Earning Her Place in the Coven

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Sarah was on top of the world. She looked at herself in the mirrored wall of the elevator as it rode her to her level and she liked what she could see. At 27 she was being tipped to be one of the best litigators in the Bay area and was truly liked by all the people she worked with. She remembered Selene’s comments about being able to be tough but not give anyone the chance to think her a bitch. ‘Never ride the people on the way up, they will be there waiting for your fall from grace with glee, show them sweetness and honesty and they will love you’.

As she dwelled on Selene the elevator stopped and churned her out on the 27th floor. As she went past reception she smiled at Becki who handed her some fax with urgent written on whilst she answered the phone. Walking down the hall to her office she saw that everyone was busy and ignoring her. She looked across at Sheila’s desk and saw her PA was not there and dropped her bag as she entered her office. She saw a small box on her desk and curiously picked it up wondering who sent it. Examining it she saw it was a plain box with no marking on it. Picking up her stiletto she cut down the tape and opened it. She put her hand in and pulled out a leather collar with 4 O-rings attached to it. On it was one letter in gold, the letter S. She smiled and was looking for more in the box when out of the corner of her eye she saw Sheila rushing towards her office. Placing the collar back in the box she opened her draw and put it away, all the while watching Sheila head toward her.

‘Your 10.30 is here early and says she needs to see you urgently. As you were not here Leanne is in calming her down but told me to get you as soon as you came in.’ Sarah looked at Sheila and smiled. If there was one person that was always calm under fire it was Sheila. She picked up her planner and headed to the boardroom and her busy day.

Finally at 3.00 o’clock Sarah managed to get out of the room. Leanne had been elated at how she hand handled the client and felt that they were heading in the right direction and the client was ecstatic about her chances of screwing her cheating ex. As she headed back to her office Leanne was telling Sara how pleased she was and that this would probably be the icing on the cake she needed to recommend to the other partners Sara’s case for junior partner.

Sara was flying on cloud nine as Leanne, her mentor, headed to her own office. As she entered her office, she closed the door and started doing a victory dance. As she danced she a large plain box on her desk and walked to it. She opened the box and saw the leather heels, a leather mini, a butterfly thong and wrist restraints in the box. She picked up the sealed envelope and opened it – inside she saw a photo and a note. She took the photo in her hand and saw herself tied spread-eagle on the bed, in the same mini skirt with a head buried beneath it. She smiled as she saw the photo and how it brought back memories of her time with Selene and how she had begun training her.

She thought back to that particular day as she sat staring at the photo and how Selene had said she was about to be claimed and owned by the coven. Eighteen hours later, too many orgasms to count and a pain wracked body and Sara had been broken and given herself to Selene as her property for the next year. She looked down at her right breast and still screamed in her mind when Selene had branded her with a small S letter brand on her tit as if she was a cow being staked. She felt the warmth between her legs and could not fathom the covens plan – in all her time with Selene only her mouth had been used. Her Pussy was still hers as was her ass. Selene explained many times as Sara licked her that she was being trained for something big and that during her ownership only her sluttish mouth would be trained to give pleasure. She took one last look at herself in the photo and put it on the desk as she picked up the letter and broke the seal and read it.

‘Slut, wear the butterfly tomorrow in place of your thong and no bra. At 7.00 a car will be outside your apartment to pick you up. Wear the restraints, the heels, the skirt and a long overcoat and nothing else’

Mistress L, The Coven’

Sara smiled as she put all the things away and settled to work on the Marklew Brief. Inwardly she was all a nerve, but she knew she had freely given herself to the coven and it was what she had wanted as soon as she had found out about the secretive organization.

The next morning as she casino şirketleri dressed she threw on the butterfly thong she made sure everything was set out on her bed for when she returned later that afternoon. Everyone would be shocked, it was unheard of Sara bunking an afternoon off work, especially with Monday being MLK day and an extra day of relaxation as the office would be closed. Driving to work and heading into the office her mind dwelled on her training with Selene and the pleasure and pain she had been trained to understand and use to stimulate her mind. Her finally thought as she entered the office was ‘who was Mistress L?’

As she entered her office the shock hit and she almost screamed when she felt the thong vibrate as if it were alive. Not prepared for the pleasure she had almost jumped out of her skin before she realized it was a remote stimulator one and that someone near her in the office must have been watching and waiting for her to come in. As the sensation left her she took a look out of the office door and could see no one concentrating on her or looking at her. She knew it was going to be a long day as her pussy began to tingle and become moist.

Later at home.

Sara was finally glad to be home, Sheila had given her a queer look when a flushed Sara had popped her head out of the door of her office and said to cancel her appointments as she was writing an important brief before the weekend and needed peace. Her real reason was that whoever had the remote was using it more and more and Sara could not control herself and was soaking by mid morning. As she stripped and jumped in the shower, Sara realized that the car would be here in an hour and she would have to hurry. Looking in the mirror as she showered she looked at the S on her tit and smiled as she remembered the pain the little man had inflicted on the bound slut after Mistress Selene. Quickly showering she stepped out to pamper her body and get prepared.

