Dare Me Ch. 02

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What was I going to do now? I was an accidental slave to this woman and anyone else who found out about my curse. I laid there in my bed, attempting to get to sleep but just thinking over and over about the dick pic she forced me to send and her last message.

“Get some sleep. Tomorrow’s a big day of fun for you.”

Finally, at who knows what time, I fell asleep. A few dreamless hours later I awoke to a sunny, Saturday morning. I reached over to check the time.

10:23 AM

One unread text message.

From Dylan; thank god.

“Hey man, you feeling better today?”

I laid back in my bed with my phone and typed out some messages back and forth.

“Yeah. Shitty night. Must have been something I ate or drank.”

“Are you sure it’s not something else?”

“???” I typed back.

“One of the girls told me you showed them your dick and then laughed at you.”

Fuck! Was it Dylan that gave my number to this whore?!

“I’d be pretty humiliated too.”

“Did you give her my number?!”

“What? The girl? No.”

“She started texting me last night when I got home.”

“Are you sure? No I didn’t give her anything.”

“What did she say? Did she ask about me? Say anything strange?”


“Like” I started to type and thought better of it. How would I explain this to him.

“Nevermind. Do you think any of the guys gave it to her?”

“I don’t think so. They left pretty shortly after and then the guys and I called it a night an hour after that. We all went home alone.”

I sat up and thought about who slipped my number and what that crazy bitch’s plans were. Maybe someone from the bar that knew me. It was a small town after all.

“Do you want me to come over? We could go get lunch.”

“Yeah. That sounds good.”

A new text alert appeared at the top of my phone. A text from her.

“Good morning sunshine.”

Fuck. I didn’t respond in the bleak hopes that maybe she would give up on me and forget about all of this. Hard to imagine though since even I could still see half of my dick at the top of the message thread.

“Don’t be rude. I know you read this.”

I swallowed and tried my best to plead.

“Hey. Sorry about coming up and interfering on your night. As you can tell when my buddies dared me to do it I couldn’t help it. I had to do it against my will. Please let this go and don’t tell anyone.”

The three dots appeared.

“I don’t think so”

“At least, not yet”

“I want to have some more fun before I get bored with you.”

“Come’on lady, please!? I’m fucked up right now and cursed or some shit. What you’re doing is basically rape.”

“I don’t think any jury would agree.”

“Please! Please just leave me be!”

I was fuming. Clearly she knew this was wrong, that she was taking advantage of me! I so desperately wanted this to be a nightmare.

“I think you’re just hangry right now, Brandon. Order yourself a pizza.”

“Oops. I dare you to order yourself a pizza.”

Bitch. I googled a nearby pizza shop and ordered myself a large supreme. 25-30 minutes they said.

Of the dares she made me do so far I have to say I didn’t mind this one. I was actually pretty hungry after last night. She didn’t ask to report back so I didn’t. I leaned in the kitchen while making a cup of coffee and tried to figure out what to do. I had zero ideas.

My phone buzzed and I painfully picked it up.

It was Dylan. Thank god.

“Okay. Your silence is worrying me man. I’m coming over.”

Oh that’s right. Fuck. I couldn’t risk what she might make me do while he’s around. I’d die from embarrassment.

As I started to type out a message a notification appeared on the top casino şirketleri of my screen.

“I dare you to take a shower.”

I put my phone down and walked to the bathroom. Shucking off my breifs I started the water, letting it warm up. While the shower should have been relaxing, I was filled with anxiety and dread. I was soaping up my body against my will. Washing my hair when I wanted to curl up in a ball. Rinsing off all the soap fearing what my day would become. What my life would become.

I stepped out of the shower and started to dry off.

“Shit.” Dylan.

I went back to my phone to finish my message to Dylan but was instead greeted by a few texts from her instead.

“This is your fun for today. After this I’m done with you for 24 hours. Promise.”

“I dare you to not dry off and wrap a towel around your waist.”

“Once the delivery guy or girl shows up I dare you to accidentally drop your towel. I dare you to say oops but don’t cover yourself up.”

“I then dare you to stand there until they leave.”

“If you get the pizza, I dare you to cum on it and then eat the whole thing today.”

“If you don’t get the pizza, I dare you to stay naked all day. I hope you have groceries!”

“Have fun Brandon!”

Are. You. Fucking. KIDDING ME?!

The actions were programmed into my body but my mind was still reeling. Not only was I going to expose myself, which was terrifying, it was to unsuspecting delivery guy. Or girl! I actually really hoped it was a guy. I feel like there’s a chance for a laugh but with a girl I could be arrested!

