Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

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It had been a night of slow but certain seduction. I didn’t plan for it, but sometimes life’s best experiences are the ones that happen by surprise.

It began simply enough. We had spent the evening talking about her upcoming marriage – she was horribly nervous about her wedding night. We looked through some of the more common books on sex – the Kama Sutra and the Joy of Sex – before it occurred to be to show her one of my stories. Before long, we were exchanging fantasies, sharing deep dirty secrets -that’s when she admitted that she had this fixation on my breasts. She told me how much she envied their size, and how she had fantasized about just sucking the nipples for hours.

That gave me an idea – she was spending the night – why not see what could happen? This is mind, I set out with my seduction. I gave her a massage, all the while continuing our discussion about sexual fantasies. By the we crawled into bed and turned out the lights, I knew her desire for me was high.

I had my arms crossed behind my head, and since I wasn’t wearing a bra, I knew that my breasts were pretty much THERE. She had slowly scooted a bit closer, and she finally asked me if she could touch one. I shrugged and let her casino şirketleri reach up under my shirt…she squeezed and kneaded my breast for a while under my shirt, saying “wow” every few seconds. I don’t even remember how sucking came up, but then she was doing it, and…”attacking”…would be a good word to describe her behavior. She was making these noises – mewling, maybe – and being very, very greedy. She suckled and feasted on my nipples – her mouth was hot and she used her tongue and her lips well. She spent long minutes on one breast, trying to get as much of it into her mouth as she could, before moving to the other one. The longer she was at it the more noises she made – groaning and moaning – imagine a starving man at a buffet, and you’ll get an idea of the greed she was displaying. I have no clue how long she spent on my breasts throughout the night…alternating between playing with them, and then passionately sucking on them.

With all the attention she had been paying to my breasts, I had gotten nice and wet, but I had no clue what to do about it. I’m not sure if I asked her to, or if she did it on her own, but soon her fingers were playing with my clit, stroking my pouty lips, dipping into casino firmaları my dripping cunt and spreading the juice all over my pussy…what made it better was that she was still sucking on my nipples while doing this, and that just got me hotter. She was still making those noises, too. It can be quite a turn on to hear someone who’s so obviously enjoying themselves, and boy, was she! She had her mouth latched on to one nipple, one hand was playing with the other breast, and she had a couple of fingers of her other hand fucking my pussy. At one point, she lifted those fingers to her lips and sucked them clean, and it was about then that I asked her to go down on me. She kissed her way down my tummy, past my belly button.

I felt her hot wet mouth sucking on my clit, and then her tongue joined it, flicking at the hard nub…she went at my clit with a passion that surprised me, sucking hard while her fingers continued to dip in and out of my dripping cunt. Soon her mouth drifted lower, spreading apart my lips with her tongue, and sucking at my slit. She dipped her tongue into me, causing me to lift my hips up…her tongue couldn’t go in very far, but that opening is very sensitive, and she flicked her tongue güvenilir casino at it and darted it in and out before making her way back up to my clit…she started sucking and playing with it again, this time bringing her fingers back into play, shoving them in and out of my pussy, hard and fast.

She moved slowly back up my body, her mouth trailing kisses along my skin back up my breasts, her fingers continuing to move in and out of me at a furious rate. She moaned again when she recaptured one of my nipples in her mouth, and at this point, I wanted nothing more than to cum, and cum hard. I reached down to the side of the bed and grabbed my vibrator, and turned it on full force against my clit. I must have made some noise or movement, because her mouth on my breast grew more intense, and her fingers quickened their pace. My toes were curled, my body tense…I was actually writhing on the bed, the combination of her mouth, her fingers and the vibrations on my clit driving me into a frenzy. My free hand was clutching at the sheets; my hips were bucking, straining up to meet the thrusts of her hand. Her fingers were pounding into me by now, her mouth passionate on my breast, her free hand squeezing and pulling on the nipple of my other breast. I could feel my orgasm approaching, and I held the vibrator to my clit, driven mad by my friend’s lusty sucking and fucking of my body…and then it was upon me, and I came, my body actually arching up off the bed…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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