The car should be on its way she thought as she slid her foot into the perfect fitting boot and felt a real whore in them as she looked at herself in the mirror. She was pleased with her body and her curves and knew that many men in the office would die to be this close to her trim 36C-30-34 figure. Sliding the skirt on she saw that it barely covered her ass and that she had to pull her hair away to zip it up. Finally having dressed she slid the wrist restraints on her wrist and the ankle restraints on and picked up the leather overcoat Selene had given her as her parting gift. ‘Don’t wear it everyday slut, you will know the day to finally put this on’ were the last words Selene spoke to her when she let her out the door. As she slid the coat on she gasped at how cool the inside lining was and realized that it was the first time silk had touched her naked skin. Its sheen and coolness made Sara’s nipples stand on edge as if they were bullets.

Feeling a slut in secret Sara was taking one final look at herself when the doorbell rang and she knew the car was here. Opening the door she saw the same brunette who had brought her home that final day with Selene and closed the door, wordlessly following her to the car. As she was driven out if the city the window on the Limousine was pushed down and the brunette spoke. ‘When we get you to the estate I am to lead you to the Training Room and prepare you for your weekend.’

Sara knew it was useless to ask the driver who Mistress L was and that in good time things would be made apparent to her, and as with all slaves, she did as she was told. 45 minutes later Sara was standing in the middle of a large warm room in just her skirt, heels and restraints. The collar had been placed on the table and a light was shining over her and the rest of the room was so dark her eyes could not focus on it. The first hint she had was not alone was when she felt a cool hand wrap itself around her wrist and pull it over her head and attach it to the chain that was hanging from the ceiling. Sara’s mind screamed at her trust of someone she had not even met yet her body was betraying her. She could feel the wetness oozing out of her down her leg and her nipples were like bullets waiting to damage the first passerby.

‘So slut, have you figured out who Mistress L is yet’ said the soft whispered voice as her wrists were finally restrained. Sara gasped and said ‘Leanne!’ as she recognized the voice in her ear. Laughing Leanne stepped in front of her so she could be seen. ‘Very good slut, the coven was casino firmaları right to chose someone so smart as you to join us’ Sara looked at Leanne and saw her for the first time and realized she had a great hunters body. Leanne was the same size as Sara, but her dark skin and toned frame spoke of a deadly focused woman. Looking at her dressed in only a silk robe she could see that Leanne’s nipples were pierced and was as erect as Sara’s. ‘Now slut, when we are finished here I will break you in as my toy and your next phase of your training for the coven will begin. By admitting you to our ranks we own you for the rest of your lives. Selene trained your mouth and is a nice Mistress; it is why we let her go first. However, I am a total fucking bitch who enjoys breaking sluts and I will break you.’

As she said this Leanne stepped forward and slid her hand under Sara’s skirt and roughly rubbed her pussy to make her point. Sara moaned and tried to pull away. ‘The coven is power slut, and we own this city. Do you remember the controversial power bill that was passed two weeks ago slut?’ Sara nodded mutely feeling the savage attack on her pussy, ‘the bill should have failed, what with the millions the oil lobby threw at their campaign. However it passed, and the reason is because our friends the environmentalists traded us some power and concessions in their ranks to make sure we got it through’ As Leanne lectured her Sara felt her body building to her first orgasm and tried to control it. The pain this woman was coursing through her body with those fingers inside her was both exhilarating and nothing like she had faced before’ The governor is not the power in this city, his wife is.’ As she spoke Leanne wrapped one hand in Sara’s hair and forced her to look at gynaecologist’s chair in the corner, ‘three years ago slut, it would have been the governors wife training you, but she is busy now and I am the top bitch. Weeks before the bill was due I had the governor on that chair… it took me 20 minutes to break him. His wife owns him and we all know it – its why he dances to our tune.’

Yes Sara, the coven is an old institution and one we have kept very quiet for hundreds of years. Everyone goes through what you will as part of your initiation’. As she finished speaking she stepped back and Sara breathed a sigh of relief as the assault on her pussy ceased. Through bleary eyes she looked at Leanne as Leanne removed her robe. Licking her lips at Leannes shiny ebony body Sara focused on the evil clamps pierced through her tits and just above clearly readable one word on her right tit ‘CUNT’. Leanne saw her look at it and smiled, ‘yes slut, as I said we all go through it.’ Many things started to fit together in her mind as she realized what was going on her first mistress Selene had branded her with an S and now Leanne was going to be her next mistress, all the while they only ever referred to her as slut, nothing else. So this was the second part of her training she mused. As she thought this through Sara saw Leanne walk out of her view and return holding a switch. Wordlessly she walked to Sara and the first Sara’s body and mind knew what was occurring was the moment the edge of the switch attacked her bullet like nipple. Before she could even scream her right nipple had been attacked several times. Sara looked down at the tit and saw each individual mark from the switch as the scream tore from her soul. Never had she felt focused pain like this and she fought like a crazed banshee to try and free her arms from her restraints.

