No, she doesn’t use the car for work. She has no job. Cindy likes to shop or spend time with her girlfriends. That was probably the allure that led her to marry me.

About my wife. I married outside of my status. Cindy is 5’10” tall with platinum blonde hair and almond eyes. She is built very nicely with 34 C breasts, a waist as narrow as mine and a bottom to die for. When we posed for our wedding pictures my head barely reached her shoulders, her heels were that high. Then again, I’m nearly 5″ shorter than she is in our stocking feet.

My mother and father weren’t at my wedding. My biological father had disappeared when I was new in the womb. I have never met him, never heard from him, don’t know a thing about him. I did have a long string of uncles my mother entertained. White, black, Asian, Latino, mother had diverse tastes.

Many mornings I’d be getting ready for school and watch mom usher one of my uncles out the door and off to his job.

When I turned 18 mom ran off with one of my black uncles and I haven’t heard from her since. The note she left wished me good luck and maybe it wasn’t too late for her to have a real son instead of an effeminate midget like me.

To set the record straight, I am 5’5″ tall. That does not qualify me as a midget or little person. Okay damn you. I guess I am a little person.


Cindy’s parents were in attendance. She and her mother could have been sisters. Both women are beautiful. Her father was well built, handsome, and successful. Self-made, he had risen from impoverished beginnings to head his own import company. He lavished his wife and recommended I do the same with Cindy. “They’re two of a kind, johnnie. Buyer beware,” he warned somewhat kiddingly.

He was right.

Our home life wasn’t what one would say was ideal from the start. Cindy liked socializing and hanging with her lady friends. She’d come home at all hours of the night unless she called or texted me that she was too drunk to drive and would stay with one of her girlfriends.

I preferred her texting rather than calling as I would most of the time be asleep.

On those nights when she did come home, she’d be a mess. Make-up smeared, clothing wrinkled, hair mussed up, and horny. I have no clue as to when she removed her panties but she would hike her skirt up or pull her slacks off and squat over my face allowing me the privilege of eating her to multiple orgasms.

I have to say that drinking did not fully agree with her. Besides becoming bossy and demanding, alcohol made her pussy viscous. On those days when she didn’t go out and I’d do my husbandly duty by providing oral sex. Her pussy would be moist and I’d have to lick her for 20 – 30 minutes before she got half as wet and the consistency was never nearly as thick as when she’d come home from being out drinking.

I mention oral sex with my wife because after our honeymoon she flatly denied me penile penetration. I understood. I told casino şirketleri you I was lacking in the dick department. I would satisfy my wife with my mouth and she would sometimes jerk me off. Jerk is the best way to describe it because there was no tenderness in her handling my privates. The only tenderness involved was my penis and balls after Cindy manhandled me to a quick climax. It got so rough that I declined to let her touch me down there.

I know what you’re thinking. She’s out fucking someone. You may be right. I’ve suspected as much. But as I’ve said, I married outside of my station, my status, I’m a dud in bed. Cindy has her needs and as long as they’re met, she’s happy. Maybe not happy with me but not bitching at least.

One day I’m on the bus to work and it was standing room only as usual. I felt the familiar hand on my bottom. I learned long ago not to fight it and just let whomever it was to keep squeezing. Suddenly a finger had worked its way between my buttocks and was probing my anus. “Ever been fucked,?” the stranger asked, whispering in my ear.

I squealed a high-pitched note and turned to face my assailant. “No sir,” I said looking up into the eyes of a very nice-looking and very young black gentleman. “Only at birth.”

“Shame baby. That nice fat ass would love a big black cock.”

I didn’t know if others on the bus heard me squeal or knew what was going on. My gentleman friend took my hand and placed it on the front of his trousers. “Feel that baby. See what you doing to daddy?”

I pulled my hand away and hurried to get off at the next stop regardless of where it dropped me. I was flustered. Ass grabbing is one thing and I was used to it, but to place my hand on his wonderfully large cock was completely different.

I realized I had an erection as I looked at my surroundings and turned in the direction of my office and walked the rest of the way to work.

All day and the ride home my head was filled with the memory of my hand on his cock. Like an earworm, a song that plays over and over in your head that you are unable to rid yourself of, that incident played out in my mind over and over.

I’m not gay, never had those kinds of thoughts. Not that there’s anything wrong with it. But my mind was working overtime on things I never considered before. I must admit I masturbated that night while Cindy was out with her friends.

That was the first time I’d ever beat off thinking about sex with a man. But the thought was there and I was fantasizing about how it would be.

The next morning I was back on the bus. I was wondering if my tormentor would show up again. I didn’t have long to wait. I felt the anticipated hand on my bottom, then two. Before long both hands were on my hips and pulled me into his hard cock. I didn’t resist. I felt his knees on the backs of my legs as he squatted down. His cock was wedged between my fat buttocks and we rode like that with the movement of the bus creating a natural rhythm between his cock and my bottom.

One of his hands snaked around and felt my own little erection. “Baby likes her bottom with a cock on it,” he hissed.