What if this psycho bitch told me to get naked at work? Or kill someone?! I wouldn’t be able to stop myself!

Panic was building in my mind.

Knock knock knock

Fucking hell. Without my consent I walked back to the bathroom to grab my towel and tied it around my waist. I returned to the door, still dripping a bit from my hair and shoulders. I opened the door and prepared myself for the humiliation.

It was a dude. Thank god. Sort of. Lesser of two evils.

“Hey man. Large supreme?”

“Yup, that’s me.” I reached out to grab the box from him and in the act dropped my towel. I saw his eyes inadvertently shoot down to my exposed cock and then away to the side.

“Oops,” was all I said.

“Oh shit. Sorry man.” I’m not sure why he was apologizing but I appreciated it.

Then I just stood there.

“Umm,” he looked back to me but maintained good eye contact. “Are you going to pick up your towel?”

I realized then that she didn’t say I couldn’t talk, just that I couldn’t move. “I umm.. I can’t.”


“Long story, but I can’t move now. And… I forgot that my wallet is obviously not on me. It’s back in the kitchen.”

“Why can’t you move, dude? Is this a prank?”

I laughed. “Kind of actually.”

Luckily, he laughed too. “Lost a bet then?”

“You could say that.”

“Well luckily you got me instead of Kim. She would have freaked the fuck out and probably called the cops on you.”

“I know! I was actually happy it was a guy that came. I thought the same thing…”

He kind of stood there awkwardly. I broke the quick silence.

“So, I’m not allowed to move until you leave.”

“Oh right. Well I do need the money for the pizza all the same. Your humiliation doesn’t put gas in my car.”

I tried to shake my head but failed, “yeah, yeah. Really, my wallet is in the kitchen just behind me to the left.” Instinctively I tried to bob my head in that direction but also couldn’t. “I should have enough in there.”

He looked apprehensive but after taking another look at my naked body and maybe casino firmaları deciding I didn’t have any secret weapons he said “Ah, sure.” He stepped past me and then asked, “Where again?”

“To your right. I’d point but I’m not allowed to move. My wallet should be on the counter by the paper towels.”

He walked past me into my apartment. “This place reminds me of my college dorm.”

“Oh yeah?” I called back.

“Yeah. It’s messy.”

“Ah, sorry. I kind of wasn’t expecting guests today.”

“Clearly,” he muttered.

It was then that I realized I was standing in front of my open door, stark naked except for a pizza box at my chest and a towel around my feet. While I lived second-to-last place at the end of a hall somebody could walk by at any minute. The fear of additional exposure crawled up my spine.

“Find it?” I called.

No answer. “Hey uh..” I didn’t know his name. “Hey guy, are you back there?”

“Yeah. So I was thinking.” He was suddenly behind me a couple feet it sounded like. “What exactly was your bet you lost?”

“Ah, a sports bet. I thought the Bears would win by 12 points or more last week.”

“No, no. I mean what did you have to do if you lost?”

“Seems pretty obvious, right?” I replied.

“Yeah, could you tell me though?”

“Man, please just go. Anyone could come by and I’d really like to go wallow in shame.”

No movement. No words.

“Ugh, fine. To order delivery and then when the guy got here, drop my towel. I wasn’t allowed to move until they left which I assume she thought you would laugh and leave which I would very much appreciate.”

“You’re quite committed.”

“I’m a man of my word.”


The unmistakable sound of a phone camera.

“What the fuck?”

I still stood there.

“Very committed. And you have a nice ass.”

“What the hell man? Are you some sort of queer?”

“Maybe. Let’s just say I’m curious. And right now I’m mostly curious about why you’re so committed to this. If I was you I would have turned around and punched me. Then again if I was you I wouldn’t have agreed to this stupid bet in the first place. The Bears never win.”

“Shut your fucking mouth.”

“Or what David?”

“That’s not my name, asshole.”

“No, the statue of David. It’s.. nevermind.”

The pizza delivery fag finally came around back into my field of view. Snapping a few pictures of my front too.

“Dude, stop!”

“You know. Back in the renaissance era small dicks were actually desired.”

“I’m not fucking small you cunt.”

“Ooo such harsh words. I’m now 100% certain that you can’t move although I don’t fully understand it. Either your friend has serious dirt on you or they’re a witch. Either way this turned into a fun day for me.”

I was clearly red with anger as I stared down this fucking asshole.

“Okay, well I do actually have work to do today. Just a few selfies for the road.”