‘Slut, scream as much as you want, no one will come to your aid or to free you, they know I am training.’ As Mistress Leanne spoke she switched the attack to her other nipple and Sara’s voice became hoarse from all of the screaming. Never had she felt such pain in her mind, yet a small part of focused on the growing pleasure that was coursing from her wet pussy, soiling the tops of her boots. As swiftly as the barrage had begun it ceased, as Sara tried to gain control of her breathing and let her brain register the pain assaulting her Mistress stepped up to her and wordlessly (very expertly) clamped her engorged nipples. The pain that shot through her nipples was like a fire coursing through her body attacking every fibre of her being ‘Mistress, please … please…please…’ was all Sara could let her mind scream. She didn’t know for how long but she seemed to pass out. When she came to she was bent over a wooden horse and through its legs her wrists were güvenilir casino shackled to her ankles.

‘So, my slut has decided to finally wake. The pressure on your tits is reducing the pain coursing through them right. Well it is now time to tell you what is going to happen to you over the next two years.’ As she listened she felt Mistress behind her and a coldness as a liquid was poured on her ass. ‘Selene trained your mouth to give pleasure and now I am going to train your ass to take pleasure. This morning before I left the office slut, I signed the paperwork making you a partner in the Firm and the new benefits that go with it, whilst in my stable slut you will be trained for power.

That power comes at a price however slut, and that price is me breaking you in. You will know when you are broken and mine.’ With that Sara felt something cold and hard on the back of her ass near where the cold liquid had invaded her ass. ‘Ready to be ridden and broken in as mine slut?’ She heard Mistress Leanne say as she saw her heeled boots from her position. Her mind was racked, not only had she never been fucked in her pussy, but she had never even contemplated her ass being used as she had seen Mistress Selene do to her personal whore one evening. Her mind racking through her options she realized she had none and that her whole body was yearning to be owned by this lovely ebony warrior who had mentored her mind at work.

‘Mistress, please take this slave and make her your personal slut, break me in please… I beg you.’ A part of her mind could not believe she said that, as her body desired it with such clarity. Sara’s whole body tensed as she felt the sphincter of her anal passage being assaulted. Mistress was not going to make this an easy transition she thought as she felt the strap on enter her virginal ass. Never had she felt such pain and such domination, everything with Mistress Selene had been pleasure and training whereas this was pure animal as she was being used. Sara did not know how long she was strapped to the horse or for how long her ass was mercilessly pounded she had retreated so far into her mind as her whole body was pounded. For hours she could hear her new Mistress as she heard and felt her Mistress take her, her mind being conditioned to ‘your mine slut… I own this ass… my bitch to use and break in as and when I want…’

Sara’s mind eventually broke and her body took over enjoying the pleasure of her ass being fucked and giving her body to this evil Mistress and something in her mind reacted. ‘Fuck me Mistress, take your slut, take her body as yours, and make me your bitch I beg you Mistress…’ As she said this she felt Mistress Leanne’s weight move and the next thing she felt were her big juicy tits on Sara’s back as the clamped nipples bit into her back.’ Oh fuck… ride me you whore,’ she screamed ‘take this bitch and own her’ she screamed, not caring what she said anymore as she enjoyed the orgasm after orgasm that coursed through her body. Never had Sara orgasmed this much.

Sara did not know how long she had been bent over the horse but she knew with the thrust of those powerful legs Mistress Leane was going at her ass like she was trying to break her in. Then as her mind registered that thought she realized what she needed to tell her new domme. ‘Mistress’ slave begs you, break her in as your property.’ With that last word Sara passed out after s many orgasms and did not know what else was expected of her.

Sara woke with a jerk and realized she was still in the same room, but this time she was lying on her back tied spread-eagle stripped naked. As she looked up she saw Mistress sitting next to her caressing her nipple. On a large screen Sara could see Mistress Leanne riding her as she was bent over the horse and could hear herself saying those things. She noticed that the ebony goddess was not sparing Sara any consideration as she was breaking her in.

‘I am proud of you slut; I broke the governor in twenty minutes. It took me four hours to hear you say, “break me in” which was your body and mind agreeing you were mine. Now there is only one thing left to do…’ Mistress said to her as she picked up the collar, and now that she saw it Sara saw that the S on it now was joined by the letter L. As Mistress Leanne showed it to her she saw the door open and a little man walk in with a glowing brand and Sara realized what the one thing left to do was. She closed her eyes and tried not to think of what she knew was going to happen as she felt the collar attach to her neck and the burn of flesh as she screamed and passed out feeling the brand attack her nipple next to the S. ‘Two down, two to go’ was the last thing she heard as she blacked out.

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