I didn’t move except to inhale. He was right. I did enjoy the feeling of him doing whatever he wanted with me. I wriggled my bottom as my reply. I was working up the nerve to reach behind me and give his cock a squeeze but the bus halted and it was his stop. “Same time tomorrow baby girl.” he said loud enough for those close-by to hear.

By the time I reached my office my balls ached. I’d been erect for the past half hour and needed relief. I scurried to the men’s room and took a stall. Opening my trousers, I took my dick between my thumb and two fingers and masturbated into toilet paper. My orgasm was the largest I’d ever experienced. The ecstasy washed over me so powerfully that I nearly slid off the commode.

I considered what had happened and there was no denying it. I liked it when he took charge. Taking his pleasure without asking, aroused me. I began to understand that I was submissive in nature. I’m sure Cindy could have told me that a few years ago.

I wrestled with my feelings about him calling me girl. I wasn’t an idiot. I knew he considered me a sissy or something like that. I couldn’t define the feelings I that were pulling at my psyche. My mind and body were at war with each other.

In my head I knew that my considering a gay experience was wrong. But there is no way I could defy my body’s reaction. My little hard dick said it all.

Regaining my composure, I returned to my desk. All day I fought with myself to ignore the feelings that had come over me that morning. But I was not able to forget the feeling of submission as the young stranger put his big cock on me. I shivered at the mental picture several times that day.

I went home and once again Cindy was out. Thankful not have her bantering in my ear I succumbed to the primal need to explore those feeling I experienced during that bus ride. It dawned on me that I might try it at least once. How else would I know if I had casino firmaları gay tendencies or not?

Opening a search engine on my computer, I typed in adults looking for discrete sex. I was surprised to find there are hundreds of thousands of places where one could place an ad for sex partners.

I looked at AFF and thought it might be okay. Then I saw Alt and against my better judgement, opened and account. I answered all the profile questions and uploaded a photo of me in a suit and tie figuring that would make a good impression.

What was I looking for? I thought long and hard ( no pun intended). I typed in that I was looking for a first-time experience with gentleman who could show me what to do. Satisfied I pushed enter.

After finishing my profile, I microwaved my TV dinner and went back to my computer hoping to see a response. Nothing. Nada. I was disappointed to say the least.

I turned on the TV and couldn’t tell you what was on. My mind was elsewhere.

I stayed up until well past my bedtime hoping someone would reply.

Cindy came home around 2 AM. She was in her usual state of disarray. “You awake?” she asked slurring her words.

Without waiting for an answer, she did what she does. Grinding out a couple orgasms on my face I heard her calling me names like little dicked sissy, faggot, eat that cum, and crap like that. I ignored it. She was, after all, drunk or high or both, and her pussy as gamey as ever.

The next morning I was standing on the bus once again. Without looking for my friend I waited. Sure enough I felt his large hand caressing my bottom. “Bet this would look so sexy in panties.”

I caught my breath. “Excuse me,” I replied over my shoulder.

He gave my butt a little spank and repeated himself. “I bet this fine fat ass would look sexy in pretty panties baby girl.”

Trying to be coy I said in hushed voice,” I don’t have any panties sir.”

“Shame. Maybe daddy should buy you some. Would you wear them for daddy baby if I got you some?”

I reached back and took both his wrists and brought them to my hips. I pushed back with my bottom and once more felt his wonderful cock wedge itself between my buttocks. “Does this answer your question,?” I said as I rubbed myself on his staff.

He surprised me by bringing his hand to my face and putting a finger on my lips. Without thinking, I swear to you it was instinctual, I opened my mouth and took him in. I used my tongue and lips to try to imitate sucking a cock.

“That’s right girl. You know what to do when a black man sticks something long, black, and round on those lips. You’ll make a fine bitch baby. One fine motherfucking bitch.”

Then it was his stop and our little game was over.

At the office I hurried to my stall and jacked off again. I was more determined to meet someone who could teach me, give me the gay experience, show me what to do. I have no idea why it didn’t occur to me to invite my commuter friend out for a drink. It just didn’t then but that would change.

I turned my PC on and went to Alt. This time I was looking at the Ads of men seeking men. I saw some interesting profiles and was thinking about responding when I saw one that really caught my eye.

“Large, middle-aged man seeks younger, first time, or just curious. Let daddy show you the way.”

I’d never seen him before yet there was something familiar about his photo. It was done in good taste. Barrel chested with greying hair at his temples. His smile was nice in a sinister sort of way. You had to see it to know what I’m talking about. There was a knowing look in his eyes that seemed to be looking right at me.

My heart was pounding in my chest. Perspiration formed on my forehead. My mouth went dry. You know how it is when you just know? Well, I just knew. I typed my reply slowly making sure I said what I wanted to without sounding too desperate.

“30 something married man looking for discrete encounter. This would be my first time and hope to find a bear or daddy to show me the way.”

I clicked enter and held my breath.

Had I been able to hold my breath for the remainder of the 6 hours I had left at the office it wouldn’t have resulted in a reply. It would have been in vain. Once again there was no answer, reply, no acknowledgement. Disappointment was my only friend… as the old song goes.