He kneeled down below the box where I couldn’t see him. I felt his head rest against my thigh and his arm extend up with his phone in hand. I could see him looking up at the camera with my cock and balls setting limp next to his face.

He snapped a few photos with some different faces and then turned and kissed my cock! More photos.

“Get the fuck off me you fag! Get off!”

Instead he started to lick me! He was licking my balls! I was actually, utterly speechless. I just stood there wide-eyed as some stranger was tonguing my nuts.

He then took my whole cock, still soft I’ll proudly say, into his mouth. The warmth may have felt good but there was no way I was getting hard for this cock sucker. Literally!

Luckily he didn’t keep trying to blow me. He slowly pulled back, letting me fall out of his mouth but using his teeth the whole way to lightly scratch my member. It was an experience I’d never felt before and as much as I hated to admit it, felt kind of nice.

And then he was off me.

He güvenilir casino stood up, licked his lips and said, “well I certainly won’t be forgetting this day. Ever.” He held up his phone with photos of my cock to make his message clear.

“Please.” I said defeatedly, “Just go.”

“Yes, daddy.” But before he left he turned back around. “I only took a twenty out of your wallet. You had more. I’m a good person.”

“A rapist, more like it.”

“Hmph,” he frowned at me. “It turns out I’m not a nice person.”

He grabbed the pizza out of my hands and thwacked me hard in the nuts with his palm.

“Oooooffphhhh fuck me!”

I tried to double over in pain but couldn’t. I just stood there tensed with teeth clenched as the pain washed over me. The fucker took one more photo and then left.

I fell over onto my side when he did. Fueled on rage I got to my knees and bounded out the door. The creep had already started to run and was 30 feet down the hall nearing the stairs. I should have thought about how I was naked, and believe me I didn’t forget, but my anger was overwhelming.

I chased him and was definitely gaining on him. When I got to the stairwell he was halfway down the next flight but as I rounded the first set of stairs I saw a guy coming up passing the fucker. And not just anyone.


I stopped in my tracks and retreated. I hoped he hadn’t seen me but two steps up I heard him say, “Brandon?”

I bolted out of the stairwell and back to my apartment as fast as I could. If Dylan ran too he probably caught a glimpse of my naked ass running back but nothing I could do about that now. I got to my apartment, slammed the door shut and locked it.

I paced in a sweat of fear, rage, confusion, frustration. Fuck! What was I going to do? How was I going to explain that?

Knock knock knock.


Fuck me. I reached for the towel on the ground as I walked back to the door but it wouldn’t budge. It was like it had turned to concrete and was glued to the floor.

“What the hell?” I said out loud.

“Brandon, what the hell is going on?”

“One second!” I pulled harder at the towel but gave up and ran back to my room. My jeans from last night were on the floor by my bed and I grabbed for those. They were concrete too! My shirt, socks, everything article of clothing I touched wouldn’t budge. I couldn’t dress myself at…

The dare.

I didn’t get the pizza so I had to stay naked all day.

Knock knock knock.

“Brandon! Open up!”


I ran back to the door and talked to Dylan through it. “Hey man, now’s not a a good time.”

“Clearly! You just chased some poor pizza guy out of here in your birthday suit. Open up!”

“No, Dylan. I… I can’t. It’s hard to explain but can you just please leave.”

“Brandon. I’m worried. Are you okay? Is someone in there with you?”

“No, Dylan. No one’s here it’s just.. Something going on and I need to figure it out on my own.”

“Brandon. Listen..” he spoke quieter “I’ll leave and call the police. Don’t worry.”

Fucking hell. Did he think I was being held hostage or some shit. “No! Dylan no! Just go!”


He started to walk away and I leaned against the door with a sigh of relief but then instant regret. What if he did call the police? What if they came knocking? What if they broke down my door?

What was better? My buddy seeing me naked or being dragged to the looney bin by some cops? I mean, Dylan had seen me naked a bunch of times in the gym…

I opened the door and caught Dylan halfway down the hall looking at his phone.

“Dylan!” I called. He turned back to see me halfway out the door, covering my goods with my hands. “Come on, come back. I’ll tell you.”

He squinted at me as he cautiously walked back towards me. “Explain to me why you apparently love being naked all of a sudden.”

“No. Well kind of. It’s hard to explain and you’re not going to believe me.”

We both walked into my apartment and I closed the door. Leaning against it, still covering myself Dylan stood by the kitchen with his arms crossed and the same confused look on his face. “Try me.”

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