Gina Ch. 01

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Gina 1: An Awakening

Gina was 19, an attractive young woman. Outgoing. Confident. Responsible. She presented herself well, always dressing to highlight her physical assets. She stood 5′ 7″ tall, slim, nice size breasts that looked right for her. She enjoyed her life, upbeat, always with a smile on her face, eagerly awaiting something that would make it broader. She liked people. Gina was a nice person to have around.

Gina was relatively sexually inexperienced. She had lost her virginity in high school, in the backseat of her then boyfriend’s car. From what her closest friends shared with her it was a typical first time experience. She was intimate with him and a couple of others since him but something always seemed to be missing. Yes, they brought her pleasure with their fingers and mouth but rarely with their cock and she enjoyed the feel of their hard cock in her hand, mouth and pussy but there was an “itch” that didn’t seem to get scratched.

She had a wedding to attend. She was to be a bridesmaid. It was one of those destination weddings at a resort in the Caribbean. She wanted to look good, A new bikini. Some resort type outfits. She could use some new bras, maybe a sexy one. She smiled thinking about it and off she went shopping. A friend had recommended a boutique store in a nearby up-scale shopping plaza.

When she opened the door to the boutique a chime sounded alerting those inside that a customer had entered the store. A saleswoman appeared from within the racks and welcomed Gina. There was something about this woman that sparked something within Gina. Gina smiled. She smiled broadly. She “radiated”. As she did she could see a change occur in the eyes of the saleswoman and a broad smile come to her lips. Anyone observing this interaction would sense that a “connection” had been made.

The saleswomen helped casino şirketleri Gina select some bikinis, outfits and bras and showed her to the fitting area. After a while she returned and asked Gina if she needed any assistance. Gina asked for her advice and opened the fitting room door inviting her in. They started with the resort outfits, Gina putting on those that she liked and they together quickly agreeing upon which looked best on her. Next came the bikinis. The saleswoman, “Tammy”, did not turn to leave the room. Gina felt awkward asking her to. As she had often heard: “It is just us girls.” Gina stripped. She could see that Tammy saw all of her, all of her charms either directly or indirectly in the mirror. It seemed to excite Gina.

As she put on each of the bikinis, Tammy would help her adjust the tops and bottoms. Every time Tammy touched Gina’s skin, a warmth would flow outward from the spot to encompass her. Gina started getting caught up in the feeling. Next were the bras. Gina took off the bikini and slipped on her panties.

Tammy reached into the several bras that Gina had selected and picked out one which was the most conservative for Gina to try on first. She stood behind Gina and adjusted the straps. Gina immediately reacted to Tammy’s touch. Tammy sensed it. She continued to help adjust the bra reaching around Gina to adjust the cups eventually cupping Gina’s breasts in her hand. She heard Gina breathe deeply. She watched Gina’s expression in the mirror. She decided to “play” with Gina.

Each next bra was less conservative exposing Gina’s breast a little more with less material to insulate the feel. With each bra, Tammy did more. Now as she adjusted the straps she would stroke Gina’s skin on her shoulders and upper back and in the front, on her upper chest including the tops of her breasts and on her stomach below the bra. As casino firmaları her hands cupped Gina’s breast she would keep them there just a bit longer each time, gently moving them to massage them. When she moved a hand over a breast she would have her palm gently graze the nipple. She gently caressed Gina’s breasts over the material. Her fingers did the “walking and talking”. Tammy became aware of Gina’s arousal. It was perfume to her. The last bra was next. It was a flimsy thing that barely covered Gina’s nipples. It hooked in the front.

Adjusting the straps was as before. When Tammy brought her hands to the front she immediately began caressing Gina’s breast. Ever so softly, sensuously all over her breasts. She paid special attention to Gina’s nipples. They were hard. They were prominent. She pulled the bra down slightly to expose them. Oh how Tammy wished that she could suck on them. Another time maybe. Gina succumbed to the moment. She was enveloped in her feelings. Tammy unhooked the the bra fully exposing Gina’s breasts. They were beautiful. What one would hope for a 19 yo woman. They both watched in the mirror. Tammy continued to enjoy Gina’s breast. When Tammy sensed that the time was right, she slowly caressed Gina downward until her right hand disappeared beneath Gina’s panty top. She stopped when she had two fingers, her index and middle fingers, resting in the wetness of Gina’s pussy. Gina was aroused. She was wet. She was very wet. Tammy brought some wetness to Gina’s clit and began playing with it. Her fingers glided over Gina’s clit smoothly with all of the wetness. Tammy would reach down into the “well” and bring more wetness to the clit. Meanwhile with her left hand Tammy continued to play with Gina’s left breast. Caressing it. Pulling on the nipple this way and that. Lightly pinching it. Teasing it. The women watched all this in the mirror. Their güvenilir casino eyes locking on one another from time to time. (Can you picture it?)

Gina became more vocal. Moaning. Telling the world how good it felt. When Tammy sensed that Gina was near, she whispered in Gina’s ear: “That’s OK, baby. Go with it. Enjoy it.” She ran her tongue around Gina’s ear. She “worked” Gina’s clit harder, faster. She pinched Gina’s nipple increasing the force gradually. Gina orgasmed. Her body shook. She fell back into Tammy who held her tightly to prevent her from falling. Through it all the women maintained eye contact through the mirror. When Gina recovered, looking at Tammy in the mirror. she smiled, the creases of her smile going from ear to ear. She radiated. She was beautiful. Tammy kissed her neck. Tammy brought her two fingers up to her mouth and sucked on them. “Delicious!” she whispered in Gina’s ear. She returned her fingers to Gina’s pussy and harvested more nectar. She brought her fingers to Gina’s mouth where she eagerly sucked on the. “Yes, delicious.” she whispered.

When Gina was ready she moved away from Tammy. Tammy gathered up the items and before starting out of the room told Gina where she could freshen up and that she would bring her a dry pair of panties. They both smiled.

When Gina came to pay for her purchases she approached Tammy rather shyly. Tammy was quick to tell her that her experience was not that unusual for young women with limited sexual experience who came to the store and that for her, it was one of the perks of the job. She hoped to see Gina back again soon.

Gina left the store just radiating. She was happy. She felt good all over. She experienced something that she had never experienced with all the boys with whom she was intimate. It was a magnificent experience. The “itch” had been scratched. She wondered what other such experiences might await her with women. She would find out. She would also discover that some men make better lovers than others. She looked forward to seeing Tammy again.

“Gina 2: The Wedding” will come soon.

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