Cindy was home when I got there. She was dressing in clothes I’d never seen before which in her case was normal. She did love shopping.

I got a tad excited seeing what she was wearing. A red leather micro-mini with a black lacy bustier top. Her nipples were evident as were the tops of her black hose. The platform stiletto heels made her almost 6′ 4″. She literally towered over me as she tussled my hair as she left. “Don’t wait up. I may be staying with a girlfriend tonight.”

“You’re going out dressed like that? Cindy, I don’t mean to be offensive here but you look like a working girl.”

“Thank you, johnnie. My efforts paid off.”

And with that she was gone.

I turned güvenilir casino on the computer and ordered a pizza delivered.

No response from the middle-aged man, sadly. I browsed other profiles. This was really a new world to me. I felt a bit bad for trying to cheat on my wife but dressed like she was tonight; I knew she wasn’t staying with a girlfriend.

My pizza arrived and I ate what I wanted putting the leftovers in the fridge. I poured myself a whiskey neat and was thinking about what my black friend on the bus said about me in panties. I decided to see if he was right. Rummaging through Cindy’s lingerie drawer I found a pair of pink bikini panties. I stripped off my clothes and tried them on.

I felt weird and yet sexy. My little dick as so hard it hurt as I pulled the thin nylon up my legs and over my rump. Looking at myself from all angles I could see that my wife’s ass was bigger than mine. The panties were too loose. I needed a smaller pair to see whether my friend was right or wrong.

I removed the panty and placed it back where I found it. I then put on my bathrobe and got another drink.

I thought about watching some TV when I thought about my friend on the bus and my lack of success with online dating. “Of course. It was right there in front of me all the time,” I said to no one there, out loud.

The ride in the next day was special for me. I braced myself for the onslaught on my bottom.

Right on cue, hands circled my waist and pulled me into his large cock. I could feel it grow stiff even through the combined layers of our clothing. Without looking back, I reached back and placed the big cock between my ass cheeks. Feeling emboldened, I took one of his hands and brought it to my mouth. Kissing his middle finger, I swirled my tongue around it before taking it in my mouth and sucking it like a cock.

Even I was surprised at my brazenness. What I was doing was driving me nearly wild with lust.

“Such an eager girl,” he hissed. “I like my bitches hot to trot.”

I sighed, trying to control myself. and continued to suck his finger.

“I bought you some pretty panties baby girl. I hope you like them. I know I will.”

I felt him push a small bag into my jacket pocket. “Wear these for daddy baby girl. Let me know how much you like them.”

We rode together, his cock rubbing me, his finger fucking my mouth until his stop. I gave his cock a final squeeze before he had to depart. “Thank you daddy,” was all I could think to say.

I held the small package in my pocket afraid it would fall out. I clutched it like my life depended on it.

At the office I again went to my stall and performed my now usual morning ablution. After flushing the cum filled toilet paper I opened the bag to see what daddy bought for me.

I was thrilled to my core. I looked with perverse excitement at the black mesh boy shorts panties. Very sexy with scalloped waist and legs. I knew they’d be a little too small on me and resisted the temptation to put them on right then.

I folded them neatly and placed them in my breast pocket of my suit coat. “Near to my heart,” I thought smiling to myself.

I don’t know if my life was changing for the better but I knew my life now had some excitement. The boring routines had become adventures. Those adventures were making me horny and were leading me to a life I never knew existed. My own actions surprised me. Having been a conservative, introvert type, doing what I’d done on the bus was completely out of character for me.

I decided I liked being that way.

The day couldn’t have passed any slower. I was so anxious to get home to try my new panties on I couldn’t think straight.

“What’s wrong with you johnnie,?” Cindy asked dressing for another night out.

“Nothing. Why do you ask?”

“You’re so, I don’t know. Can’t put my finger on it. But you seem different. Not so miserable.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” I lied. “You coming home tonight?”

“Oh. I forgot to tell you. The girls and I are going off on a girls only weekend tonight. I should be home late Sunday night, Monday morning. Don’t worry about me. We’ll be fine. And I probably won’t disturb you with phone calls or texts. Okay?”

“Yeah. Whatever.”

Cindy filled a small weekender bag with lingerie, make-up, and some casual clothes. As she made her way to the door she kissed my forehead. “Behave yourself johnnie. Maybe I should have had mom come over to sit with you.”

“You behave,” I said knowing she wouldn’t.

Cindy giggled and left.

I waited 20 minutes thinking she might have forgotten something and would come back. After a long 20 minutes I stripped off all my clothes and pulled my panties out of my suit coat pocket.

“My panties,” I thought smiling and feeling those butterflies revisit my tummy.

“My God,” they’re beautiful. I admired the way my friend knew my size. The mesh material was scratchy and my little erection was outlined nicely. Turning sideways I saw that the top half of my fat ass was exposed as was the bottom half. It was like I had a small band around my waist. A small sexy band. I loved the scalloped waist and legs and the way the seat wedged between my buttocks. I walked around to see how they felt. I loved them.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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