Curious Roommates Ch. 02

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Alex came out with his laptop. He had changed into running shorts and an old t-shirt, probably planning on working out with me in the morning like we often did. He hooked his laptop up to the TV and brought up a file entitled ‘9 songs’.

“There really isn’t much of a story line, so I’ll just jump to the good parts,” said Alex.

He immediately went forward to a scene where the lead guy goes down on the lead girl. There was a close up of his tongue licking all of her parts. My dick immediately began to grow and made a movement in my shorts. I wished that I had on more sturdy pants that didn’t make my boner so obvious. As a tent began to grow, Alex looked down and smirked. I readjusted my dick so it was flat against my stomach, pressed down by my waistband, instead of high up in the air.

“It’s hard to believe it’s a mainstream movie, isn’t it?” Alex asked.

“Yeah, I can’t believe it is. It’s as graphic as any porn I’ve seen, but very tasteful in its explicitness,” I said. “And the actors are extremely attractive people, but in a normal way, not with DD breast implants and 9 inch cocks.”

“See? This is the kind of stuff you’ve been missing out on. It can be hard to find, but it’s well worth it when you do,” he said.

I wondered why he didn’t have the same problem with a hard-on forming in his shorts, but as I glanced over I realized it was because he already had a hard-on when he came out of the room. Who knows when his hard-on had formed.

A few sex scenes in and the girl was giving head to the guy, whose foreskin pumped up and down over the head of his dick as she stroked him. I was cut, but had always wondered what it would be like to have a foreskin, being secretly envious of those who did, as it seemed like it would be useful, especially when jerking off or getting a hand job.

I was surprised when the camera cut to wider angled shot where the girl jerked the guy to completion and the actor came onto his stomach. Out of the corner of my eye I though I saw a few twitches in Alex’ pants as the actor was getting serviced. I didn’t blame him. It was hot.

“I wonder what it was like shooting that scene. I wonder if that was the only take of the actor cumming on his stomach or if they had to do it multiple times.” I wondered aloud.

“I don’t know, but I bet it was fun to be the director for all of these scenes,” Alex casino şirketleri answered back.

“I bet he had a raging hard on the entire time,” I laughed, “I know I would.”

“Agreed,” Alex said. “And isn’t it refreshing to see a normal dick in a sex scene for once? I mean, he is well endowed, but definitely normal compared to monster cocks in hardcore porn.”

“Yeah, it brings everything keeps things real and doesn’t make sex something it’s not,” I replied. “Except the foreskin for me. I don’t have one of those. Do you?”

It felt so casual to ask if he was cut or not, but as soon as I said it I felt self-conscious about asking about my friend’s dick.

“Yeah, I do. My parents didn’t circumcise me or my brothers,” he replied. “What’s it like to be cut? Do you have to use a lot of lube all the time?”

“I always use lube. If I don’t my cock gets soa fast,” I said “Do you not have to use lube when you jerk off?”

“It’s always an added bonus, but no, I don’t have to. My dick is fine without it for shorter jack off sessions,” Alex said. “I’ve always wondered what it’s like to be cut.”

“Yeah, I’ve always wondered what an uncut dick feels like,” I replied

As soon as I said it, I realized what it sounded like and felt embarrassed. I was shy when it came to things like this and didn’t want him to think I was weird for wanting to feel another guy’s dick.

“… what I mean is I wonder what it would feel like to be uncut,” I laughed nervously.

Alex laughed, “I know what you mean. I think everyone is curious about what they don’t have.”

He suddenly got up and sat close to me on the couch until our legs were touching.

“Here,” he said.

And as if it was just a normal thing to do, he pulled the waistband of his shorts down and held them there, just above his balls, revealing his rock-hard dick. I was taken aback, but tried not to act like anything was out of the ordinary. His cock was standing up straight, pointing up to his face. The foreskin was retracted part of the way so that half of the head was exposed.

I stared at it with curiosity. I had sometimes fantasized about feeling another guy’s prick, and definitely wanted to know what it was like, but I also felt tense and nervous about it.

“Feel it if you want. It doesn’t bother me. We can be each other’s guinea pigs.” casino firmaları Alex said.

I picked up quickly on his insinuation that he would like to feel mine as well. I had never showed another guy my dick before and somehow felt excited at the thought of it.

Before exposing my own throbbing member to him, I reached across my body with my right arm and lightly touched his dick, holding the head of it with my thumb and two fingers. I pulled his foreskin down past the head and moved it back. A pool of precum had formed on the tip of his cock. I repeated the movement slowly a few times before I grabbed the entire shaft from the bottom of his dick lightly with my whole hand. The delicate manner in which I touched his cock was partly due to my nervousness and partly due to the fascination I felt.

Having his dick in my hand felt surreal. It was mesmerizing how something as familiar to me as grabbing a dick felt so foreign to me with a cock that wasn’t my own. It was warm in my hand. It felt warmer than when I grabbed my own cock, because the sensation in my hand wasn’t connected to the sensation in the dick that I held. His dick was comparable in size to mine, but probably about a half an inch longer.

I had pulled back the foreskin once more to reveal the entire head of his dick and as I pumped up his shaft to bring the foreskin back to where it was, precum oozed out of his dick down the front of his shaft. I grabbed the top of his shaft with my left hand to immobilize it. I reached with my right thumb and spread his oozing precum up and down his frenulum a few times until it dried out. I put my left hand back down. I grabbed his shaft a bit tighter with my right hand and began to stroke his foreskin up and over the head and then back down as far as it would comfortably go in a slow and deliberate motion. More precum oozed from the tip with each stroke. I knew he must be extremely horny. I used my left hand to rub the pooling precum around his frenulum and his head.

“Do you always have this much precum?” I asked.

“I always have some, but never this much,” he replied. “It’s surprisingly erotic to have you touching my dick. I’ve never done this with a dude before and there’s something really exciting about it.”

“I know what you mean,” I responded “It feels strange and awesome to hold another guy’s prick. It’s really güvenilir casino interesting. Here.”

I released his cock, raised my butt off of the couch and lowered my shorts to my thighs. My rock-solid cock sprang back as it was released from my waistband and then stuck straight up in the air. I half expected Alex to return his waistband to where it was, covering his dick back up, but instead he pulled his shorts down to his thighs as well.

Alex then reached over with with right hand and grabbed my dick with two of his fingers on the top on my shaft and his thumb on the bottom. He tried to move the skin of my dick up and down, but seeing that my skin was much more immobile than his own, he grabbed the bottom of my shaft with his right hand and used his left hand to push the precum that was waiting in my shaft to the surface. There was much more than I expected and it oozed down my shaft much like Alex’ had done. He used my juices to stroke my frenulum up and down, like I had done to him and rubbed it around the meatus, which tickled slightly, and around the head. As he did this he stroked the base of my cock with his right hand, moving the skin up and down as far as it would go.

Alex smile at me, “I’m gunna go get some lube.”

He came back with a bottle of baby oil and two towels. I was surprised because I didn’t know exactly how long we would be feeling each other’s cocks. I felt excited that he brought supplies that meant we would continue in our fun.

The excitement propelled me to my feet so he could set the towel down for me to sit on. I pulled my shorts up and checked to make sure the door was locked. The excitement and nervousness was also mixed with fear that someone might walk in on us. Locking the door alleviated some of the nerves that I felt.

Alex was spreading the towels over the places where we were sitting. I decided to take the plunge and took my shirt off, followed by my shorts and briefs. I realized I had never been fully nude in front of another guy before. The newness brought a novelty to this experience that continued to keep me extremely aroused. As I sat back down on the couch a bead of precum fell from the tip on my penis onto the towel I had just sat on. Alex followed suit and disrobed himself completely before returning to his seat on the left of me. Seeing Alex fully nude furthered the excitement of it all.

“I don’t know why, but being stark naked with someone else feels so exciting. I feel like a curious teenager again,” I said.

“Yeah, this reminds me of when I first discovered porn as a kid. It was so new, nerve-racking and fascinating,” he replied.

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